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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

The Dice Masters world was buzzing yesterday with an announcement from WizKids about new Campaign Boxes and Team Packs coming this year. I went digging for more information on these products and compiled it all into this article. (Information as of January 11, 2018)

I’ve also included my own speculations on these products. Feel free to add your own in the comments! Let’s put our minds together and solve some of these mysteries!

DC Harley Quinn Team Pack

DCDM Harley Quinn TP

Dice Masters is a global hit from WizKids. It uses the same proprietary Dice Building Game platform developed by Mike Elliott and Eric M. Lang! DC Comics Dice Masters: Harley Quinn Team Pack will help you hammer the competition!

The DC Comics Dice Masters: Harley Quinn Team Pack features Power Girl, Batman, Poison Ivy, along with other characters Harley has teamed up with! While it still contains 8 different characters (and their dice), the DC Comics Dice Masters: Harley Quinn Team Pack will also be the first Team Pack to include Basic Action Cards!

The DC Comics Dice Masters: Harley Quinn Team Pack will let players build their own team of heroes or villains! DC Comics Dice Masters: Harley Quinn Team Pack is perfect for the Dice Masters veteran or someone looking to jump into the game fresh! A Team Pack can be paired with any Starter Set to give a player everything they need to build a highly focused team for thematic play!

With 24 cards and 16 dice, this release will be sure to add some crazy fun to your Dice Masters collection!

Tentative Release Date: April 2018
MSRP $9.99

Confirmed Characters:
Power Girl
Poison Ivy
Harley Quinn
Harley’s Hyena
The Joker

Speculation of Characters Based Off Dice Images:

Pack Content Speculation
There are typically three versions of each character in a Team Pack. However, the packaging image says 24 cards, which could mean there are fewer versions of each character in order to accommodate the addition of the Basic Action Cards. The description say this:

While it still contains 8 different characters (and their dice), the DC Comics Dice Masters: Harley Quinn Team Pack will also be the first Team Pack to include Basic Action Cards!


With 24 cards and 16 dice, this release will be sure to add some crazy fun to your Dice Masters collection!


So, unless I’m reading this completely wrong, it doesn’t look like we’ll have three versions of each character.

Visible Card Text

The front display card, Harley Quinn, has some text that is barely visible. You can almost make out the second line, and context clues reveal most (if not all) of the third line:

active character dice, KO any that roll
energy faces.

It’s too difficult to decipher the first line of text with so few clues, but it could be a When Fielded ability for her or one that triggers while she’s active and The Joker is fielded.

Max Dice

The front card has mostly visible text showing Harley Quinn has a Max: 4 for her dice. If this is accurate, many of the cards will likely have Max: 4, meaning you’ll still need two Team Packs in order to have max dice for the characters – or at least for Harley Quinn.

Dice Speculation

If the die images are correct in the solicit image, these are the previous sets these dice appeared in. There is one new die.

Harley Quinn – Recolor of the die from the Batman set.
Catwoman – Recolor of the dice from the Justice League and World’s Finest sets.
Batman – Recolor of the die from the Batman set.
The Joker – Recolor of the dice from the Justice League and Batman sets.
Deadshot – Recolor of the die from the Green Arrow and the Flash set.
Poison Ivy – Recolor of the die from World’s Finest.
Power Girl – Recolor of the die from World’s Finest.

New Dice!

Harley’s Hyena – New die. The die is brown with white accents and the die icon looks like the spiked collar that Harley typically has on her pet hyenas.

Marvel Kree Invasion Team Pack

MDM Kree Invasion TP

Dice Masters is a global hit from WizKids that uses the proprietary Dice Building Game platform developed by Mike Elliott and Eric M. Lang. The Marvel Dice Masters: Kree Invasion Team Pack is ready to invade your collection!

The Marvel Dice Masters: Kree Invasion Team Pack features both the iconic Kree and the Guardians of the Galaxy, including Kree Soldiers, Drax, and the Supreme Intelligence! These dice will bring a battle spanning galaxies to your tabletop!

The Marvel Dice Masters: Kree Invasion Team Pack will let players build their own team of heroes or villains! The Marvel Dice Masters: Kree Invasion Team Pack is perfect for the Dice Masters veteran or someone looking to jump into the game fresh! A Team Pack can be paired with any Box Set to give a player everything they need to build a highly focused team for thematic play!

With 24 cards and 16 dice, this release will bring the Kree Empire directly to your Dice Masters games!

Tentative Release Date: May 2018
MSRP $9.99

Confirmed Characters:
Kree Soldiers
Supreme Intelligence

Speculation of Characters Based Off Dice Images:
Rocket Raccoon
~ One Unknown – Possibly a Nova Corps officer or some military related character. The die is purple with yellow/orange accents and the icon appears to be a military medal, or ranking medal of some kind. But it may not be that at all.

Pack Content Speculation

This team pack doesn’t seem to have basic actions included, based off the solicit text. If that’s the case, we should see three versions of all eight characters. WizKids could always surprise us and change it up with four versions of one character and two versions of another, but I don’t think this is likely.

The Supreme Intelligence card on the front of the package is not easy to read, but you can see that it has an ability as well as a Global.

Max Dice

Just like the Harley Quinn Team Pack, the front display card shows a Max: 4, meaning you’ll need two team packs to use max dice for the characters, or at least Supreme Intelligence.

Dice Speculation

If the dice are correct in the solicit image, these are the previous sets these dice appeared in. There are three new dice.

Drax – Recolor of the dice from The Amazing Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy sets.
Mantis – Recolor of the die from the Guardians of the Galaxy set.
Rocket Raccoon – Recolor of the dice from the Age of Ultron and Guardians of the Galaxy sets.
Groot – Recolor of the dice from the Age of Ultron and Guardians of the Galaxy sets.
Thanos – Recolor of the dice from the Age of Ultron and Guardians of the Galaxy sets.

New Dice!

Kree Soldier – The Kree have been seen in white and green uniforms that don a Saturn looking planet on the chest. The green die with the white Saturn looking icon is most likely the die associated with this card.
Supreme Intelligence – From the card shown on the front of the package, it’s easy to tell that the Supreme Intelligence die is a green die with yellow accents. There is only one die with these colors and it’s the one with the face-like image that has three wiggles extending from it.
Unknown Die – The purple die with yellow/orange accents has a die icon that is unfamiliar to me. It looks like a military medal, but it could be something completely different.

Marvel Justice Like Lightning Team Pack

MDM Justice Like Lightning TP

Dice Masters is a global hit from WizKids that uses the proprietary Dice Building Game platform developed by Mike Elliott and Eric M. Lang. The Marvel Dice Masters: Justice Like Lightning Team Pack will be the most wanted part of your collection!

The Marvel Dice Masters: Justice Like Lightning Team Pack features the most recognizable members of the Thunderbolts roster, including Citizen V, Songbird, and Techno! These dice will help bring your team from zeroes to heroes!

The Marvel Dice Masters: Justice Like Lightning Team Pack will let players build their own team of heroes or villains! The Marvel Dice Masters: Justice Like Lightning Team Pack is perfect for the Dice Masters veteran or someone looking to jump into the game fresh! A Team Pack can be paired with any Box Set to give a player everything they need to build a highly focused team for thematic play!

With 24 cards and 16 dice, this release is perfect when your Dice Masters collection needs Justice, Like Lightning!

Tentative Release Date: May 2018
MSRP $9.99

Confirmed Characters:
Citizen V

Speculation of Characters Based Off Dice Images:
Ant-Man (version one)
Ant-Man (version two)
MACH – Not sure which version.

Pack Content Speculation

Just like the Kree Invasion Team Pack, this team pack doesn’t seem to have basic actions included, based off the solicit text. If that’s the case, we should see three versions of all eight characters.

The text on the front card is not readable, but one of the folks that follows me on Facebook pointed out that Citizen V has a Flip ability. You can see the Flip Icon on the left of the card, between the text box and the card art. Thanks Jake H. – nice catch!

Max Dice

The front card has mostly visible text showing Citizen V has a Max: 4 for his dice. If this is accurate, many of the cards will likely have Max: 4, meaning you’ll still need two Team Packs in order to have max dice for the characters.

Dice Speculation

If the dice are correct in the solicit image, these are the previous sets these dice appeared in. There are six new dice.

Ant-Man (Version One) – Recolor of the die from Uncanny X-Men.
Hawkeye – Recolor of the die from Avengers vs X-Men.

New Dice!

Citizen V – The blue die with the white accents is probably Citizen V’s die. The die icon is stars and stripes, which is part of Citizen V’s outfit. You can also see a blue die with white accents on the Citizen V card in the front of the package. This is the only blue and white die in the team pack.
Songbird – The pink die with white accents is the most likely candidate for Songbird’s die. The die icon is similar to the icon seen on one of Songbird’s outfits. Songbird has been in a previous set, but this die is not the same as the die from that set.
Techno – The black die with the red accents is likely Techno’s die. The icon looks like hair tied up with a bandana, which is one of Techno’s hairstyles.
MACH – The black die with blue accents is the best candidate as MACH’s die. The die icon looks like MACH’s face. My knowledge of the Thunderbolts is very limited, so I have no clue which version of MACH this could be. It’s very possible the card art and the die icon won’t match. This happened with the Turtles in one of the TMNT boxes, where art resembling the cartoon was used on the cards, but the dice have silhouettes of the four brothers from the 2012 series.
Meteorite – The red/orange die with the yellow accents is most likely Meteorite, also known as Moonstone. The icon looks like the mask that’s usually worn by Meteorite and not Moonstone.
Ant-Man (Version Two) – The blue die with yellow accents might be a version of Ant-Man. The icon looks like Ant-Man’s chest plate, but because of my limited knowledge of the Thunderbolts, it could be a different character all together.

Marvel Avengers Infinity Campaign Box

MDM Avengers Infinity CB

The Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers Infinity Campaign Box is the latest Dice Masters launch to roll into your FLGS. Quarriors! and Dice Masters are global hits from WizKids using the same proprietary Dice Building Game platform developed by Mike Elliott and Eric M. Lang.

Avengers Infinity features iconic characters from the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy like Captain America, Gamora, and Rocket Raccoon! With multiple versions of each, select the one that fits your team the best – there are thousands of possibilities!

Players can pit heroes against villains or mix them together. Whether players are interested in a game or two before the latest superhero blockbuster or building the perfect team, this is a release that can’t be missed!

This release is perfect for beginners and Dice Masters veterans alike. Even if you’ve never read Avengers comics, this is an exciting entry point to the adventures of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

Featuring more than a dozen characters (and their dice!), the Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers Infinity Campaign Box will be sure to deliver an epic experience!

What’s a Campaign Box? A Campaign Box is fixed content in a large box, and has everything 2 players need to start playing Dice Masters like Sidekick dice, Basic Action Dice, rules, and dice bags.

Tentative Release Date: May 2018
MSRP $39.99

Confirmed Characters:
Captain America

Rocket Raccoon – This character may not actually be in the Campaign Box. The solicit could have a potential typo.

Speculation of Characters Based Off Dice Images:
Black Widow
Iron Man
Star Lord
Black Panther
Doctor Strange
Red Skull
~ Plus two unidentified dice

Box Content Speculation

The side of the box clearly says, “92 Custom Dice Included”. We’ve learned, in the past, they include Sidekicks and Basic Action Dice in that total. If there is enough for two folks to play out of this box, that means there are at least 16 Sidekicks and 12 Basic Action dice. That brings the total down from 92 to 64 for character dice.

Based off the announcement linked above, there are likely going to be ten Basic Action Cards in this Campaign Box.

A Campaign Box has 48 different character cards that could be used to build hundreds of different teams for head-to-head thematic play right out of the box. Layer in 10 Basic Action Cards and the replayability seems limitless.

When they say “48 different character cards”, they are most likely counting multiples of the same character and not individual characters.

I counted 17 different characters/dice. If Rocket Raccoon is the unidentified die, then there are only 16 different characters. If there are 16 different characters, each could have four dice since there are 64 remaining dice (after subtracting the Sidekicks and Basic Action dice). If there are 17 or more characters, then there could be a variety of Max Dice across the character cards. But, if there are 17 or more characters and they all have a max of four, one Campaign Box is not going to give you the maximum number of dice for each character.

Max Dice

It is currently unknown if the Campaign Boxes will include the maximum number of dice for each character. The following statement can be found in the Campaign Boxes announcement linked above.

There are plenty of characters that are powerful enough to be included on tournament teams without ever being used at 4 copies of that die. In some previous non-blind releases, cards had a maximum number of dice based on the configuration. This potentially held back some cards from seeing their maximum potential in tournament play even if it had no effect on others. Cards in Campaign Boxes are going to have the Max dice based on the game play, just like cards from boosters would.

This statement is still confusing to me. I think they’re saying that they’ve adjusted the Max Dice number on cards in the Campaign Boxes to fit the Campaign Box format. But I’m still not completely sure what they meant to say with this statement. Sometimes, being as clear and simple as possible is best.

Dice Speculation

If the dice are correct in the solicit image, these are the previous sets these dice appeared in. There are two new dice that can be seen on the box art.

Captain America – Recolor of the dice from the Avengers vs X-Men and Uncanny X-Men sets.
Gamora – Recolor of the dice from the Age of Ultron and Guardians of the Galaxy sets.
Black Widow – Recolor of the die from the Avengers vs X-Men set.
Hulk – Recolor of the dice from the Age of Ultron set and the Defenders Team Pack.
Wasp – Recolor of the die from the Age of Ultron set.
Iron Man – Recolor of the dice from the Avengers vs X-Men and Uncanny X-Men sets.
Star-Lord – Recolor of the die from the Age of Ultron set.
Loki – Recolor of the die from the Avengers vs X-Men set.
Black Panther – Recolor of the die from the Uncanny X-Men set.
Vision – Recolor of the die from the Uncanny X-Men set.
Doctor Strange – Recolor of the die from the Avengers vs X-Men set.
Thor – Recolor of the die from the Civil War set.
Red Skull – Recolor of the die from the Age of Ultron set.
Dormammu – Recolor of the die from the Doctor Strange Team Pack.

New Dice!

~ An action die with an Avengers logo “A” on it can also be seen. It could be the Avenger’s Tower or some other location or item directly connected to the Avengers.
~ There is a strange icon that I can’t place at all mixed into the lot. On the left, between Black Widow and Hulk, you can see a grey die with dark accents. The icon almost looks like a shield with a five pointed burst that has dots at the ends of the lines, radiating from a single center dot. I have no clue who this could be.

Unknown Dice

Rocket Raccoon – His dice are not pictured (unless he’s the unknown die), but he is mentioned in the solicits.

Warhammer 40,000 Dice Masters

This is a brand new IP coming to Dice Masters!

My knowledge of Warhammer 40K is non-existent. The most I can give you on these next few items is what was put in the solicits.

Warhammer 40,000 Orks WAAAGH! Team Pack

WH40K Orks Waaagh TPOrks TP Card

The Warhammer 40,000 Dice Masters: Orks – WAAAGH! Team Pack is 100% compatible with Dice Masters. Quarriors! and Dice Masters are global hits from WizKids using the same proprietary Dice Building Game platform developed by Michael Elliott and Eric M. Lang. Warhammer 40,000 Dice Masters: Orks – WAAAGH! Team Pack will make games go FAST!

The Warhammer 40,000 Dice Masters: Orks – WAAAGH! Team Pack features iconic Orks like Ghazghkull Thraka and can’t-be-missed swarms like the Ork Boyz and Warbikers.

The Warhammer 40,000 Dice Masters: Orks – WAAAGH! Team Pack will let players build their own team of Orks! This team pack is perfect for the Dice Masters veteran or someone looking to jump into the game fresh! This team pack can be paired with the Warhammer 40,000 Dice Masters: Battle for Ultramar Campaign Box to give a player everything they need to build a highly focused team for thematic play! With 3 different versions of each character, there are HUNDREDS of team building combinations!

With 24 cards and 16 dice, this release will be sure to add some crazy fun to your Warhammer 40,000 Dice Masters collection!

Retailers: Please note – Expansion Packs can stand on their own or use their hang tabs.

Tentative Release Date: July 2018
MSRP $12.99

Warhammer 40,000 Space Wolves – Sons of Russ Team Pack

WH40K Space Wolves TPSpace Wolves TP Card

The Warhammer 40,000 Dice Masters: Space Wolves – Sons of Russ Team Pack is 100% compatible with Dice Masters. Quarriors! and Dice Masters are global hits from WizKids using the same proprietary Dice Building Game platform developed by Michael Elliott and Eric M. Lang. Warhammer 40,000 Dice Masters: Space Wolves – Sons of Russ Team Pack will leave you howling!

The Warhammer 40,000 Dice Masters: Space Wolves – Sons of Russ Team Pack features iconic Space Wolves like Logan Grimnar and recognizable army-building pieces like the venerable dreadnought.

The Warhammer 40,000 Dice Masters: Space Wolves – Sons of Russ Team Pack will let players build their own team of Space Wolves! This team pack is perfect for the Dice Masters veteran or someone looking to jump into the game fresh! This team pack can be paired with the Warhammer 40,000 Dice Masters: Battle for Ultramar Campaign Box to give a player everything they need to build a highly focused team for thematic play! With 3 different versions of each character, there are HUNDREDS of team building combinations!

With 24 cards and 16 dice, this release will be sure to add some crazy fun to your Warhammer 40,000 Dice Game collection!

Retailers: Please note – Expansion Packs can stand on their own or use their hang tabs.

Tentative Release Date: July 2018
MSRP $12.99

Warhammer 40,000 Battle for Ultramar Campaign Box

WH40K Battle for Ultamar CBCB Cards

Warhammer 40,000 Dice Masters: Battle for Ultramar Campaign Box is the latest Dice Masters launch to roll into your FLGS. Quarriors! and Dice Masters are global hits from WizKids using the same proprietary Dice Building Game platform developed by Mike Elliott and Eric M. Lang.

Battle for Ultramar features iconic characters from the Imperium and Chaos like Roboute Guilliman, Chief Librarian Tigurius, Typhus, and Mortarion! With multiple versions of each, select the one that fits your team the best!

Players can pit the Ultramarines against the Deathguard or mix them together. Whether players are interested in a game or two between Warhammer skirmishes or building the perfect team, this is a release that can’t be missed!

This release is perfect for new and seasoned gamers alike. Even if you’ve never played Warhammer 40,000, this is an exciting entry point to a dystopian militaristic science-fantasy world that’s been enjoyed by the fans the world over for 30 years!

Featuring more than a dozen characters (and their dice!), the Warhammer 40,000 Dice Masters: Battle for Ultramar Campaign Box will be sure to deliver an epic experience!

What’s a Campaign Box? A Campaign Box is fixed content in a large box, and has everything 2 players need to start playing Dice Masters like Sidekick dice, Basic Action Dice, rules, and dice bags.

Tentative Release Date: July 2018
MSRP $39.99

This release is likely to have 16 Sidekicks and 12 Basic Action dice, which are typically included in the dice totals on the boxes.

This solicit does not mention Basic Action Cards. It’s unknown at this time if there will be any, but I suspect there will be because the information above says that the Campaign Box “has everything 2 players need to start playing Dice Masters…”. One would assume that would include BACs since they’re a required part of a team.

Final Thoughts

I was happy to see new product being listed, but looking closer at the Solicits page, it was very obvious that they had removed all blind product from the upcoming releases. It is still unknown at this time if WizKids will continue to product and release any form of blind product, whether it be booster packs, draft packs, or something yet to be revealed.

That has made many folks wonder, what about drafts? Obviously, you can draft with older product, but what about new product? Attack Wing had Blind Boxes that added a sort of randomness to Fleet builds, so I could see WizKids continuing Draft Packs for a very few small, collectible sets each year.

While the future of the collectible side of Dice Masters is unclear, I personally believe the game will go heavily in the direction of fixed boxes and packs. There are successful games out there that follow this design and I see no reason why Dice Masters can’t be successful as well. Dice Masters has a community of players that love the game and love fellow players. I believe that the community that’s developed and grown over the years will continue to help this game grow and thrive and with the new fixed design, it will bring new players that would otherwise not consider Dice Masters because of its collectible nature.

I look forward to what the future holds and as long as I’m able, I’ll be right here – bringing articles and content about a game I love, to a community that I love!

What do you think about the new product/release design?
Who or what do you think some of these mysterious dice are?
Do you still want them to product collectible/blind products, even if minimal?

Let me know in the comments or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty! As always, thanks for reading!

Roll on, Dice Masters!



Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


I hope that you found my site because of Dice Masters, HeroClix, board games, or just superheroes in general! While I like a variety of different games, my main love is Dice Masters and I’m here to help other players grow. I’m not an expert and I’m not affiliated with WizKids, but I like to think that I have enough knowledge that I can do some good.

First, I want to be sure that all of you potential Dice Masters out there have links to various resources, official and unofficial. As my HeroClix followers grow, I’ll add another section for HeroClix links!

Official Links

Dice Masters Rules Forum
I use the Wizkids Forums to find rulings or at least a base for rulings. That’s one of the most important sites out there!
Wizkids Official Rules Forum (WORF) Home
This is the Forum Home Index. They have the rules forums for all their games here.
Wizkids Info Network
The Wizkids Info Network is where you need to sign up so that you can play in events at your friendly local gaming store (FLGS) and find tons of other info.
Wizkids Home
This is Wizkids’ home page. If you don’t know already, they make Dice Masters.
WizKids Keywords Page
This is an official comprehensive list of all the Keywords in Dice Masters.
WizKids YouTube
For all of their official videos – check out their YouTube!

Community Links

There are so many sites out there for Dice Masters, and I’m honored you’re looking at mine! There is just too much information out there to be shared and I want to share a few of my favorite sites (in no particular order). If you think your site should be on here, or you know of another site that’s not here and should be, let me know!

True Mister Six Blog
A fellow blogger and long time blogging buddy! I’ve been blessed to have such an awesome friend as my one of my earliest (and I think my first) follower!
Double Burst Website and Facebook
This is a great resource for new players and veterans alike! I’ve enjoyed their podcast and recommend it for any Dice Master out there.
Dice Masters Reddit
This is a forum where you can trade and discuss everything Dice Masters!
DM Retrobox
This site is great for team building and researching cards.
Pro Dice Circuit
This is an unofficial tournament group – first to implement a rotation in Dice Masters as well as localized competitive draft events.
DM Armada YouTube
You can find all kinds of videos on this site, from unboxings to gameplay strategies. Definitely worth checking out.
The Dice Tower with Tom Vasel
The Dice Tower covers all kinds of games, not just Dice Masters. Tom Vasel is the dude that covers all the Dice Masters reviews and I’ve seen much of his other work – he’s an inspiration when it comes to the video part of my work! Be sure to give their channel a peek.

Dice Dice Kitty Links

Dice Masters Dyersburg
This is a link to the group for my FLGS. If you’re in the area, stop on in for a few games!
Dice Dice Kitty Facebook
This is the link to my official Dice Dice Kitty Facebook page!
Dice Dice Kitty Instagram
This is the link to my official Dice Dice Kitty Instagram!
Dice Dice Kitty Twitter
This is the link to my official Dice Dice Kitty Twitter!
Dice Dice Kitty YouTube Channel
This is the link to my official Dice Dice Kitty YouTube Channel!

Sellers of Nifty Accessories

These are folks that I have ordered accessories from and have reviews up for their products.

The 3D Geekery
They have a lots of 3D printed goodies for Dice Masters and Board Games too! They even do custom orders that are non-game related. Check them out! Their Dice Masters storage units are amazing! You can also type in and it will take you straight to their Facebook page.
Litko Game Accessories
Dice towers and tokens galore!
Turn One Gaming Supplies
Seller of awesome sleeves and if you want a Roll Master Mat, they have them.
PlaymatMasters on Etsy
Want an awesome custom playmat design? Check this dude out!
Inked Gaming
Have a playmat design but need it printed? This is who I use.

Archived Sites

The Reserve Pool
TRP was the go-to place. As far as I can tell, you can still view old content, but they are not producing new content on this site.

About Me and My Blog

The first time I ever did an ‘article’ was on July 18, 2015 in our local Dice Masters group on Facebook about Captain Cold: Leonard Wynters. It didn’t take long for me to realize that Facebook wasn’t the best place for publishing articles. I dug up an old WordPress site I’d started and hadn’t done anything with and began transferring my previous articles. My Dice Dice Kitty persona was born at that moment on November 8, 2015 and has spread to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

My blog is primarily about Dice Masters, but I’ve grown it to include HeroClix, Board Games, and other various superhero related material. I’m also a huge fan of My Little Pony and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so you’ll see I use lots of screen shots from those IPs for article pictures and other various things. If I go to a convention and take cosplay pictures, you’ll likely see them in the sidebar from Instagram or Twitter.

I try to focus my articles and videos on reviews, unboxings, rules help, strategies, and accessory ideas but I’m always open to suggestions! I am always looking for Confusing Card of the Week suggestions, so don’t be shy – drop me a line! I know some folks are worried that they’ll be made fun of or laughed at because they don’t understand how something works. I do not promote those elitist type attitudes and I do not tolerate others that make those types of remarks. This is a safe place to ask sincere questions. We’re all here to learn and we’re all on different levels of understanding in regards to how things work in Dice Masters. I want to help each player elevate their understanding of the game in any way that I can.

I hope folks find my reviews helpful and informational. When it comes to my reviews, I do not play favorites with companies and I always give my honest opinion. My opinion is not fact, of course, but it is at least another perspective to take into consideration when it comes to products that folks want to spend their hard earned money on. I encourage everyone to seek out multiple reviews for a product so that they have as much information and perspective as possible!

Basic Rules

I keep my private life out of my blog, so you won’t see articles about politics or religion. This is not the place for it, so I do not condone any political or religious related content – regardless of any good intentions.

I do not approve of anything obscene, vulgar, or offensive being posted in comments on any of the sites I host from.

I don’t like folks being mean to each other. There is enough cruelty in the world and I don’t want it on any of my content. Please, express your negativity in a more constructive way and don’t direct it at anyone.

Please, do not spread rumors about other players or WizKids. Even if you have proof of a player being less than honorable, I am not the person to speak to. I do not ‘call out‘ folks on any of my social media outlets. I also do not allow players to bash WizKids on my outlets. We all get frustrated, but being rude doesn’t get anything accomplished.

Contacting Me

While I have folks from the community on my private Facebook page, I do not share my private social media pages with everyone. I have a Facebook page (Kitty Masters) that I use to share my content on Facebook. If you message Kitty Masters, you will not get a response. You can contact me through email at or on my official blog Facebook page, here.


I hope that you find at least one thing you enjoy or that is of interest to you in my content. I’m so thankful that you visited my site and I appreciate all the likes, followers, and subscribers for taking that extra step and hitting those buttons. The bigger my sites get, the better variety of content I can provide!

If you’re looking for my old rating system, you can find it in my original intro article, here. I have retired that rating system and now do an Opinion and Strategy section instead.

Have an idea for a team?
Have a card you’re confused about?
Want to see an article about something?
Leave me a comment here or message me on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty.


Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


I wanted to post the show notes here so everyone could see what we were referencing in the round table video. You can find that video, here.


Batman Round Table Show Notes


Segment One – General Stats (Aaron and North)
  1. Purchase Costs
    a. Commons (40)
    (2) 11     (3) 9     (4) 10     (5) 9     (6)
    b. Uncommons (40)
    (2) 5 (3) 10     (4) 14     (5) 6     (6) 5
    c. Rares (36)
    (1) 1 (2) 2     (3) 12     (4) 8     (5) 7     (6) 4     (7) 2
    d. Super Rares (8)
    (2) 5 (3) 10     (4) 14     (5) 6     (6) 5
  2. Energy Type Totals
    • Shield 10/10/8
    • Bolt 10/10/9
    • Fist 10/10/10
    • Mask 10/10/9
    • Crossover 4
    • Non-Crossover Super Rares – Two Shields, One Bolt, One Mask

3. Fielding Cost
(1) 11 (2) 6     (3) 6     (4) 10     (5) 2     (6) 1     NBA – 4
~ Catwoman and Robin have the same fielding costs of 0/0/2.

4. Character Stats
~ White Lantern Dove on level 3, she’s a 4/10, with a purchase of 4.
~ Conner Kent, cheap Team Superman character with good stats.

Segment Two – Cosmetics (Hannah)
  • Art
    • Batgirl – gorgeous
    • Batwoman – gorgeous
    • Classic art is great for a few cards, like The Riddler and Ace.
    • The Penguin – super creepy in a cool creepy way.
  • Foils
    • Catwoman – Diamonds
    • The Joker – Crazy Eyes
    • White Lantern Dove – gorgeous
    • Firefly – well done and very pretty
  • Dice
    • White Lantern dice are a different color from previous White Lantern dice, but the Black Lanterns are all the same.
    • Cool Dice – Batwoman, Mr. Freeze, Owlman, Dove, Utility Belt
Segment Three – Abilities and Globals (Jamie and North)
  • Jervis and his confusing wording.
  • Batwoman (u) and Ra’s Global (c) – Kat
  • Bat Signal (r) and The Riddler (r) – North
  • Red Hood (c) (for Hannah) and Rip Hunter (c) – Travis
  • Parademon (u) – Jamie
  • Darksied (sr) – North
Segment Four – Highlights (Aaron and Jamie)
  • The Flip mechanic is really fun in casual games and could be better than folks give it credit for in a more competitive setting.
  • Drafting – can be difficult if your plan goes awry, but it’s still really fun.
  • There are plenty of cheaper characters that have decent abilities, or just good stats, that can help existing affiliations.
  • The synergy between the character abilities in set is really good, and it blends well with already existing character abilities.
Card Scans

All of these cards were ones we talked about from the Batman set. These first two scans are not mine. I borrowed them from Google.

DarkseidTeh Riddler

These are my scans.

Ace the Bat Hound, Taking a Bite Out of CrimeBatgirl, Carrying the MantleCatwoman, Slippery Allegiance aCatwoman, Slippery Allegiance bConner Kent, Project CadmusFirefly, Ted Carson_0001Ra's al Ghul, Mystery and PowerRip Hunter, Navigate the Sands of TimeThe Penguin, Iceberg LoungeBatwoman, Code of Honor aBatwoman, Code of Honor bParademon, Strength in NumbersBat-Signal, Out of the DarknessZ The Joker, One Bad Day aZ The Joker, One Bad Day bZz White Lantern Dove, The Awareness to Live

Thanks for checking out the show notes and watching our second episode of DDK’s Round Table!

Roll on, Dice Masters!


Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


A huge announcement just dropped today from WizKids! The biggest parts of the announcement are rotation and a banned card! You can find all the details under the Articles section on WizKids, but here is the direct link to the announcement.

Rarity and Paper.png

For a little over a year or so, the community has been buzzing about wanting WizKids to introduce either an ongoing ban list, rotation, or some combination of the two. A WizKids representative told folks at Origins in June of 2016, that a rotation was in the works. This news got the greatest speculative minds churning and discussing possible rotation formats. Now, roughly eight months later, WizKids has officially announced rotation! I know I couldn’t be happier to hear the news! We will have two constructed formats for Dice Masters. Here is an excerpt from the announcement describing them:

Golden Age is the format that includes almost every card released – it’s the present format for constructed. It will continue to contain everything that is released, minus Golden Age banned cards. It’s the format you already know and love playing.

Modern Age will change from year to year. As new sets are released, they will become Modern-Age-legal per the tournament rules for card/die legality. As sets become old, we’ll rotate them from Modern Age and Golden Age to Golden Age only. We expect to make an announcement about which sets will rotate and which will stay once per year.

For those that have played HeroClix, these terms will look familiar. These are the names for the HeroClix formats as well. I love that WizKids kept with that wording when naming the Dice Masters formats. It will help with familiarity for the players that crossover between the two games.

Here is the What is rotation? and Why? – straight from WizKids:

What is rotation?

Rotation describes sets moving from being legal in Modern Age and Golden Age to only being legal in Golden Age. This will happen to the oldest product that is in Modern-Age-legal.

Why rotate?

Rotation keeps the metagame healthy for our most dedicated, competitive players. A smaller card pool means new sets are a bigger part of what everyone can focus on having fun with. For players that enjoy a large card pool, they can still play that way in friendly games and specified events.

Rotation keeps the game accessible to new players. As sets get old, they often become scarce. Staple cards are harder for new players to access, and getting into the game fresh can become challenging when there are very-many sets to collect cards from. Players getting started may even be overwhelmed by the number of gravity feeds and starter sets to choose from. New players are important to us, retailers, and dedicated players in order to continue building the Dice Masters community.

Rotation improves Dice Masters for retailers. The stores with the most successful Dice Masters communities may have the entire line in stock, but that’s a lot to ask for from every retailer who wants to support Dice Masters. Stores are able to keep the line accessible to their customers with fewer gravity feeds in stock, as well as a smaller variety of starters (which ties back to our decision to release fewer starter sets this year).

Rotation is definitely not a bad thing when you look at the bigger picture. You may not be able to play with those older cards, but it opens the door for you to experiment and find new things you like.

So the next thing that WizKids covers is the When? for the rotation.

When will rotation happen?

Modern Age begins on June 1st, 2017. Qualifying events, National Championships, and World Championships held after this date will be in the Modern Age format.

Okay, so they are giving folks three solid months to test play and adjust their teams accordingly for the Origins events. This is a vast improvement on the ‘week notice’ we were given about the first turn rule change for some of the WKOs. This shows they actually listen and care about what the community thinks.

So the next thing they cover is What Sets?.

What will Modern Age consist of initially?

To begin with, Modern Age will contain all sets from DC Comics Dice Masters: War of Light and newer, as well as all promos released after War of Light (September 16th, 2015). At the end of this announcement, see the full list.

Cool! So here is the list:

Comprehensive Modern Age List (announced February 22nd, for official use June 1st)

Modern Age includes the following sets :

  • DC Comics Dice Masters: War of Light
  • Marvel Dice Masters: The Amazing Spider-Man
  • D&D Dice Masters: Faerûn Under Siege
  • DC Comics Dice Masters: World’s Finest
  • Marvel Dice Masters: Civil War
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dice Masters: Box Set
  • DC Comics Dice Masters: Green Arrow and The Flash
  • Marvel Dice Masters: Deadpool
  • Marvel Dice Masters: Doctor Strange Team Pack
  • Marvel Dice Masters: Iron Man and War Machine Starter Set
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dice Masters: Heroes In A Half-Shell Box Set
  • DC Comics Dice Masters: Batman
  • Marvel Dice Masters: Defenders Team Pack

Future sets will be considered Modern Age one week after their release date.

The following promos, and any promos releasing in 2017 will also be considered Modern Age:

  • Batmobile: From Wayne Enterprises
  • Iron Fist: The Immortal
  • Robin: Teen Titans Team Leader
  • Starfire: Powerful Friend
  • Nova: Nova Prime
  • Thanos: Gauntlet Wielder
  • Lex Luthor: Legion of Doom
  • Scarecrow: Legion of Doom
  • Mummy: Legendary Undead
  • Gelatinous Cube: Legendary Ooze
  • Half-Dragon: Legendary Humanoid
  • Skeleton: Legendary Undead
  • Gwen Stacy: Spider-Ally
  • Mary Jane: Spider-Ally
  • Supergirl: Crisis on Infinite Earths
  • The Flash: Crisis on Infinite Earths
  • Melinda May: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Terry McGinnis: Batman Beyond
  • Daredevil: Marvel Knight
  • Punisher: Marvel Knight
  • Stargirl: DC Bombshell
  • Lois Lane: DC Bombshell
  • Villainous Pact
  • Ant-Man: Tiny Regret
  • Baron Zemo: Citizen V
  • Thrown Car
  • Mxyzptlk: Golden Age Superman
  • Bizarro: Golden Age Superman
  • Marvel: Amazing Hero
  • Loki: Angsty Asgardian
  • Focus Power
  • Green Arrow: Archery Advocate
  • Roy Harper: Adolescent Archer
  • Strahd: Master of Ravenloft
  • Ant-Man: Classic Avenger
  • Captain America: Classic Avenger
  • Barry Allen: Fastest Man Alive
  • Professor Zoom: Thief

So I thought it was odd that Squirrel Girl is missing from this list. But Squirrel Girl has a set symbol and number for Civil War, #143 of 142. They may just be including her in the Civil War set because of that. Belaphoss and Bat-Mite are missing as well, but also numbered the same with their respective set symbols (thanks! – to the folks in DM Unlimited for pointing this out!). It’s probably safe to say that they’re legal for Modern play so long as their set is legal. Also, I think Marvel: Amazing Hero is probably Ms. Marvel: Amazing Hero. You’ll notice that Black Manta: Deep Sea Deviant is missing. Here’s why:

Why are some promo cards rotated but others remain legal from the same OP kit?

Promo cards that share a collector number with a rotated card rotate with that card (for example, Black Manta: Deep Sea Deviant). Promo cards that are functionally identical reprints of rotated cards (with identical names) but have different collector numbers will remain in Modern Age (for example, Thrown Car and Villainous Pact).

But then, there’s this too!

Also, we’re announcing that Half-Elf Bard: Master Lords’ Alliance will be banned in Modern Age. As with all banned cards, we may unban it depending on metagame conditions. The Rules Forum will maintain a list of banned cards. An easy way to check this list is by visiting:

Oh my Pinkie Pie!!! One of the most problematic cards, and a card that shows up on more than half of the top eight teams at loads of events – is BANNED is Modern.


If you really love your Bard, you can still play him in the Golden Age format. He’s not banned in Golden Age, only in Modern. Along with that specific Bard, you won’t be able to play cards from these sets in a Modern format, as of June 1, 2017:

Which sets are rotating out of Modern Age as of June 1st?

  • Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs. X-Men
  • Marvel Dice Masters: The Uncanny X-Men
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters Series 1
  • D&D Dice Masters: Battle for Faerûn
  • DC Comics Dice Masters: Justice League
  • Marvel Dice Masters: Age of Ultron

So there are only six full sets that are rotating out of Modern on June 1st. Compared to the huge Modern list, I’d say we definitely got a good deal here. As the game continues and grows, the Golden Age list will definitely be larger than Modern.

Here’s what they say about Golden Age:

What if my store wants to run Golden Age events?

Please clearly mark your event as Golden Age in your event’s description on the WizKids Info Network. If you are running a WizKids Premier Event, like a WizKids Open, please make sure this is not contrary to any direction that is given by WizKids.

Also, please note that will include a list of cards that are disallowed for Golden Age play.

Golden Age Banned Cards

Banned Cards (Golden Age):

  • Relentless: Basic Action Card
  • Swords of Revealing Light: Basic Action Card

So, Golden Age is what most of us call Unlimited or Constructed. Now we have a much better name for it. And the same cards that were already banned, are still banned. Nothing was added to the Golden Age ban list.


I’m just so happy that they’ve announced rotation earlier than I expected. I didn’t think we’d hear anything about rotation until Origins during Nationals or Worlds. I also didn’t predict a official rotation would go into effect for likely another year. I was off the mark on those predictions, but I did tell my locals that when they announce rotation, they’ll likely call it Golden Age and Modern Age since that’s what they call their Clix formats. At least I predicted that accurately! Golden Age and Modern Age are also descriptions of comic book eras, so it just makes sense. Too bad we can’t fit a ‘Silver Age’ in there somewhere.

I like that they started further back than PDC’s Prime format. PDC has a stricter set list, and I hope they keep it tight like that to balance all the different formats. The newest of players could work their way in at a Prime event, then move to Modern, and finally into Golden Age if they choose to go back that far. I can’t wait to see the reactions from my locals about this awesome rotation news. A few of my locals predicted rotation from WoL and up, which I agreed would be a great starting point.

This keeps Lantern Ring for Ring teams legal and also Guy Gardner for those aggressive players. Guy is definitely more manageable than Bard ever was. There are still lots of counter measures for those teams like Lex Luthor: Ex-Con, Blink: Exile, Bleez: Controlled Rage, and Oni: Greater Giant to combat Ring. Scarecrow: Legion of Doom is still viable to slow Guy Rush teams, not to mention Unstable Canister to reduce the amount of characters in the field, and also Blink – Transmutation to Blink dudes back.

There are so many options open to players now and there is a format for everyone! I don’t think I could have gotten any better news today. Only two things could top this announcement for me; Publisher’s Clearing House knocking on my door (but I don’t play, so it won’t happen), or WizKids finally letting me buy product early to do my article and video reviews before the day of release (but I’m obviously invisible to them!). It’s okay though. I still love them and this amazing game. That’s one reason I write my articles and do my videos – love of the game! The other reason, and probably the biggest reason, is that my articles and videos might help other players. Community is most important!


What do you think about the set choices for rotation?
Do you think any other cards should have been banned?
Leave me a comment here or on my Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty!

Thanks for reading and remember, I appreciate the efforts of every person that takes the time to click the like or follow buttons on my social media sites.

Roll on, Dice Masters!


Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


If you live in the United States, then you might be among the many that are celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday or this weekend. There is also this crazy thing folks do that’s called Black Friday shopping that happens on Thanksgiving now, instead of the Friday after Thanksgiving – which I think is silly. But, I will unfortunately be one of those folks out looking for deals. I don’t fight over towels and sheets. We don’t wait in lines for TVs or phones – we just like to pick over the leftovers. We do not sacrifice family time for Black Friday/Thanksgiving shopping. We go out and scavenge over the DVDs and try to grab an electronic or two if they’re still available.

We also decorate on Thanksgiving weekend, which takes up quite a bit of time. This article will likely be my last article until next Tuesday (Wednesday at the latest). I will also be absent from all my social media outlets for the weekend, so if you send me a message on Facebook or make an inquiry on Twitter, I likely won’t see it until next week.

I will be back next week with a fresh CCW article. I want everyone to have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Eat your fill, be merry, enjoy your company, and recruit as many new Dice Masters as you can!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you Dice Masters out there! May you be surrounded by loving family and friends with a table full of delicious food!

Roll on, Dice Masters!


Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


I hope you all have had a wonderful release week/weekend. I know we have had a blast! We typically do a draft on the Saturday after a new set releases to celebrate. While I was looking through the cards in our feed on release day, I realized how much of a slug-fest this set was going to be in draft. I was not wrong! This set has one Global ability and it’s on Motorcycle: Vroom!, which is like a Blink or Distraction Global with an added condition. One of the most important things about drafting this set is to be very careful when picking your Basic Actions!

We had a total of eleven players for our draft, so we split into two pods to draft (one pod of six, one pod of five).


After drafting – the battles began! I always love seeing these pictures with all the playmats down the tables! We even had players at the very back table too.


My Team


Lady Bullseye: Attack on Two Fronts
Agent Carter: Behind Enemy Lines
Multiple Man: Jamie Madrox
Miguel O’Hara: Spider-Man 2099
Negasonic Teenage Warhead: Bored in School
Free Chimichangas: Best Things in Life
Satchel of Unlimited Weaponry: Sword
M.O.D.O.K.: Twisted Mind

Basic Actions
Big Entrance


So… It was very clear when I started playing my first of four rounds, that I had made a huge mistake with my Basic Action Cards. Lady Bullseye was such a great character, but I needed Overcrush from a Hulk Out or direct damage from Magic Missile – desperately. I totally didn’t need Big Entrance or Resurrection and I’m not sure why I picked them. But that’s why your Basic Action choices are so important! I could have possibly won a game or two if I’d have brought those Hulk Out and/or Magic Missile. I ended up going 1-3-0, my only win being the bye. Even though I had a poor record for the night, I still had tons of fun!


The pod I was running for the drafting portion had mostly high cost characters in it. I actually purposely drafted M.O.D.O.K. cards, added him to my team, and even fielded him a few times. I have a picture as proof!


In one of my games, the turn before I was dealt lethal damage, I had all of my Lady Bullseye and Free Chimichanga dice in my Used Pile. The two Big Entrance dice (that I was desperately wishing were Hulk Out dice instead) helped me buy two of those Chimichanga dice. I didn’t take my own advice about Lady Bullseye – lesson learned!

Even though I ended the night with a bye win and three losses, I still got a booster pack prize. We usually give out OP Kit prizes each week, whether we draft or not, but the FLGS is really generous with their additional prizing for drafts. So someone like me, that finished in last place, almost always leaves with at least one booster pack prize.

We also gave away a Deadpool gravity feed from our Thanksgiving Food Drive Raffle. One of our players that has never purchased a sealed feed, and only purchased a single raffle ticket, won the feed! Congratulations again to Craig! He pulled some decent Super Rares too – Wolverine Lord of Vampires: The X-Vampires Will Feed and Lady Deadpool: Earth-3010.

I can’t wait to try different sealed formats with this set! I really like this set a lot, especially for drafting. I think I like this set more than War of Light to draft with, and it’s one of my favorites!

How does this set rank as a draft set for you?
What are some of your favorite draft strategies for this set?
Leave me a comment here or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty, and thanks so much for reading!

Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


Our local masters of the dice played in a Monster-Only event, called the Monster Mash! We only allowed Non-Basic Actions from the D&D sets and any character with the Monster affiliation. We allowed any Basic Action Card from any set that’s normally legal.

We also entered all the players that dressed up, into a random drawing for leftover Strahd promos. Three players gave permission to have their pictures in the article and on my Facebook page. I respect the privacy of folks that do not want their picture or name used in my articles.

Here are three of the folks that dressed up:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Congratulations to the folks that won a Strahd! And thank you to all the folks that dressed up to participate in the costume fun!

Today is Halloween! I love Halloween because of the costumes, the scary stuff, the pumpkins, the excitement of Trick-or-Treating, and also because it’s a day of harvest celebration and remembrance of those no longer with us. Halloween is very special to me for all those reasons, but the most important reason is because it’s my wedding anniversary. Five years ago, I married the greatest guy in the world! We even dressed up for our wedding – Red Riding Hood and the Huntsman (he had a werewolf mask and gloves for after the ceremony).

I’m mostly a one person operation here, but when I need advice or encouragement, Travis is the first person I turn to. He’s Mr. DDK, my rules team, my play testing partner, my assistant editor, and basically my everything. He’s the most supportive of my work and is always there to back me up. I’ve had help from others in the community as well, but Travis has to deal with me all day – everyday – poking him for opinions and his thoughts on team ideas.

So, enough of the lovey stuff – on to Halloween! Or as they call it in Equestria, Nightmare Night! I want WizKids to make a My Little Pony set. I’d love to use Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon on a team! How can you go wrong with Princess Lune? Her cloak is made of bats and she looks so malevolent!

But she’s actually really kind and sweet and she wants everyone to have a fun and safe Nightmare Night.


Have a safe and fun Halloween or Nightmare Night – whichever fits you best!

My Team


You can find my team here, on DM Retrobox.

I didn’t want to use a team with only Dragons on it because I knew others would use Bronze Dragon with Anti-Breath Weapons. I chose one Dragon that I really liked for his Breath Weapon and ability – Green Dragon. I used Red Dragon primarily for his Global, but I knew I could buy him if I needed him. Half-Dragon was there to reduce the cost of my Dragons and also to add another way to get my Front Line dice a little cheaper. I added my own Bronze Dragon to help counter other Breath Weapons. Kobold was on the team for quick and easy ramp, and I knew Adventurers wouldn’t be an issue. Giant Spider was added for his Global and to help with troublesome characters by forcing them to block, which is another reason the Potion is there. If I needed to KO a large character that would also KO my character, I could use Potion to give my character Fast and not have to worry about losing my character. Manticore seemed like a good idea at the time because of his Cheetah-like ability.

Round One


I went second in my first round. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this team, but I knew that Mind Flayer scared me. Our game went on until time was called and we went into turns. It’s been a while since I’ve had a game go that long, but we just couldn’t get our win conditions set up. None of my dragons wanted to roll up on a character face very often. I had my Red Dragon and two Green Dragon dice cycling through my bag. Without PXG, it’s much harder to set your rotation up. I used my Kobold’s Swarm to help thin my bag a little. I used two of my opponent’s Cloudkill dice, both Breath Weapons, and my Front Line dice to attack my opponent without any blocker resistance to seize the victory.

Record after Round One: 1-0-0

Round Two


I went first against Mr. DDK. Unlike me, he went for full burn on the Dragons. I couldn’t get my dice to roll the way I needed them to for most of this game, but he was also having the same problem I was. I was hoping to get my Dragons to go off first with Front Line, but he bought Bahamut and I knew I was in trouble. I started buying up my Manticore dice as my backup, but it was a little too late. It only took him two attacks with Bahamut and I was done for. If that TMNT playmat looks familiar, it’s because it is! He decided to use my old mat since I have that awesome Turn One Gaming Playmat now.

Record after Round Two: 1-1-0

Round Three


I went first in round three against a Fiend Team. I helped him test play this team, so I knew I was in for a fight. One thing I changed on my team was Villainous Pact for The Front Line. I don’t regret my decision, but I do regret not purchasing all of my Front Line dice. We had a decent game, where he had gotten in a moderate amount of damage, but I had my opponent on the ropes – hanging by a thread at two life. I miscalculated my last attack, thinking I had him but I was off by two. I knew I could probably pull off a win on my next turn, if my opponent didn’t draw the one Front Line die he purchased. Out of all of the dice in his bag, it was the second die he drew. Then I had to hope it didn’t roll an Action Face for him. My hopes were instantly dashed! His first roll was all he needed as the Front Line Action Die landed on an Action Face. Sometimes you have luck with you, and sometimes you don’t. That’s just the way it goes!

Record after Round Three: 1-2-0
Final Standing: 4th

Final Thoughts

I had so much fun in this tournament! I love the D&D sets because of how well they work together within themselves. Even in such a limited event where we were only using the Monsters, the teams were so much fun and worked so well. Even with the bad rolls, as that happens, my team didn’t ‘flop’ and fail to function. My Half-Dragon did his job and so did my other Dragons. I think I probably would change out the Manticore for a Bahamut if I were to use this team again. I like the Manticore and it did really well for me against Mr. DDK, but I really wanted another Dragon for my team. I think Bahamut would be a good fit and the only other card I would probably replace would be the Potion. I didn’t use it and I didn’t see a time that I could have benefited from it. I could just swap the Potion out for Bahamut and keep my Manticore, which sounds like a better option. Not sure when we’ll do another Monster Mash and there could be more Monsters out by then too!

What are some changes you’d make without changing the spirit of the team?
Have a build you like better?
Leave me a comment here or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!



We had a Strahd Rainbow Draft Weekend event a couple of weeks ago. I love limited formats and I love D&D stuff, so I was ecstatic to be playing in a Rainbow Draft Weekend event with a D&D theme. We hadn’t drafted the first D&D set at our FLGS, and lots of the locals really wanted cards from Battle for Faerûn, so we decided to draft from that set. We had a total of eleven players and we broke into two pods for the draft, one pod of five and one pod of six.


I had so much fun drafting this set! I didn’t take pictures of each team I played against, so this report will be a little on the short side and I apologize for that. I went into this draft with several ideas.

  1. If I pulled a Stirge: Epic Beast, I was totally going with it as a win condition.
  2. If I saw lots of Adventurers and Gear, build a team around that.
  3. If I saw a Half-Dragon, go dragons.

Well, I had a rare Half-Dragon in my first batch of packs. I checked the dice on the table and saw lots of dragons and plenty of Half-Dragon dice. I had another Half-Dragon in my other batch of packs, so I knew I would be able to get at least two dice for him. Luckily for me, dragons continued to get passed in my direction, meaning nobody else was actively drafting Dragons.


I was very pleased with my draft picks, but I was concerned that Swarm teams and low cost teams could overwhelm me. I added Big Entrance to help reduce the cost of my dragons and Resurrection to help me with some energy ramp.

Half-Dragon was of course the key purchase for my team, because after fielding him, the cost of my dragons would be greatly reduced. Green Dragon proved to be my MVD (Most Valuable Dragon) because of his ability to prevent my opponent from blocking. My opponent could ignore the effect, but at the cost of some of their life. Copper Dragon was on my team for additional Breath Weapon attacks and to help against Gear oriented teams. Dracolich was added for his Breath Weapon as well and also because he hits really hard. Blue Dragon was added because he would be a cheaper dragon with a Breath Weapon as well as an additional attacking body. The Unicorn, Umber Hulk, and Prismatic Spray were added because I couldn’t find anything else that I drafted that I wanted to put on my team. I didn’t add Red Dragon because I didn’t want my opponent using it to buy up my Big Entrance dice and I didn’t want additional damage done to my life total because of extra Red Dragon Globals.

My team worked way better than I had hoped and I ended up with a record of 3-1-0, with a faster team being my only defeat for the day. I couldn’t believe how fast I was able to purchase some of the larger dragons with the help of Half-Dragon and Big Entrance. I was even able to purchase two Dracolich dice in one of my games. Green Dragon was a shining light on the team and a huge threat after I built up my Field with other dragons. There wasn’t anyone with a 4-0-0 record, and my tie-breakers (strength of schedule a.k.a. SoS) put me in first place!


Prize Distribution:

1st: Magic Missile, Human Paladin, Kobold
2nd: Human Paladin, Kobold
3rd: Kobold
4th: Kobold
5th: Kobold

All participants received a Strahd blank card, regular art card, and die. As additional prizing, the store gave out booster packs to all players in the event. The event was a huge success and loads of fun! Thanks to everyone that attended!

For anyone interested in my FLGS events, you can find links on my Dice Dice Kitty FB page. Each event has a link to the WIN Event, so you don’t need to have FB to sign up. It’s always recommended that players sign up on the events in WIN ahead of time. If you’re from out of town and plan to attend one of the events, you can also call the store and let them know! Be sure to keep an eye on the events as some change depending on release dates.

Collector’s Connection
1663 Hwy 51 Byp N
Dyersburg, TN 38024
Phone: (731) 285-6262

Store Hours:
Monday – Saturday
10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Closed except for special events (call ahead).

Mondays – Casual play at 5:00. Come up anytime between 5:00 and 9:00 and play as much as you want.
Saturdays – 6:00 for Constructed or 5:00 for Drafts

Guests are always welcome for any event or even for casual play on any day, at anytime during regular store hours.

Casual Talk

I also want to take a moment to point out a thread on The Reserve Pool’s Forum. This person has been working to compile a list of places to play by state. If you don’t see your local venue listed, let them know! This is a great resource to help spread the word for casual play. Thank you for putting that thread together!

Casual Play Location Thread

I wish WizKids would add an tool to WIN that allows stores to register casual events, something that just logs a player as having attended the event. The casual event doesn’t need brackets, just a way to register the players and upload the event after all the participants have been added without needing to run a tournament. Some players don’t play tournaments and only play in casual settings. I would love to be able to list our Monday night events in WIN, but I can’t because it’s casual and not a tournament. WizKids – please add this template to WIN.

Casual events are a great way to spread the word about a game, demo the game, and teach beginners some of the more intricate workings of the game. Having a way to list casual events that are searchable in WIN would be a huge advantage for many locations.

Did you play in a Strahd Rainbow Draft Weekend event?
What are some of your favorite D&D cards?
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Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


The past Sunday was our round two of WKO events (WKO is the abbreviation for WizKids Open, which is a type of official organized event). Many of us have referred to them as WKO2. There were some awesome prizes including a seat at Nationals for the player that won the event. We had so much fun on Saturday and we couldn’t wait to come play in the main event. Big Bang was the host venue for the WKO, and Jason was the man with the final word. He did an awesome job judging and all his staff was great. Big Bang was a great host venue as well, so I must thank them again for hosting this event and giving us in West Tennessee the opportunity to participate in a WKO.

Travis (my husband), Roper, and myself discussed how we would probably not do very well but we were determined to have fun and enjoy the experience.

This event was one of the largest for me as a player in the last five years. Owensboro, Kentucky had 27 players in their Dice Masters WKO. That is a fantastic showing! I’m very happy to have seen so many folks and I got to meet several new people Sunday. We arrived, checked in, and filled out our team sheets. I met a nice player named Chase, who was building a similar team to mine for the WKO. I felt so honored when he said he liked my team from my article and wanted to try it out. We talked about strategy for a few minutes and even got to play a friendly game later on in the day. He’s got some potential and I was so proud for him when I saw he finished in twelfth place. I was excited to see everyone from Saturday and got some chatting in before the tournament began.


I was ready for my first major Dice Masters event. I was super nervous, but determined to have fun. I was also expecting to end the day in 27th place with a record of 0-5-0. I felt confident that I could pilot my team, but I didn’t think my team was good enough to beat other good pilots with better teams. I went into every single match focusing on having a good time with my opponent and not so much on winning. I just wanted to stay ahead of my opponent’s next few moves.


My Team

Nova Ring Control

You can find my team here, on DiceMastersDB.

I was totally wearing a TMNT t-shirt that had a green cape attached to it. Why does it have a cape? I have no idea, but it was a TMNT shirt for $3 at Wal-Mart. How could I pass that up?! I was sporting my TMNT bag with purple drawstrings (#TeamDonnie) of my own making. The only TMNT swag I was missing was my playmat, because it’s not out yet… But I decided to rock the Amazing Spider-Man playmat. I wish I had purchased a Roll Master mat from T1 Gaming, but I didn’t have an opportunity.

My strategy is a little different for this version of my Nova Ring team. If I was going first, my first buy was always going to be Oracle, unless I thought I needed to buy Dwarf Wizard or Kryptonite, but it was usually Oracle. If I went second, I watched what my opponent purchased and that determined if I needed to go with Oracle or Wizard. Kryptonite was either a turn two or three buy, and in multiples if possible. After I had a few Kryptonite dice cycling, and an Oracle fielded, I felt safe enough to go for Lantern Ring and then Nova. After that, it’s just a matter of how many Bolt Energy I can get plus a Mask Energy for my Blink. You can see the first prototype of this team here, if you wanted to see the drastic evolution of my team.

Before the pairings were announced, Jason gave us all the tournament details like how long the rounds were, how many turns, etc. He also made an announcement about proper Dice Bag Etiquette. I have to thank him for that! I think etiquette is ignored sometimes, and even if you’re just playing for fun, don’t leave your hand in your bag while you shake it. But thankfully, I didn’t see much of that happening.

We were going to play five rounds of Swiss; each round being 30 minutes; five turns at time; if there wasn’t a clear winner, then it was a tie. That was a new one for me, but only because we do highest life total at our store events. It didn’t change my strategy at all, and I like it better than the way we currently do things. So for all my players reading this – brace yourselves, ties are coming.

After the Swiss rounds, there would be top 8; single elimination; best of three games; 50 minute time limit.

Everyone that participated in the WKO received Terry McGinnis and Melinda May cards with a die, as well as a blank sketch card. These cards were worth the trip, because I’m a collector and I didn’t have these yet!


Round One – Josh from Nashville

Round 1

Jason posted round one pairings and I thought my heart would jump right out of my chest. This was seriously about to happen. I was going into my first round of my first major Dice Masters event. I met my opponent, Josh, and discovered he was from Nashville. I’m familiar with several stores in Nashville due to my past excursions as a judge for a different competitive game. I didn’t get a chance to tell him, but I love his custom mat!

We set up our teams, and I instantly recognized several threats. When I saw him go for Constantine, Antihero, I knew I had to shut him down if I was going to do anything effectively. I was able to get set up fairly quickly and it seemed like Josh couldn’t get going. I was fully expecting him to buy a Dwarf Wizard, but after our match he admitted that he hadn’t had a chance to test play with the Dwarf Wizard much. I think the match would have definitely went different if he had been able to buy and roll a Dwarf Wizard. I was waiting on his Wolverine to attack on me for a million damage that I couldn’t block. He wasn’t able to pull it off before Nova flew in with his army of Bolt Energy.

I don’t remember when or if I bought Oracle in this game though. I apologize for my poor memory in that area. But this was the match that I realized how effective attacking with Dwarf Wizard and Nova can be, as long as I have a Lantern Ring in the Field Zone. In my test plays with my team, I didn’t attack with Dwarf Wizard. The reason I swapped Fatality out with Dwarf Wizard was because he could blank a character ability and gave me access to more bolts. Not sure why I didn’t utilize him as an attacker during test plays.

While studying the field during this match, it struck me. I could attack with Dwarf Wizard and Nova, and Lantern Ring would do double the damage it would have done if I only attacked with Nova. So I saved two Mask Energy for my Blink, used Iceman’s Global to gain several Bolts, then attacked. I was stunned at the effectiveness. I Blinked them back to the Field Zone and was ready for the next turn. Then I realized a misplay. I should have used Magic Missile to finish off my opponent. I just knew I was about to lose because of my mistake.

But Josh’s rolls weren’t ideal at all. I felt bad and it’s very hard to watch as your opponent rolls and rerolls and gets nothing worth using. I’ve been on that end plenty of times though, so I totally sympathized. I was able to do just enough to win on the next turn. While it was a great learning experience, I was very surprised I won. Had it not been for this first match, I may not have done as well in my next matches. I credit several of the tactics in my future matches to this game.

Thank you, Josh, for being such a good sport and still chatting with me through out the event. I wish you the best of luck in all your future events and remember – test play! Even if you have to set up two teams and play alone. For anyone reading this in the Nashville area, try to connect with Josh. He’s a great player with amazing potential. I do not currently know of any FLGS hosting events in his area of Nashville. We need a community out there.

Record after Round One: 1-0-0

Round Two – Andrew (Andy) C.

Round 2 Andrew Andy C

I saw I was against Andrew and thought it was Andy, that I had met Saturday. To my surprise, there were two ‘Andy’ gentlemen running around. After I sorted out my own confusion, we began to set up. I saw him place Oracle and my heart exploded. I really liked his version of Bat-Bomb. My version uses Dick Grayson, Brand New Bat instead of Batman, Natural Leader; Dr. Doom, Reed Richard’s Rival instead of Green Goblin, Norman Osborn; and Aquaman, Orin instead of Bruce Wayne, International Playboy.

I went first and purchased my Oracle in an attempt to slow him down first. He purchased Bruce Wayne first. I was able to get Oracle in the Field Zone fairly quickly, but he didn’t go for his Oracle until much later. He was hoping to be able to race me, but his dice fizzled and didn’t roll what he needed at all. Before I knew it, the game was over. I was so disappointed that his team didn’t fire off at all. I really wanted to see how his Bat-Bomb variant worked compared to mine.

Later in the rounds, I did get to see it. He used Green Goblin to KO an Alfred. Alfred triggered and he rolled a Batman die in his Used Pile. He got an energy face and Alfred returned to the Field Zone. He used the remaining part of Green Goblin’s Global to do two damage to his other Alfred. Alfred’s ability triggered, and he rolled his other Batman die in his Used Pile. Batman showed a character face, and was placed in the Prep Area. Bruce Wayne was able to pull both Batman dice from the Used Pile and put them into the Field Zone at level 3. Bruce Wayne allowed him to capture his opponent’s only two characters in the field, both being under level 3. Andrew was able to attack for game in one turn with two level 3 Batman dice, a Bruce Wayne, an Alfred, a Robin, and a Sidekick or two.

Had he been able to do that against me, it would have been very difficult to defend against because I don’t keep many characters in my Field Zone. I’m very lucky that his dice didn’t roll for him. My Nova and Dwarf Wizard were able to chip his life down with the help of Lantern Ring and some Bolts, and I finished him off with Nova’s ability.

Andrew’s team had tons of moving parts to it and he needed everything to go off just right. Even though he lost to me in round two, he did make Top 8 with his take on Bat-Bomb. This version is definitely new to me, but it looked fun!

Congratulations to Andrew on his Top 8 placement and his 6th place finish!

Record after Round Two: 2-0-0

Round Three – Brett B.

Round 3 Brett B

Brett was a difficult opponent to face. I had not seen a team like this at all and I sure didn’t test play against Millenium Puzzle, Eternal Dungeon or Imprisoned and he brought both! Imprisoned was a major problem for me. And then my not-so-nice friend Constantine, Antihero was there as well. I went with Oracle right out of the gate to try and slow him down just enough to gain a little bit of an edge. It worked until he got his Beholders working. It was then that I realized just how much trouble I was in.

He had Wasp and Beholder in his Field Zone, and he had Imprisoned my Oracle, Dwarf Wizard, and Nova. He decided to KO his Beholder with Blue-Eyes’ Global. I had a Mask Energy in my Reserve Pool, so I decided to use Professor X’s Global to help get some ramp going, because I basically had to start all over again! I didn’t realize that Wasp would help me get rid of Imprisoned until Brett pointed it out. This is one reason I love the Dice Masters community. He didn’t try to take advantage of my oversight regarding Wasp and Imprisoned. My characters all returned to the Field Zone and that’s exactly what I needed. I was able to comeback very easily from his misplay. He told me that he should have KO’d Wasp instead of his Beholder and I agree completely. If he had KO’d Wasp instead of Beholder, my characters would still have been Imprisoned.

There is a major lesson to be learned from this – for everyone. Read your opponent’s cards thoroughly, and re-read them often if you’re not familiar with them. Brett made a great showing with a team that I have never seen or even thought could be a team.

Congratulations to Brett on making Top 8!

Record after Round Three: 3-0-0

Round Four – Andy P.

Round 4 Andy P

Andy, my buddy from the draft Saturday that had to face my Vicious Narwhal team, was going to be my round four opponent. We decided to take a huge risk, and draw our match. We signed our slip and turned it in, but we also wanted to play it out to see what the outcome would have been.

We had a brief game because my worst fear came out early game. Oracle destroyed my ramp and slowed me to a crawl. He was able to quickly dispatch any threat I placed in the Field Zone with his Hulk. Nova does not do anything for me if he’s damaged outside of the Attack Step. It didn’t take long before he had overrun me after he blasted every single one of my characters out of the Field Zone.

His team ran so smooth and this match showed me how important it is to use Dwarf Wizard as quick as possible against Hulk. He would have been my first loss, but since we had already shook and signed the slip, it was officially a draw. I would love to face off against Andy again and redeem myself! But this was definitely a good payback match for the Vicious Narwhal on Saturday.

Congratulations to Andy on is Top 8 placement and his 3rd place finish!

Record after Round Four: 3-0-1

Round Five – Josh K.

Round 5 Josh K

I looked at Josh’s team, which was hard to focus on due to this amazing playmat he had, and I had no clue what to expect. It looked like he was going to try to burn my face off and punish me if I tried to do the same to him. He looked at my team and we ultimately decided to come to a draw. We also played out our game for fun, just to see what the outcome would have been.

Josh opened strong with multiple Power Bolt purchases. I went with Oracle in hopes that it would prevent him from wanting to use Globals. He was a very aggressive player and kept me on my toes. Nova pulled out a finishing blow. It was a fun game and I’m really glad we played it, because he does have such a unique team.

Congratulations to Josh on his Top 8 placement and 5th place finish!

Record after Round Five: 3-0-2

Travis and I had done something that we didn’t think was possible. Not only did one of us make Top 8, but we both did. We were both in shock and couldn’t believe it. With all the great teams and awesome pilots, we still aren’t sure how we both managed it.

Top 8 – Brett B.

Round 3 Brett B

My first single elimination match was against a familiar face! I was facing off against Brett again, and was looking forward to the challenge. I was a little more familiar with his team and I knew he could bypass Oracle’s tax with his Beholder. But I decided to stick with what worked before. Game one was a speedy play since we both had solid plans and were familiar with our opponent’s teams. He was using Constantine, Antihero to force rerolls on my Lantern Ring. I lost count how many times he tried and Lantern Ring came back up on the Action Face. Nova, Dwarf Wizard, and Lantern Ring did their job again and ended game one with a victory for me.

The entire tournament, I kept thinking, when is my luck going to fail. It started to show a downward trend in our second game. He played smart both games by not leaving Wasp out while Imprisoned was active. He had Imprisoned two Oracle, two Nova, at least one (maybe two) Dwarf Wizard, and several of my Sidekicks. I was seriously on the downside this game. He almost had enough attack between his characters to KO me in one attack. The next thing that happened, left me floored…

He attacked me with a handful of Sidekicks. He didn’t realize what was about to happen. I was going to take some of the damage, then all my characters were going to return to me from being Imprisoned. After he had declared his attackers and I took the damage, I reclaimed my characters. It was at that point he realized what happened. He looked at me with a defeated look, and said, “I just gave you the game.”

I told him, “It’s possible and maybe probable, but it depends on my next roll.” It really did depend on my roll. I needed to roll enough to damage him for a full 20 damage. I didn’t roll enough Bolt Energy and I needed to save some Mask Energy Professor X or Blink – either offensive or defensive Blink. I attacked and he blocked what he could. I had two Energy in my Reserve Pool and he was at one life from the damage my attackers did via Lantern Ring and Nova’s ability.

I couldn’t get that last point of damage. I knew he had Imprisoned dice coming back around and I was around ten life. Time was almost up and I was sweating. I started looking at his characters, trying to see what his next move might be, and then I saw it. WASP! I had two energy sitting in my Reserve Pool. He passed me priority, I paid for Wasp’s Global and that was it. The energy level of the crowd around our match was electrifying and such a rush! If not for his misplay, we would have went to game three, no doubt in my mind.

Brett was an amazing opponent and he was a great pilot with an awesome team! Just because someone makes a misplay, doesn’t mean they aren’t great pilots. Mistakes happen and all you can do is learn from them and continue on. I have to thank Brett for bringing a team like this because this is one I need to test play against more to learn how to play around Imprisoned.

Congratulations to Brett on his 8th place finish!

Top 4 – Gabe
Top 4 - Gabe

In my next match – Top 4 – I had to face off against Gabe, the reigning PDC Kentucky State Champion and his infamous Bard Blitz. This is what I had been preparing for, for weeks! Travis and I test played against Blitz, making our opponent go first, so that way we would know what we needed to do against Blitz. I was super shocked that there were only two or three Blitz teams present. One was Gabe, and Roper was the other. I think there was another, but I’m not certain as I didn’t see the other Blitz player.

But I felt prepared and confident that I could put up a good fight before potentially falling to Gabe’s Blitz. Game one I got super lucky and was able to go first. I knew I had a serious advantage going first against this team. This meant I could easily buy Oracle turn one, then use my second roll to burn off any potential threats Blitz may be building up. Turn three – this would make or break me. I got Oracle into the Field Zone and saved the rest of the energy for defense. This worked immensely in my favor. I burned more of his characters off and was able to Professor X Shuffle some of my Sidekicks over for some ramp. He was piloting exactly the way Blitz would pilot in a typical Blitz game. I knew exactly what to expect. I was very confident in this game and was certain I could win once I was able to buy Nova. I wasn’t worried about getting my Lantern Ring, and that’s because I don’t necessarily need it against Blitz. The longer Blitz goes, the harder it is for it to pull ahead. This was the key to my first game win against Gabe’s Blitz.

I played smart and only attacked when I knew I could Blink Nova back instead of getting over excited and attacking every turn. I made sure to save enough energy for Magic Missile or Blink and this is where Kryptonite shines brightest on my team. Kryptonite is on my team mainly for Blitz match-ups. This is because it’s a wonderful source of Bolts!

Game two, Blitz went first. I knew this was going to be a very defensive game, but we only had about ten minutes left in the round. I knew if I could hold him off and just long enough, we would tie game two, giving me the win for the round. I had a feeling I could do it and I did. My turns were quick, as I knew I just needed to save for defense. I saved loads of Bolts to burn what I could and I tried to buy Nova, but I couldn’t get him going at all. Nova was liking his energy sides this game. I knew Blitz had Parallax, but there have been too many times I’ve watched folks burn away their energy to try and get that one die to roll the way they wanted. I even watched Gabe reroll Cloudkill in our games, only to have it end on energy. If I had used my energy to reroll with his Parallax, I could have lost. I needed each energy for defense or to buy a necessary die, like Kryptonite.

Game two came to a draw. I had done it. I had beaten the Blitz!!! I had also just defeated the reigning PDC Kentucky State Champion. Gabe was a great opponent.

Congratulations to Gabe on his 4th place finish!

Top 2 – Travis F.

Are you serious right now?! And I just don’t know! That’s what I was saying over and over. I was convinced I was in a dream and I was going to wake up any moment. I was going into the finals of a major Dice Masters event – not just any major event, but a WKO! I had a dream Saturday night that I finished last with a record of 0-5-0, so I wasn’t sure anymore as to which was actually reality and what was a dream! To top it off, Travis had fought his own way up to the finals as well. We couldn’t believe this was happening! I was fully prepared to battle it out with him, but he conceded. He said he wasn’t going to play against me, that he wanted me to have the WKO title. I didn’t know what to say. We agreed to play it out at home the next day though.

Finals Travis

We played almost three games. The first game was a somewhat quick win for Nova. A few well placed Kryptonites on his Scarecrow or Oracle gave me a huge advantage. Game two was a solid win for his Poly Hulk. He got his Hulk out and blew up my field the same way Andy P. did. Oracle had slowed me down to a crawl as well in game two, so I was having a hard time gaining traction. I did the best I could, but Hulk is very hard to deal with and even harder to race for my team. Game three went to time, and I used my Dwarf Wizard to deal with that Hulk. I had done a tiny bit of damage to him before turns, so he had to damage me or lose. He pulled some silly shenanigans with my Blink to tie our life at turn five. So we went another turn and my Nova finished him off.

I have test played against this team almost as much as Blitz and I had never won against it. This was very satisfying, to know that I could defeat him.

Congratulations to Travis on his 2nd place finish!

Final Standing: 1st Place

Top 8, Final Placing

Myself (I was in shock. I don’t win things.)
Travis (My husband)
Andy P.
Josh K.
Andrew C.
Brett B.
Adam R.


Top 8 players received a Guy Gardner and Loki variant art cards.
Top 4 players also received Oracle and Blink variant art cards.
Top 2 players also received Hulk and Mr. Mxyzptlk variant art cards.

Top 8, Top 4, Top 2 Prizing

Along with the seat at Nationals, first place also won a full set of Super Rare cards from Civil War.

First Place Prizing

Final Thoughts

What a weekend! We had the best time that we’ve ever had at any competitive event, and we’ve been to plenty. Everyone came off as being genuine and honest players; folks were calling judge on things in favor of their opponents; and there were plenty of folks hanging out and discussing strategy with others to help them in their next matches. The previous competitive games we played/judged – you did NOT see that. Everyone was so polite and fun to be around. There were drafts, doubles casual matches, folks just hanging out, folks practicing between rounds, and store staff cruising around being as helpful as possible. I didn’t think this type of community would ever exist in a competitive atmosphere. This was pure heaven for me – I have found my people! And even if you didn’t do well, I hope that you were able to take something away from your matches to help you improve your team or your piloting.

I want to thank everyone who came out to the WKO and played their hearts out. You are what makes the community great. You made this experience better than it could have been. Thanks again to Jason and his staff, and to Big Bang for hosting the event and having us as guests in your store. I hope that the Dyersburg crew made a good impression on everyone and I hope that if any of you are in the area, that stop in the store for a few games. Thanks again to my opponents for some awesome games – I learned something in each and every game and it helped me in all my matches. I’m a better pilot because of this event.

I can’t wait for Origins! I’ll play my heart out and see where it takes me!

Did you attend a main event at a WKO?
What team did you play and how well did you do?
Did you learn something that made you a better pilot, player, or team builder?
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Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


Wow – what a weekend! I have so much to talk about. I know you’re all probably anxious for my tournament report, but I want to talk about our draft day first. Side event days are just as important as the main event, because that’s one of the best ways to meet folks and have some fun before the seriousness that can come with the main event.

I want to give a huge shout out to all the folks that came to Big Bang in Owensboro, Kentucky. I met several folks on Saturday, made a few new friends, and got to meet someone from TRP face-to-face. The first person I met is the creator of the Sidekick app, Aaron S. You’ll see his awesome custom mat in some of my draft pics. It’s a super cool looking app that I fully intend to purchase. I didn’t even know about the app until I met him on Saturday. I formally met OddballNarwhal, author of the Team Brew Switcheroo articles on TRP. From then, it was an outpouring of introductions, cutting up, fun, and drafts. I had loads of fun drafting with Cory and his wife Sharon, Joe and Logan, Aaron, Narwhal, Corey, Andy P., Adam R., Gabe and his son, Sean, Brad, and of course my husband Travis. If I forgot to add you, I’m very sorry. I tried to make sure I had everyone’s names.

The venue was very accommodating and the staff was very polite and helpful. If they didn’t know an answer to something, they tried to find out as quickly as possible. Jason did an awesome job judging and running the events. If you’re ever in Owensboro, Kentucky, stop by Big Bang and check them out. We would love to come back and play in any major events held here in the future. If you live in the area, this is a great place to play! They’re trying to grow their local community, so stop in often and show your FLGS some love.

I would also like to thank everyone for being so tolerant of our little one when she got a little cranky and also for being so cool about the seating for the drafts.

Draft One

This was our first chance to draft Civil War and even though we had looked at the cards in our Gravity Feed, we really didn’t know what to expect. I went for low cost characters and by my third or fourth pick, I was just grabbing anything that somewhat looked cool. This set is fun, but somewhat difficult because of how defensive some of the characters are. We were not able to use Civil War Basic Actions, so I decided to go with Power Bolt for some damage and Resurrection for some energy ramp.

Draft One

I lost my first draft to Aaron S., creator of the Sidekick app. We just had massive walls of characters and started attacking each other. His Namorita was the better character, KO’ing some of my attackers and sending them to the Used Pile with her ability. It was a great game and I had a blast! I didn’t earn a foil in this round, but Travis won and chose Professor X.

Draft Two

Draft two

This was the defining moment for me. OddballNarwhal from TRP was my opponent. We had already been chatting it up about all things Dice Masters but then… the Struggle to beat Narwhal… was real. He pulled something that I totally didn’t see coming.

Draft Two Team

Needless to say, Narwhal crushed my hopes and dreams of earning my first foil card. Vicious Struggle, paired with Rocket Raccoon and/or Luke Cage makes for a very, very nasty limited Civil War team.

Narwhal used my own Luke Cage Global against me as well as his Rocket Raccoon. When I first saw Rocket in the first draft, I thought to myself, ‘Who would use this in draft?!’ – the answer is: Anyone that brings Vicious Struggle. These two characters are good with Vicious Struggle. But it’s totally not fun to go up against and I must have forgotten how to play, because I didn’t buy a single Vicious Struggle to use against Narwhal. I learned my lesson! Travis was not able to win this round either, so we didn’t earn any foils this round.

I stole his strategy and used it.

Draft Three

There isn’t much to talk about in this one. Travis and I were facing off and our little one was super cranky because of a serious lack of naps. We finished drafting our cards – which we were just grabbing whatever at this point – then Travis conceded to me so he could take the little one for a nap, and this win earned me a foil Miri.

Draft Three

Draft Four

So this is where I ripped Vicious Struggle right off of Narwhal. I had a plan and I was honestly shocked I didn’t see more of it.

Draft Four

The gentleman next to me with the Civil War playmat is the only person I can’t remember, and I don’t think I really had a chance to speak with him much. I apologize!

I was a little concerned in this draft, even though I had a plan. I didn’t see many Rockets early on and I was really worried that someone else was grabbing all of them. I was having trouble finding Luke Cage as well and that’s when I was starting to sweat some. But then, Luke Cage showed up. I really wanted Rocket if I could find him, and I got super lucky! In our second pack of cards, I found two! I was set then and started looking for any extra Rescue I could find. I ended grabbing Falcon too and was really happy with my picks.

Draft Four Team

We got our dice, set up our teams, and started our fourth draft match! I’m so sorry Andy P. The blame falls totally to Narwhal for this match, because he showed me how good Vicious Struggle is with this set in drafts. The Vicious Narwhal struck again and struggle is real! Andy put up a much better fight against me than I did against Narwhal though. He bought one of my Vicious Struggle dice and we were in a Vicious Struggle face off. I was able to out-damage him just enough to win and claim my foil Bane!

Foil Prizes

A wonderful person named Corey traded with me so I could get Phoenix, and complete my set of foils. A huge thanks goes to him for being awesome and trading with me. We didn’t draft anymore on Saturday and we didn’t play any Quick Plays. We drafted two super rares: Iron Man and Steve Rogers.

Travis's SR

After my fourth draft, we decided to call it a day. We had a three and a half hour drive home and a long day ahead of us on Sunday. We had the best time hanging out and drafting with all of our new friends. And thanks to Narwhal, I have a pretty good draft strategy now for Civil War. I think I will call it the Vicious Narwhal strategy.

I can’t wait to draft again this weekend in our FLGS. I have a few other strategies that I would like to try. We left Saturday with this super-warm fuzzy feeling. We couldn’t wait to come back on Sunday!

What are some of your favorite cards to draft?
Did you win any foil cards at a WKO this past weekend?
What is your favorite foil?
Drop a line in the comments or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Roll on, Dice Masters!