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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


Some recent changes within the community left players without their go-to information hub. A group of stellar individuals have answered the call and created an information hub that caters to players of all skill levels and play styles. The Dice Coalition is live and ready for your browsing! This site provides a variety of original content as well as easy access to other content creators and their work.

You can find them on Facebook and Twitter too!

Team Builder

Remember DM RetroBox? Well, they basically have the same thing. You can do everything on TDC’s Team Builder that you could on RetroBox. I’ll be linking TDC’s Team Builder in my Confusing Card of the Week articles from now on.

If you’re not familiar with the Team Builder, you should definitely check it out. It’s a great place to save team builds and look for cards. You can enter a variety of search parameters (for example: affiliation, text, name, etc) to help you find the right card for your team. It’s a great tool for all players.

New Player Resources

There is a drop down menu that offers several great resources for new players. You can find links to all the previous rulebooks as well as the current one, guides for online play, links to local scenes, and much more! I recommend new players start here.


The Wiki will be a highly useful tool for all players. You can find practically any information you need in the Wiki from Keyword definitions to set lists.

Articles and Blogs

One of the things I love about this site is that the site collects the links of other Dice Masters content and adds it into a feed. That feed will send viewers to the original content. I’m not sure if folks realize this or not, but as a content creator myself, this is awesome! But you don’t have to have your own site to have content on The Dice Coalition. They have a blog section where folks can create content directly on the site. This type of feed puts all kinds of information at the tips of your fingers – and all in one place.


Under the Community drop down menu, you can find links to all kinds of resources. Everything from links to Facebook groups, local scenes, blogs, events, rulings, and so much more can be found here.


Everything mentioned has been in the top bar of the Homepage. There are easy access blocks or boxes on the Homepage as well as a rotating carousel that has featured items like podcast episodes, articles, news, etc.

Below the carousel are four main info blocks that you can scroll through. One is for News which features breaking news.

The info block next to News is for articles and blogs from various sites, including The Dice Coalition. The most recently published content is close to the top, but you can scroll down for older content. Clicking one of these links will take you directly to the content creator. For example, if you click my most recent Confusing Card of the Week link in that block, it will bring here, to my site!

Below the News block is the Media block. You can find podcasts and videos here. I can’t express to you just how convenient it is for me to have these separate from articles. Sometimes I want to watch a video or listen to a podcast, but I don’t want to sift through a dozen article links to find a video. This is a much easier way to find a specific type of content.

Next to the Media block is the Rulings block. If WizKids publishes a ruling on WORF, it’s gonna pop up here too! The most recent rulings will be towards the top, but you can scroll down for other rulings too.

Final Thoughts

If you’re not convinced to at least check it out, then I truly don’t know what will convince you. The site is easy to navigate as well, which is something I’m fairly particular about. If I have trouble navigating a site or finding content, I’m less likely to continue using it.

One feature you will see missing from this site is a Forum. With social media and platforms like Reddit, forums are not as useful as they once were for website – especially with the upkeep. Social media sites and even Reddit are much easier for folks to access on the go than a typical forum. I’m not disappointed at all that TDC chose to exclude a forum. They compensated for the lack of a forum by adding links that direct players to those other platforms for discussions.

It’s an awesome site for content creators, like myself, to be able to write an article or make a video or podcast, and not have to duplicate it on another site. I tried duplicating my content on The Reserve Pool’s blog for a long time, but it took too much work to format a single article twice. I eventually stopped putting my content up on their blog. With the way The Dice Coalition is set up, I don’t have to duplicate my content. They are doing a great service to content creators and players alike, and I appreciate all their hard work.

If you want to easily find a variety of Dice Masters content, I recommend going to this site. The Dice Coalition is THE information hub for Dice Masters!

* I am not affiliated with The Dice Coalition. *
If you would like to contact them, they can links on their site, or you can contact them through Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks for reading! Please remember to like, follow, and subscribe – and don’t forget to show some love to The Dice Coalition as well!

Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

I’ve just had the greatest weekend of Dice Masters! I went to this WKO with the intention of playing a non-meta win condition and just having fun with it. I wanted to focus mainly on chatting with old friends, making new ones, and trying to make the experience fun for everyone. I hope that everyone else had as much fun as I did!

I also want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! Spread the love!


My Team


You can find my team here, on DM Retrobox.

I changed my mind about Grodd – I’m a woman, and therefore change my mind frequently and for no reason at all sometimes. I had been test playing this team as well as Grodd and was really liking Grodd, but in the end, I’m glad I decided to play my competitive version of Gandhi instead.

This team earned a new nickname from a friend this weekend – Hugs. My win condition is Colossus. His ability allows each character die of level two or higher to deal two damage my opponent at the end of my turn. The idea was to field dudes and keep them there if possible and spin them with the Poly Global when I needed to. Poly was there as a potential purchase to help me get dudes into the field or get opposing dudes out of the field. Blink was a crucial piece to help me survive unblocked attackers or bring my taunted level 2-3 characters back to the field.

The rest of the pieces are either utility to help me get to Colossus or meta control pieces. Blue-Eyes and PXG were a must for Colossus to even get going. Elf Thief was an easy pick for the team because he costs two and if my opponent was using Rip Hunter’s Chalkboard Global, I could Rip a Thief on turn one for some early game momentum. Oracle was another easy choice. She is supposed to chill in the field and tax my opponent when they use a Global. Scarecrow was a card I added through test playing. I test played against Bard variants and decided that this Scarecrow was the best piece to add for what I thought would be a predominant piece on other teams. Cold Gun was a really easy choice over Dwarf Wizard. I’m so sorry, my poor DWiz… I loved you so, but in all my test playing with Mr. DDK, I ran into many problems with losing my DWiz to his Cold Gun and Imprisoned. I ultimately decided that an action die would give me more versatility than a character.

For my final card, I had a difficult time choosing. I didn’t know what to add to my team to help it or what I could add to slow my opponent to more my speed. There were a few options that I ran through. One of the options was RareCrow (Scarecrow: Hallucinogenic Vapors), but that would mean I would have to take off Scarecrow: Legion of Doom and I wasn’t willing to sacrifice him. Another option was Rip, just on the off chance my opponent didn’t bring it. There were loads of other options, but none of them seemed better than Rip. I don’t like Bard so he wasn’t even considered. I’m not a fan of Hellblazer, but I did consider him at one point. I decided to test play what I had, with Rip as my eighth card, against some Ring variants. I had way too much trouble with them, so I started digging for a possible response. Ronin came up as an option and I just wasn’t feeling the flow with him on my team. Then, like a glorious ray of sunshine, beaming through the clouds onto a field of pink and purple flowers, I remembered Lex Luthor.

I love my Grodd team and I want to play it in something big, but when the universe tells me to play something else, I listen. I always go with what I feel is right and Colossus just seemed right. I had test played both teams for a while and did all my adjusting to both teams while mulling over which to play. Grodd was a shiny new toy for me, but I’m glad I went with the team I first started working on.

Round One


Lauren H. was my first round opponent. Apologies for the glare on that gorgeous full art Joker. When I sat down across from Lauren, I was so happy to see her playing a team with a rogue win condition. I have so much fun against fellow players that use something outside the box. Her team was really fast compared to mine, and before I knew it, Angels with Helicarriers were smacking me in the face for double their attack. I think the highlight of the match was seeing two unblockable level two-three Angels with Helicarriers flying at my face while Nick Fury was active. Each of those Angels would have hit me for twelve damage. And seeing her team function like that was amazing, and absolutely a highlight.

I only survived the aerial onslaught because of Blink, which allowed me to push both of her attackers back. I had an Oracle and a Scarecrow in the Field Zone with Colossus, and Scarecrow was stopping her lower level Angel from attacking. She had her Invulnerability Global to increase their attacks in order to get around Scarecrow, but I kept energy handy each turn for Blink. She had hit me for quite a bit with a couple of Angels before I got my Scarecrow in the Field, and if not for Blink, she would have very likely defeated me. She played an excellent game and I couldn’t have asked for a better opponent for my first round. Lauren is a beautiful person and really fun to play against. I hope to see her again at a future event! Many hugs to my new friend!

Record after Round One: 1-0-0

Round Two


I got to play against Dennis B. in round two. I’ve seen him in the Facebook groups plenty and was excited to be playing against him! He was playing some characters that I’ve been tinkering with as well, Katana being one of them. I loved that he was using Superhero Registration Act – I think it’s a highly underrated card. But then I saw his Betrayal and Iron Fist. Both are not nice against my team. I wasn’t sure which way this match was going to go, but I was determined to have fun either way. Playing against someone as nice as Dennis, it’s easy to have fun and enjoy the match. I got super lucky and had really good rolls, while Mr. Dennis was not as lucky. He attacked me with Tsarina and Iron Fist, knocking my life down quite a bit, but then his characters weren’t being nice to him. I was able to get set up before he could get anything going for him. He needed to get a Hulk, or at the very least a Nightwing, to help clear my dudes out of my field.

I had fun, but it would have been more fun if his dice had been nice and rolled halfway decent for him. I get that it’s a dice game, but Tsarina is the meanest die out there. When she’s on a two fist side and I reroll her hoping for a character, she always comes back up as energy – usually a single fist. I watched that very thing happen to Mr. Dennis and I was heartbroken for him. I still enjoyed chatting with Mr. Dennis, who is super nice and a very good sport. I almost cry when Tsarina does that to me, but he took it in stride and pushed on in our match. He did the best he could with what his dice gave him. I really want to play against Mr. Dennis again one day because he’s such a pleasant person to chat and play with, which makes the game that much more fun.

Record after Round Two: 2-0-0

Round Three


I faced off against Craig R. in round three. He was playing a Bard variant, which I knew I would have some trouble against. We both had average rolls, with the exception of his Imprisoned die. It did not want to roll up an action face for most of the game. I was able to slowly chip away at his life total with Colossus until he finally got his die to roll on the side he wanted. He then scooped up most of my field, leaving me with only two blockers against a Bard army. When he attacked, he wasn’t able to deal lethal damage to me, which returned my characters to me from Imprisoned. I was able to get my Colossus, Oracle, and Scarecrow back into the field and all of them were level two or higher. This put his life total at six. I realized I didn’t have enough Cold Gun dice to stop all the Bards he had and I thought I was done for because of the massive army that was going to be attacking me next turn. I had forgotten my Scarecrow had returned to the field which would prevent all of his characters from attacking. He had a Dwarf Wizard in the field that had my Oracle blanked. We were about to sign match slips when a spectator pointed out that he couldn’t legally attack and KO me if my Scarecrow wasn’t blanked. We realized our mistake and continued our match.

I felt like the most horrible person in the world at this point, and I told Craig that if he didn’t win, I was going to feel even worse. He used the energy he had in his Reserve Pool and KO’d his Wizard in an attempt to roll and blank Scarecrow on his next turn. He also had an Imprisoned die to roll that turn too. He had to get his Imprisoned die in order to secure his victory, but it didn’t roll for him. He could have used his Wizard, but I could use my Cold Gun when priority was passed to me and KO or blank the Wizard. I was not happy about this victory at all. I felt so awful about it, and I still feel a little bad about it – even now. Craig was a real gentleman and very polite about the situation which I know couldn’t have been easy for someone that was trying very hard to qualify for Nationals. We did get to play again later – which definitely was more fun.


This was the army that was staring me in the face. It’s missing the Dwarf Wizard because this was taken after the match was officially over. I will discuss my opinion on Bard’s ability later, but all of these characters would have had a +12 to their attack and defense if those Bards had been able to attack.

I’m just glad that Craig did well and made it into the semi finals. He was a great player and I’m happy to have had the opportunity to play against him multiple times in this event.

Record after Round Three: 3-0-0

Round Four


I was so very excited to play against my fourth round opponent and she tried to make me feel better about what happened in my previous round. I’ve had plenty of conversations in Facebook groups with Michaela K. I loved the episode of TRP’s podcast where she was interviewed and was also a guest host. I heard she was making the trek to Owensboro and I couldn’t wait to meet her! I was lucky enough to get to play against her, even though I knew exactly what was going to happen when I saw that she was playing Beholder. Beholder was the biggest weakness for both Colossus and my Grodd team because I couldn’t tech for Beholder on either team without compromising my team. But Michaela is a great player and pretty much as nice as I expected! Our match didn’t go very long before she blew me up with Beholder and Front Lined Kobolds and Sidekicks. I did what I could, but it wasn’t much. A slow control team like mine does not stand a chance without RareCrow or an action tech like End of Days or Oppression Begins. But I couldn’t risk swapping one Scarecrow for another and even though I lost to Michaela, I think I made the right call in the end. My Scarecrow was way more beneficial in my other matches than RareCrow would have been. I don’t mind losing to a player like Michaela, especially since she was playing such a strong team. I’m still super excited to have met her and I definitely can’t wait to meet up with her again at a future event. Even if we don’t get to play against each other at the next event we’re at, it’ll be awesome just to chat with her again!

Congratulations to Michaela on her Top Eight finish!

She has her tournament report up on The Reserve Pool, which you can find, here. I love seeing multiple reports from the same event because it gives players a multi-perspective view of a single event. Please be sure to check out her article as well. I always enjoy reading her work.

Record after Round Three: 3-1-0

Round Five


Something pretty amazing happened in the fifth round. I got paired against the same fifth round opponent that I had last year! Josh K. is a super cool guy with a really nifty playmat. Josh and I had fun last year and this year was more fun. I was happy to see him playing another rogue team this year, and that Bard is not the nasty Bard, it’s Half-Elf Bard: Apprentice Order of the Gauntlet. Travis (Mr. DDK) and I like this particular version of Bard, so to see someone playing it at an event of this level made me very happy. It was even more awesome that Josh was playing it! He has a way with rogue teams and if you aren’t careful, he can have you KO’d before you know it. I was being careful and he still Magic Missiled me and attacked me Angels enough that before I knew it, I was at three life! Scarecrow saved me a lot in this game by keeping level one Angels from attacking me. I was using Polymorph to swap his level two-three Angels out with other Angel dice, putting them in at level one. He used his Enrage Global to boost their attack so he could attack with them. Poly-Global is great to use with Elf Thief dice and then feed them to Blue-Eyes, or attack with them, just to see if they get through. This was the only match that I remember attacking in, and if I hadn’t attacked those few times, the outcome would have definitely been different. Luck was on my side again in this match. He had rolled all three Magic Missile dice, got two of them on an action face, but he needed all three of them to secure a victory. With me at next-to-no life, and him sitting in single digits as well, I only needed to end my next turn. Using Poly Global on Thief dice and then cycling them is what helped me get my lower level characters up to Colossus range. I even used Poly Global on my level three Colossus to spin another level one character up, just to push that additional two damage. I ran the risk of him being easier to KO by doing that, but it was the right call.

I was so excited to see Josh and the other players from Indianapolis. They are a great bunch of folks and they’re always fun to play with. I look forward to playing against Josh again in the future and I can’t wait to see what uniquely awesome team he brings nest time!

Congratulations to Josh on his Top Eight finish! Josh finished Top Eight last year as well at Owensboro. I’m rooting for him to finish Top Four or better next year!

Record after Round Three: 4-1-0
Top Eight Seed – 3rd

Top Eight


I couldn’t have been happier to see that Craig and I would be playing each other in our top eight match. I really wanted to play against him again, and we took special care to pay attention to all of our dice in these matches – lesson learned! I had some pretty terrible rolls, but Craig’s Imprisoned die continued to roll bad. His victories were relatively quick, even with the bad rolls on both sides. I couldn’t keep a character in the Field after he got one of his Imprisoned dice to roll an action face, which left me completely vulnerable to attack. His Bards made quick work of me in both games. We had much more fun in these matches. It didn’t feel as stressful and we just cut up with each other most of the time as we were more carefree and just happy to be in top eight. We both earned our foil, alt-art The Front Line and foil Big Entrance from making it to the top eight. The Big Entrance was the one card that I wanted really bad from this event because I use Big Entrance on lots of my teams.


I was so very proud of my team for doing so well for me. I was so very proud of Craig too, because he was trying so hard to get his Nationals qualification. There were going to be three qualifications given out from this event, meaning three of the top four players would qualify. As the matches around us finished, we realized that one of the top four already had his qualification, meaning all of top four would be qualified for Nationals! This was super exciting and I was so very happy for Craig. He fought his way up and earned his qualification.

It was a pleasure to play against Craig, and I’m so glad that he got his qualification from this event. He finished in the Top Four and I know how much it meant to him to achieve that goal. I’m also happy to have made a new friend in Craig as well as the other folks from St. Louis! They’re a great bunch of folks and also really great to play against.

Congratulations again to Craig on his Top Four finish, as well as his Nationals Qualification! He absolutely deserves that qualification.

Final Standing in Top Eight – 8th

Final Thoughts

So, I set out to use a crazy rogue win condition, play some Dice Masters, and write about the folks I played against. I think I accomplished that. I had so much more fun this year than I did last year. It felt like there was no passage of time as my friends were arriving and greeting me. You can’t get that warm, fuzzy feeling in any other competitive gaming community. I’ve been around a lot of those other scenes and none of them can even compare to Dice Masters. I got to play against an old friend from last year and lots of new folks. My opponents are no longer opponents – I call them friends. I’ve never seen a community of players like this and it makes my heart swell with joy. I also feel like I picked the best possible team to play. Colossus is definitely all Hugs. My buddy Joe said that I was playing Ponies without using Pony characters. I didn’t realize it until he pointed it out, but he’s totally right. My team matched that awesome MLP playmat! Lots of folks were commenting on how cool and unique it was and I totally have Mr. Glen to thank for that (Review article, here).

Now the world is not all full of sunshine and rainbows, though I wish it was. I have never been so upset in a match as I was in round three against Craig R. He was a really good sport about it and he was upset as well, but I think for different reasons. It really didn’t make me feel good to win that round and when I realized that I was going to win, I couldn’t hold back the tears. I’m super sensitive and wear my heart on my sleeve. But got to match back up in top eight and that was much more fun. So it all worked out in the end and I felt much better about it all after Craig defeated me in top eight.

As far as the meta goes, I didn’t go there with a meta team. Yes, I had meta control pieces, but my win condition is so far from the meta that lots of folks don’t know that card exists. I play different and unique win conditions in order to give those cards a chance to shine, even if every round is a loss, those cards were used and loved for a time. I didn’t go to win – I went to have fun. I feel like everyone should go with that mindset. We drove about three and a half hours, paid $15 entry fees, and had zero expectations about winning. The focus was completely on the fun for me. But Travis and I have discussed the state of the meta for hours upon hours with each other and our locals. We all dislike Bard, with a great passion. Bard should not have the ability it does for a character that only cost four to purchase. We hope they’ll errata the card to a While Active effect, so it won’t stack, but still be a very viable meta piece. If they don’t then I hope they errata it to something to keep it from being too overpowered. Bard’s ability to stack its buffs is just too much. As you saw in my picture above, Craig R. had a +12A/+12D buff to EACH character die. That was an impressive army he going. I just think Bard has too much power and not enough responsibility and he needs to be taught how to be responsible!

I didn’t have room for a Beholder tech, and if there had been a flood of Beholder teams, I would’ve been losing each match for sure. It was a risk I took, mainly because if I had to face a bunch of Beholder teams, I wanted it to be over quickly and not drawn out. I did put it out there on my Facebook that Beholder was my weak spot, but I honestly thought I’d see more Ring variants. I didn’t play against a single Ring team, but I know there were some there. I put a very specific card on my team to help me against Ring teams. Because of how specific Lex Luthor’s ability is, he was of no use to me the entire tournament. I basically played with a seven card team the entire tournament. But that’s part of the risk you run when you’re building and don’t know what the meta will look like at a particular venue. Cold Gun could have been useful against Beholder, but it’s not always the easiest thing to buy and you need them cycling consistently to keep yourself alive against Beholder.

The top eight at Owensboro consisted of my team, Josh K.’s rogue team with Protection Bard, Beholder/Imprisoned, a Mask Ring team, and four Bard variants. I’m happy that we only had four Bard variants in the top eight, but that quickly became the Bard top four slugfest. I’m totally not disappointed that I didn’t make it further, as I didn’t expect to do anywhere near as well as I did. But I thought at least one of the other non-Bard (I’m including Josh’s team as a non-Bard team) teams would make it. I’m proud of all the players in this event. They all played the best they could and I hope that everyone had fun. I didn’t have to try too hard to have fun because everyone was fun to be around!

I know how much it killed Travis’s soul to play with Poly-Venom Bard. He didn’t want to play it, but he wanted to do well and he felt that his Bard variant would get him at least into top eight. He ended up finishing second, losing to Mr. Craig H., in an epic defeat that made the entire crowd erupt into a huge uproar of excitement! They each had won one game and time had been called after they finished their second game and before they had begun their third game. They had to start their third game in turns. I wasn’t watching the game too closely because I always get so nervous when Travis is playing and I don’t want to make him nervous! I did watch the final turns of the match and saw where Travis had a lead on life (by one!) and Mr. Craig H. needed at least two Sidekicks to secure a victory. He rerolled three of his Sidekicks that were showing energy and two of them hit a Sidekick face! Travis jumped up cheering along with all the spectators! Mr. Craig has visited us in Dyersburg before and so Travis and I were thrilled that he won the event! Travis said that it wasn’t really a loss a for him because a friend won, and I couldn’t agree more. There were many hugs between the two of them, cheers, and lots of congratulations going around to everyone for a well-played tournament. Travis and Mr. Craig H. earned their Nationals qualifications in the top four alongside Craig R.

Travis did tell me that RareCrow was his MVP for most of the event, so I bet the KO King from Double Burst will be tickled to hear that!

Big Bang is a stand up venue with the most amazing Tournament Organizer, Mr. Jason A. Cory C. was a wonderful judge and they deserve some super kudos for rocking this event like pros. The event ran smoothly and quickly with a break after round three for lunch. All the players were prompt in finding their seats and everyone seemed to be having a great time. We had 22 players and most of the teams were either rogue or variants of meta teams with a personal tweak. The other employees at Big Bang are always helpful and very patient with folks. Thank you Big Bang for having a copy of IvX #1 for me to pick up! Our store is still waiting for our copies that were short from our order… One of the employees got down into the comic boxes with me, trying to help me find a copy of Uncanny Inhumans #6 (I still can’t seem to find it anywhere – besides online). Great store and great tournament location!

Congratulations again to all those that got their Nationals qualifications!

What have you built or seen that looked like fun to play?
What was one of your highlights from a match?
Leave me a comment here or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


With the WKO quickly approaching, I decided to give one of my team considerations a test run in our tournament. If you watch the tournament videos on my YouTube channel, I have to apologize for the excessive amount of background noise. The store is very busy on Saturday nights and it’s really hard for me to play and mitigate the excessive noise at the same time. Hopefully, the regulars will get used to me filming and be a little more aware of their volume and conversation content. My irritation shows a little in the videos and I apologize for that as well. It’s very frustrating when you can’t hear what the person sitting across from you is saying.

You may hear me reference someone named Donatella, but that’s just my life tracker.


My Team


You can find my team here, on DM Retrobox.

I want Lady Bullseye to work – really bad. But I think she’s too difficult to maneuver in such a fast meta. I do love Overcrush though and it’s almost as if Gorilla Grodd was made for me. Mr. DDK suggested using Tsarina and Guy Gardner with Grodd, which I thought was a good idea so I did it. This has been one of the team ideas I’ve been throwing around for the WKO, so I figured that this would be a perfect chance to test it. I added Elf Thief for Mask energy and little bit of control, which I never used – not in a single game. Cold Gun is there to help me get around nasty characters like Dwarf Wizard or Ronin. Rip, PXG, and Blue-Eyes are all utility cards. I chose Slander as one of my Basic Actions because it works like Cold Gun but doesn’t damage – just in case I need to blank a character without damaging it. It’s also one cheaper and doesn’t require specific energy, but it’s not Continuous like Cold Gun. I chose Invulnerability for it’s Global, and because I might be able to use its ability if I bought the die.

Round One


You can watch my first round match on my YouTube channel, here. I was up against North and the Unlimited version of his Satchel team. My first purchase was probably wrong in this game. I couldn’t decide between Guy and Tsarina and I Ripped a Guy instead of Tsarina. I think I would have been better off with Tsarina instead of Guy because when I rolled him on my next turn, I got stuck with him on a character face. I would rather have had a Tsarina since she doesn’t have to attack each turn. I also got a little purchase happy when I bought Grodd early game and I didn’t reroll any Sidekicks in an attempt to get a Shield to Rip him. I was left with a Bolt and I didn’t really have anything to use it for. I hate when that happens because I feel like I’m wasting resources. I ended up purchasing one of North’s Imprisoned dice to help me get around Ronin and any potential blockers, as well as removing characters he could spin down in order to prevent Tsarina’s ability damage. We did make an error in the game where I had Imprisoned his Ronin, but he didn’t return his Ronin after Tsarina damaged him with her ability. He should have gotten Ronin back and been able to use him as a blocker, since Imprisoned would have left before the Assign Blockers portion of the Attack Step. It happened again later when I was attacking for lethal damage. I didn’t realize that until watching the video and writing this report that we both overlooked that. If I had been paying closer attention to the card abilities, Tsarina would not have been part of the final attack and I would still have been able to claim a victory. I unfortunately won the first round with two unintentional game play errors, but without the video, I wouldn’t have noticed it.

Record after Round One: 1-0-0

Round Two


You can watch my second round match on my YouTube channel, here. I was facing off against Hannah’s Action Burn team in round two. This match was relatively short, and a bit of a revenge match from last week. The tables were turned this week and I didn’t roll as well as I would have liked, much like the trouble Hannah faced last week when her team wanted to give her issues. We both had a rough start, but Hannah’s team bounced back quickly and there wasn’t much I could do. I probably should have purchased as many of her Magic Missile dice as I could, just to slow down her damage output. I shouldn’t have Ripped my second Grodd, even though it didn’t matter much in this particular game, but I should have purchased more Guy and Tsarina dice instead. Sometimes games just don’t go the way you’d like them to and this was my moment for the bad rolls. Hannah did well with her comeback, and she made the right choice in clearing my field with her Magic Missile Global so that she could attack and secure her victory.

Record after Round Two: 1-1-0

Round Three


I got to face off against one of my own teams in round three. Olivia wanted to use a variation on my Girl Power team, so I let her borrow it. She fielded lots of Sidekicks early in the match and even purchased a she-Hulk early game. Black Cat was a troublesome character as she made me reroll some of the characters I needed to keep in the Field. Luckily, they all came back up on character faces, but the threat of them leaving the Field scared me a little. I Ripped and purchased a Grodd around mid-game, but I needed to get my Guys back in the Field. They were proving to be very difficult to work with since they are required to attack each turn. When it came time to start attacking, Guy came through for me. She blocked my first big attack of Grodd and Guys, which returned most of them to the Field Zone. I drew what was left of my Guy dice and some Tsarina dice and was attacking for lethal damage on the turn after my first major attack. She had mostly Sidekicks as blockers and no way to avoid the massive amount of Overcrush damage from my Guys.

Record after Round Three: 2-1-0
Final Standing: 3rd

Final Thoughts

I hope that everyone takes something away from this report – especially from my mistakes. We are not defined by our mistakes, but by how we learn from them. I’m so glad that error was caught on video because this gives everyone a chance to review it and make mental notes about it so that they don’t make that mistake later, or have it made against them like North did.

Now, about the team itself. I really love this team. It’s definitely a top contender for what I’ll be playing at the WKO. I do not like Elf Thief though, and I’m probably going to replace him for either Constantine: Hellblazer or Antihero. While I like Cold Gun, I almost feel I don’t need it if I’m using Slander. Sure, it does damage and it possibly blanks a dude, but Slander blanks too. I definitely  don’t think I need both, and I’m probably swapping one of them for something else. I just have to decide which one to take off the team and what to put in its place. I like Tsarina, Grodd, and Guy as the main core of the team, so that won’t be changing. It’s nice to know that I don’t necessarily have to have all of the pieces to win as they’re all great on their own. They’re just really silly together and I love it!

What are some changes you’d make without changing the spirit of the team?
Have a build you like better?
Leave me a comment here or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

I was recently browsing the Dice Masters Reddit when I came across an interesting post. It was someone asking folks what they wanted on a playmat, if they could have anything. I jumped on the opportunity to share my idea of the perfect Dice Masters playmat. The kind soul on the other side of the screen offered to create the design for my playmat – which made me super excited! When he was done, I couldn’t have been happier.



Mr. Glen put the images together on the playmat. He did everything he could to find the perfect images and edit things to make them exactly how I wanted them. He went out of his way to adjust his regular layout to match what I wanted, such as moving the life tracker, removing certain custom zones, and shuffling things around to how I wanted them. He has several designs available on his Etsy page (PlaymatMasters) for folks to order. Please be sure to check out his work, because he has this uncanny ability in choosing the most perfect images as well as a great editing sense – making him a unique and amazing talent.

If you want him to make a specific design with a certain character(s), you can message him with your request. He’ll be able to tell you if he’s taking on new design projects, pricing, and how long it’ll take to design if you’re wanting something that’s not currently offered in his Etsy store.

The communication between Mr. Glen and I was great. He was always polite, friendly, and open to discussion. I feel like I made a new friend in my dealings with Mr. Glen.

So if you like a design he currently has available or you want him to add a character design to his store, send him a message.

The pictures below have some closeups of the artwork that Mr. Glen put together. Click on any image to get a better look at it.

Inked Gaming

After Mr. Glen sent me the PDF file, I needed to send that file to a place that prints playmats. I had never used Inked Gaming before, but I have seen their playmats around my FLGS. I felt comfortable enough to send them the file and have them print my playmat.

Ordering and Pricing

There was a little confusion when I first tried to order my playmat. Inked’s website is mostly user friendly, but when you upload the PDF, you don’t get a preview of your playmat. That’s what had me confused, but I messaged Inked on Facebook and they promptly responded and assured me that I was using the site correctly. The pricing is $24.99 for a 14″ x 24″ custom playmat. The thickness is 1/16″ which is about the same as other playmats from companies like UltraPro.

Processing, Shipping, and Packaging

My order processed fairly quickly, I assume. I ordered my playmat on a Wednesday and it arrived that Saturday. I’m fairly certain that they processing didn’t take more than a day. I wasn’t given a notification in regards to when the order finished processing, which is fine with me. They did notify me when it shipped. Shipping for orders over $40 is free (in the US) through Inked. Since I only ordered the one playmat I had to pay shipping. Shipping was only $5.30, which isn’t bad for standard shipping on a package larger than an envelope. The playmat was shipped in a cardboard shipping tube with the ends taped thoroughly to prevent any potential damage or loss of item. I was very happy and impressed with the processing and shipping.

Playmat Quality

The quality of the playmat from Inked is about what you would expect. They’re very much like a playmat from UltrPro, which should hold up for a long time if treated well. I’m not disappointed in their quality for the price. Most playmats with artwork are priced around $19.99 – $29.99, or $6.99 – $9.99 for plain colored mats. For a custom mat, $24.99 seems more than reasonable. If you add in the shipping charge, I paid just over $30 for my playmat from Inked.

As a side note, many folks prefer a mat that can be washed. Inked sent me a response in regards to washing and drying their mats and mousepads.

Thanks to the dye sublimation process, our playmats and mouse pads are machine washable. Use the delicate cycle (or handwash) with a typical laundry soap. (DO NOT Bleach) Lay flat to dry.

Final Thoughts

I will be adding Mr. Glen’s Etsy store to my list of nifty sellers, as well as a link to Inked Gaming.

My Turn One Gaming playmat is officially retiring – or moving over to Mr. DDK’s side of the table. I loved that mat so much, but my new custom MLP mat is definitely the best mat. There are many reasons beyond the obvious that make this mat the best. Mr. Glen added the Pinkie and Rarity cupcakes in the Basic Action areas just to fancy it up. It was a happy accident that they are pink and purple, and that he put them on the same sides that I use my pink and purple Basic Action indicators on. I wanted Pinkie and Rarity’s cutie marks as my life tracker. I love the clouds as the card spaces because they give the illusion that my cards are floating on puffy cloud pillows. I wanted Luna’s cutie mark somewhere on the mat, and he found a great place to put it – right where the cards go! It’s like Luna is protecting each card. Mr. Glen added a cute detail that made me giggle by calling the Field Zone, Equestria. He wanted to fancy the background up, and what works better than confetti and stars!

I chose each pony to go in each area for specific reasons. I chose Sombra to represent the Attack Zone because no matter how hard he fights who he is, he can’t change it. He will always be the evil king that everypony sees, regardless of how he actually feels. His quote in the speech bubble says, “You want to fight monsters, little pony? I’ll give you monsters.” I chose Nightmare Moon for the Used Pile because she was used by the Nightmare Forces to do hateful and evil things. They amplified the resentment buried inside Princess Luna and made her into a monster. She was able to come back from that with the help of Twilight Sparkle and her friends, which is why I chose Luna for the Field Zone. She came back from the corruption and stands by her new friends and family to protect Equestria from any evil or hatred that would try to invade. Her speech bubble says, “Together we will defeat the Nightmare Energy and it will never hurt anypony ever again.” Of the mane six, my two favorites are Rarity and Pinkie Pie. I wanted Rarity in my Prep Area because of how hard she works to prepare gifts for her friends throughout the show. She’s also the representative of the Element of Generosity. I feel like rolling extra dice from my Prep Area is a generous gesture of the game mechanics. If you know anything about MLP, you know that Rarity can be a drama queen at times – which is why Mr. Glen added her drama chaise just above the Prep Area as a little ‘KO’ reminder. I love it so much – it’s so perfect! I saved Pinkie Pie for last. I wanted her in the Reserve Pool because she has an endless reserve of happiness, friendship, and joy. She is a very special pony to me.

Pinkie Pie – She’s the favorite pony of my dear friend, Colt. Colt passed away in August of 2016. He was a young, up and coming teacher, and a very good friend of Mr. DDK and myself. He was highly intelligent and was a quiet fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. And his name really was Colt. We even joked about his name being Colt and him being a fan of a cartoon about ponies. He asked me to keep it between the two of us that he was a fan, but he had eventually told others before he passed. I know he wouldn’t mind me telling folks about him now. If not for Colt, I would have never given MLP: FiM a chance. He convinced me to give the show a chance, and I did. I shared many of my memories with Mr. Glen as he was making my playmat and I don’t mind sharing a few.

I was down in the dumps one day, while watching over my FLGS, and Colt had stopped in for a visit. He told me, “One can not be sad while listening to Pinkie singing about smiles.” I hadn’t seen the newest episode yet, so he pulled it up on iTunes and I watched one of my soon to be favorite episodes, “A Friend in Deed”. That episode is basically me – I want to be friends with everyone and it makes me sad when folks don’t like me. One of my favorite MLP songs is also in that episode, Smile Song. That song makes me feel better when I’m having a bad day, so Colt’s logic has held true – even today. Colt and I both had tiny Pinkie Pie figures from the mystery bags and we carried them around in our pockets for the longest time. Whenever we saw each other, we would each pat our own pocket and smile at each other. Folks come and go in our lives. The memories are sometimes all we have left. Colt will be missed very much by all of his friends and family, but I will always have Pinkie to remind me of the best memories of my friend. His love of Pinkie lives on through me. Friendship truly is magic – don’t let anyone tell you different!

Thank you, Mr. Glen, for such a special playmat.

Have a unique or interesting accessory?
Have an accessory that you can’t play without?
Leave me a comment here or on Facebook and show it off!

You can find my review video on my YouTube channel, here. Please subscribe and thanks for reading and watching!

Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Masters!


Yesterday, the PDC (Pro Dice Circuit website and Facebook) announced that they will be adding a Draft Championship format and a new constructed format called Prime Championship. The new Prime format is a constructed format that uses a set rotation.

Quotes are excerpts from the PDC article and applications found here.

Draft Championship Format

The PDC Draft Championships will be familiar, as it is the standard Rainbow Draft that we all know and love! This is a popular format across the Dice Masters Community, and the feedback that we received from players and stores was that everyone wanted a friendly, yet competitive component to it. All BAC’s will be legal for this format, so come prepared with all of your cards, or just bring your trusted two that you always play with!

According to the application link in the article, there will be Draft Kits available for stores to purchase. Please speak with your FLGS before signing them up!

2017 Store Draft Championship Kits Include:
– 1 Custom 2017 Draft Store Championship Playmat
– 10 Double-Sided BAC Color Indicator Cards (2 each for the Top 4, 1 for TO and 1 for Fellowship)
– 10 Custom 6-sided Dice (Extras available at $1/per die)
– 1 Free Entry to a 2017 Draft State Championship

I think a Draft Championship is a really cool idea and I’m really pleased to see the PDC doing this. I hope that WizKids will also add a similar format. Drafting in Dice Masters is a lot of fun, and it’s an ever changing game. No two drafts are exactly alike even if you draft a similar team, you won’t come up against the same teams you did before. Drafting is probably one of my favorite Dice Masters formats.

Prime Championship Format

The second format that the PDC is adding is their version of a constructed rotation, called Prime. We’ve all been anxiously awaiting further word from WizKids on a rotation for official WizKids tournaments, but until then we get a taste of what a rotation could look like on a large scale. This new Prime format is not an official WizKids format. For those that plan to play in WKOs and PDC events, you’ll need to test two teams! We are planning to alternate formats at our FLGS to accommodate both formats.

The PDC Prime Championships will focus on constructed play with the newest released sets, similar to the “Modern” format that is found in other CCG’s. For the first year of this format, all sets from World’s Finest forward will be legal including all OP, Team Packs and starters that were released with or after World’s Finest (Alt-Arts and Alt-Art OP’s rotate out with their original card). As additional sets are released, they will become legal for Prime play. Sets will be rotated out annually so that the format stays fresh, engaging, and open to new and seasoned players alike.

I have seen several players speculate about the Alt-Art cards and their legality in a potential WizKids rotation. I think that WizKids is reprinting certain cards, like Focus Power in the Archers OP Kit, so that players can have access to those cards in a rotation format. However, I have no issue or complaint with the PDC for excluding those reprinted cards. If WizKids keeps the reprinted cards in their rotation format, that will give us a different rotation format with different options for play.

The application link for the Prime Store Championship shows what the Prime Kit will contain. It’s very similar to the Draft Kit, except for the playmat wording and the Championship entry. Remember to talk to your FLGS before signing them up!

2017 PDC Prime Store Championship Kits Include:
– 1 Custom 2017 Prime Store Championship Playmat
– 10 Double-Sided BAC Color Indicator Cards (2 each for the Top 4, 1 for TO and 1 for Fellowship)
– 10 Custom 6-sided Dice (Extras available at $1/per die)
– 1 Free Entry to a 2017 Prime State Championship

The dates for the events will vary depending on venue. The date ranges are:

Draft Championships
February 20, 2017 to March 19, 2017

Prime Championships
April 1, 2017 to May 7, 2017

So how does someone prepare and build for an event that’s so very different from an unlimited format?

If I don’t already have an idea of what I want my team to be centered around, I usually start with a win condition, typically using a character ability. I then try to add utility characters to help move the team along to my win condition, and lastly I choose my Basic Action Cards. I usually choose my Basic Actions Cards last because there are several that are practically staples. Most of those Basic Actions are from sets prior to World’s Finest, so for this new Prime format, the first thing I want to do is familiarize myself with which Basic Actions are available. None of the BACs in the currently allowed OP Kits are legal in Prime. Here is a list of the BACs that are currently legal in Prime (which will change between now and April):

World’s Finest BACs


Civil War BACs


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Set One) BACs


After I’ve familiarized myself with the current list of Prime-Legal BACs, I’ll move into the Character and Non-Basic Action Cards. From there, it’s just like building a regular team. The only difference will be which cards are available. As you’re building, remember that there are key staple cards that will not be available like PXG, Red Dragon, and Blue-Eyes. The Prime format eliminates the use of any Yu-Gi-Oh! or Dungeons and Dragons cards. This is probably the hardest adjustment to make. I’ve already run into that issue where I instinctively want to reach for a D&D card or YGO card and then remember that I can’t use those cards. Building a team without the usual staple cards will be a challenge for all of us veteran-competitive players. I can’t wait to start working on a Prime team for April!

There are still sets and starters that will be added into the Prime format. I would definitely suggest players begin familiarizing themselves with all the current Prime-Legal cards and maybe even practice team building before April.

Players should keep in mind that this is not an official WizKids announcement. For local play, TOs should continue to do what works for their scene. Talk to the players about the PDC’s Prime format and gauge their level of interest. Try not to alienate players that may not be able to afford to purchase newer starters for BACs. If someone wants to play in local Prime events but doesn’t have the appropriate BACs, they should ask their fellow players and see if someone would be kind enough to loan them some for the event. With the way WizKids has planned starter releases, most players will be able to keep up with the starters now. I think that was a great move on the part of WizKids, and it’s helping them set up for their own rotation.

I’m really excited to see how this new format changes up the competitive scene because while many of us are prepping for WKOs, we’ll also be prepping for Prime events. This will definitely open up more topics of conversation at WKOs and even local events. Our locals are already buzzing about this and we will be scheduling a mix of Prime and Unlimited events beginning in January 2017.

What do you and your locals think of the new PDC Championship formats?
What do you think the cutoff for a WizKids rotation should be?
Should WizKids rotate reprints with the originals?

Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


If you live in the United States, then you might be among the many that are celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday or this weekend. There is also this crazy thing folks do that’s called Black Friday shopping that happens on Thanksgiving now, instead of the Friday after Thanksgiving – which I think is silly. But, I will unfortunately be one of those folks out looking for deals. I don’t fight over towels and sheets. We don’t wait in lines for TVs or phones – we just like to pick over the leftovers. We do not sacrifice family time for Black Friday/Thanksgiving shopping. We go out and scavenge over the DVDs and try to grab an electronic or two if they’re still available.

We also decorate on Thanksgiving weekend, which takes up quite a bit of time. This article will likely be my last article until next Tuesday (Wednesday at the latest). I will also be absent from all my social media outlets for the weekend, so if you send me a message on Facebook or make an inquiry on Twitter, I likely won’t see it until next week.

I will be back next week with a fresh CCW article. I want everyone to have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Eat your fill, be merry, enjoy your company, and recruit as many new Dice Masters as you can!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you Dice Masters out there! May you be surrounded by loving family and friends with a table full of delicious food!

Roll on, Dice Masters!


Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

For our most recent event, I decided to play an old favorite of mine – Guardians of the Galaxy.

My Team

My GotG Team

You can find the team build here, on DiceMastersDB.

This team is fairly straight forward. I want to get Star-Lord and Groot in the Field Zone as quickly as possible because Groot keeps my characters alive while Star-Lord adds that extra damage and defense. I then go for my Drax and Rocket Raccoon to do the damage. I have Hulk Out to help me get around walls of characters and Polymorph to spin my characters up or pop them in quick. Gamora’s Global will help me KO those trouble characters and Starhawk is an additional attacker for games that go longer. Professor X and Blue-Eyes are Global utility cards.

Round One

I got the bye round one, which gave me a win.

Record after Round One: 1-0-0

Round Two

Round Two BatBomb

My second round opponent was playing a very familiar team. He was playing a variation of Bat-Bomb and when it goes off, it’s devastating! You need Aquaman, Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne and at least two Alfred dice active. You use Dick Grayson’s Global to give Aquaman the Batman Family affiliation. You then use Blue-Eyes to KO an Alfred, roll a Batman or Sidekick in your Used Pile and hopefully Alfred goes back to the Field Zone. Aquaman sees a Batman Family character get KO’d so his Retaliation triggers. Dick Grayson sees a Batman Family character get KO’d so he gets +2A and +2D and can do his damage directly to your opponent instead of any blockers. Bruce Wayne sees one of your characters get KO’d and he does two damage to a character of your choice (usually the Alfred you just brought back or the other Alfred in the Field Zone). When your Alfred takes two damage (and gets KO’d from Bruce Wayne, you start the process over again. You do this as many times as Alfred allows you (because sometimes, those Sidekicks roll a Sidekick face and that’s why you need at least two Alfred dice), or as many times as you need to achieve lethal damage with Dick Grayson. Using Aquaman helps you because he softens up your opponent for Dick Grayson’s attack so you don’t need to KO Alfred as much. This team is very effective if you get the right rolls early in the game. I did not win this round.

Record after Round Two: 1-1-0

Round Three

Round Three New

My round three opponent was a new player that’s just getting started. We had a really fun match! He defended my attacks with Nitro and White Tiger and gained life using Rescue’s ability. The damage he did to me was from Betrayal, which was a great buy for him because my team needs lots of characters in the Field Zone. I don’t have a life gain method on my team, so I knew I had to get through his characters more effectively before he KO’d me with Betrayal. He used my Blue-Eyes to KO Nitro and take out my level one Groot, so my characters would lose their defense boost making me think twice about attacking. I decided to go for it and hopefully decrease the amount of characters I had in the Field Zone, which would help decrease the amount of damage from Betrayal as well. I ended up purchasing a Starhawk die to help get some additional damage in. In the end, I was able to race him in damage and get the victory.

Record after Round Three: 2-1-0
Final Standing: 3rd

Final Thoughts

This team is always fun to play because it’s very thematic and has some fun mechanics. It’s not overly complicated, but there is a lot going on that you need to keep up with. I always have fun with this team and I can’t think of anything I would change on it. I want to keep as many Guardians of the Galaxy characters on the team as I can. I don’t use Moondragon because I didn’t like any of her card abilities for my team. Blue-Eyes and Professor X are really god utility cards for this team. I’ve tried different versions of Drax, replacing Arthur Douglas with Pained. I thought about using Infinity Watch and have tried him too, but I really do prefer Pained over all other Drax Cards. This team is one that I can easily recommend for players of any skill level. The hardest part is getting your hands on a Blue-Eyes if you’re a new player.

What are some changes you’d make without changing the spirit of the team?
Have a build you like better?
Leave me a comment here or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

For our latest event, I played my Superwoman Swarm team. I loved this team and it was tons of fun to play!

My Team

My Team

You can find the team build here, on DiceMastersDB.

My main goal with this team is to sneak attack with a pumped up Superwoman, while using Spider-Man to absorb all the blockers. I thought the best way to churn and ramp for Superwoman would be with the Swarm mechanic so I chose Kobold and Goblin. I love using Professor X and Blue-Eyes, though I don’t think this team needs both. Blue-Eyes helped me a few times, but I could easily have gotten by without him. Professor X with Swarm is super good for my play style. I never bought my Kryptonite, but I put it on the team just in case someone got an Oracle or Dwarf Wizard out against me. Anger Issues is my tool for pumping Superwoman’s attack and Polymorph is good for additional sneak attacks or to get a trouble character out of my way.

Round One

Round One

My first round was against a younger player that’s been trying to improve her Spider-Man team. Her addition of Oracle was a great choice as it slowed me down a little. I thought about buying Kryptonite, but I decided to tough it out. The game was pretty close and she did really well, but Superwoman was able to get though for a large amount of damage and then I finished her off later. Spider-Man was a star and worked really well with Superwoman. We had a great match and it was really fun. My opponent went on to claim third, just narrowly missing second place.

Record after Round One: 1-0-0

Round Two

Round Two

My second round opponent was trying something different with his team – kind of an experiment. Based on his results, don’t build a team of eight characters like these and one die each. He ran into loads of trouble, like needing additional Joker and Loki dice. If he would have had additional dice, I probably would not have beaten him. I hope he continues to adjust his ‘Big Booty Squad’ team because I look forward to playing against it in the future. He targeted my Swarm characters with Joker and Loki and he never used my Blue-Eyes to KO them so he could reroll them and choose a different target. I don’t think he realized that Superwoman was the major threat on my team and not the Swarm characters. Superwoman and Spider-Man did their jobs once again and pulled out another win for Superwoman Swarm.

Record after Round Two: 2-0-0

Round Three

Round Three

My round three opponent is another player that’s building up their competitive skill and she’s doing a good job of it. I’m very proud of her as well as our other players for all the work they’ve done and all the progress they’ve made in improving their teams and their skill as players. She has taken on the daunting task of trying to learn how to play Vicious Struggle and she’s doing better with it each passing week. She did really well against my team and this game was also very close. I was able to race against the Vicious Struggles and timed my attacks so that I didn’t kill myself in the process. My last turn, I was able to ensure my victory by using Anger Issues to increase Superwoman’s attack just enough to KO my opponent.

Record after Round Three: 3-0-0
Final Standing: 1st

Final Thoughts

This team was such a great casual team to play, and it was so much fun to play with! The only thing I think I would change is Blue-Eyes, but I’m not sure what I would put in his place. I’ve thought about Ultraman since I have Kryptonite on the team which would give me an alternate win condition. But other than that, I wouldn’t change anything else. I feel like this team also gave some of my opponents a chance to get their combos going unlike some of the faster, meta teams. I love making new teams with interesting or unique styles. This team was definitely fun and different from what I’m used to playing. Multiple attacks were definitely better than trying to go for the one turn KO.

What are some changes you’d make without changing the spirit of the team?
Have a build you like better?
Leave me a comment here or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


What a week it’s been! We left home on Wednesday and traveled to Columbus, Ohio for Origins Game Fair. WizKids hosted the US National Championship there on Thursday alongside a World Championship Qualifier, a World Championship Qualifier on Friday, and then the World Championship on Saturday. For folks like me, this was super cool and I was totally okay with Nationals and Worlds being a day apart at the same location. This meant that if I didn’t do well in Nationals, I could try a qualifier or just enjoy all that Origins had to offer. If I did qualify in Nationals, I’d have Friday to look around, then play Worlds on Saturday.

As luck would have it, I did not qualify for Worlds through Nationals. I did not play in any qualifier events because my rolls during Nationals were awful, and I know how my luck runs. I don’t what folks to think I’m downplaying my opponent’s wins  – they were all great pilots and even if I would have had decent rolls, I think the result would have still been the same.

National Championship

The National Championship had 36 total players which gave us 6 rounds. We played best of one, 30 minute rounds, 3 turns.

Round One – Robert D.

Round 1 - Robert D

Apologies for the glare on Professor X.

One of my biggest fears was facing a mirror match against another Nova. Robert was using a variant of the Bolt Ring team and when I saw my first turn rolls, I knew I was in serious trouble. Robert got great rolls and he knew exactly what to buy and when to buy it. It didn’t take him long to defeat me and he played his team like it was second nature to him. Even though the match was over quickly, it was still fun to play and watch his team function so well.

Record after Round One: 0-1-0

Round Two – Travis H.

Round 2 - Travis H

When I saw my opponent’s name, I got excited! I’ve seen Travis H. in the Facebook groups and have even had discussions with him in the groups. There was a point where I was calling him and my husband Travis by numbers, Travis 1 and Travis 2. He was an absolute pleasure to play against and fun to talk to. He is also an amazing pilot, but his dice didn’t want him to have his Lantern Ring until late in the game. I almost had a glimmer of hope during our match – I thought I might get some worthwhile damage in, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Travis said that he hadn’t seen anyone roll consistently as bad as I had and I told him that was how I normally roll, which is absolutely true. But we still had a fun match and I hope that all his less desirable rolls were during our match. Travis finished 7th in Nationals and went on to the World Championship on Saturday. I’m not sure what place he finished in during Worlds, but if I confirm, I’ll add it in here.

Congratulations to Travis on all his great finishes and hopefully we’ll get to play again in the future!

Record after Round Two: 0-2-0

Round Three – Almir (Al) T.

Round 3 - Almir T

Apologies again for the glare on Human Paladin.

When we set up against each other, I absolutely didn’t think I’d win this match. But I felt so bad playing this match out. I didn’t have the best rolls and Almir’s rolls were much worse. He couldn’t get his dice to cooperate with him at all. Almir is another great pilot that did everything right with what he was given. You can tell when someone knows what they’re doing, even with bad rolls. I wish his dice had rolled better for him, but it happens.

I truly hope for a rematch one day with Almir and both of our dice better be nice to us and let us play a great game without all the poor rolls. It was a pleasure to meet Almir!

Record after Round Three: 1-2-0

Round Four – Thomas S.

Round 4 - Thomas S

Talk about an interesting team! I was super happy to see another Nova out there. I like the addition of Miri, but when I tried to use her, she just gummed up my bag. Miri is not for me, but she worked great for Thomas! This was an amazing game! Thomas and I had the most fun I had all day. Event though we were playing in a major event, we were cutting up and having a great time.

This game was well played on both sides and neither of us felt like we were at a serious disadvantage. Those are the types of games that I love and it literally came down to who rolled what they needed. It was an exhilarating match! I needed my Lantern Ring to roll for me and it didn’t. On Thomas’s next turn, he just need one die to roll for him, and it did. It was literally anyone’s game on one of those two turns.

Congratulations to Thomas on his 10th place finish! Way to represent Nova!

Record after Round Four: 1-3-0

I knew at this point that I would not make the cutoff for the World Championship qualifications, but I do not drop from tournaments unless I absolutely have to. I played out all six of my rounds.

Round Five – Doug T.

Round 5 - Doug T

Well, here I was, back to my pitiful rolls. I don’t like having such poor rolls because I feel like my opponents deserve a great match and bad rolls deny them that. I did the best I could, but I couldn’t get any momentum going against Oracle, Iron Fist, and Ronin. And that Constantine is a proxy with super cool art, and he had the official Constantine, Hellblazer sleeved under the proxy. I love the proxy cards and thought about using my Blue-Eyes White Dragon proxy. Mask Ring teams are very powerful and I was shown once again just how effective they can be.

Doug was a great pilot with an interesting team. He placed higher than I did in the final standings.

Record after Round Five: 1-4-0

Round Six – Dustin “Duck” T.

Round 6 - Dustin 'Duck'

I had loads of fun with Thomas earlier in the day, but Duck had me rolling with laughter! Duck was an absolute pleasure to play against! Here was another Nova player too, but he had a character that almost beat the pants off of me. I got lucky when Duck didn’t roll his Scarecrow several times, but the one time he did roll Scarecrow, he took my Nova and hit me in the face with him. I’ve never had that particular Scarecrow used against me before so it was a surprise.

Our match was one of my favorites just because of how much fun we had while playing. We took it seriously, but not too seriously because it was our last round, and we were at the bottom table anyway.

Record after Round Six: 2-4-0
Final Standing: 27th place

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on my Nationals experience are simple – I got a weird stroke of luck at the WKO2 but my poor luck still holds. Just because you know how to build and play a team, doesn’t always mean the dice will roll the way you need them to. Consistently bad rolls are my life! I would probably do better with a team of miscellaneous characters with different energy types than a cohesive team that has purpose.

I still had loads of fun with everyone at Nationals, even though I didn’t place well. I got to meet many of the folks I idolize from TRP and the PDC. And I also have to say that I’m blown away by the number of Dice Masters players that know who I am because of this blog. I can’t express the gratitude I feel towards all of you from all over the world that read my articles. I met some super cool folks from Mexico that did some trading with me. David, Marcelo, Abraham, and the nice gentleman from their group that was translating for them (I’m so sorry! I can’t remember your name!). I’m so glad you all made it up to play and that I had the pleasure of meeting you all.

I enjoyed meeting all the new folks and playing against folks I’ve never played against before. I got to see folks I know which made this event even more awesome! Everyone is so super cool in the community and I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience. I went to play Dice Masters – winning didn’t matter. I feel like I walked away a winner anyway because of all the new friends I made, all the friends I got to see again, and especially all the love I was shown by everyone. There isn’t a gaming community out there that’s like ours.

World Championship

I didn’t pay much attention to the Worlds event (shame on me, but there was so much to do at Origins!), except for checking up on everyone to see how they were doing.

I know there are some topics going around in the Facebook groups that were also discussed by us players at Origins, and I really don’t want to get into those at this time. The only one that I will touch on is the first player advantage. This topic cause heated discussions and I wish folks would take a step back and review what they’re going to say before they put it on the internet. There is definitely an advantage to going first and WizKids had noticed this. I’ve heard that they are working on test playing different fixes, so give them some time and let them figure out what they need to do for the health of the game and the community.

Origins Game Fair

Origins Badge

I’ve been to several conventions but Origins was the first Game Fair I’ve ever been to. It’s not like your normal convention. There were a few folks dressed in cosplay but what I saw more than anything were games – games everywhere! Almost every booth had tables set up for demos or mini tournaments.

WizKids had their own booth with loads of table space for Attack Wing, Heroclix, and Dice Masters events. They also had a display case with special preview items. I took a few pictures and tried to get the best ones I could. I uploaded a lot to my Instagram and Facebook page as well.

Click on the pictures to get a better look!

World's Qualifier Friday

Don’t let the giant Pikachu fool you – this is definitely Dice Masters. This was the World’s Qualifier on Friday. Thursday’s World’s Qualifier had 63 folks and Friday had 73 folks competing. Travis played on Friday, and dropped with a record of 3-3-0. He would have played his last round, but he dropped to help me because I had a really bad pain in my lower back and in my stomach. A nice young lady named Leslie hunted down the first aid folks for me, and luckily, it turned out that I just needed to sit for a bit. I had been on my feet all day, walking around, and I just over did it. You can’t do that after you have surgery! Thanks again to Leslie for looking out for a fellow player. That’s another example of how awesome are community is, and I apologize if I misspelled your name.

I added loads of pictures on my Facebook Page from the WizKids Fan Appreciation Event and even though I was sitting on the floor in the front row, my pics are not that good. Check out my Facebook if you’d like to see the pictures I got. I don’t want to put them in my article because they’re really poor pictures. The biggest thing I was interested in was news on rotation and we did get confirmation that there will be rotation sometime in the future, but they couldn’t tell us what sets or when it would happen. That’s a little more info than what we had before.

WizKids gave out prizes with trivia questions, which was super awesome, but they took it a step further. They did a raffle, giving out an uncut sheet of Age of Ultron for Dice Masters and a factory set of one of the new Clix sets to a Clix player. WizKids goes above and beyond to show their appreciation to all of us players. Thank you WizKids for hosting this event and doing everything you could to accommodate all the folks that wanted to be in it.

WK Fan Appreciation Event

I want to show a fellow player’s awesome playmat, but I forgot to ask if I could put his name in my article. He had it made, but the creator is not currently taking orders. If either of them sees this article and doesn’t mind  having their names and affiliation be added, I’ll add it. But this mat is super cool! I’m not sure what the exact material it’s made of is, but it has magnets on the card sleeves, and foam between two pieces that hold the dice in place. He folds up the whole playmat to about the size of a notebook and everything is held in place. He unfolds it where ever he sits down to play and the whole team is set up and ready to go!

Playmat inside

I want to move on to some of the supplies I spotted at Origins. I managed to find a large supply of Turn One Gaming Supplies playmats over at Troll and Toad’s booth.

T1 Mats at Troll and Toad

While we were scouting the dealer’s hall, we found loads of dice towers, but the one dealer that stood out was Wyrmwood Gaming. They have the coolest dice towers that are magnetized and collapse into a neat box. They would be perfect for Dice Masters, Dungeons and Dragons, Zombie Dice, Chupacabra, or any other dice related game! The quality of these dice towers is well worth the money you would spend on one. We got to see these up close and the quality is out of this world! A nice gentleman demonstrated how they collapse and fit perfectly into the tray that you can get with them. I will be looking into getting one myself at some point in the future, because I play a ton of dice games!

The Hickory Dice Tower is probably my favorite. There are custom options too like text or a picture. I could get any dice tower with my logo on it. I would seriously recommend that you check this place out. You will get a dice tower that is unique, high quality, and easy to assemble and disassemble for storage or travel. You can also find Wyrmwood on Facebook.

Hickory Dice Tower from Wyrmwood

Other Happenings at Origins Game Fair

There was so much more than Dice Masters and Dice Masters accessories there! I’m a board gamer too, so this game fair was awesome for me! I mentioned already that almost every booth had tables for demos and tournaments, everything from Ticket to Ride and Catan to VS and TCGs like Magic and Spoils. I had two solid days to look around and I did not see everything. I looked at as much as I could in the gaming hall and the dealer’s room. I demoed several games and got to play in a giant King of Tokyo event. Everyone that played got a special pack of promo cards for King of Tokyo!

I got to visit iello Game‘s booth and we bought the bundle special, so we got King of New York and the new printing of King of Tokyo that has the Space Penguin and Cyber Kitty in it. If you bought the bundle, you got some cool King of New York promo cards too.

iello bundle

I got to demo this super fun game called Betabotz by Zagar games. You can find them on Kickstarter and on Twitter. I desperately want to see this game get going. If I had the money, I would totally fund the rest of their Kickstarter. This game is a ‘take-that’ bidding game that also inspires some cooperative work among players. You build up your robot by bidding on components and winning them. You have code cards that you keep secret in your hand that can help or hurt other players when you play them. You go on ‘missions’ and earn more bits (currency). The player with the most victory points is declared the winner. There are several ways to earn victory points as well. If you like Munchkin or use Munchkin as a gateway game, check this game out. It’s got some similar bartering and take that mechanics, but Betabotz inspires more co-op and it’s way more fun! There isn’t much time left in the Kickstarter, but they’ve said that they will relaunch if they don’t reach their goal this time.

We picked up Dead Last, the social collusion game for 6 – 12 players by Smirk and DaggerTiny Epic Galaxies by Gamelyn Games, Sheriff of Nottingham promo cards, Lanterns: Harvest Festival promo cards, Red Dragon Inn promo card, an awesome set of dice and a bag from Q Workshop, a special Origins 2016 D6 from Crystal Caste, and a cute Origins 2016 Mayfair Games Pin (I love Star Trek Catan!).

Game Loot

There is a TCG called The Spoils, that’s been around for ten years, and I have never heard of it! I had a ton of fun learning to play it and we even did a draft for it on our last day at Origins. I used to play and judge for Magic: the Gathering, many years ago, and as popular and well known as MtG is, I prefer Spoils much more! If you want to play something similar to MtG, but different and interesting, check out The Spoils! We got some cool goodies from them as well. I love the Micromajig tokens!

There were numerous artists there as well, and my favorite artist had a booth, but was unable to attend in person. Ed Beard Jr. is an amazing fantasy artist that’s done so much art for Magic: The Gathering. Another artist that I really like is doing the art for Betabotz, Tina Bongorno, and I even got her to sign a promo Betabotz card!

I wish I had been able to see and do everything, but there is just too much for one single person to do at Origins in two days. We wanted to do some of the RPG events like Pathfinder or D&D, but we didn’t even make it over that way. There were war games, deck building games, miniature painting, RPGs, loads of board games, living card games, TCG/CCGs, supplies, and so much more at Origins. If you ever have the opportunity to go to Origins Game Fair, I would say take that opportunity – it was so worth the trip!

I had so much fun playing in the Dice Masters National Championship and I would go again, just to try the qualifiers and experience Origins again!

Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


To start, I want to mention that TRP has made my day, yet again. Their recent Podcast was dedicated to discussing their website and how the community uses it. When I first started this blog, I was scared. I’ve been a judge for various other games and after a while, I didn’t feel welcomed in those communities. Most of the time, the alienation began after I became a judge or after I tried to establish my voice in a community. I was so scared about putting myself out to the Dice Masters community that I almost didn’t do it. I didn’t want anything to ruin this game for me. The communities in my previous gaming experiences had always ruined it for me. I still play some of the games, but I am not involved in the communities at all outside of my FLGS. So after I started my blog, I noticed that I received several followers and they would occasionally comment and like my articles. Some would point out errors or even dispute a rating, which I welcome all positive criticism and discussion.

I realized that I wasn’t going to have the same issue in this community as I had in the previous ones. I felt safer to put myself out there more. I began writing more articles, and even making several different social media pages. TRP had mentioned that they want to support the community and not stifle anyone. I have not seen that in any gaming community with a dominant source like TRP. The last time I tried to give input on a deck for a TCG on a dominant site, they didn’t just turn down my article, they trashed me in the response. That’s absolutely not the case here. TRP has a blog section that they allow folks to post articles or links to other blog sites (like I do) and even promote their other sites. I’m just giddy with happiness that we have such an amazing pillar in our Dice Masters community.

There are several other sites that are excellent places for information about Dice Masters. I want to highlight a few of those. Some of these are on my sticky post.

Dice Masters Database
Dice Masters Database is a really handy site for tracking your collection or building teams. I use this site often and I’ve been slowly using it to add my teams to as well.
Pro Dice Circuit
These folks are super cool. There are PDC State Championships and team lists on their site. You can see what the meta is in other parts of the country compared to where you live.
Dice Anon
This is another helpful site with a Podcast and articles. You can never have too much information!
TRP Blog Page
This is a link directly to the Blog section of The Reserve Pool. These are member blogs and not just official The Reserve Pool articles. You can find lots of different bloggers and topics here. I highly suggest you check this section out.

Now on to the reason for my article today!

I figured it was about time I did my own article about how to start and grow your own local Dice Masters community. There are tons of articles out there and none of them are wrong. They all have excellent ideas and strategies and every community is different. What works for one community may not work for another. The ideas that I want to bring to you today will require a little investment on your part, so if you don’t have the means to put some money into these ideas, this may not be the route for you. I also want to mention that this article is about building a local, physical community. There are online options if all else fails. This article is also for folks that are considering being in a leadership role in the community, but anyone could utilize the information here.

I’m going to break this down and go over different options and ideas in each section. The overall goal is to start or build your community and make sure everyone is having fun and learning all they can about Dice Masters!

Find and Contact a Venue

Before you can bust out playmats, cards, dice, and other accessories, you need to have somewhere to play. The best places to start are Google or the Yellow Pages and look for a local gaming store. Gaming stores are typically the best options because they can order OP Kits and are set up to handle a community of players.

If you are unable to locate to a gaming store within a reasonable distance, there are other options.

Community Centers
Recreation Centers
Coffee Shops
Hotels (sometimes will offer a conference room at a discount for community events)
Libraries (sometimes offer space for events)
Parks (sometimes have indoor space)

Always try to keep your Meetups in a public place. Public places allow for easier advertising and promotion. As folks come to the venue for other reasons, they may see games going and become curious.

If you locate a gaming store in your area, I would suggest a visit instead of calling them. Visiting a venue in person will give you a good idea of the play area and will allow you to determine if they venue can host a community. Some gaming stores are strictly just retail venues and don’t offer a space for gaming.

Always ask to speak to the manager or owner. No offense to any staff folks, but it’s typically best to speak to someone higher up if you’re wanting to convince them to host a game. When you get in contact with the person in charge of the gaming schedule, you’ll want to help set up events unless the venue says they’ll handle all of it.

Sell the Venue on Dice Masters

If you’re talking to a gaming store, there are lots of great selling points for Dice Masters.

The Community
One of the biggest selling points for Dice Masters is the community. It’s full of thoughtful and helpful folks from all over the world. There are lots of groups on Facebook that offer rules support and discussion and they’re super quick on responses. Folks are polite and they do everything they can to help provide information and help anyone that asks. There are a few major websites that offer forums, blogs, and Podcasts for players of all levels. Also mention the Pro Dice Circuit. Lots of stores enjoy having multiple tournament outlets, like Star City Games for Magic: The Gathering.

Cost of Product
Stores won’t have a huge overhead with any of the Dice Masters products. And not only that, the cost for consumers is low as well. It’s nothing to see someone grab a few packs when they get to the store and then buy a few more later in the day. The longer folks are around, the more packs they buy. It’s really easy and inexpensive for a player to get into the game as well. Buying the right starter and several packs from the corresponding set can easily set them up with a casual team. Each starter can support two players, giving them each four characters with two dice, eight Sidekick dice, Basic Action Dice, and a variety of Basic Action Cards to choose from.

Ease of Learning
Dice Masters is a game of strategy and luck, but the basic mechanics are easy enough for almost anyone to learn. Pitching the game as easy to learn is a selling point, but make sure to not make the game sound too simple. Explain that it can be as complex as you choose to make it.

OP Kit Support
The Organized Play Kits are not expensive for the venue to purchase. The kits will have Participation Prizes which will draw in players. Players that don’t win will still walk away with a free card. There are kits for Marvel, DC, and Dungeons and Dragons so there is something that will appeal to almost every Dice Masters player. Our FLGS charges an entry fee of $1.00 for our OP Events. The store offers players an optional way to pay their entry fee. If a player purchases two or more Dice Masters boosters of any set in stock, the store considers their entry fee paid. The store does this to help them move product and it also makes players feel like they’re not really paying an entry fee. This may not work well for every venue, but it’s worked amazingly well for our local community. We run most of our events as Constructed events, so that type of entry fee won’t work for Rainbow Drafts.

Decide on Event Types

Once the venue is sold on Dice Masters, decide what kind of events are best for your area. The difference between a Meetup and a Tournament is simple. Meetups are casual and Tournaments have entries and prizes and it’s usually best to do these on separate days. Meetups are great for introducing new players to the game, doing demos, test playing teams, discussing strategy, and connecting with all your local players. Tournaments are best when you have an established community where players can pay an entry fee to compete for prizes in a bracket-style competitive event. It’s best to know what kind of setting you want to have before contacting the venue. Typically, a venue will suggest a casual Meetup night to gauge interest in a game before they put time and money into hosting tournaments. If you already have a good sized community, you may be able to convince the venue to host both Meetups and Tournaments right from the start.

After you determine what kind of events are best for the venue, you should discuss who will run the events. Meetups run themselves and don’t need any special attention. Players show up during the allotted time and play any teams they want and against any players they want. Sometimes a venue will ask that someone step forward as a TO for a newer game or a game that’s new to their venue. You may be asked to do this if you go to a venue and ask them to host Dice Masters. If they want someone who isn’t an employee to be a TO, they will need to add them as a ‘Volunteer’ for the store on WIN or have an employee run the tournament bracket on WIN while the TO runs the event. Not all events have to be run through WIN. If you’re doing a locally sponsored event, you can use any bracket system that suits your needs (Challonge is one we use for non-WizKids events).

Once you and the venue have established the type of events and who will be in charge of them, you need to determine days and times for your events. If the venue is going to take charge over the events, your involvement may end here. Each venue is different and they each have their own rules for hosting events.

Days and Times and Fees

If the venue wants you to stay involved with the event managing, the next step is to determine the best days and times for each type of event. We have found that we get the best response for Meetups during the week. Folks are wanting a break from the week and want to have some fun. We have Dice Masters Monday and that seems to work well. Mondays are the start of the week, and nobody likes Mondays… until they realize that they get to go play Dice Masters after school or work. It helps them push through the drab Mondays. We used to host Dice Fun Fridays, but the Magic: the Gathering crowd was too big and we didn’t have any space to play, so we moved to Mondays. You want to schedule your Meetups on a day that there aren’t too many other things going on, but also on a day your players can be there.

If you don’t have a committed group of players yet, the best thing to do is offer to come up and demo Dice Masters on various nights. Once you start getting interested players, you can communicate with them to find the best days for your community and relay that to the venue. One way to keep in contact with players outside of the venue is to start a local Facebook group. I’ll discuss that more in depth later.

You should also discuss any potential fees associated with the gaming space. Some venues charge for players to use their gaming area. If this is the case, then that’s something that should be discussed with the players and have them contribute a small portion unless the venue charges each person individually. It all depends on the venue. You should also discuss limitations on players. It depends on the space a venue has as well as what other events may be going on at the same time as Dice Masters.

Product and OP Kits

Make sure the venue is planning on stocking at least some of the most recent products, like starters and booster packs. The store may have older product if they had tried Dice Masters before and it didn’t take off. This could make the store hesitant to order in any new product. If that’s the case, build your community and tell them that if they want newer stuff, the store needs to see that the community is serious about buying from them. Starters are key for the a growing community and having the most recent set’s starters is best for encouraging a community to grow.

If the store is unwilling to purchase OP Kits but is hosting tournaments, remind the store that the kits are not expensive and they can get their money back on entries. They can also move product by running the OP Events. The OP Kits have a suggested format, but if your players want to play with a different format, you can change it to suit the needs of your venue.

If you’re not using a gaming store as the venue for your events, you may not be able to get any product or OP Kits. That’s one of the major downsides to hosting events at a location other than a gaming store. Sometimes you don’t have a choice though and there are folks out there that are willing to help, if you ask.

Game Promotion

Games don’t grow and thrive without someone promoting them and showing them the love they deserve. There are several ways you (or the venue) can promote Dice Masters.

Host Demo Nights
Hand Out Pamphlets or Flyers

Give Out Samples (gather up your extras and hand some out to those that play a demo game)
Do a “Bring a Friend” Promo
Spread the Word on Social Media
Be Friendly!

Demos, pamphlets, and social media are probably the easiest and the best ways to promote Dice Masters. We host demos and I will give out left over participation prizes from past OP events or extras from our collection to participants. Folks like getting free stuff! A colorful pamphlet helps promote interest as well. Leaving a few pamphlets with the venue will help promote the game when you’re not there to demo. Sharing events on social media will also help promote your events to those outside your area. Always remember to be friendly! There are many times that we get curious onlookers during an OP Event. Keep in mind – it’s a game and it’s not that serious! You and your opponent should engage and let them ask questions. Remember, our community is one of our biggest selling point so you definitely want to reflect that. If there are players who are not playing at the moment, let them take the lead on answering the person’s questions.

Store Rules

If the venue gives you the reigns to manage the Meetups and Tournaments, make sure you understand the Store Rules and Policies. Make sure any player you have also knows and understands the rules. It’s best to follow all rules and not get any negative marks against yourself. Keeping with the rules and policies will help ensure a long and healthy relationship with your venue.

Keeping Your Group Going

Once you’ve got a community built up, you’ve got to keep it going. If the venue is in charge of the community, they will have their own ideas. But if they don’t, you can always make suggestions. Here are some different ideas to help keep your players challenged.

Offer different play formats. There are several formats available on WizKids site: Constructed, Rainbow Draft, and Doubles. You can even create your own formats by limiting the types of characters players can use. For example, a Halloween themed event would only include characters with dice of any of these colors (not including the design color – dice color only): Red, Black, Orange, Green, White, Clear, and Yellow. No Pink, Purple, Blue, etc. You could do a Mother’s Day event with only female characters or a Father’s Day event with only male characters. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Mixing it up helps stimulate players’ creative team building and keeps players from falling into the ‘playing what wins’ trap.

Bring goodies on occasion. I will sometimes bring cookies or cupcakes when I know someone’s birthday is coming up or when a holiday is around the corner. Some venues don’t allow their customers to bring in food, so be sure to check with your venue first. If you can’t do snacks, you could always give out D20s or notepads with colorful pens for Christmas. You could even take your extras and make a goodie bag with candy as a neat little gift. Bringing goodies is not something that’s required. This is something that I do for my players to show that I appreciate their attendance at our events.

Put up a suggestion box. Suggestion boxes are great. Folks may not want to address you or the store directly, so you can put up a suggestion box for folks to write in their concerns or ideas to help improve the community.

See if the venue will run specials. Any store worth its games will occasionally run sales or specials. See if you can coordinate with them to run the specials during peak times for the game. Dice Masters is already inexpensive, but our FLGS will sometimes run sales on booster packs, making them $0.79 instead of $0.99. There are other options for specials and sales though, like offering a discount on Starters if someone buys a Gravity Feed. Most of this will be up to the store as they know what they can offer and what they can’t. Dropping a suggestion for a special around the time of a new set release isn’t a bad idea though. For example, the store could offer a special when Civil War releases in May. Buy a Gravity Feed and Starter and get 10% off your next Dice Masters purchase of in-stock product. This helps the store move any product that may be sitting around and it gets new cards into the hands of your players.

Remind the store and your players that Dice Masters isn’t Magic or any other TCG. Too many times now, I’ve seen a store cancel Dice Masters all together because Dice Masters wasn’t getting the same number of players as Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh!. You can’t compare any other game in the world to those games because Magic has been around since 1993 and YGO has been around since 2000 or so. You also can’t compare a dice building game to a trading card game. Those games are also well established and Dice Masters is still young and growing. If the store raises concerns about the low number of players, tell them that six to ten players isn’t bad for a game like this. Our community is in a small town in west Tennessee and we average from six to ten players for our events. We get over ten on occasion and sometimes we only see four folks. It’s normal  for any game to fluctuate some so don’t get discouraged and try to remind folks that Dice Masters is in a league of it’s own and can’t be compared to other games. And always be nice about it. Don’t get defensive or angry.

Never give up on demos or promoting! I still do demos for Dice Masters and I’m constantly recruiting to help grow our community. Demos are probably my #1 recruiting method, but not everyone is able to demo on a regular basis. I’m a stay-home-mom that lives ten minutes from my FLGS. The owner calls me, I grab my demo bag and my child, then bustle on down to the shop. Not everyone is as fortunate as we are. There are plenty of other opportunities to get the word out without having to be at the venue. Most places have no issue with folks leaving promotional material for games. You can make pamphlets and leave them at the venue and ask that they give them to anyone that shows interest in the product. You can also leave flyers or pamphlets in other places, like community boards, to find players. I’ve even left flyers about the size of a postcard taped to trash cans. It may seem odd, but those are seen more often than a flyer on a board in a gas station or even a community board.

Foster a Fair and Positive Atmosphere

Always be fair and honest. Research the answer through WIN’s Rules Forum or Facebook groups like Dice Masters Unlimited or Dice Masters Discussions. You can even ask on my Facebook page – Dice Dice Kitty. The Reserve Pool has a Rules Discussion section in their forums as well. There are several places to look for answers.

Fair rulings are just part of it though. In a community, one thing folks love to do is trade. Monitoring trades is a stressful task to take on and I would not suggest doing it. You can inform your players of the different price checking methods. Encouraging trading is not a bad thing, just make it clear that trades are at the risk of those trading. You can always use eBay as a price checking source, but it’s not always the most reliable source. One particular source that I use to price check is They update their prices even if the item is out of stock. Troll and Toad is another source, but I’ve found them to sometimes be overpriced and they don’t always update prices of out of stock items. Whatever source is used, both parties should use the same one. If you’re leading your community, make sure your players know to check the same site when trading and always encourage players to price check cards. If a card increases in price the day after a player trades it to someone, they should not be forced to reverse the trade. Price fluctuations happen and that’s why trading is at your own risk.

Keep the atmosphere positive by defusing situations that may arise. Sometimes players have disputes and disagreements. Don’t take sides in personal arguments and suggest that the players not fight or argue in the play area. Some stores have rules or policies about how to handle situations like that, so always check with the store first. If it’s a rules dispute, you should get the players to calm down by reminding them that it’s just a game and not to be too serious while you’re looking into the ruling. Start a discussion about something else to get folks to move on from the situation.

Social Media

Social Media is the best way to keep in touch with folks. It’s not as personal as a phone number, and it helps everyone stay connected and participate in the conversations. Facebook groups are easy to manage and monitor. You can also schedule events through Facebook and invite players or share the event so that everyone can see it. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media outlets are a great resource for spreading the word about events. Use colorful and inviting pictures on your event pages and make all the information about the event clear and easily visible. If you need to see examples of events, you can find several events on my Dice Dice Kitty Facebook page.

Change of Leadership

If the venue is in charge of the community, this isn’t something you need to be concerned about. If you’re the one leading the community and something happens that makes it to where you can no longer attend Meetups and Tournaments, you should have someone take over for you. The best thing to do is have something set up ahead of time, either with the venue or with a fellow player that’s willing to take on that role. Make sure that your potential replacement knows what they’re signing up for. It’s a lot of work to build and grow a community and it’s not to be taken lightly. Taking up the mantle is not for everyone so you should give someone time to think about it and not expect a response immediately. When you find your replacement, don’t let them do all the work you’ve already done. Give them links to resources, notes, information, or anything else that will help the transition to go smoothly. Once you hand over the reigns, don’t come back and try to micro-manage or take back over, unless that was something agreed upon previously. Leaving a community is hard, but sometimes there aren’t any other options or it’s something that needs to be done. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. Have a plan in place ahead of time to make sure your community doesn’t deteriorate from lack of leadership.

Some communities run themselves but it depends on the community and the players. When a community runs itself, there isn’t a need for leadership. The only thing a community like this needs is someone to run the tournament brackets. Most of the time, the venue will run the tournaments for the community, but they don’t tend to monitor trades or Meetups.

Final Thoughts

Being a community leader for anything, not just games, is almost like a job. It takes time, dedication, and sometimes money. If you’re not up to being a leader for your gaming community for any reason, do not take on that role. You can talk to the venue and try to get them to lead the community instead. Exposing your FLGS to Dice Masters does not mean you need to run all the events and monitor the Meetups. If you want to lead the community, do your homework and go into it prepared. For those that like being in a leadership role, it’s a very rewarding endeavor. I love running events and hosting Meetups for my community. I can’t see myself doing anything else and my FLGS has expressed their gratitude more than just a few times. My FLGS doesn’t have any employees – the owner does all the work himself. I volunteer on Wednesdays to sort all the comic book orders and I also handle everything Dice Masters related. This takes a huge amount of stress off his shoulders. Stores that have employees may be able to handle the community on their own.

Remember that the goal is for everyone to have fun and learn all they can about Dice Masters!

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