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Greetings Fellow Dice and Clix Fans


It is with some sadness that I officially announce the retirement of my Dice Masters Confusing Card of the Week articles as well as almost all Dice Masters and HeroClix content. If Dice Masters has anything related to the Star Trek IP pop up, I’ll definitely cover it. HeroClix is still planning some Star Trek sets, and I’ll be unboxing those and talking about them, but I won’t be filming matches or writing any other general content articles for those two WizKids games.

That’s the short version. Here’s the rest…

Normally when I leave a gaming community, nobody notices and it’s likely that will be the case here too. But I know there are a few folks who actually read my articles and do genuinely care. I wanted to be sure I gave them a chance to hear my reasoning and some of what’s been going on behind the scenes.

When my dear friends from Double Burst announced the retirement of their Dice Masters podcast, I felt that it was time to say what I’d been feeling for a long time. I don’t get excited about Dice Masters anymore. I don’t get excited about HeroClix either, but my presence in that community was minimal.

I’ve been around the gaming industry for a very long time, well over 20 years now, and I’ve played a wide variety of collectible games that have been released since MtG. I’ve been in and around those games when the doors closed on each one. I’ve seen the mistakes of more than a dozen gaming companies and I can say that I feel like WizKids has changed Dice Masters in a way that wasn’t for the best. WizKids has made way too many errors in judgement, regarding Dice Masters, for me to keep investing my time and money into it. I won’t go into the list, because it’s quite extensive. I’m also not bashing them or hating on them for their choices with the game, I’m just saying that I don’t like how they’ve handled Dice Masters and I’m done.

Dice Masters Players

Another reason I feel my time is being wasted in Dice Masters, has to do with certain members of the community. The community as a whole isn’t bad and there are communities that are far worse. I was going to detail some of what transpired, without disclosing the individuals, but I’ve decided not to. It’s a bunch of negativity happened through private messages, so there is no point to spread it or give those individuals any satisfaction of detailing their bad deeds.

I will miss some things, like getting together and rolling dice with friends. But the bitterness I have associated with Dice Masters is not something I want to experience anymore. I likely won’t play the game any longer unless it’s with a particular IP, like the TMNT sets or a Star Trek one if they ever make one. I will miss meeting folks through the game. I’ve met so many amazing people and I’ve had so much fun over the years. I will miss the feeling of family when I see everyone at a WKO or Origins. Board games are great and you can meet friends through board games, but there’s something about the collectible competitive scene that feels different. “We’re friends, family, and comrades, but we’re also competitors. I’ll help you train, but when we face off in a tournament, it’s for real.” That’s what I will miss – that competitive feeling.

Thank you, to all of you that were nice to me. Thank you, to all of you that helped me along the way. Thank you, to all of you that read my articles. Thank you, to all of you that were my friends, my family, and my comrades. If you’re in board games or anything Star Trek related, then this is not a ‘goodbye’, but a ‘see you soon’. If you’re only a Dice Masters player, then this is goodbye and I hope you have positive experiences to remember me by.

Special thanks to the Double Burst crew, Chris and Andy (MOD), and the Dice Coalition (Michaela especially). I know I’ll probably see most of you folks at Origins or other conventions. Roll on, my dice family.

HeroClix Players

My existence in the Clix community was short lived. All I can really say is that once my spoilers stopped coming from WizKids, nobody was interested in my other articles. I have no reason to believe that this would change now. That makes me feel like my opinion on anything related to Clix isn’t worth the time or effort, that the majority of the community only wanted to see the spoilers.

This shouldn’t be a surprise if you read my last HeroClix Figure Spotlight. I announced the end of those articles in that final one.

Thank you, Daniel, Jason, and David. You guys are always awesome. Thanks you, Sam. You were one of the few girls that I could easily get along with in a highly competitive game and I love you to pieces. I still want to play with all of you, but you know me and what I like – Battle Royales or something crazy like my Shirtless Squad!

I’ll still post unboxings for any Star Trek Clix that WizKids puts out, but that’ll be the extent of it. I’ll post Instagram pictures of my teams too, when I play. Live long, and Prob it!


I’m sorry that I couldn’t find the energy and the love for Dice Masters to stick with it until the official end. But for me, the game has died completely – mainly because there is no more collectible competitive scene. If they ever return it to the collectible format, I may come back and revive my articles.

Fear not! Dice Dice Kitty is not going away! My future is full of Star Trek Adventures RPG, Dungeons & Dragons, board games and Star Trek themed games, miniature painting, comic book articles, and many other exciting things! I’m happy to close the book on this chapter of my gaming life and move on. I only wish I’d done it sooner. Spend your time on what you love and what makes you happy, otherwise, it’s being wasted. I hope there is still something of interest for you to read on my site or watch on my channel. If not, then thanks for your support up until now. If you’re still here with me, the adventure will continue!


Greetings Fellow Clix Fans!


I thought this article would be delayed until next week, but it looks like I was able to get it out only two days late. Sorry about the delay!

Welcome to the final installment of my HeroClix Figure Spotlight series! It is with great sadness that I must inform you all that I will no longer be writing this series. It doesn’t appear that there are many (if any) HeroClix players are reading this series. Since WizKids has decided that I’m not longer worthy of spoilers, it seems that most of my HeroClix readers have deserted me. For this final article, I chose one of my favorite pieces to play with, Horta (035) from Star Trek Away Team: The Original Series!


What I Don’t Like

Well, there’s only two things I don’t like about this figure, and one has nothing to do with the figure itself. I wish Poison could get around damage reducers but that’s an actual game mechanic, and has nothing to do with the figure. The only other thing I don’t like, may have been an oversight of some kind. The Horta doesn’t have improved movement through Hindering terrain. I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t have it, but it doesn’t.

What I Like

I love this figure so much, I acquired three of them so I could run a 300 point team of Horta. I love that it can move through blocking terrain and destroy it too. That’s part of it’s special movement ability which also lets the Horta make a close attack if it moves less than five squares and is adjacent to blocking terrain. That special movement also gives it Sidestep, but for it to get the attack, it has to be given a move action. Sidestep is still incredibly useful in getting the Horta closer to their target and still being able to move five squares. Horta has its special movement on all six clicks too!

The Horta has a damage reducer on all six clicks. It starts with Impervious, then decreases to Invulnerability, and finally to Toughness on it’s final click. That last click is also a stop click, which has saved my Horta on more than one occasion.

Horta also have Poison on all six clicks, and Exploit Weakness on all six clicks. That Exploit Weakness comes with four damage on the top two clicks and then three damage on the rest. That’s a nice hit if it lands, which it’s likely with an attack of 10 and 9.

This figure has to be my favorite to use, even more than Rat King!

Favorite Build and Strategy

300 Point Team Build

(100) Mr. Spock (ST:TOS 036)
(100) Horta
(100) Horta

I love using Spock’s Agony Booth to trap a character, then use the Horta to move up and smack their other dudes. That’s the whole concept behind this team – trap a dude, move up and smack something, then poison them next turn.

For a 400 point build, I like to add another Horta or three Orion Females (ST:TOS 024) for their Mind Control.

What do you think of this figure?
Do you have a figure you would use in place of this one?
Leave me a comment here or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty!

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     LLAPLive long, and Prob it!

Greetings Fellow Clix Fans!


Welcome to the next installment of my HeroClix Figure Spotlight series! For this month’s article, I chose a piece that’s sure to get you into the Halloween spirit, Monsterex (022) from the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set!

Monsterex 1

Monsterex Dial

What I Don’t Like

It’s really difficult to find something that I dislike about this piece. If I had to pick one thing I didn’t like, it would be his point value. I think 125 points is 25 points too much, even for this guy with his nine clicks. If he were 100 points, he would probably see more action on 300 point teams. For 125 points, he could have started with one click of Invincible instead of Invulnerability.

What I Like

I like just about everything that this piece has to offer. He has decent enough stats, good generic keywords, a deep dial, and great abilities. Which Monster Dominates? and Which Legend Controls? are probably my favorite special abilities in the entire game. They make him a versatile piece that can adapt to almost any situation you’re in. He has both of those abilities at the same time and they’re on his first four clicks (almost half his dial). Those abilities make him a threatening piece and also make him difficult to deal with.

Werewolf and Vampire are my preferred choices on those two abilities. If he’s got an action token and I want to do something that pushes him, I usually won’t pick Vampire if I don’t need the Flight. I’ll typically go with Frankenstein’s Monster so he gets Indomitable, and won’t take push damage. Frankie is also great if you’re using objects because he gets Super Strength and can pick up heavy objects. Gill Creature comes in handy mostly for Sidestep and Stealth. We were playing on the Wakanda map recently, and I gave him Gill Creature and Vampire to move him deep into the hindering terrain. That made it almost impossible for my opponent to get to him quickly. My opponent had one piece that could reach him, and it was left without support because of the hindering terrain. Monsterex made a meal of it!

He’s got Invulnerability and Toughness for most of his dial, then he gets Regeneration. Damage reducers are always nice to have and if he gets too far down his dial, you can retreat and try to heal him.

He also has Shape Change and four damage on his top two clicks. If he makes his Shape Change roll and he’s hidden deep in the Wakanda jungle, that attacker won’t have anyone else to go after! Four damage is nothing to sneeze at either. Monsterex can easily break off from the pack and take on an opposing piece on his own.

Favorite Build and Strategy

I absolutely love playing this piece on 300 and 400 point Monster theme teams. I don’t usually win map rolls because I only have three and four pieces, respectively, but I love my two Monster Teams.

Team Build
75 points – Batgirl (HQ 037 – Bombshell)
125 points – Monsterex
100 points – Horta (ST:TOS 035)
100 points – Rat King (TMNT2 024)

Batgirl and Monsterex are always the base of my Monster teams. For my 300 point build, the Horta and Rat King are easily interchangeable. The one I use is dependent on the type of event and the experience level of the players at the event. I usually put Rat King back in the box if there are newer players. He can be a bit of a pain to deal with and not very much fun for inexperienced players to play against. Horta is a great piece, but not overpowered or near as much of a nuisance as Rat King.

For 400 points, I use all four pieces. Each piece can usually handle themselves and that’s why I love my Monster team so much. Rat King has Perplex and Probability Control, so I try to keep him in range of everyone – or a majority of the team. But the team can survive just fine if they need to, without his Perplex and Prob.

What do you think of this figure?
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Greetings Fellow Clix Fans!


Welcome to the next installment of my HeroClix Figure Spotlight series! For this month’s article, I chose a piece from one of my favorite sets, Andorian (TREK:TOS 013) from the Star Trek Away Team: The Original Series set!

Find all the rules you need on this page, here. Here is direct link to the current (at time of writing) PAC, here.

What I Don’t Like

I like to start with the negative and finish with the positive!

There isn’t a lot that I don’t like about this piece, but there are a few things I would rather have seen on his card. He’s got four clicks for 35 points, which isn’t horrible, but as a filler piece, there are much better pieces for 35 points or less. I would rather his points been 30 points or maybe 40 points with a fifth click. He’s a tad squishy with only four clicks, even in casual settings. I think he should have had a trait with Toughness, Combat Reflexes on all clicks, and possibly a 10 attack on all four clicks. That might have made him worth the 35 points and four clicks. But then again, he is just a common piece.

What I Like

There are a lot of things I like about this guy. I love Charge – or any move plus attack power. He’s also got Close Combat Expert on all four clicks, which you can’t use with Charge, but it’s excellent for the turns following a Charge. He’s a versatile attacker because he starts off with Ranged Combat Expert and Close Combat Expert. If the opposing pieces have Combat Reflexes, I use his Ranged Combat Expert for attacking those pieces. If those pieces have Energy Shield Deflection then I move him in for Close Combat Expert attacks.

He’s got Toughness on his first two clicks and Combat Reflexes on his last two. I like both abilities and if you play this piece effectively, you can get good use of them. You have to be very careful with how you position this piece because he is still squishy, even with Toughness. But he can be a great piece for inflicting that little bit of extra damage you need to KO a dude or soften up a piece for an attack from your bigger pieces.

He has the Warrior keyword and that could help him find a spot on a Warrior theme team. Since it’s a generic keyword, you won’t get the benefit of Theme Team Probability Control, but you will get the bonus to initiative. This is a good filler piece for casual games of all varieties, but I don’t think he’s got what it takes to see competitive play. He’s a little too costly and too squishy for the competitive scene. I still love him on my Star Trek teams though!

What do you think of this figure?
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Greetings Fellow Gaming and Star Trek Fans!



I hope that you found my site because of your love of gaming, Star Trek, and/or comics! I play a lot of board games, Star Trek: Attack Wing, and roleplaying games. I love Star Trek, most science fiction, and almost anything space related. I started this blog for Dice Masters related content and have since expanded into everything that I love. I write a variety of articles, so be sure to subscribe to keep up with the various articles so you don’t miss something you’re interested in.

The first thing you’ll find in this article is a list of links for my various social media pages and Facebook groups, as well as a section of links for folks that sell a variety of gaming accessories. Below the links, you’ll find the About Me and My Blog, Basic Rules, Contacting Me, and my Closing sections.

Dice Dice Kitty Links

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Sellers of Nifty Accessories

What fun are games without a little customization? These are folks that I have ordered accessories from and have reviews up for their products. Most of these were accessories for Dice Masters, but many of these sellers have the ability to produce a variety of items for various games.

The 3D Geekery
They have a lots of 3D printed goodies for Board Games and Dice Masters! They even do custom orders that are non-game related. Check them out! Their Dice Masters storage units are amazing! You can also type in and it will take you straight to their Facebook page.
Litko Game Accessories
Dice towers and tokens galore!
Turn One Gaming Supplies
Seller of awesome sleeves and if you want a Roll Master Mat, they have them.
PlaymatMasters on Etsy
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Inked Gaming
Have a playmat design but need it printed? This is who I use.

About Me and My Blog

The first time I ever did a public ‘article’ was on July 18, 2015 in our local Dice Masters group on Facebook about Captain Cold: Leonard Wynters. I wrote several articles in that group but it didn’t take long for me to realize that a Facebook group wasn’t the best place for publishing articles. I dug up an old WordPress site I’d started and hadn’t done anything with and began transferring my previous articles. My Dice Dice Kitty persona was born at that moment on November 8, 2015 and has spread to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

My blog used to be primarily about Dice Masters, but I’ve grown it to include Board Games, comics, Star Trek: Attack Wing, and even occasional recaps of our roleplaying sessions. I’m also a huge fan of My Little Pony and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so you’ll see I use lots of screen shots from those IPs for article pictures and other various things. I also attend conventions when I can and do coverage for those on my Facebook and Twitter.

I like to do a variety of reviews and unboxings and I hope folks find those helpful and informational. When it comes to my reviews, I do not play favorites with companies and I always give my honest opinion. My opinion is not fact, of course, but it is at least another perspective to take into consideration when it comes to products that folks want to spend their hard earned money on. I encourage everyone to seek out multiple reviews for a product so that they have as much information and perspective as possible!

I also try to do interviews with celebrity guests, vendors, and attendees at conventions. I do not discuss politics or political positions in those interviews and I try to avoid religious topics as well. I look at it this way – If I’m watching an interview about a celebrity or anyone else, I want to hear cool behind the scenes stuff or how they feel about the character they portrayed, not current world topics. There is plenty of coverage for that – elsewhere.

My audience has changed over the years and I’ve begun to move away from regularly published articles. I focus more on live streams from events and various videos.

Here are some of the types of content you’ll find:
~ Comic Box Recap – Typically weekly, whenever I finish reading the comics in my subscription box. These posts contain direct links to that week’s video.
~ Board Game Review – Component and game play reviews – no set publish date.
~ Comic Order Unboxings – Weekly, unless there is a delay. Delays happen but are not common. You can find the videos on my YouTube.

Cancelled Article Series
~ HeroClix Figure Spotlight – Cancelled due to low views.
~ Dice Masters Confusing Card of the Week – The fate of this series is currently being decided.
~ Star Trek Adventures Session Recap – Kage Hoshi Division recaps were published after our sessions, and we tried to play at least once a month. Due to scheduling conflicts among the players, we have not been able to maintain a regular play schedule and I have since postponed our sessions.

Basic Rules

I keep my private life out of my blog, so you won’t see articles about politics or religion. This is not the place for it, so I do not allow any political or religious related content – regardless of any good intentions. These types of statements will be removed without warning.

I do not approve of anything obscene, vulgar, or offensive being posted in comments on any of the sites I host from. These type of statements will be removed without warning.

I don’t like folks being mean to each other. There is enough cruelty in the world and I don’t want it on any of my content. Please, express your negativity in a more constructive way and don’t direct it at anyone.

Bottom line – be nice and friendly. There is enough hate in the world and I want folks to feel like they can safely explore my sites without fear of being exposed to current world issues. I don’t believe in the absolute censoring of folks, but there are platforms available for that discussion and this is not that platform.

Contacting Me

While I have folks from the community on my private Facebook page, I do not share my private social media pages with everyone. I have a Facebook page (Kitty Masters) that I use to share my content on Facebook. If you message Kitty Masters, you will not get a response. You can contact me through email at or on my official blog Facebook page, here.


I hope that you find at least one thing you enjoy or that is of interest to you in my content. I’m so thankful that you visited my site and I appreciate all the likes, followers, and subscribers for taking that extra step and hitting those buttons. The bigger my sites get, the better variety of content I can provide!

If you’re looking for my previous sticky post with all the Dice Masters links, you can find it here.

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Boldly Go!

Greetings Fellow Clix Fans!


Welcome to the next installment of my HeroClix Figure Spotlight series! For this month’s article, I chose a version of one of my newest favorite comic characters, Orion Female (024) from Star Trek Away Team: The Original Series!


What I Don’t Like

I like to start with the things I don’t like and finish with the things I do like. I don’t like the Orion’s movement speed. I don’t think it would have been too much trouble to bump her up to a seven or an eight on movement. Many times, that one or two extra squares makes a difference for me, especially since she only has a range of four for her second trait, Secret Dreams of a Bored Ship Captain.

I don’t like that she’s so squishy. She’s got Combat Reflexes, giving her an 18 defense in close combat – but at range, she gets blown up really easy. I feel like a “Super Senses against ranged combat attacks” type of ability wouldn’t have been too overpowered, and it would still have been thematic. Orion females are usually portrayed as dancers and dancers are very light on their feet. I’d imagine a dancer would have the ability to potentially avoid a ranged attack. She just needs a little something more on her defense to make her stand out.

She only has one generic keyword – Assassin. I haven’t looked into Golden Age stuff, but all the Assassin pieces I have don’t work well together. I don’t like how difficult it is to work her onto a theme team. I really wish they would have added other generic keywords for this set, since they plan to expand into other Star Trek sets, it would have made sense.

What I Like

I absolutely love the two traits the Orions have. It’s very thematic for an Orion to have to ‘seduce’ their target first before they can manipulate them. I kinda wish the Seduction tokens gave attackers a -1 against attacking an Orion, but the tokens are still very useful against teams with more than one opposing character. The Seduction tokens stack for each one on the target as well, so if you have three Orions and they all put a Seduction token on the target, the target has a -3 to their defense against the Orions’ Mind Control attacks. That could be absolutely devastating if you Mind Control one of their heavy hitters and use it to take out their support pieces. I love using Mind Control and I fell in love with this piece. I like how much easier it is for two or more of these pieces to gain control over a piece. A team using multiples is a lot of fun and it’s also thematic because you typically see multiple Orion females together.

Aside from the Mind Control, I like that they have Combat Reflexes on all four clicks. They kind of need it if they’re going to be within charging range of opposing pieces. But it also useful if you want to try and tie up other pieces so they have to breakaway. It’s not a huge boost, but an extra two points to their defense does more than you’d think!

I also like that they have Sidestep. It gives them two squares of movement for free and they have Sidestep on all four clicks. Sidestep is invaluable if you need to move a piece into position and attempt to Mind Control on the same turn.

I don’t have any complaints about their attack values. If you take into account the negatives that a target has from the Seduction tokens, it’s almost like the Orions have 11, 12, or 13 attack on their top click. That’s likely going to Mind Control any piece you play against in casual, and quite a few in a more competitive atmosphere too.

Favorite Build and Strategy

I’ve used the Orions on several different team builds and I can’t say that I have a favorite. One of my favorite pieces to use with one or more Orions is (XXS 007B) Moira MacTaggart. She allows friendly adjacent characters that use Mind Control to target three pieces. She also has Perplex, so she can increase one of the Orions’ defense. When I use Moira with two or more Orions, I spread out their Seduction tokens as much as possible and I keep Moira adjacent to as many Orions as possible. If I can’t spread the tokens, I focus on one character at a time. I typically go for the biggest character on my opponent’s team and have it take out their support or smaller attackers.

Other than Moira, I like to use heavy attacking pieces to go after the opposing heavy attackers and as clean up pieces. Even though I’m using my opponents pieces to go after their other pieces, I still do what I can to get damage on those pieces. Ignoring any attacker is a bad idea. Your opponent can turn that attacker on your Orions and demolish them!

If you find yourself facing a team of Orions, it’s best to send the smaller attackers after them, and preferably ranged attackers. Orions are weak to ranged attacks and don’t have any evade powers or damage reducers. Try to keep your more appealing targets out of their range. Keeping them at a distance and range attacking them is the best way to deal with those gorgeous green women!

What do you think of this figure?
Do you have a figure you would use in place of this one?
Is there a figure you would like me to Spotlight?
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     LLAPLive long, and Prob it!

Greetings Fellow Clix Fans!


I recently played in my first HeroClix WKO. I had the pleasure of playing in Owensboro, Kentucky at my home away from home, Big Bang Toys – Comics – Games. I always enjoy visiting this venue because the employees are always nice and as helpful as they can be, the play space is more than adequate for multiple events, and the venue is always clean and well stocked on toiletry supplies. You’d be surprised how many places I’ve visited for large events, and the venue has run out of toilet paper…

I’ve made many friends at this venue and they are the most important reason that a three and half hour drive is more than worth it.

I prefer to play casual events, because I’m able to play the pieces I want to play without worrying about the new competitive hotness. So, I’m not a competitive player by any stretch of the imagination. I prefer to spend my time as a judge, but I promised a dear friend of mine that I would play in the WKO.

I had no intention of playing a competitive team build, and I didn’t. I played a team that was built around an idea given to me by my friend, Sam Powell, the same dear friend that I made the promise to.

At Origins, she told me about a strategy using Pip the Troll and chase Kirk, where you use Pip to carry Kirk up to opposing pieces and then he makes his free Close Combat Expert attack that same turn. Sounded like some fun shenanigans to me! It was an idea that used a Star Trek piece and I knew I could build a fun team around it. Chase Sulu immediately popped into my head because he has a free attack like Kirk, but it’s Blades/Claws/Fangs. My team was born. All I needed to do was fill out the rest of the 160 points. I wanted to use the Mighty Thor starter Hulk, on his 100 point line, because that piece has become a favorite of mine. I love his Quake at no cost after he moves. After setting those four pieces out on the table, I noticed they all had one really important thing in common… they were all shirtless. I new what I had to do next – find 60 points in shirtless dudes! One of my favorite Donatello pieces is 60 points, so I put him on the team and was super proud of my Shirtless Squad! When Sam and Daniel convinced me to play in the Owensboro WKO, I realized that my Donatello was Golden Age… so I needed a 60 point Modern Age replacement. They were going to let me use Mangog and Surtur, but I really didn’t want to play competitive pieces – because I’m a casual player. So I went on the hunt for a replacement. I stumbled across a 60 point, shirtless, Pizza Face and knew I found my piece.

The Friday before the WKO, I went to Jo-Ann’s and found pizza buttons, drew angry faces on them, and then glued them to poker chips to use as my Living Pizza bystanders. I filled out my team sheet and packed my stuff up, ready to trek to Ownesboro the next morning. I did not go into this WKO with any delusions of winning. I went into this event with two goals: earn points in at least one game (that weren’t ID cards), and have fun!

My Team
WKTP17-002 Pizza Face

AI008 Pip The Troll


TREKOS049 Captain Kirk


TREKOS050 Lt. Sulu


TMT106 Hulk

Total = 300
WKO team
Maps and Objects

~ Harley’s Apartment
~ Wakanda
~ Underground Cavern (I call it the Horta Caves because that’s what it is in the show.)

~ One Heavy Object
~ Two Light Objects

Round One – Sam Powell

I got to play my first competitive event match with Sam – and this was the first time we have ever played against each other. Talk about excited!!! I couldn’t wait to play and show her my team. She was playing her SamCap/Overdrive/Starfox team, which is pretty cool to see in action. I got six Living Pizza bystanders because she had six figures in her starting area. She seemed concerned about the threat of the flying angry pizzas, and I didn’t fully understand it until it was too late. I totally underestimated my angry pizzas.

I won map roll and we went to the Horta Caves. I started by taking Kirk and Sulu and hiding them behind some blocking with Pip – about half way across the map. I did some Sidestepping with Pizza Face and he carried a tiny pizza dude with him. Hulk moved and carried a pizza with him. I moved a living pizza and ended my turn. Sam popped Overdrive, perplexed several defenses, and positioned for the next turn.

She had pumped up Mangog’s defense and that made me change my strategy because I was going to go after him, but with a super high defense and no Perplex or Prob on my team, I wasn’t going hit him. I decided to push Pip and carry Kirk and Sulu into her starting area to go after Starfox. Starfox rolled out of both Kirk and Sulu’s free attacks with his Super Senses. I knew I was done for at that point. My heavy hitters were in the worst spot they could possibly be in – right next to Starfox and Mangog. Pip was pushed so he wasn’t doing anything next turn. Kirk and Sulu got a series of attacks on their next turn, but none landed due to Super Senses.

Kirk was taken out easily and it seemed like it all went downhill for me after that. I tried my best to recover, but I had realized my mistake from my first turn and knew there was no coming back from it. I should have carried Pizza dudes – not Kirk and Sulu. Her team had little to no damage reducers on most of the pieces and with Plasticity and Poison, I could have done some damage. But it was far too late now. Hulk tried to take out Mangog with an 11 attack against his 19 defense, and missed his attack by one point. Mangog retaliated and Hulk (who was previously damaged in the game) was gone.

At this point in the game, all I wanted to do was score non-ID points. I moved a pizza adjacent to Starfox and moved Pip near Moira so I could drop Sulu next to her and *hopefully* Blades her to death. Sulu free attacked – and rolled a six on Blades! I know… taking out a Moira is nothing to write home about, but it was more than enough for me because I accomplished a goal of mine! I scored non-ID points!

There was a moment that one of my little pizza dudes was able to let his pepperoni fly! Starfox attacked the one I had just moved up next to him. Starfox needed to roll anything but a critical miss to smack the poor little pizza dude into oblivion. Starfox rolled a critical miss… Pepperoni Barrel Roll!!!

It didn’t take Sam long to clean up what was left of my team and it earned her a victory for round one – but I achieved what I believed was going to be my hardest goal of the day – I scored points! Sam and I had a lot of fun playing, and I’d love to play more games with her in the future. We had a lot of fun in Battle Royales at the end of the night too.

Record: 0-1-0
(36 points)

Round Two – Chris Milligan

If you’ve ever listened to Sam and the other ladies on the Clixed Off podcast, then you know Sam does not like Goblin King. Since I had never really played competitive events, I didn’t understand just how frustrating and non-fun this piece is to play against. Chris was playing Goblin King with Loki’s Staff. This entire match was a load of misses by my dudes, and a bunch of picking powers that would drag out the match by my opponent. He eventually started picking powers to speed up the game. There isn’t anything else to report.

Warning – Incoming Griping

I don’t complain often about matches, but this can’t be helped. This was literally the only time I didn’t have fun – all day.

With that said, I’m going to really offend and piss some folks off with this, but let me make this clear – I don’t care. If you’re gonna play this type of team, you have no right to get offended or butt-hurt when someone gets frustrated or upset over having to play against you and your team.

I don’t give up – ever. I will still fight and try to do something, even if it’s just one click of damage. Giving up is ridiculous. I guess that’s the Klingon in me. Choose your enemies and your battles wisely. If the choice is not yours, and victory can not be achieved, don’t just lie down and die – fight to the end until you see the gates of Stovokor. That’s the honorable way to do battle. There is nothing honorable about Goblin King. If you want cheap and shallow victories, he’s for you. And this is why I’m not a competitive player. If I don’t earn my victory – it means nothing.

As for my opponent, I don’t blast folks openly in my blog and this time is no different. But I will admit that the DDK most of you know, was not the same DDK during this match. I was mean, harsh, and nasty. I won’t apologize for it either. Just know that when I tell you I’m a casual player with a casual team – I’m not joking. Don’t come at me with competitive trash talk and a competitive attitude. I’m there to have fun, so be cool and have fun with me.

Record: 0-2-0
(36 points)

Round Three – Jacob Carlisle

So, my next round opponent had been sitting next to me in the previous round and saw the train wreck that was my round two match. I don’t think he was scared of my attitude or anything, but he was definitely not as open to conversation as most folks would be when they’re sitting down and about to play. That’s my fault though, because I let my attitude get out of hand in round two. Jacob was playing Unimind with a Wolverine ID card. I think he had the Symbiote on his team too, but I don’t remember. I won map roll and we went to Harley’s Apartment.

This game was much more fun that round two. I don’t mind single figure teams, and I don’t mind pick-a-power dudes – so long as it’s not Goblin King. Unimind is a figure that I’ve played against before and it wasn’t just a slogfest of misses. If I remember correctly, I think I actually hit Unimind and did at least one click of damage. That’s all I was trying to do against Unimind. There were bad rolls on both sides, but we still had fun playing. My team tried its best, but for these types of opponents, I only get one Living Pizza and those don’t do much against dudes with the shiny damage reducers. Kirk and Sulu tried their hardest and so did Hulk. It didn’t take my opponent long to realize that he could drop Power Cosmic for his super Perplex and not worry about being blasted really hard. I didn’t have an Outwit on my team, and Unimind loves teams without Outwit.

Jacob was a fairly newer player and was an overall friendly person once he realized I wasn’t the big mean nasty he had previously observed. I hope to see him at future events and maybe get to play against him again.

Record: 0-3-0
(36 points)

Round Four – Jeremy Stallings

This match almost didn’t happen. He was going to concede to me and let me have the win, but I talked him into playing the game out. He was playing two SamCaps, Overdrive, Shifting Focus Doctor Strange, Power Woman, and some IDs. I think he had Moira too, but I can’t remember. Admittedly, I didn’t even notice Power Woman until near the end of the match because she was on her special click that gave him an additional action.

I was excited to play this round with Jeremy because he had what looked like a fun team to play against. I love Shifting Focus Doctor Strange and I knew I could get in trouble if I wasn’t careful around him. I won map roll and we went to the Horta Caves. I started with six Living Pizza bystanders and Pip carried two of them half way across the map. Hulk and Pizza Face carried one each. His Boxing Ring was in the center of the map and he rushed up with Overdrive and Doctor Strange carrying the SamCaps. I knew they were coming for me! He dropped several ID characters on me: Wolverine, Chamber, and Brood X are the ones I remember. Wolverine tore up my guys because they were all on my side of the map.

I didn’t waste any time and played true to my aggressive play style. I started maneuvering my pizzas, much to Jeremy’s dismay. He knew they had Plasticity and Poison, but he didn’t realize they flew until they flew across the Boxing Ring. I based several of his characters and went straight for his taxis with my other dudes. He failed his breakaway rolls and that left his SamCaps vulnerable to Poison pizza.

He tried to get away from the pizzas, even taking a few out, but in the end, they were swarming him. I wanted to go after his last SamCap, but then I noticed Power Woman. He told me she gave him an additional action, but I didn’t realize she was actually on the map. That was my fault for not asking more questions. I learned that she would come in once he other pieces were gone. I didn’t know how many clicks she would have and I didn’t know what her powers would be – I’d never seen her dial. I took a chance and took out the last SamCap.

Power Woman was activated. I had Pip the Troll and three or four pizzas left. I was certain defeat was on the way. Power Woman came out with a vengeance and headed for the Boxing Ring and squishing a pizza along the way. I decided to fight to the bitter end, because I don’t give up! I ran my angry pizza bystanders into the Boxing Ring and based Power Woman, knowing I had to critically hit to deal any damage because she wasn’t going to take damage from Poison. Pip was sneaking up behind her, but before he had a chance to get there, one of my Living Pizzas critically hit Power Woman! Jeremy revealed that she only had the one click, meaning I took out his team! I was in disbelief!

We had such a fun game. We were trying to out-maneuver each other and it truly felt like we were playing the game the way it was meant to be played – the fun way! It was anyone’s game. All he needed to do was take out Pip and he’d have won. My Living Pizzas are zero point bystanders so if my other dudes are all gone… the flying pizzas become flightless piles of goo and I lose. This was an epic match and we were both happy that we played it out!

Record: 1-2-0
(36 + 260 = 296 points total for the day)


Overall, I had a great experience for my first HeroClix competitive event. I achieved both goals I had set for myself, and achieved a bonus goal by actually winning a match. I went into this event with a team like my Shirtless Squad, to prove to all the players out there that you can play casual teams in competitive events and still have fun – win or not. It’s all about your mindset. I didn’t have delusions about my team’s ability to perform in a competitive atmosphere. I understood the consequences of going into an event like this without Perplex, Prob, or Outwit on my team. Most of my opponents liked my unique and fun approach and I received lots of compliments on my angry pizza dudes. They were fun to make and even more fun to see moving across the map in an angry horde.

It was special day for me because I got to play against two friends that I had never played against – even in Battle Royales. Sam and I played several BRs once Top 8 started. We had loads of fun in that too and even got to pick at each other a bit too. Sorry, Sam! It was just too tempting to send my Joker and Ivy after you! It was all in good fun though, and fun was had by all in the BRs. I even got to play a game of Junk Orbit while I was there.

Big Bang is also a treasure trove of toys, comics, and games. I can’t go to Big Bang without finding something that I’ve been looking for. Thank you to Big Bang for hosting! Thank you to Daniel for judging – it’s a thankless job most of the time but judges deserve some love too! Thanks to everyone that chatted with me and I hope to see everyone again soon!

Have you played in a competitive event like a WKO?
Would you play a crazy team like the Shirtless Squad in a WKO?
Leave me a comment here or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty!

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     LLAPLive long, and Prob it!

Greetings Fellow Clix Fans!


Welcome to the next installment of my HeroClix Figure Spotlight series! For this month’s article, I chose a WizKids Exclusive piece, Pizza Face (TP17-002)!

At the time of writing, WizKids hadn’t updated the new PAC or Rules to reflect the minor changes yet. Keep an eye on this page, here, for updates. Here is direct link to the current (at time of writing) PAC, here.

Pizza Face TP17-002
What I Don’t Like

I like to start with the negative and finish with the positive!

Pizza Face only has one (non-generic) keyword – TMNT Villain. That means, he’s not going to be on many theme teams. Sometimes, I feel like casual players focus more on theme teams being a necessity than competitive players do. I have a hard time trying to convince my locals that they can build a team without it being a theme team. I like multiple keywords on characters, even if they’re just generic. I’m not sure giving him the Monster keyword would have broken anything.

I also wish he had a way to carry several of his Living Pizza bystanders at once or they should have had a better speed at least. They’re really hard to position and their actions count towards your action total because they do not have Autonomous.

  “Autonomous: This character’s costed actions don’t count for your action total.”

This is a fairly new addition to the combat symbols and only replaces the text on the bystanders, cleaning up the bystander tokens a bit. You can find this rules change, here. I like Autonomous, just wish they had it!

Another thing I don’t like about Pizza Face is that his defense powers feel a little lacking. I would have willingly sacrificed his Willpower and Energy Shield Deflection for Invulnerability or a special power Toughness that added Willpower. Aside from his defense powers feeling a little weak, his defense itself is definitely lacking. He gets hit often and he gets hit hard.

I’m not a fan of the printed 2 damage throughout his entire dial. I don’t mind it on his Exploit Weakness clicks, but for click five and six, they could have bumped that damage to a 3…

What I Like

While there are things I dislike, there are lots of things I do like. Let’s start with the Living Pizza bystanders. I don’t mind them being limited to the number of my opponent’s non-bystander pieces. I love having an army of free bystanders to annoy my opponent with while I get the rest of my team in place. They take a little finessing to get them into place while maneuvering your other pieces too. I’ve used their Support on several occasions to great success, as well as their Plasticity and Poison. I also like that they fly, so they can get over all that hindering and elevated terrain to get to my opponent’s dudes. Overall, I like the Living Pizza bystanders, even if they get squashed from a single point of damage.

Pizza Face has lots of useful powers. I like his Mind Control power because it grants me a range of 8 when he uses it. You can increase his attack by +3 too, at the cost of the mind controlled piece getting to heal a click. Not a big deal when he’s going after pieces that haven’t taken damage yet. There is an exclusive Bebop and Rocksteady (TP17-003) piece that allows a friendly piece that shares a keyword with them to Mind Control them and it’s fun to use with Pizza Face. Pizza Face has Sidestep on his first and last click, but I wish he had it with his special Mind Control power too. It’s still a really useful power to have when the game starts and also when you’re trying to maneuver Pizza Face while he’s on that last click.

Pizza Face clicks into Steal Energy for his attack power on click three. I love when pieces have Steal Energy earlier as opposed to later in their dials. This is a favorable spot for a piece to have it, for me at least. And while he has Steal Energy on click three and four, he also has Exploit Weakness to help ensure his target takes damage if he hits them, which allows him to heal back up a little.

For his defenses, he has Willpower on his first two clicks, which is also useful in the early turns of the game. He can do something two turns in a row without taking push damage and before having to clear action tokens. This gives you an opportunity to position him for a potential Mind Control attack. You need to get him on click two for Mind Control, but you could choose to push him once instead of letting Willpower reduce the push damage. Once he can use Mind Control, you can use your opponent’s pieces to smack their own dudes.

Favorite Build

I’ve played with Pizza Face on several different teams. One of my favorite 400 point builds for TMNT Villain theme teams is only 390 points. It leaves room for ID cards or terrain.

(60) Pizza Face (WKTP17-002)
(125) Bebop and Rocksteady (WKTP17-003)
(80) Shredder (TMNT 021)
(125) Monsterex (TMNT 022)
(390 – Total)

If I’m building for a 300 point game, I take off Shredder and Bebop and Rocksteady to add Rat King and one of the new 15 point Foot Soldiers. The Foot Soldier choice varies based on my mood for that day.

(60) Pizza Face (WKTP17-002)
(125) Monsterex (TMNT 022)
Rat King (TMNT2 024)
Foot Soldier (TMNT4 – either 007, 008, 012, or 013)
(300 – Total)

Most of the time, I use him on a TMNT Villains theme team, but I’ve used him on various other builds as well. I’m actually playing him at the Owensboro WKO on July 28, 2018. For the WKO, I’m running a 300 point team without theme team.

(60) Pizza Face (WKTP17-002)
(40) Pip the Troll (AI 008)
Hulk (TMT 106 – Starter)
Captain Kirk (TREKOS 049)
Lt. Sulu (TREKOS 050)
(300 – Total)

This is my own personal theme team, called the Shirtless Squad! Pizza Face was not originally on the team, but my Donatello that I was using had rotated out of Modern Age in June, so I needed a replacement. The requirements were – no shirt and 60 points or less so the piece would fit. Pizza Face fit perfectly and in practicing this team, I found that I like him better than Donatello (TMNT 027). I’ll save Donnie for the Turtle Teams.

I hope to have a tournament report written up for the WKO, so be watching for it in the next few days! I even made my own Living Pizza bystanders, just in time for the WKO!

Livign Pizza Bystanders.png

What do you think of this figure?
Do you have a figure you would use in place of this one?
Is there a figure you would like me to Spotlight?
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… will come to those that wait!
In the Board Game area of articles…

So, I’m a little behind on posting my Pandemic and Shark Island reviews for the board game review articles. I’m working on making some changes to my articles formats for those type of reviews. Please hang in there! I can’t wait to get this new style of review article going and I hope it’s more fun for the readers/viewers. I don’t want to give any of the details away, not yet. I just wanted everyone to know that they’re coming, just a little behind.

In the HeroClix area of articles…

Nothing much is changing here, just a few formatting things. I write a monthly article series called HeroClix Figure Spotlight and it showcases my favorite casual pieces. This series is most likely not going to appeal to the strictly competitive player, but I’m not a competitive player. I prefer to judge and play casually. That means this article series is fine the way it is, but because of the ridiculously busy July schedule for Clix, I’m a little behind on this month’s article. Don’t worry – it’s on the way!

In the Dice Masters area of articles…

This bit makes me a little sad. I have several issues with WizKids right now, and this isn’t the time or place to vent them, but I will tell you all this much – At Origins this year, the HeroClix folks had pleasant experiences with some of the folks higher in the WizKids food chain. I on the other hand, did not. I was treated as a nuisance and given the brush off. That experience left me a little sour towards the upper management of WizKids. The people I was told to speak with, were amazing though. Jimmy, Scott, Kenny, Gene, Chris, Jeremiah, Jay, and the guy running the booth in the gaming hall (sorry! I forgot your name! I feel awful!) – all super great folks. They answered any questions I had, that they could answer. Thank you guys, for being awesome!

But, back to the topic at hand. WizKids has delayed Dice Masters product for so long, I haven’t really had much to write about except my Confusing Card of the Week series… and even that’s getting to the point that it’s difficult to find card abilities that haven’t been covered already. I’m seriously displeased with WizKids’s mishandling of Dice Masters, and I’m afraid the situation won’t get any better. We’re about to have a flood of fixed product on August 1, 2018 (next Wednesday), and I’ll be writing my review articles and doing unboxing videos for those items.


With the decrease in product releases, and the product all being fixed now, I can’t keep writing weekly CCW articles. I’ll run out of cards to cover unless I do heavy repetition of abilities or abilities that are too similar. I am forced to change the release of my articles to monthly articles instead of weekly. You can all thank WizKids for this. I won’t be changing the name of my CCW articles and I will continue with the same numbering. I hope that WizKids gets their rear in gear, but I highly doubt it. If and when the end of life occurs for Dice Masters, I will inevitably discontinue my Dice Masters content. Until that day comes, I will still be here to answer your Dice Masters questions and continue my unboxings, reviews, and CCW articles for this most amazing game that I love dearly.

My CCW articles will be published on the last Wednesday of every month.

In the area of new articles…

I had already expanded into HeroClix and Board Games long before I thought I’d have to decrease the frequency of my CCW articles. But, I’ve had ideas for other articles that I haven’t had the time to work on. Now that I don’t have to focus so much on CCW articles, I can expand my content coverage into these other areas. We have homebrew Dungeons and Dragons campaigns that are currently running, and a Star Trek Adventures campaign in the works that I would like to write about. I’m also considering Star Trek: Attack Wing articles – even though WizKids treats that game as terribly as it does Dice Masters. I still love that game as well, but I never considered content for it because there were already so many sites out there. Now, many of those sites have either gone completely quiet or have been forced to decrease their content for one reason or another. But with my first love being Star Trek, it seems an obvious move in the right direction.

Of course, none of these articles are set in stone yet. I have to see how I want to handle the articles and when I can slate time for them. We’re also thinking about a potential podcast, possibly in the next year or so. The topics will be primarily gaming and Star Trek, with some other random topics thrown in.

I’ve got lots of plans and need time to restructure and fit things in. I will continue current content and add things in as I get them how I want them.

Current Regular Content

~ HeroClix Figure Spotlight – Monthly; Second Wednesday
~ Dice Masters Confusing Card of the Week – Monthly; Last Wednesday
~ Board Game Reviews – Every other week

Weekly Videos

Comic Unboxing – Every Tuesday

Possible Future Content

Remember, this is only possible future content. These topics are being considered and not definite yet.

~ Star Trek RPG related articles
~ Dungeons and Dragons RPG related articles
~ Star Trek Attack Wing content (articles and/or videos)
~ Varying content about Star Trek related topics
~ Comic Book related content (primarily about my current subscriptions)

Is there something you’d like to see more of?
Have a board game suggestion?
Be sure to leave me a comment here or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty, and thanks for reading!

Board out, game on!