Comic Box Recap for April 3, 2019

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Greetings Fellow Comic Fans!

In my Comic Box Recap article series, I want to talk about each of the comics that I read from my subscriptions that week. I don’t always read all the comics I order, because I’m only collecting some of them. Others are ones I may have started reading, but lost interest in but I still order them. You never know when you may want to go back and revisit a series at a later date.

Do not read any further if you are trying to avoid SPOILERS!
Section Zero #1

I love this book already. It wasn’t on my subscription list, but it is now! I picked it up on a whim because I didn’t have any of my regular subscription books come in this week and I’m so glad I got it. The best way I can describe this book is, ‘1990’s Ben Reilly (without Spider powers) meets X-Files’. I love the team so far too. Sam is that awesome bad-boy that every boy wanted to be; Tesla is that goofy, yet genius friend we all had; Tina is the mysterious, smart woman that every girl thought she was; and Thom is who we all relate to the most. Well, not the transforming into a bug part, more of the rejected school kid part. None of the stereotypes are bad – I see them as the ground level for the characters to build on. This is who they are at the beginning of this book and if the writers do a good job of it, they will evolve into something more than their stereotype.

I also wanted to mention the super corny pun – the ’24 Hour Bug’. I almost literally spit my coffee out when I read that part. This pun tickled me and I loved it. Most writers are afraid to put corny and campy things in comics, but stuff like that will win my heart. It’s this type of humor that gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling that I used to get as a kid when something really great would happen in my life.

I really enjoyed this book and it was a wonderful retreat from the flood of ‘superheroes’ and politically charged content I’ve read lately. We need more books like this, for those folks that are like me. We may be few in number, but we are out there!


My love of 90’s comics comes from a my young adult life. I had a tragic and oppressive home life in my childhood/young adulthood and I’ll spare you the details. One of the few bits of happiness (besides Star Trek and visiting my grandparents on the weekend), was being able to read the comics at the grocery store while my parents shopped. It was a welcome escape for me. Most of what I read were comics from independent publishers (non-Marvel/DC like Image and Malibu), Spider-Man, and anything with Supergirl and/or Wonder Woman in it. Supergirl and Wonder Woman were in short supply most of the time, so I read a lot of Spider-Man and indy books.

Any books that ‘feels’ like a 90’s book will almost instantly appeal to me. I opened Section Zero and felt that exact same feeling I had when I picked up that first comic off the rack at the grocery store. Section Zero and other books like it are what I love the most about comics. I know older books are worth more money and are more highly sought after, but the books I read in the early and mid 90’s are priceless to me. I spend more money buying up 90’s comics than I do any other vintage comics. They hold a special place in my heart and so do those writers and artists.

What are you reading?
Is there a series I should be reading?
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A good book is the best vacation!


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