HeroClix Figure Spotlight #9 – Andorian from Star Trek Away Team: The Original Series

Posted: September 5, 2018 in Figure Spotlight, HeroClix, Strategy
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Greetings Fellow Clix Fans!


Welcome to the next installment of my HeroClix Figure Spotlight series! For this month’s article, I chose a piece from one of my favorite sets, Andorian (TREK:TOS 013) from the Star Trek Away Team: The Original Series set!

Find all the rules you need on this page, here. Here is direct link to the current (at time of writing) PAC, here.

What I Don’t Like

I like to start with the negative and finish with the positive!

There isn’t a lot that I don’t like about this piece, but there are a few things I would rather have seen on his card. He’s got four clicks for 35 points, which isn’t horrible, but as a filler piece, there are much better pieces for 35 points or less. I would rather his points been 30 points or maybe 40 points with a fifth click. He’s a tad squishy with only four clicks, even in casual settings. I think he should have had a trait with Toughness, Combat Reflexes on all clicks, and possibly a 10 attack on all four clicks. That might have made him worth the 35 points and four clicks. But then again, he is just a common piece.

What I Like

There are a lot of things I like about this guy. I love Charge – or any move plus attack power. He’s also got Close Combat Expert on all four clicks, which you can’t use with Charge, but it’s excellent for the turns following a Charge. He’s a versatile attacker because he starts off with Ranged Combat Expert and Close Combat Expert. If the opposing pieces have Combat Reflexes, I use his Ranged Combat Expert for attacking those pieces. If those pieces have Energy Shield Deflection then I move him in for Close Combat Expert attacks.

He’s got Toughness on his first two clicks and Combat Reflexes on his last two. I like both abilities and if you play this piece effectively, you can get good use of them. You have to be very careful with how you position this piece because he is still squishy, even with Toughness. But he can be a great piece for inflicting that little bit of extra damage you need to KO a dude or soften up a piece for an attack from your bigger pieces.

He has the Warrior keyword and that could help him find a spot on a Warrior theme team. Since it’s a generic keyword, you won’t get the benefit of Theme Team Probability Control, but you will get the bonus to initiative. This is a good filler piece for casual games of all varieties, but I don’t think he’s got what it takes to see competitive play. He’s a little too costly and too squishy for the competitive scene. I still love him on my Star Trek teams though!

What do you think of this figure?
Do you have a figure you would use in place of this one?
Is there a figure you would like me to Spotlight?
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     LLAPLive long, and Prob it!


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