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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


For this week’s confusing card of the week article, we’re going to take a look at Hawkgirl: Princess of Thanagar from the DC Batman set.

W Hawkgirl, Princess of Thanagar

Ruling – Ability

Hawkgirl has multiple parts to her ability. The first part of Hawkgirl’s ability is a While Active ability. A While Active ability is one that works regardless of how many of the character’s dice are in the Field Zone. While Active abilities are like a light – it’s either on, or it’s off.


The second part of Hawkgirl’s ability will only apply to characters that are not Villains, and only when they attack. While Hawkgirl is active, when a non-Villain character die attacks (yours or your opponent’s), you may to spin that character die up one level.

This is an optional ability because it says may. This means you do not have to spin your opponent’s non-Villain character die up a level, but you could if you wanted to.

Hawkgirl does not have to attack for you to use her ability on other characters. So long as she’s active, and the attacking character is not a Villain, you can spin that die up one level. You can spin Hawkgirl dice up one level when they attack because her ability says non-Villain character dice, and she’s not a Villain.

If you can remove the Villain affiliation (Ra’s al Ghul Global), you must do so before you attack. Once the character is already assigned to attack, the window to use Hawkgirl’s ability has passed.

Miscellaneous Card Information

~ Hawkgirl is a Mask type character card.
~ She has the Justice League affiliation.
~ She has a max dice of four.
~ This card is a Rare and is #96 of 124.


These examples are for information purposes only, to show what would happen in certain scenarios. I am not suggesting that these examples are the best outcomes for each scenario and each example only features relevant parts of the turn, not the entire turn.

Example One:
How Hawkgirl’s ability triggers.

Game State
I have one level two Hawkgirl die, one level two Conner Kent: Project Cadmus (3A/3D) dice, and one level one Krypto: Super Dog (2A/2D) die in the Field Zone.
~ It’s the beginning of my Attack Step.
(Attack Step – Assign Attackers)
~ I assign Conner Kent and Krypto to attack, moving them into the Attack Zone.
~ Hawgirl’s ability will trigger and check both dice for the Villain affiliation. Since neither of them are Villains, I may spin each die up one level. Conner Kent spins to level three (5A/5D) and Krypto spins to level two (3A/3D).
~ The rest of the turn proceeds as normal.

Example Two:
Removing the Villain affiliation before attacking.

Game State
I have one level two Hawkgirl die, one level two Conner Kent: Project Cadmus (3A/3D) dice, and one level one The Riddler: Prince of Puzzles (1A/5D) die in the Field Zone.
~ I also have one Mask energy in my Reserve Pool and Ra’s al Ghul: Mystery and Power is on my team, but he is not active.
~ It’s during my Main Step.
(Main Step)
~ I spend the Mask, moving it Out of Play, to pay for Ra’s al Ghul’s Global and target my Riddler die. His Villain affiliation is now gone until the end of turn.
~ I pass priority to my opponent and they do not use any Globals. They pass priority back and we move into the Attack Step.
(Attack Step – Assign Attackers)
~ I assign Conner Kent and The Riddler to attack, moving them into the Attack Zone.
~ Hawgirl’s ability will trigger and check both dice for the Villain affiliation. Since neither of them are Villains, they will each get to spin up one level. Conner Kent spins to level three (5A/5D) and The Riddler spins to level two (2A/6D).
~ The Riddler’s ability will also trigger and his attack and defense values are now swapped, making him a 6A and 2D.
~ The rest of the turn proceeds as normal.

Official Sources

WizKids Official Rules Forum (WORF)
You can find a relevant ruling that applies to the wording of Hawkgirl’s ability, here.

Basic Information

You can find more info about specific Keywords on the WizKids Keywords page.

Turn Order Summary Reference


Opinion and Strategy

What I wouldn’t have given to have this card with my Colossus during the WKO this year in Owensboro! Using her and Blink – Transmutation with Colossus is like a dream team, and that also makes room for a different BAC in place of Polymorph/Mutation. I love Mutation, but there were other BACs I could have used for that particular event.

In a draft, this card is a beast! Using her with Batgirl + Ace, Conner Kent, The Riddler or any other beefy attacker is great, but she is a rare. The chances of getting her are not high, but if you open her, take her and build around her!

For Modern Age, I think she has some potential, especially with the aggressive teams that are shaping the current meta. She’s definitely affordable at a cost of three, and she’s a Mask character which she should fit nicely on some of those more aggressive Mask Ring teams. Her TFC of two isn’t bad at all, and her attack and defense stats are about what you’d expect. She’s a really good card to consider for a competitive team.

I really like her for casual play too. She’s not too overpowered and she’s got stats that are appropriate. She also has the Justice League affiliation which means she can beef up those Golden Age JL teams!

Opinions on this card? Leave a comment!
Is there a card your confused on?

Is there a combo that seems too good to be true?
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Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


For this week’s confusing card of the week article, we’re going to take a look at Rip Hunter: Navigate the Sands of Time  from the DC Batman set.

Rip Hunter, Navigate the Sands of Time


Ruling – Ability

Rip Hunter’s ability is a While Active ability. A While Active ability is one that works regardless of how many of the character’s dice are in the Field Zone. While Active abilities are like a light – it’s either on, or it’s off.


Rip Hunter’s ability can only be used once during your turn and only during the Clear and Draw Step. Rip Hunter must be active at the start of your turn to be able to use his ability that same turn. To use Rip Hunter’s ability, you draw dice for your Clear and Draw Step, and then you can send any number of those dice to the Used Pile and draw that many dice. You may choose any number of the dice you’ve drawn to go the Used Pile. You do not have to send them all.

The dice that you send to the Used Pile, go directly to the Used Pile and not Out of Play. This is because those dice have not entered the Reserve Pool.

If a card ability would allow you to draw extra dice during the Clear and Draw Step, you can use Rip Hunter’s ability for those dice as well. For example, if you have a Swarm trigger that allowed you to draw an extra die, for a total of five dice, you can send all five dice to the Used Pile and then draw five more dice using Rip Hunter’s ability. If any of those dice have the Swarm keyword and match an active character of the same name, you get to trigger Swarm again.

Miscellaneous Card Information

~ Rip Hunter is a Shield type character card.
~ He does not have any affiliation.
~ He has a max dice of four.
~ This card is a Common and is #30 of 124.


These examples are for information purposes only, to show what would happen in certain scenarios. I am not suggesting that these examples are the best outcomes for each scenario and each example only features relevant parts of the turn, not the entire turn.

Example One:
Using Rip Hunter’s ability.

Game State
I have two Rip Hunter dice and a Sidekick die active. I have seven Sidekick dice and one Batman die in my bag.
~ It’s the beginning of my turn.
(Clear and Draw)
~ I don’t have any dice to clear.
~ I draw four Sidekick dice.
~ I use Rip Hunter’s ability, sending three of my Sidekick dice to the Used Pile and I draw three more dice.
~ I draw two Sidekick dice and my Batman die.

Example Two:
Rip Hunter’s ability with Swarm.

Game State
~ I have one Multiple Man: Pile On! die, one Goblin: Lesser Humanoid die, and two Sidekick dice active in the Field Zone.
~ I have a Goblin, Multiple Man, and four Sidekick dice in my bag, and two Sidekick dice in my Use Pile.
~ It’s the beginning of my turn.
(Clear and Draw)
~ I draw four dice: one Multiple Man, one Goblin, two Sidekick dice.
~ I trigger the Swarm ability on Multiple Man and Goblin and draw two more dice: two Sidekicks.
~ I use Rip Hunter’s ability and send Multiple Man and Goblin to the Used Pile.
~ I now draw two more dice, but my bag is empty, so I refill it with the Used Pile (two Sidekicks, Multiple Man, and Goblin). I draw a Goblin and a Sidekick.
~ I trigger Swarm on the Goblin die, drawing one more die – Multiple Man.
~ I trigger Swarm on the Multiple Man die and draw my last die, which is a Sidekick.
(Roll and Reroll)
~ I roll all eight dice and proceed with the rest of my turn.


Official Sources

WizKids Official Rules Forum (WORF)
You can find the official ruling, here.

Basic Information

You can find more info about specific Keywords on the WizKids Keywords page.

Turn Order Summary Reference


Opinion and Strategy

I will continue to stand by my opinion that the dice moved by Rip Hunter need to go Out of Play. I’ve seen Ultraman abuse this to devastating results, as well as Parademon Swarm Burn. However, I will never rule against anything that’s been officially ruled on by WORF and I completely understand the reasoning behind their ruling. I just think it’s absolutely silly.

That being said, Parademon’s Burning Swarm is a team that Mr. DDK and I have been discussing since before they officially ruled Rip Hunter. I really want to use Darkseid: Force of Entropy with Parademon: Strength in Numbers and a cheap Swarm dude, like Multiple Man: Pile On!, because that’s just too silly. Rip Hunter’s ability can make a team like that more lethal. I’ve already played against someone that’s headed that direction with their team anyway, and the Parademon with Goblin Swarm is bad enough.

Rip Hunter has his benefits outside of breaking things. He’s exceptionally handy in drafts and he makes for a great addition to many teams that are desperately missing their PXG Global. He’s obviously not as good as PXG, but it’s totally better than nothing! I’ve been using the Uncommon Rip Hunter with my New Gods, but I might have to swap him for this version, unless I can speed the team up some other way.

I think that Rip Hunter is a good card in the competitive scene, but he does cost four to purchase. It’s not too much, but it could be too slow to use against some teams. Be sure you’re not adding him to your team as a necessary purchase, because if you’re buying him, you’re not buying your win condition (unless he contributes to that win condition). Your team shouldn’t be relying on him to function. If you’re using the rare Dwarf Wizard, this is probably going to be the character you want to target, unless of course there is a much larger threat at the time. But using DWiz to slow their churn is a really good idea early in the game.

If you’re playing casual, he’s a great addition and I don’t think he should be overlooked. He could help some of those casual teams churn through their dice a little faster to get to the good stuff!

Opinions on this card? Leave a comment!
Is there a card your confused on?

Is there a combo that seems too good to be true?
Leave me a comment here or message me on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

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I wanted to post the show notes here so everyone could see what we were referencing in the round table video. You can find that video, here.


Batman Round Table Show Notes


Segment One – General Stats (Aaron and North)
  1. Purchase Costs
    a. Commons (40)
    (2) 11     (3) 9     (4) 10     (5) 9     (6)
    b. Uncommons (40)
    (2) 5 (3) 10     (4) 14     (5) 6     (6) 5
    c. Rares (36)
    (1) 1 (2) 2     (3) 12     (4) 8     (5) 7     (6) 4     (7) 2
    d. Super Rares (8)
    (2) 5 (3) 10     (4) 14     (5) 6     (6) 5
  2. Energy Type Totals
    • Shield 10/10/8
    • Bolt 10/10/9
    • Fist 10/10/10
    • Mask 10/10/9
    • Crossover 4
    • Non-Crossover Super Rares – Two Shields, One Bolt, One Mask

3. Fielding Cost
(1) 11 (2) 6     (3) 6     (4) 10     (5) 2     (6) 1     NBA – 4
~ Catwoman and Robin have the same fielding costs of 0/0/2.

4. Character Stats
~ White Lantern Dove on level 3, she’s a 4/10, with a purchase of 4.
~ Conner Kent, cheap Team Superman character with good stats.

Segment Two – Cosmetics (Hannah)
  • Art
    • Batgirl – gorgeous
    • Batwoman – gorgeous
    • Classic art is great for a few cards, like The Riddler and Ace.
    • The Penguin – super creepy in a cool creepy way.
  • Foils
    • Catwoman – Diamonds
    • The Joker – Crazy Eyes
    • White Lantern Dove – gorgeous
    • Firefly – well done and very pretty
  • Dice
    • White Lantern dice are a different color from previous White Lantern dice, but the Black Lanterns are all the same.
    • Cool Dice – Batwoman, Mr. Freeze, Owlman, Dove, Utility Belt
Segment Three – Abilities and Globals (Jamie and North)
  • Jervis and his confusing wording.
  • Batwoman (u) and Ra’s Global (c) – Kat
  • Bat Signal (r) and The Riddler (r) – North
  • Red Hood (c) (for Hannah) and Rip Hunter (c) – Travis
  • Parademon (u) – Jamie
  • Darksied (sr) – North
Segment Four – Highlights (Aaron and Jamie)
  • The Flip mechanic is really fun in casual games and could be better than folks give it credit for in a more competitive setting.
  • Drafting – can be difficult if your plan goes awry, but it’s still really fun.
  • There are plenty of cheaper characters that have decent abilities, or just good stats, that can help existing affiliations.
  • The synergy between the character abilities in set is really good, and it blends well with already existing character abilities.
Card Scans

All of these cards were ones we talked about from the Batman set. These first two scans are not mine. I borrowed them from Google.

DarkseidTeh Riddler

These are my scans.

Ace the Bat Hound, Taking a Bite Out of CrimeBatgirl, Carrying the MantleCatwoman, Slippery Allegiance aCatwoman, Slippery Allegiance bConner Kent, Project CadmusFirefly, Ted Carson_0001Ra's al Ghul, Mystery and PowerRip Hunter, Navigate the Sands of TimeThe Penguin, Iceberg LoungeBatwoman, Code of Honor aBatwoman, Code of Honor bParademon, Strength in NumbersBat-Signal, Out of the DarknessZ The Joker, One Bad Day aZ The Joker, One Bad Day bZz White Lantern Dove, The Awareness to Live

Thanks for checking out the show notes and watching our second episode of DDK’s Round Table!

Roll on, Dice Masters!


Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


For this week’s confusing card of the week article, we’re going to take a look at Dove: Danger!  from the DC Batman set.

Dove, Danger


Ruling – Ability

Dove has a special ability that does not require her to be active to use. Dove’s ability says that if she’s in your Used Pile and you take damage, you move her die to your Prep Area. Most of the abilities in the game require that the character be active to use their abilities, but her ability does not say While Active.

Dove’s ability is not optional. If you take damage, you must move Dove to your Prep Area.

Dove’s ability will trigger from any kind of damage, like ability or combat. Any ability or effect that makes you lose a life or pay life will not trigger her ability.

Ruling – Global

To use the Global on a card, you only need to pay the cost. The die does not need to be active to use the Global, unless it specifically says so.

Dove’s Global says that an attacking character die will get -1A when you pay a Shield. You can pay for her Global as many times as you have the energy to do so. Each time that you use her Global, the target attacking character die will get a -1 to their attack.

You do not have to target the same character die if you use her Global more than once.

You cannot use her Global during the Main Step, because there aren’t any attacking characters to target.   Her Global can only be used during the Actions and Globals portion of the Attack Step, and only to target an attacking character die. A character that is not attacking cannot be targeted.

Miscellaneous Card Information

~ Dove is a Shield type character card.
~ She has the Teen Titans affiliation.
~ She has a max dice of four.
~ This card is a Uncommon and is #53 of 124.


These examples are for information purposes only, to show what would happen in certain scenarios. I am not suggesting that these examples are the best outcomes for each scenario and each example only features relevant parts of the turn, not the entire turn.

Example One:
Dove’s ability used during the Attack Step.

Game State
I have one Dove die in my Used Pile and no character dice in the Field Zone.
My opponent has a Sidekick in the Field Zone.
(Attack Step – Assign Attackers)
~ My opponent assigns their Sidekick die to attack, moving it into the Attack Zone.
(Attack Step – Assign Blockers)
~ I do not have any character dice to assign as blockers.
(Attack Step – Actions and Globals)
~ My opponent does not use any Actions or Globals.
~ I do not use any Globals.
(Attack Step – Assign and Resolve Damage)
~ Because the Sidekick is unblocked, it deals one damage to me and goes Out of Play.
~ Dove’s ability will trigger, allowing me to move her die from the Used Pile to the Prep Area.

Example Two:
Dove’s ability used during the Main Step.

Game State
~ I have one Dove die in my Used Pile, a Fist energy in my Reserve Pool, and Luke Cage: Bulletproof is on my opponent’s team.
~ It’s during my Main Step.
(Main Step)
~ I pay a Fist energy (placing it Out of Play) to use Luke Cage’s Global, dealing one damage to both players.
~ Dove’s ability triggers, allowing me to move her die from the Used Pile to the Prep Area.

Example Three:
Dove’s Global Timing.

Game State
~ I have a Sidekick in the Field Zone. I have Dove: Danger! on my team, but have not purchased any of her dice yet.
~ My opponent has a Sidekick in the Field Zone and a Shield energy in their Reserve Pool.
~ It’s my turn and we’re headed into the Attack Step.
(Attack Step – Assign Attackers)
~ I assign my Sidekick to attack, moving it into the Attack Zone.
(Attack Step – Assign Blockers)
~ My opponent assigns their Sidekick to block, moving it into the Attack Zone and placing it in front of my Sidekick.
(Attack Step – Actions and Globals)
~ I do not use any Actions or Globals.
~ My opponent spends their Shield energy (moving it to their Used Pile) to pay for Dove’s Global and targets my Sidekick. My Sidekick now has a -1 to its attack, making its attack a 0.

Official Sources

WizKids Official Rules Forum (WORF)
You can find the official ruling, here.

Basic Information

You can find more info about specific Keywords on the WizKids Keywords page.

Turn Order Summary Reference


Opinion and Strategy

So, I’m brewing a new Teen Titans team and this is one of the Dove cards that I’m considering. I want to pair her with Hawk: Might Makes Right. My only concern in using this particular version of Dove is that my opponent can use her Global against me when I attack with Hawk. I’ve been thinking about adding Raven: Azrath, Metrion, Zinthos! to the team to protect my Teen Titans from Dove’s Global, but I’m not completely sure if want another character that I need to purchase on the team. Using this Dove won’t backfire on me that much though, because my main damage is done during the Main Step – with Hawk’s ability. I use Dove and a Sidekick to Fabricate a Golem and because Dove is KO’d for the Fabricate ability, Hawk’s ability triggers. Dove’s Global is only usable during the Attack Step, and even if it wasn’t, my opponent would still have to wait for me to pass them priority.

I’m just so torn between this Dove and the rare version of her. I like being able to spin her up, but I think I like being able to move her from my Used Pile to my Prep Area better. That makes my opponent think a little harder about swinging with a Sidekick while I have Dove in my Used Pile.

I’m also thinking about ways to utilize her ability that won’t necessarily be accessible to my opponent. For example, Luke Cage is not the character I want to use. I don’t want my opponent having access to a Global like that. I’ve thought about Rocket Raccoon: Not a Raccoon. I think he might be more useful and help me control when I trigger her ability without giving my opponent full access to a burn Global.

I like this Dove and the more I think about it, the more I like her. I don’t think she’ll see much play in the major competitive metas, but for casual play, she’s definitely a great Teen Titan to consider. I can’t wait to finish brewing this team and put it together!

Opinions on this card? Leave a comment!
Is there a card your confused on?

Is there a combo that seems too good to be true?
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Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

I’ve been super excited about drafting this new Batman set and I was not disappointed.

You can check out our featured matches from this event on my YouTube channel, Dice Dice Kitty.

You can find the videos for the featured matches in the May 27, 2017 Batman Dice Masters Draft playlist. The footage from round one was somehow corrupted by my editing software.

I did a live stream on my Facebook page of my draft picks. You can find the video, here.

My Team


I started with what I thought was solid strategy, but ended up having to change it after seeing the spread of dice on the table. I never intended to draft any Parademon cards, but I opened a total of three! I got the uncommon in the first pile of packs and two commons in the second pile. I knew I could guarantee myself two Parademon dice and I didn’t want to let someone else grab them.

I really wanted to try the common Batgirl. I thought she might be decent for a draft, but I forgot all about grabbing another Batman Family character. I waited way too late in the draft picks to start grabbing Ace cards, leaving me with fewer dice than I liked. I’m glad I got at least two dice for Ace because I didn’t want to rely on the Trusted Friend Global to make Batman Family characters.

I really wanted to get more Red Hood dice, but there were only three total. I couldn’t let him get slide by me because someone would certainly take him. Even if I wasn’t going to use him, I didn’t want him used against me – especially if the other Red Hood cards weren’t commons. There was only one Rip Hunter in our five person pod, so when I saw the opportunity to take him, I did. Hawk, Firefly, and Two-Face’s Coin were all picked because I wanted to try them or I didn’t want someone else to have too many of those dice.

I only used Rip Hunter’s ability twice in the entire event, but I like him for drafts. He’s a great way to speed up a team – you just need to buy him and use him. I never bought him in my first match, forgot about his ability almost every turn in my second match, and never fielded him in my third match. I only used Firefly and Two-Face’s coin one time each and only bought them in my second match.

For my Basic Action Cards, I chose Cloudkill and Haymaker. I knew I would need a way to help my Batgirl and Ace dice get past any defenses my opponent had and the Haymaker Global would help boost their attacks.

Round One

In my first match, Batgirl and Ace were definitely my MVPs. I was a little worried when I saw Catwoman (Common), Batgirl (Common), and Nightwing (Rare) all on the same team across the table from me. That’s a ton of cheap characters with mostly decent stats for a draft. I purchased both Ace dice and all three of my Batgirl dice in hopes of racing my opponent. I purchased a Cloudkill as well to help my chances of getting those characters through. Parademon actually came in handy a few times, giving me that one extra die a few times. My opponent would blast him out of the Field when she had a chance to keep me from getting the full benefit from him.

Round Two

My opponent was using the common Rip Hunter with Unstable Canister, in hopes of taking his opponents out with direct damage. If he had rolled his Canisters on Action faces every time he rolled them, I would have lost the match really, really fast. I got extremely lucky in that he only rolled them a third of the time.

Hawk helped me win my second match before he burned me down. His seven attack on level three with the addition of attack boosters is just nasty when your opponent can’t block. Hawk softened up my opponent and then I went in for lethal damage with a field of Batgirl and Ace dice.

Round Three

In round three, I lost rather quickly to the uncommon Hawkgirl (spins up a level when a Sidekick attacks) and common Ace the Bat Hound (Ally) combo. My opponent used the Globals on his Invulnerability and Anger Issues to increase their attack stats and deal lots of damage, rather quickly. I made the mistake of going for Rip Hunter first when I should have been going for Batgirl and my Ace. I didn’t have time to fix it before he got lethal damage in.

Final Thoughts

I ended the night with a record of 2-1-0, which is not bad at all. My Strength of Schedule (SOS), or tiebreakers as they’re often called, boosted me to second place. My only loss was to Joey, who took first place. His Hawkgirl and Ace combo was just too fast to deal with!

While I was drafting, I was looking at the cards and trying to decide if I wanted a card to use it, or wanted it so someone else couldn’t use it against me. This set is a really good draft set. It forces players to make difficult decisions on the fly, without having all the information they want.

“Do I take this character with beefy stats, or do I take the character with weaker stats but decent ability and try to build off of it?”

“This card has a really good ability but doesn’t go with my current strategy. Do I pass it to someone else that can potentially use it against me, or do I take it just so they can’t?”

“I don’t see anymore cards for my current strategy and we’re almost done with the first pack. Can I afford to swap to something else?”

“I really want this rare/foil for my set, but I think I could use this common that I already have ten of. Which do I take?”

In the gravity feed that Mr. DDK and I opened, we actually pulled a foil rare Big Barda. I really wanted to draft the foil rare Big Barda that I saw, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. She could have been a great addition instead of Two-Face’s Coin. I just couldn’t take her. If you watch the draft video, I think it shows where I almost take her, but I chose a different card. I didn’t think it would be fair to the other players to take a card I knew I wouldn’t need for my collection even though I fully intended on using her for my draft team. Even though she would have been better for my team, she wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the one match I lost.

I will sometimes draft for my collection (rare/foil-drafting) and sometimes I draft to win. I don’t have any issues with other players rare-drafting or foil-drafting, even if that’s what I’m doing in the same pod. In this particular draft, I wanted to win because there were additional packs as prizes and I wanted to win some of those!

The feedback I got from all the players in our draft was that they love the set for all levels of play and they all had a lot of fun drafting. I can easily echo their feedback. I’m really digging this set and I can’t wait to draft it more!

How do you draft – Aggro, Control, etc?
Do you like to draft to win, or draft to collect?
Leave me a comment here or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

You can find videos from this event and many other events on my YouTube channel.

Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


The Batman is here! I was excited for this set because of the characters that it could potentially bring. I wanted a Batwoman card, really bad, and we have her in this set! The Batman set does not have a starter or collector’s box – only a gravity feed. Here’s my review and pull list from the new DC Batman set!

You can find a checklist for the set, here. I like printing mine so I have them handy during drafts.

Batman Box

Promo Card and Pack Insert

W Batgirl, Carrying the Mantle

WizKids has been offering a blank sketch card with their Gravity Feeds recently. The promo for this set is Batgirl: Carrying the Mantle. I really like that they’re offering a variant incentive for large sealed product purchases. Since it’s only a variant, players that only want functional copies of cards won’t feel like they’re missing something. For collectors, this is a great incentive for them to make a larger purchase.

They chose a card that’s also the participation prize in The Animated Series OP Kit, which I thought was a little disappointing. But, it is a free ‘thank you’ incentive for buying a whole feed and I don’t want to seem ungrateful, so it’s the most minor of complaints.

Rules Insert

I much prefer the rules insert to the WIN promotional card. You can find the insert online, here. Make sure to check the WizKids Keywords page to see the current and updated wording on Keyword Abilities. My only real issue with this particular insert is that they put Swarm on the card and not Boomerang. Swarm has already been featured outside of the D&D sets and I didn’t think it needed to be on the insert, but Boomerang definitely does!

Gravity Feed

We pulled 112 common cards; 9 of our commons were foil. We didn’t get any duplicate foil commons. I highlighted the ones we pulled foils of with red text, and the total includes the foil version.

x2     #01     Ace the Bat Hound
x2     #02     Bane
x3     #03     Bat Signal
x2     #04     Batarang
x3     #05     Batgirl
x3     #06     Batman
x4     #07     Batwoman
x4     #08     Big Barda
x3     #09     Catwoman
x3     #10     Commissioner Gordon
x3     #11     Conner Kent
x3     #12     Darkseid
x1     #13     Dove
x3     #14     Firefly
x3     #15     Harley Quinn
x3     #16     Hawk
x3     #17     Hawkgirl
x3     #18     Huntress
x3     #19     Hush
x3     #20     Jervis Tetch
x3     #21     Killer Croc
x2     #22     Mister Miracle
x3     #23     Mr. Freeze
x3     #24     Nightwing
x2     #25     Orion
x3     #26     Owlman
x3     #27     Parademon
x3     #28     Ra’s al Ghul
x3     #29     Red Hood
x2     #30     Rip Hunter
x3     #31     Robin
x3     #32     Talia al Ghul
x2     #33     The Joker
x4     #34     The Penguin
x3     #35     The Question
x2     #36     The Riddler
x2     #37     Thomas Wayne
x3     #38     Two-Face’s Coin
x3     #39     Two-Face
x3     #40     Utility Belt


We pulled 50 uncommon cards; 9 of our uncommons were foil. We pulled all but three of the uncommons and none of our foils were duplicates.

x2     #41     Ace the Bat Hound
x1     #42     Bane
x2     #43     Bat Signal
x0     #44     Batarang
x1     #45     Batgirl
x2     #46     Batman
x0     #47     Batwoman
x1     #48     Big Barda
x1     #49     Catwoman
x2     #50     Commissioner Gordon
x1     #51     Conner Kent
x2     #52     Darkseid
x1     #53     Dove
x1     #54     Firefly
x2     #55     Harley Quinn
x1     #56     Hawk
x2     #57     Hawkgirl
x1     #58     Huntress
x1     #59     Hush
x1     #60     Jervis Tetch
x1     #61     Killer Croc
x1     #62     Mister Miracle
x1     #63     Mr. Freeze
x1     #64     Nightwing
x1     #65     Orion
x1     #66     Owlman
x3     #67     Parademon
x1     #68     Ra’s al Ghul
x0     #69     Red Hood
x1     #70     Rip Hunter
x1     #71     Robin
x1     #72     Talia al Ghul
x1     #73     The Joker
x1     #74     The Penguin
x2     #75     The Question
x1     #76     The Riddler
x1     #77     Thomas Wayne
x2     #78     Two-Face’s Coin
x2     #79     Two-Face
x2     #80     Utility Belt

Rares and Super Rares

You won’t get all the rares in one feed, but you get a good amount of them. We pulled 16 rares and none of them were duplicates; 4 of our rares were foil. We also pulled two Super Rares, which are foil.

#84     Batarang
#87     Batwoman
#88     Big Barda
#89     Catwoman
#91     Conner Kent
#92     Dove
#95     Hawk
#96     Hawkgirl
#98     Hush
#99     Jervis Tetch
#100     Killer Croc
#102     Nightwing
#104     Parademon
#109     Talia al Ghul
#113     Thomas Wayne
#116     Utility Belt

#120     The Joker (Super Rare)
#124     White Lantern Superman
(Super Rare)

New Ability Keywords

Boomerang – Action dice with boomerang are re-rolled after they’re used. If they reveal an action face, add them to your Prep Area.

I really like this ability. You have a fifty-fifty chance at getting to add that action you just used to your Prep Area to roll next turn! There is a huge opportunity for this ability to do some pretty cool stuff with other abilities like Back for More from the Deadpool set. It just depends on what Back for More ability you use.

Common Ground – When a character with Common Ground attacks with at least one Villain character die, you get to use their Common Ground ability.

So I think this particular mechanic is going to be a lot of fun in casual settings. I don’t think there will be a huge showing in the competitive metas, but I like how Common Ground works and seems like it might be a lot of fun to use with the Flip cards like the common Catwoman and rare Nightwing.

Flip – Character cards with Flip have two different faces, with different affiliations and abilities. All dice in all zones are represented by the face up side of the card, regardless of which face the card was on when the die was fielded or purchased. At the beginning of each of your turns, you may flip any card with the flip keyword to its other face. There also may be game effects that direct you to flip cards. Only cards with two faces may be flipped.

I think this particular mechanic has huge, and I mean HUGE, potential. We have a good spread of it here in its debut set with lots of casual level cards, but the potential that some of these Flip cards have is so awesome. There are definitely some Flip cards that should be carefully considered for meta teams. I’m excited to see how folks build with them and build around them too!

Gadgeteer – When a character die with Gadgeteer attacks, you may roll an action die with a Continuous effect in your Used Pile. If you roll an action face, you may move it into your Field Zone.

So, I really like Boomerang, but Gadgeteer is super amazing! I would love to be able to get a Cold Gun back into my Field Zone instead of having it cycle through my bag. I think this is a really useful ability and I love that WizKids did two different abilities for Continuous and non-Continuous Actions.

Stun Token – Certain characters let you place Stun tokens on cards. While a card has a Stun Token on it, its dice cannot attack or block. The owner of the card with a Stun Token on it may pay two generic energy at any time they could use a Global Ability to destroy the token.

Now this is super cool and super thematic for Mr. Freeze and he should have had this ability a long time ago! It won’t remove text, but it could compliment the rare Cold Gun on a team. You could Cold Gun a character with troublesome text and put the Stun Token on the character that needs to attack or block to activate their ability. I love control cards and the Stun Token is a new mechanic I will totally be testing with.

Returning Keywords



Suit Up (Not currently listed in TRP’s Lexicon.)

New Affiliations

There are several returning affiliations like Villains, Batman Family, etc, but this is a brand new affiliation!

New Gods Affiliation
New Gods


Here are several of my favorite cards from my Gravity Feed. Be sure to check out my Gravity Feed Unboxing video to see all of our pulls! Sorry about that video being backwards though… We didn’t realize that flipping the camera view on the phone would literally flip the image.

Favorites 1

Firefly: Ted Carson (left) – It’s no secret that I like using direct damage (Nova and Colossus rares from AvX) to KO my opponent, so Firefly is definitely high up on my list. There are plenty of good, cheap Bolt type characters over all of the sets to make this card a star on a variety of teams. There are also lots of Bolt characters in this set that would make this particular card a really good draft pick. His purchase cost is only three, meaning you could easily buy him on your first turn. You just need to be sure you grab enough of those other Bolt dudes!

Huntress: No Rest for the Wicked (center) – Here’s another direct damage type card, but I chose this one as a favorite because she deals her damage to a character instead. I really like that she only cost one energy to field on her level two and level three sides. I think she would go well on a draft team with Firefly since she’s a Bolt character and she only cost three to purchase!

Orion: God of War (right) – So this guy – he doesn’t really go away. There aren’t many cards that remove characters without KO’ing them, but there are a few. This dude has got some pretty awesome stats and a decent ability for his purchase cost. I’m not sure how good he’d be in draft, but a casual team would show him the love he deserves! I already have a New Gods team that I’m cooking and this is one of my picks for that team.

Favorites 2

Red Hood: Jason Todd (left) – Wow… this is familiar… where have I seen this before? Oh – Guy Gardner! But what’s this? He doesn’t have to attack each turn! Sure, he costs one more… but that’s just one more and he has better stats on level two and three. This is definitely one to watch for in a draft and also in the Modern Age and Prime metas.

Two-Face: Two Sides of the Same Coin (center, side a; right, side b) – My locals know how much I love my WF Two-Face, but this one actually gives him a run for his money. With Fast showing up on more cards and possibly becoming more popular, Two-Face’s Side A is really good. It even says ‘opposing’ and it’s not limited to an affiliation or lack of one! But if you’re against a team that’s not using Fast or Regenerate, no big deal! You just flip him over to Side B and he has Fast AND Regenerate! Crazy! Something else that’s crazy is that he’s a Bat-Family affiliated character on one side and a Villain on the other. This is such a fun looking card and I really want to try him out. He has the same dice stats as the WF Two-Face and also cost five to purchase, but that’s okay with me! He may get picked up really quick in a draft too – so be on the lookout for him. If you don’t get him, someone might use him against you!

Favorites 3

Utility Belt (left, side a; center, side b) – Here’s another Flip card, but this time it’s a non-basic action card. The Utility Belt has to start the game with Side B down, but when you activate the ability on any burst face, you can flip it from Side A to Side B. It’s a Continuous action on both sides too, so if you don’t have a legal target when you roll it, you can field it and activate it later. I like the Utility Belt for it’s… utility. It’s a great way to boost your Bat-Family character’s stats and it only cost three energy to purchase. For a Continuous stat booster, I think that’s more than fair! You do need to send it to the Used Pile in order to activate it, but that’s why you should think about some Gadgeteer dudes.

Hawk: Might Makes Right (right) – I love this Hawk. Imagine a team with him, Dove, and Fabricate. You can increase Hawk’s attack stat and then Fabricate Dove for a little extra damage. Not that he really needs a stat boost. He’s an attack beast on level two and three. He’s still manageable for someone looking across the table at him, because his defense is only a 2/2/4. A Cold Gun can handle him on two sides, and then a Cold Gun plus a blast from an Unstable Canister Global. He’s not overpowered, but he is really awesome! He’s absolutely my kind of card!

Favorites 4

Parademon: Strength in Numbers (left) – If I didn’t throw this guy in my favorites, then what kind of Swarm lover would I be? This is by far, my favorite Swarm character! I can use a whole team of Swarm dudes and just deal damage to my opponent when I draw a Multiple Man, Parademon, Mindless One, and whatever I can find with Swarm from FUS that’s still Modern Age. Those all have to be Swarm triggered draws, so I need at least one of each in the Field to get the full benefit of this ability. Like most other Swarm dudes, their defense isn’t the best. This poor Parademon only has a 1/2/2, but regardless, I still love him! It’s what’s on the inside that counts!

Ra’s al Ghul: Fighting Death Himself (center) – Ra’s has a pretty good ability, but I like him mainly for his Global. He shuts down those nasty Villain teams by removing what brings harmony to their strategy – their affiliation! This is the first affiliation removing Global and I love it! If Villains are an issue in your meta, throw this guy on your team! His ability works fairly well with his Global and like I mentioned before – it’s pretty good. I like control pieces, but I don’t like paying six energy for them. But he does have some fairly beefy stats too, making that purchase cost more justifiable.

Rip Hunter: Through the Vanishing Point (right) – Oh my Pinkie Pie. What’s happened here!?!!? This guy is ridiculous! He guarantees you the chance at that game winning piece and not just once, but every single time you draw it! No more botched rolls for that die, so long as Rip Hunter is in the Field. This card is absolutely ridiculous, especially for his stats and purchase cost too. It takes some effort to get rid of him and I expect that this dude is possibly going to see some major meta play. Control players like me will most definitely be looking into this guy.

Favorites 5

Dove: The Light of Order (left) – We saw Hawk earlier, so here’s Dove! I absolutely love this Dove. All of her versions cost four so there isn’t a cheaper one that’s better to pair with the uncommon Hawk. This one helps a lot while you’re building up to buying Hawk. When your opponent attacks, they are attacking into an eight defense character. If you take damage from any source, you get to spin all of your Dove dice to level three. You can very easily have a wall of level three Doves by the time you’re able to purchase Hawk. I can’t wait to try this team out! It just seems like loads of fun!

Nightwing: Protector of Blüdhaven (center, side a; right, side b) – This Nightwing is just too good. It’s easy to put an Alfred in the Field so Nightwing can attack, and his stats are really good for a two cost character. While drafting, a common Catwoman is a must have for this particular card. She makes it that much easier to attack with Nightwing on either side. You could get a lot of damage in very early in the game. If you’re drafting and you see this dude – don’t pass him up!

Final Thoughts

With the lingering disappointment of the Defenders Team Pack, I really needed this set to be super awesome amazing fantastic, in order to bring my spirits up. WizKids did not let me down at all! I think it more than makes up for it. I can’t wait to start integrating these cards and begin my prep for Origins. I won’t be playing in Nationals, but I was thinking about playing in the World’s Qualifiers, just for fun. Using newer cards that haven’t been fully tested in a competitive meta is always fun!

This set looks like it will be so much fun to draft! I had loads of fun drafting Deadpool, even though many folks outside of our local meta don’t care for it. But Batman looks to be even more fun and super exciting! There are plenty of low cost characters as well as characters with decent or really good abilities that will make that first pick really difficult.

The foils in this set are absolutely gorgeous! Of the foils I’ve seen so far, the Joker is my favorite. He’s got some cool, crazy eyes! I can’t wait to get more of this set and I’m excited for the upcoming foil hunt for this set.

What are some of your favorite cards in the set?
How do you think the meta will shift, if at all?
What cards are you excited to try in a casual setting?
Leave me a comment here or message me on Facebook at
Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Roll on, Dice Masters!


Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


This past Saturday was Free Comic Book Day and if you were one of the lucky ones, you got a Batman, Terror of Crime Alley FCBD promo card! If you didn’t get one, you may be able to find some leftovers somewhere or even trade for one. I only got one copy of the promos and left the others for new players and other collectors, even though my husband and I are both collectors.

I ran demos all morning and gained some new and renewed interest in Dice Masters! Thanks to WizKids for this FCBD promotion! The demo teams I put together were made of four characters with three dice each, two Basic Action Cards, and ten life. I made a Spider-Friends team and a Batman Family team. I didn’t do it intentionally to match the starters my FLGS had, it was just a happy accident. Having Batman, Terror of Crime Alley on one of the demo teams was also a huge benefit.

Here were the demo teams I used (click to enlarge):

I used mostly cards from the Amazing Spider-Man Starter and the World’s Finest Starter and chose some common cards from the corresponding sets to help fill out the teams better. I wanted to show new players that they could build a casual, four character team, just from the starter and a handful of packs. Now, these teams won’t win any WKOs, but they’re good enough to teach someone and to get someone started. I even had some of the commons from the teams to give out to folks if they liked the team they played.

FCBD was a huge success! We started with seven starters (not counting the one I purchased) and the store sold six of them to six different people. Four of the people were new players or players returning from a break. Only two were sold to current players!

Aside from all the FCBD fun, we had an OP Event that evening. I decided that I would try a team I had thought wasn’t good enough for the current meta, because of Blitz. But now that I know how to handle Blitz, I thought I’d give this team another try. I learned several things and this is a team I’ll be testing a little more with a few modifications.

Our event was three rounds, best of one, thirty minute time-limit, and five turns in time. We had six players for this event.

My Team

My Team

You can find my team here, on DiceMastersDB.

My main goal with this team is to race my opponent with Fatality and Lantern Ring. If the game looks like it could go into mid or late game, Nova is my main man. Scarecrow and Ring are both techs against Blitz teams. My supporting Globals are Iceman, Professor X, and Blue-Eyes. Ring can be useful as a supporting Global as well, but I didn’t find myself using it much. Magic Missile is a tech for Blitz and part of my Nova win condition. Distraction is another tech against big attackers as well as to push my own characters back. My characters do not need to do combat damage to my opponent since Lantern Ring does most of the work.

If I’m playing against Blitz, the strategy is the same for all non-Blitz teams. Field Sidekicks or other characters to help block some of their attackers, Magic Missile characters on during their Main Step – don’t wait for the Attack Step, and Distract back anything that’s too much handle. Once you survive turn three against Blitz, things should become a little smoother for my team.

Round One

Round 1

My first round opponent was playing a Gobby-Lax team. I wasn’t worried about his Constantine because I knew I could rely on Nova’s ability if he bought Constantine. He went straight for Gobby and I knew I was in trouble. I bought a Fatality and Nova and tried to quell the mass of Sidekicks he was fielding. Using Parallax can be challenging. You need to roll your fielded characters into energy, then back to characters again to gain the ‘When Fielded’ effects. I was hoping that would play in my favor.

He ended up buying three Gobby dice and our game went to time. I had him down to sixteen life, which at first glance, looked like I was on the ropes. I won’t lie – I was. He had a super run of Gobby-Lax, reducing me quickly to three life from around eighteen. He just needed his Gobby-Lax to do his job one more time. I got lucky and Gobby didn’t roll well.

With Parallax failing my opponent, I was able to secure a win. I used my Magic Missile Action Die to drop his life to fourteen, attacked with Nova to bring him to nine (five Bolt Energy in the Reserve Pool and active Lantern Ring), then use Magic Missile’s Global to deal damage to Nova five times during the Attack Step – dealing a total of ten damage to my opponent’s nine life. We ended in turn one after time was called.

I honestly didn’t think I had that game, but Iceman, Too Cool for Words saved my backside. His Global gave me the Bolt Energy I needed to secure round one. The only reason our game went to time was because we were playing cautiously and mapping out each of our moves. Strategic games can go to time and there is nothing wrong with that. We had an epic game that taught us both a few things about our teams.

Record after Round One: 1-0-0

Round Two

Round 2

My second round opponent was once again, my wonderful husband. Again, I faced his Poly/Hulk variant. This game didn’t have any super exciting things that went on, because Oracle shut me down early game. Her ability slows down any team that relies on Globals in the slightest, and one of our players calls her ‘toxic’ to the meta. I’m not sure I agree with that completely, but she is a total pain. If you use a taunt or Prismatic Spray, Lesser Spell, then she’s not so bad.

I did not take Oracle into account when I adjusted my team for the OP. I seriously lacked a way to get rid of Oracle and that ultimately led to my downfall. My opponent bought her on turn one before anything else, because he knew how Global dependent my team is. He was able to field her quickly and because of that, he had time to build his field up with different character dice, while I struggled to buy one every turn. I ended up getting hit for 62 damage somewhere close to mid game. Thank you Oracle for reminding me that I need a taunt.

Round 2 Oracle


Oracle hype is real.

Record after Round Two: 1-1-0

Round Three

Round 3

My opponent in round three was playing a Guardians of the Galaxy + Avengers theme team. This opponent is one that I would say is above an intermediate level player and is almost on an advanced level, he just needs help building competitive teams. This team was a great casual team though, and I felt a little bad because I was playing a more competitive team.

But he led off strong with Wasp, Founding Avenger. I was taking damage each time that I used Professor X. I didn’t go directly for Fatality, because I knew, even with the direct damage coming from Wasp’s ability, I could go for Nova and Lantern Ring as my primary focus. Nova prolonged the game by rolling energy on my roll and reroll and that gave my opponent a chance to buy some other characters.

I had bought a few Fatality dice and on the next turn that I had Nova, he came up a character and secured my victory. I had a couple of Fatality dice and a Nova attacking while Lantern Ring was active and it depleted my opponent’s life quickly. He didn’t realize what Lantern Ring did until my final attack when the ability triggered. That made me feel really bad, even though he looked my team over, I just assumed he knew what the cards did. I sometimes forget that returning players that have been away for a little while, don’t always keep up with our local meta. But there were no hard feelings and he even ended up winning the Fellowship Prize.

Record after Round Three: 2-1-0
Final Standing: 2nd

Final Thoughts

Oracle is devastating to any team that relies on Globals, which is a lot of them out there including my WKO choices. If I’m going to play this team anymore, I will need to change a few cards. Guess who is getting added to my team? That’s right, Oracle, Master Investigator and a taunt like Phoenix, Redd. While I love Scarecrow as a Blitz counter, this team offers many opportunities to combat the Blitz. I will be removing Scarecrow to add Oracle. The other card that I like, but didn’t use anywhere near as much as I would have liked was Ring, Lesser Gear. I desperately need a taunt on this team, so I will be removing Ring to add Phoenix.

*** EDIT ***
This is something that came to mind after I had published this and was off making my Ramen (Ramen is the food of the Gods – Food of the Gods! I love Ramen so much!). A taunt could potentially hurt me more than help me. Another option would be Prismatic Spray, but I’m not a huge fan of generic energy. So another Action Die came to mind – Kryptonite, Green Death. While it’s not as good as Prismatic Spray, because it only targets one character and not all your opponent’s characters, I like it much more because it has Bolt Energy sides! I’m thinking I may test this card instead of Phoenix – or I may just test both.

I like the rest of the team and I’ll be test playing this team with the changes as a potential WKO team. I have a team that I’m almost certain I’ll be playing, but I’m testing other teams, just in case my mood changes the day of the event. I am a woman – my mood changes with the wind!

WKO2 is this weekend! I’m not sure what to expect, since I’ve never been to one, but I know I’ll have fun! Hopefully I’ll see some of you in Owensboro, Kentucky. I’ll have a report up about my WKO experience sometime next week.

What are some changes you’d make without changing the spirit of the team?
Have a build you like better?
Drop a line in the comments or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Roll on, Dice Masters!