Dice Masters Confusing Card of the Week #138 – Doppelganger: Lesser Monstrosity

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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


For this week’s confusing card of the week article, we’re going to take a look at Doppelganger: Lesser Monstrosity from the Dungeons and Dragons: Tomb of Annihilation set.


There are contradictory and conflicting rulings on WORF in regards to how this character card is supposed to work. I’ve decided to put an article out showing how I believe the card should be ruled. Please, check with your TO before any event to see how they’re ruling it. This is not how a ruling should be handled for any competitive game. There should be a definitive and unquestionable ruling for any effect or card that causes confusion. WizKids and WORF are falling short in this area and have since the game began.

W Doppelganger, Lesser Monstrosity

Ruling – Ability

When fielded, you may select a target character die you control. If you do, your Doppelganger character dice become copies of that target character die. (The copy has all of the names, subtitles, affiliations, abilities, and stats of the original in place of its own.) They remain copies until another character die is selected or you no longer have any active Doppelganger character dice.

The first part of Doppelganger’s ability is a When Fielded ability. A When Fielded ability will trigger when the character’s die is fielded by either paying the fielding cost and moving it from your Reserve Pool to the Field Zone, or by using an ability that instructs you to ‘field’ the character die. Abilities that move, swap, or place dice will not trigger a When Fielded ability.

Doppelganger’s When Fielded ability is not a mandatory ability. It says that when you field a Doppelganger die, you ‘may’ select a target character die that you control. You are not required to activate this ability when it’s triggered.

The second part of Doppelganger’s ability is a While Active type of ability. It doesn’t say ‘While Doppelganger is active’ on the card, but the ability works the same way as a While Active ability. The ability states that all of your Doppelganger dice will remain copies of the target die as long as you have a Doppelganger active in the Field Zone, or until you select a different target. The only way to select another target character die is to field another Doppelganger die and select another of your character dice to be the target.

Doppelganger will copy and replace its own name, subtitle, affiliations, and stats with the corresponding text of the copied die’s card. Doppelganger character dice retain their original text and abilities as well as any additional text or abilities in the copied die’s text box on its card. If you copy a die that has text that’s being ignored, your copy would not have any text either. If the text of the original is ignored after Doppelganger copies it, the copies will retain the text.

If Doppelganger is fielded and copies the text of a character with a When Fielded ability, it will not trigger that same turn. This is because the Doppelganger is already in the field when it copies that character’s ability. Any Doppelganger dice fielded after the first one will be able to use the When Fielded ability.

When Doppelganger copies another die, it copies the fielding cost as well. You will not need to pay the new fielding cost for the first Doppelganger die, because the Doppelganger die is already in the field when it copies the stats. Any copied dice that you field after the first would reference the new fielding cost.

After Doppelganger has copied a die, you refer to it’s printed purchase cost and energy requirement to purchase more Doppelganger character dice.

Doppelganger will retain all three of its Mask energy faces. Copying a die does not change the energy faces of a die.

Note – Doppelganger from the Dungeons and Dragons set can not be on the same team as Doppelganger from the Maximum Carnage Team Pack. Even though these two characters are not remotely close to be being the same character (and in different IPs), their names on their cards are identical. Based on team building rules, you can not have two character cards with the same name on one team.

WORF Specifics

So, now that the easy part is out of the way, let’s take a look at some more specific questions and the way they were addressed on WORF (WizKids Official Rules Forum). I’ll then give my input on whether or not I agree and how they should be ruled if I disagree with them. All of these are taken from the rulings listed below in the Official Sources section of my article.

Stats Question from the Guide: If Doppelganger: Lesser Monstrosity is fielded on its own level 3 face, and targets a level 2 Wolverine: Formerly Weapon Ten character die, does it take the stats of a level 3 Wolverine? If so, the stats will change if I spin the Doppelganger up, or down?
WORF Answer: Your Doppelganger would use its own level to reference the level displayed on the card of the die it is copying. As your Doppelganger die spins up or down, it continues to reference back to the card of the die it is copying. If the die it is copying changes, all Doppelganger dice in your Field Zone immediately reference the die stats of the new die (including burst symbols).
Stats Question from Doppelganger Post: If I field a level 1 Doppelganger and copy a level 3 character die, then I field a level 3 Doppelganger, which level’s stats do my Doppelganger dice have (and what level are they considered)?
WORF Answer 2: The level 1 Doppelganger die would have the stats of a level 1 Gold Dragon, and the level 3 Doppelganger die would have the stats of a level 3 Gold Dragon. A Doppelganger die copying a Sidekick die would only have level 1 stats at all times, but could still spin up and down.
Morph Stats Question from the Guide: I have a Morph: Kevin Sidney character die in the field on a burst face. I field a White Tiger: Mystical Amulet character die on Level 3 (4A,5D) and sacrifice a sidekick so she becomes 5A, 6D with Overcrush. Which stats (and abilities) does Morph end up copying?
Morph text for reference: Whenever a non-Sidekick character die is fielded, Morph becomes a copy of that character die but retains this ability (until end of turn).
WORF Answer: Your Morph would have 4 A, 5 D, and White Tiger’s “when fielded” ability, but it would not have Overcrush.
WORF Blanket Answer from the Guide: When an ability copies a “character die” or “character card,” it copies the copied die’s stats, abilities, and everything else printed on the copied die’s card, such as title/name, subtitle, purchase cost, energy type, affiliation, alignment, equip ability, and Global Abilities. As to stats, this die references the card that is copying (so on level 1 it has level 1 stats of the die/card it is copying).
DDK: Okay, so this one has me a bit confused. “If the die it is copying changes, all Doppelganger dice in your Field Zone immediately reference the die stats of the new die (including burst symbols).” So does that mean it gets any bonuses that the copied die gets? Not sure what they mean by this, because it doesn’t make sense unless Doppelganger was only copying the die’s face and not the levels as they state it does. If it copies bonuses, then I’m not sure how Morph is any different from Doppelganger in regards to what they copy, so why wouldn’t Morph be a 5A/6D (assuming Morph is level three as well)? Inconsistent and unclear! Two of the questions and answers are in the exact same rules post! I don’t like that WizKids has said that there is a distinct difference in terminology between Character Die and Character Card and are now throwing that out the window for copying, yet contradicting their contradiction at the same time. So how would I rule this? I guess I’ll have to back the majority ruling on this, even though I strongly disagree with it. So based off their rulings, Doppelganger and Morph would copy the die’s card which includes dice levels. I disagree with copying bonuses applied to the die being copied and I would rule that any bonuses applied before or after copying will not be copied (because you’re copying the card, not the die and bonuses are applied to dice in most cases).

Swarm Question from the Guide: If I copy a character die with Swarm, do Doppelganger: Lesser Monstrosity dice drawn from my bag now have Swarm?
WORF Answer: Yes, but the dice in your bag would only trigger Doppelganger’s Swarm. So Kobold and Doppelganger could each trigger Swarm off of their own dice, but not off of each other’s. The rationale is that if each of these character dice had the same “While active,” ability, you would get 2 copies of it. Thus, for the sake of Swarm, they shouldn’t count one another.
Swarm Question from Doppelganger Post: If I have an active character with Swarm and I copy that die with a Doppelganger, do other Doppelganger dice Swarm?
WORF Answer: If Doppelganger copies a die with Swarm, even though it has the names, subtitles, affiliations, abilities, and stats of the original die in place of its own, it doesn’t work with Swarm, since it’s ultimately not a copy of that die.
DDK: Wait… what?! So this is a complete contradiction. How can one post say that it works and another post say that it doesn’t? Well, folks, this isn’t the first time this has happened and won’t be the last. At least the last ‘accident’ had years between the posts. This was literally a month apart and only five posts apart. Come on WORF! Get it together! I was listening to Double Burst as they discussed these rulings and I agree with them on most of what they said – especially this. This is ridiculous and unacceptable. “If Doppelganger copies a die… …it’s ultimately not a copy of that die.” Folks, that’s the first part and last part of the exact same sentence. There is no basis for the second ruling. It sounds like someone that doesn’t understand the game at all wrote that ruling. I mean, sorry if I hurt your feelings, WORF person (because I’m confident there’s only one person on it), but this is garbage. If a Doppelganger is copying a Kobold with Swarm, it has its own Swarm. They won’t Swarm off each other, but they Swarm off their own dice. It would work the same way as a Kobold and a Goblin. They don’t Swarm off each other, only their own dice. Doppelganger, which is basically Kobold(b) that copied Kobold(a), has the Swarm keyword. If I pull a Doppelganger die, which is now Kobold(b), I will get a Swarm trigger.  Doppelganger dice are copies in all zones/areas, not just the Field Zone (so long as you keep that one Doppelganger in the Field Zone). My official stance is that Doppelganger will Swarm off itself if it has the Keyword – and that’s how it’ll be ruled locally until WORF comes up with a REALLY good reason as to why I’m wrong.

Sidekick Question from Doppelganger Post: If I copy a sidekick die with Doppelganger, can I use Professor X Global to field another Doppelganger die from my used pile?
Global for Reference: Global: Pay mask. Once per turn, field target Sidekick die in your Used Pile.
WORF Answer: Doppelganger can copy a Sidekick die, but doesn’t work with Professor X Global (either, both flavors are great). Doppelganger is treated as if it’s a die with the name “Sidekick” and not a die that is a Sidekick Die for the rules of the game.
DDK: I fully agree with this ruling. Sidekick is not really a ‘name’, it’s a type of die. From page six of the Superman Wonder Woman Rulebook: Sidekick Dice are special dice that each player begins the game with. They can provide any of the energy types, or Wild energy. They’re called Sidekick Dice because of their character face (which displays fielding cost, attack, and defense values). When in the Field Zone as a character die, they can be targeted just like character dice. Unlike Character Dice, Sidekick Dice don’t count as Character Dice in other places. Ally is a keyword that says: Character dice with the Ally ability count as Sidekicks while in the Field Zone in addition to their other designations. They don’t count as Sidekick Dice while in the bag, Prep Area, Used Pile, or anywhere else. If Doppelganger is copying a Sidekick, it’s copying it in name only, not dice type. If Doppelganger is copying a Sidekick die, it’s doesn’t gain the Ally keyword. It would need to copy a die that’s already got the Ally keyword, and even then, it’s still not a Sidekick die unless it’s in the Field Zone. All of this reinforces this ruling and so I’m completely behind WORF on this one. It doesn’t even seem like the same person that wrote this ruling, wrote the first ruling from the Doppelganger post.

Die Name Question from Doppelganger Post: If I copy a dragon die with Doppelganger, can I use Ring of Winter to move another Doppelganger die from my Used Pile to the Field Zone?
WORF Answer: Assuming Doppelganger copies Gold Dragon, it would count as a Dragon for Ring of Winter, since it has the name.
DDK: This ruling is in line with how Doppelganger works. Doppelganger copies the name in place of its own name. So if it copied a Gold Dragon, then it would also be a Gold Dragon. If you look up the ruling about Dragons from a long, long time ago, then it supports the ruling for this as well.

Miscellaneous Card Information

~ Doppelganger is a Mask type character card.
~ It has the Monster affiliation and the Neutral Alignment.
~ It has a Max Dice of four.
~ This card is a Common and is #24 of 136.

Official Sources

WizKids Official Rules Forum (WORF)

You can find the “A Guide On Copying”HERE.

You can find rulings specific to Doppelganger in the “A Guide On Copying” as well as: here.

You can find more info about specific Keywords on the WizKids Keywords page.

Turn Order Summary Reference



I already know that there is a lot of disagreement as to how this card is supposed to work and I know there are likely going to be lots of comments about how I’m wrong. But let me explain this – this is my interpretation and my opinion on how the card should work or what rulings are most accurate or should be followed. Your opinion may be different, and that’s fine. I rarely speak out against WizKids, unless they’re just blatantly wrong. There have been a few too many of those instances lately and we won’t go into all that here.

As for Doppelganger, I’m not a fan of the card anyway – even if it’s super clear and easy to understand. I’m not a fan of copying dice or copying cards. I think it’s a mechanic that muddles any game and causes too much confusion when not done properly. But if you’re going to use Doppelganger, he’s a versatile in that you can use him to copy anything you need that’s already on your team and in the Field. He’s a great way to get an additional Swarm dude or more of your win condition. Use him if you must, but always check with your TO in advance for their ruling. And TO’s – Don’t worry about getting this ruling ‘wrong’. You’re the TO and your ruling stands until you find out different from WORF.

Opinions on this card? Leave a comment!
Is there a card your confused on?

Is there a combo that seems too good to be true?
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Roll on, Dice Masters!

  1. Ryan says:

    I used Doppelganger: Lesser Monstrosity to copy Tabaxi Rogue: Lesser Zhentarim. My thought was that I could do double damage when opponent draws dice outside of Clear and Draw. So I’m using Instant War (opponent takes 6 instead of 3) and Heist (opponent takes 4 instead of 2). Also the Tabaxi Rogue global (pay 2 generic to make both players prep a die from their bag) to do 2 damage in stead of 1.

    However, my TO ruled that my Doppelgangers are EXACT copies of Tabaxi Rogue. NOT distinct in any way. Therefore, rather than having 1 each of Tabaxi Rogue and Doppelganger/Tabaxi Rogue in the field, I have simply 2 Tabaxi Rogue dice in the field. So the ability only triggers once.

    This seems to be opposite of the Swarm ruling, which states that dice copying “while active” abilities would net you TWO of those abilities. Still, I suppose, since there is no official ruling from Wizkids specifically for this combo, I must go with what my TO rules, huh?

    It’s a fair cop.


    • I’m no longer in the DM scene. I’m not current on any rules at all. Please speak with your TO, ask in the DM Unlimited Facebook Group, or post directly to WORF (WizKids Official Rules Forum).


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