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Posted: October 11, 2019 in Comic, Review
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Greetings Fellow Comic Fans!


Spoiler Warning! Do not read any further if you don’t want spoilers about the content of the Compugdium or the new Battlepug comic series.


I stumbled across a comic back in 2015 while browsing the internet for pug related images. The comic showed a precariously censored naked woman, talking to two dogs – one of which was a pug. I read a few panels and decided to hunt down physical copies of the comic book called Battlepug. After a failed search through back issue boxes in the area, I gave up, forgetting all about the pug and the naked lady. I was not aware that it was in a hardcover format at that time and I later discovered that it was originally a webcomic. If I had known about the hardcover books, I would have purchased them years ago, but I thought it was only a webcomic. I don’t usually read digital only comics and books, so I put the naked lady and the pug in the back of mind and moved on.

In 2018, Mike Norton was a guest at the Dyersburg Comic and Pop Culture Convention (renamed to the Dyersburg Comic Expo). I walked by his table and paused, staring at the familiar pug art and the hardcover books on his table. It wasn’t until a few hours later, after digging on Google, that I realized it was that long forgotten series I wanted to read! Soon after his visit to Dyersburg, I purchased the first volume of Battlepug. The Compugdium was announced shortly after and I quickly signed myself up for it.

This is all very riveting, I’m sure, and you’re probably wondering why I’m telling you this. I don’t want someone else to make – or continue making the same mistake I did. I’m still not a fan of digital only material, but I definitely give it more than a passing glance now. The next thing you’re probably asking yourself, ‘Why should I read Battlepug?’ You’re in luck! I can give you ten really good reasons to read the Compugdium and then subscribe to the new Battlepug comic!

Ten reasons (in no particular order) for why you shouldn’t just read the Compugdium and the Battlepug comics, but why you should purchase copies as well:

Reason #10

Ordering things from your local comic book store helps the store, especially if you’re already interested in the title. That’s a good enough reason on it’s own.

Reason #9

You can get the creators to sign them! You can’t do that with a digital copy. I’m sure there are some folks that don’t care about having signed copies of anything, but for those of us that treasure those items, it’s a pretty good reason to own copies.

Reason #8

It’s fun having the giant Compugdium on the coffee table as a conversation starter.

Guest: “So, read any good books lately?”

Me: Gestures with both hands at the Compugdium.


Silly reason aside, it’s much easier on the eyes to read a hard copy than to sit and scroll through the website. Not that there’s anything wrong with the site, it’s just more convenient – at least I think.

Reason #7

The story is familiar, yet different. It’s definitely what you would expect from a fantasy type story about a barbarian determined to exact vengeance upon an evil villain. It’s familiar enough to draw you in, and different enough to keep you reading. The major characters are all memorable, entertaining, and fun.

Reason #6

Reason #5 leads right into this one. The writing is well done and the content isn’t too bad for young adults. A lot of times, I get lost in fantasy stories because they can over explain the world or character histories. This one is pretty straight forward and flows well from chapter to chapter. There’s sometimes a lot of adult content in fantasy books too, especially with murder and other adult topics. This book has murdering, but it’s not super gross. If I remember correctly, the most obscene things in the Compugdium are the toad boobies and conveniently censored seers. Moll stays mostly covered except for some side-boob shots and her bare butt, but she’s censored with the environment like the other seers. But honestly, I’ve seen must worse on prime-time TV.

Reason #5

The art is great! Norton’s style of art fits so well with the content of the story and Passalaqua is a great colorist. Crank! does a great job on the lettering as well. I love the style used for the letters because it fits the genre perfectly. It all just falls perfectly into place.

Reason #4

Bryony is a great reason to read this story. She’s the foul mouthed child that the Kinmundian saves from some kidnappers sent by Catwulf. She’s a really cool mage of the root, so she controls plants and such. She’s also totally unfiltered, but is censored – kind of. If you look close enough, you can see what she’s saying. I love the censor bars though!

Reason #3

Sasha is another reason you should read this story. She’s a full figured warrior lady that makes Red Sonja look like an amatuer. Sasha goes through some really rough patches in throughout the story too. She’s lost more, changed more, and overcome more than anyone other than the Kinmundian – and even that’s arguable. Sasha is my second favorite character in the whole series; second only to Battlepug.

Reason #2

There’s a giant PUG! I love pugs! Pugs are one of my favorite dogs and Sprinkles… I mean Battlepug, is just amazing! Can you tell how much I love Battlepug by all the exclamation marks I’m using!!! Seriously though, Battlepug is adorable and a warrior. You can’t get much better than that. Not to mention, he resisted Catwulf’s magic and chomped him. I love that pug.

Reason #1

There’s a magic using barbarian that rides a giant pug – what else could you need or want? If you like the idea of Conan the Barbarian, the Comedy, then this is definitely the book for you! I love fantasy barbarians and I love pugs… why not both? And the Kinmundian killed his slaver, the King of the Northland Elves (basically medieval evil Santa). The Kinmundian and Battlepug have a special bond; ‘a boy and his dog’ type of thing. And as much as he tries to resist it, he can’t.

Now you know why you should buy it, but what did I think of Battlepug #1 – the new series that just released?

Image – Battlepug #1

Battlepug has returned! The Kinmundian is back on the path of revenge. But before that happens, he was venturing with Moll, Colfax, and Mingo when they came to a town that’s been taken over by an evil puppet controlled by a dictator. The Kinmundian handily disarmed the dictator – after he transformed into a bear-man… thing. Battlepug tossed the dictator miles away. I loved this whole battle scene. Was it a battle though? Jofel, the dictator, was so easily beaten that it almost didn’t seem fair. But it’s not fair to the common folk for someone to just walk up an assume a leadership role without being fairly chosen by the masses.

After the battle, Bryony showed off a new trick she picked up by talking to the Kinmundian and Moll through a flower mural she sprouted in the middle of town. She’s living with Sasha in Leamhan, where they’ve been rebuilding. I love what Bryony’s done with the place! She’s as cute and foulmouthed as ever. And Sasha is amazing! I love the armor on her and I guess it’s a good thing she has it – or she could die really easy. I’m so happy to see Sasha in this new series and I hope she eventually joins the Kinmundian on his journey.

Speaking of – the Kinmundian set out on his own to confront the King of the Northland Elves and along the way, hand-less Jofel and his goons attempted to ambush him. They’re stopped by a yuletide themed warrior woman who claims him as her bounty, but offers to let them help her. My speculation on who she is – the daughter or wife of the King of the Northland Elves. Or, she could be his best and most devoted warrior, set out to avenge the death of her master. Or none of those… Can’t wait to find out!

Battlepug #1 is available to buy! Check with your local comic store and have them order it. Also, add Battlepug to your subscription. Battlepug #2 just released this week! Time for me to go read it!

What are you reading?
Is there a series I should be reading?
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