Dice Masters Confusing Card of the Week #133 – Jarnborn: And My Axe

Posted: April 18, 2018 in CCW, Confusing Card of the Week, Dice Masters, Rules, Strategy
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


For this week’s confusing card of the week article, we’re going to take a look at Jarnborn: And My Axe  from the Marvel The Mighty Thor set.

W Jarnborn, And My Axe

Ruling Using Action Dice

Jarnborn is a Non-Basic Action Card and it’s dice are Non-Basic Action Dice. If an ability or game text refers to an Action Card or an Action Die, then it could affect Jarnborn. If the text refers to a Basic Action Card or Basic Action Die, it will not affect Jarnborn. Non-Basic Action dice can not be purchased by an opponent, unlike Basic Action dice.

There are two main ways to use an action die. The first is when the die is in your Reserve Pool, you use the ability that’s on the card and then place the die Out of Play. The second is to move the action die from the Reserve Pool to the Field Zone, but those dice can only be fielded if they have the Continuous keyword, they’re considered to be Gear, or the ability tells you to attach that die to another die that’s in the Field Zone.

Action dice can be used during two different steps, but only on our turn. You can use an action die at any time during your Main Step, or after blockers have been assigned during the Attack Step (referred to as the Actions and Globals portion of the Attack Step).

Action dice cannot be used for no effect. This means, if you can’t legally use the ability of the action die, then you can’t use the die and it remains in your Reserve Pool until the end of your turn. If you do not use an action die, it will go into your Used Pile at the end of your turn.

Ruling – Ability

“Replace target character die’s A with double its printed A (until end of turn).”

In order to use Jarnborn, you must be able to target a character die that’s active in the Field. If there are no legal targets, you can’t use Jarnborn.

When you use Jarnborn, you can target a character die that belongs to either player.

When used, Jarnborn’s ability will replace the targeted character die’s current attack value with a value equal to double its printed attack value. If a character has applied bonuses to its attack value, those will not be added and will be lost. Static bonuses will still apply. For example, if I have a character in the Field Zone with a printed attack of 4, when I use Jarnborn, that character’s attack value will now be 8 until the end of my turn.

This effect will last until the end of your turn. Jarnborn does not alter the character die’s printed attack value.

You can use this die during your Main Step or wait until after your opponent assigns blockers and then use it during the Actions and Globals portion of the Attack Step. You can use the die for one of your characters that are blocked or one that is unblocked. You can even use this die on one of your opponent’s dice, whether they’re blocking or not.

If you use a second Jarnborn on the same character die, it will replace that character die’s current attack value with double its printed attack value. Even if the value is unchanged, the effect still happens.

Miscellaneous Card Information

~ Jarnborn is a Fist type Non-Basic Action Card.
~ It does not have an affiliation.
~ It has a Max Dice of 4.
~ This card is a Common and is #30 of 136.

Official Sources

WizKids Official Rules Forum (WORF)

There are no rulings for this specific card.

You can find more info about specific Keywords on the WizKids Keywords page.

Turn Order Summary Reference



I noticed a few players asking about non-basic actions so I thought I’d pick one that I think is a fantastic tactical card. You can wait and use until the Attack Step, after blockers are assigned, to try and maximize your damage against your opponent. Or you can use it on a character die during the Main Step to entice your opponent to block a particular character. You could even use it to help your opponent’s blocker KO one of your attackers with a When KO’d ability.

I love the versatility of this card and I can’t wait to use it more. I’ve been toying around with a few teams and this is a card that might fit nicely on to some of them. One team in particular has the super rare Mister Miracle on it. While he’s active, your action dice gain the Boomerang keyword. I want to use him, Jarnborn, and a heavy hitter or two and I can’t wait to finish that team!

I also love that my opponent can’t buy it, because it’s not a Basic Action. I can bring this card and know that I’m safe from them using it against me – unless they bring it too.

Opinions on this card? Leave a comment!
Is there a card your confused on?

Is there a combo that seems too good to be true?
Leave me a comment here or message me on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

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Roll on, Dice Masters!


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