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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


I recently received the fantastic birthday gift of a personalized acrylic dice tower by Litko Game Accessories, from Mr. DDK. They make all kinds of different accessories for many different games. They have accessories for just about any kind of game from RPG’s and board games to ‘Space Fighter’ games like Star Trek: Attack Wing and Star Wars X-Wing. You can find almost any type of enhanced accessory that you want on their site.

Ordering and Pricing

The ordering process was not complicated and the customer service was fantastic. I emailed Litko about a custom dice tower since there wasn’t an option on their website for it, and I was promptly emailed by a gentleman by the name of James H. James was very polite and professional and made every effort to be sure I was happy with how my product was going to look. It was a very positive ordering experience with.

The price was not what I was expecting. It was only a little more than their standard pricing. The towers are very affordable and not that expensive to have customized. The amount for the tower, customization, and shipping was under $30 in total.

Processing, Shipping, and Packaging

The processing for their custom orders is a minimum of two weeks. I placed my order on December 15, 2016 and it arrived on January 9, 2017. That seems very reasonable to me, considering I placed my order so close to the holidays. I was expecting it to take at least another week, so I was not disappointed with the processing of my order.

They shipped my order on January 5 and it arrived on January 9, which is a total of three business days. The shipping time was appropriate and what I expected. They provided a tracking number as well, which is always appreciated!

My tower pieces were banded together with a rubber band and then placed in a large plastic bag. The bag was placed in a shallow box with lots of packing peanuts for company. The tower was secure and safe and didn’t have much room for any internal shipping damage to potentially happen. They wanted to make sure my order arrived safely, and it showed.

The Tower

I’ve had acrylic towers in the past, but they always felt brittle and I was afraid I was going to break them. They were also really loud as the dice tumbled through them. The towers from Litko do not have that brittle feel to the acrylic. The pieces feel sturdy and I don’t feel like I may break it while assembling it.

The assembly is just like any dice tower and I have the diagram that Litko emailed me pictured below. Assembly is not overly complicated; you just need to pay attention to which piece is which before beginning to assemble it.

Dice Tower Art.gif

After I assembled the tower, I tried to pick it up by the front and back pieces – not a good idea. The tower will fall to pieces, just like any other dice tower. I then tried to pick it up by the sides, and it moved easily with no problem. The tower does flex and move a little, but that’s expected as all towers have that wiggle room. I would not recommend gluing any dice tower together. The edges of the tower are smooth and not sharp or raw looking.

The tower itself has two tumbler shelves and the bottom ramp for the dice to roll through before entering the tray area. I’ve rolled 12-15 dice through the tower without much trouble. Some of the dice will end up outside the tray or on top of other dice when rolling that many at once. It’s not a huge issue for me, but if you want a larger tray, Litko sells larger towers. Rolling 4-10 dice, which is more likely in your average tournaments, the tower performs as expected. The dice are well randomized by the tumblers and it helps contain the dice so that they don’t fly all over the play area.

I asked for the fluorescent pink acrylic, but the picture on their website looked more red than pink. I asked about the coloring and he told me that it appears to be more red in color to some folks, which didn’t matter that much to me. Looking at the tower in certain lighting makes it look a little red, but it looks mostly neon pink to me. The edges where it was cut look like they have an orange hue to them, but it looks really cool.


I requested my logo be added to the front and back of the tower, and that they increase the size of their logo on the sides. The etching is clear and legible, and it looks so cool! There are really small details on my logo and they all came out clear and crisp. I couldn’t be happier with how the etching looks. It shows up really well on the color I chose too.

The pictures I took do not do justice to the dice tower, but you can view them below.

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Final Thoughts

I love accessories and I love finding ones I can customize. I’ve been eyeing the Litko dice towers for a while and Mr. DDK told me to order one as my birthday present. I was super excited and I was not disappointed at all when it arrived. The tower exceeded my expectations all around and the customer service that I received from James was exceptional. I look forward to scoping out more of their accessories for several of the board games I like to play a lot. My tower will not be the last thing I order from Litko.

Litko will be added to my list of ‘recommended sellers of nifty accessories’!

If you make custom goodies and would like me to write a review article about your product, please contact me and I’ll give it a good look over and see if it’s something a Dice Master may be interested in. I’m always looking for something unique, cool, and useful for players.

Thanks to Litko for making such a fine product and being so accommodating with my order.

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Roll on, Dice Masters!