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In my Comic Box Recap article series, I want to talk about each of the comics that I read from my subscriptions that week. I don’t always read all the comics I order, because I’m only collecting some of them. Others are ones I may have started reading, but lost interest in but I still order them. You never know when you may want to go back and revisit a series at a later date.

Do not read any further if you are trying to avoid SPOILERS!
Spider-Man #1 (Abrams)

I had no clue what I was getting into when I ordered this book. I ordered it because Henry Abrams and J. J. Abrams are writing it. Being the big Star Trek fan that I am, I was interested to see how the two Abrams handled one of my childhood favorites, Spider-Man. Well, there was a flurry of emotions for me when I read this book. I felt like I was discovering Spider-Man all over again. I was floored after reading this issue and immediately took to our local Discord server to tell folks that they should be reading this book too.

To start with, the death of Mary Jane caught me by surprise. I didn’t quite believe she was dead until I saw the funeral. Being that this is more of a What-If? type book and not tied directly to the main continuity, it’s not beyond imagination to believe that they just killed off a major character. But the panels leading up to that page would have you believe that Peter is the one about to die. It’s masterfully done, not just in the writing, but the artwork too. What a way to start a mini-series.

Twelve years after MJ’s death we see Ben, Peter and MJ’s son, as he’s struggling to help a fellow classmate against a bully in school. He tosses the bully named Roland (very reminiscent of Eddie Brock) though a door. Ben is very different from the way Peter was as a child. He’s got a temper and seems to cut lose on those he feels ‘deserves’ it. Peter seems to have drowned himself in work and has avoided being a father, leaving Ben to be raised by poor Aunt May. Ben starts to show signs of spider powers and it’s Aunt May, not Peter, that enlightens Ben to Peter’s superhero side in an attempt to help him understand what’s happening to him.

On the topic of the bad guy – I think his name is Cadaverous and I have no clue who he has in that tube that looks like a stasis chamber. His demeanor and the stasis lady remind me of Mr. Freeze from Batman, who is probably my second favorite Batman villain. I’m very interested to learn more about this villain and the lady. I am so excited for the second issue and it can’t get here fast enough!

Albatross FunnyBooks
Grumble #10

Jimmy the warehouse is just so gross and I love it. I’ve had nightmares about getting eaten by a warehouse… thanks to Norton’s grotesque art and Louise’s perfect coloring. The inside of Jimmy… (boy that sounds weird when I read it back to myself) …is just super horrendously gross in all the best ways. I really do love all the gross things! If a fantasy/horror comic can make me shudder while looking at it, then it was done right. Jimmy has all kinds of goodies hidden away inside of him: an Atari arcade machine; cars (one I think is the Shadow’s taxi or maybe Dick Tracy’s car?); what appears to be a Chinese shrine; a Dalek; Dr. Who’s Police Box; and some other piece of pop culture tech that I don’t recognize. And amidst all the pop culture goodies, we find Arachne’s Fang. Eddie reaches for it and Tala tries to stop him. I knew Tala was going to try and double cross Eddie! That was inevitable.

And can I talk about just how freaky gross it is to have folks running around inside another person and shooting lasers and bullets right through them? Those bounty hunters had zero concern for Jimmy while shooting at Eddie. There was Jimmy juice everywhere! My goodness, that sound so gross…

Right after Eddie and Tala escape from Jimmy the Warehouse with Arachne’s Fang, Tala is shot by Joe and is now dying in Eddie’s arms. Eddie, with Joe pointing a gun to his head, uses the Fang to undo the moment that Tala is shot. Joe is left ‘glitching’ and Tala is good as new. So did Eddie actually do it to save Tala, or to stop Joe from shooting him? Eddie acts relieved that Tala is alive, but I will question Eddie’s motives forever.

Sammy survived too and came to collect from Eddie. Eddie was able to con him into taking the used Fang, which will be active again in 200 years. And poor Jimmy is caught by authorities, stark naked.

Well, this is it until March of 2020… And that’s when we’ll catch up with Eddie and Tala in Memphis! Why is March 2020 so far away?!

Star Trek: Year Five #6

Okay, so the artifacts are the main suspect in all the communication issues. Apparently they’re making folks hear the intent behind everything that others say. The entire crew of the Enterprise has Uhura and Bright Eyes to thank for discovering that too. This issue was mostly how the crew handled getting around the communication issues and also them dealing with a Klingon ship. But because Klingons typically speak what they mean, it made it easier for Kirk to avoid hostilities with them.

I love seeing Uhura doing what she does best. She was a role model of mine before TNG aired and she continues to be an inspiration for me. Seeing so much of her in this series has made my heart very happy.

The very last panel says ‘End’ in the bottom corner, but the next page shows the cover for #7 – not to mention there are lots of things that haven’t been resolved yet. I’m not sure why it says End unless it means the end of the mini story. In any case, issue 7 can’t get here fast enough!


I absolutely love when all the books in my box are so entertaining! I was so surprised with Abrams’ Spider-Man story and I seriously can’t wait to get the next issue. I always love my Star Trek books, and Grumble is just too good to not read!

What are you reading?
Is there a series I should be reading?
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