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Greetings Fellow Comic Fans!


In my Comic Box Recap article series, I want to talk about each of the comics that I read from my subscriptions that week. I don’t always read all the comics I order, because I’m only collecting some of them. Others are ones I may have started reading, but lost interest in but I still order them. You never know when you may want to go back and revisit a series at a later date.

Last week, for October 31, I didn’t have an article because I didn’t have any books to recap! But we have plenty to look at this week.

Do not read any further if you are trying to avoid SPOILERS!
Death of the Inhumans #5

What a roller coaster of emotions. I guess the only Inhumans left are Black Bolt, Medusa, Gorgon, Karnak, Crystal, and Lockjaw? What about Ms. Marvel? To my understanding, she’s an Inhuman. And what about Captain Marvel who is a Human/Kree hybrid? I have so many questions still… I get that they were turning Inhumans into the Vox things, but why do they all look identical? Did they alter the physiology of each Inhuman to be identical to Vox? Some may think it’s silly to wonder about that and tell me – ‘It’s a comic book. No explanation needed.’ But I need to know. What about the rest of the Kree, the ones that weren’t in that location? I want to know what’s going to happen!

I’m happy that Lockjaw and Crystal were saved, kind of. Hopefully Karnak can restore them and reverse what the Kree did to them. I really want to see Medusa and Black Bolt rebuild the Inhumans. I’m very happy they weren’t all destroyed like I thought they would be. Overall, I feel satisfied with the ending. Just because I have questions, doesn’t mean the book wasn’t good – it did its job! The series was entertaining to read and thought provoking. It leaves me wanting more, but if I don’t get it, I won’t be too disappointed.

Doctor Strange #7

First off, I loved the dynamic between Bats and Strange, but I love the friendship that’s forming between Bats and Kanna even more! Those two are perfect buddies for each other, especially when Strange leaves to go deal with something or someone. I also really like Kanna as a character and I’m so happy we’re getting to see more of her backstory. And I’m sure, if you’re a Strange fan, you know romances never really work out for him. If Kanna ever tells Strange how she feels, I hope she doesn’t get hurt – emotionally or physically. I would love to see Strange finally end up with someone who loves and appreciates him, and I would squee with joy if these two have a working romance.

This particular issue was one I definitely enjoyed reading. I still didn’t know who Casey Kinmont was and had to go dig around on the internet to figure it out. I honestly don’t remember her and it’s probably because I only read that particular limited series once and I don’t remember any of it. What I do know is that someone is manipulating her and she’s probably doing all this stuff in an attempt to keep Strange safe. It looks like Baron Mordo was behind the shenanigans all along. Casey keeps repeating, “I’m the price!”, just before Mordo makes his rather dramatic appearance. I believe she’s trying to tell Strange something but can’t because there’s probably some spell on her making her say ‘I’m the price!’ instead of her intended words.

I really want to know what’s going on, besides the return of a big bad dude. I want to see Kanna and Bats come busting in to save the day with some awesome magical trinket she made. I also want to see Kanna and Strange’s relationship evolve and flourish. And most importantly, I want to see Bats stick around as a guard dog for the Sanctum Sanctorum while Strange is out trying to save the world. Please, Mr. Waid, I’m terrified that you’ll write Bats out. I’m begging you not to do that.

Infinity Wars #5

I’m now officially bored with this series. It’s become predictable and not in a fun way. It’s painfully predictable and that’s not why I bought into this series. I thought it was going to be different. Even though I’ll buy the rest, I won’t be reading it any longer.

No surprise – Loki back-stabbed his ‘team’ and stole the stones…

Outer Darkness #1

I love horror. I love science fiction. This book combined the two in a beautiful clash of technology, gore, and paranormal. The first thing I noticed was the inside of the front cover. There are lots of the normal credits for the Image and Skybound publishers, but it’s the details in the art that are what I found interesting. I didn’t know exactly what I was getting into – other than a sci-fi horror title. I saw things like, “Banishment”, “Exorcism Successful”, and “Resurrection Failed” all hidden in the strings of numbers around the artwork. It wasn’t until the second page that I realized what I was about to read. I’ve never really read a paranormal sci-fi comic, but this first issue definitely works. I want more of this, not just Outer Darkness, but more of this type of book!

Mr. John Layman’s letter on the inside of the back cover is glorious. It explains exactly how I see this book. I love how much this feels like a horror themed Star Trek with a little bit of Firefly mixed in, and I never realized how much I needed that until I read this book. The crew reminds me of the dysfunctional but potentially functional (when it counts) crew of Serenity from Firefly. The tech and overall design reminds me of Star Trek. The horror theme and the feeling of impending doom reminds me of Alien.

If you want to read something new and different and you like horror/sci-fi/paranormal genres – you NEED to be looking into this book. I rarely tell folks that they NEED to do something, but I seriously mean it.


Aside from Infinity Wars, I rather enjoyed my comics this week. I even got a rare treat – something new! Outer Darkness was a delicious read! But, I feel like I need to give an advanced warning to anyone that doesn’t like profanity – preview Outer Darkness first. I personally don’t mind the use of profanity in the comics I read, unless it’s not appropriate for the characters. A good example is Supergirl – I don’t want to see her using language that isn’t appropriate for young ladies. Those young ladies may be reading her book and using her as a role model. If you know that Outer Darkness is a sci-fi/horror genre book, it’s not likely you’re going to let a child read it. I don’t find the language inappropriate for this book. Think of it this way if you need to: I wouldn’t let a child read The Walking Dead because of the content – bashing zombie skulls and folks killing each other. There is also plenty of profanity in that series and it doesn’t bother me, because a child shouldn’t really be reading it anyway. Outer Darkness is a book that parents should preview before letting a child read it.

I can’t wait to dig into the next issue of Outer Darkness and Doctor Strange, but before I do, I have other titles to read for the next installment of my Comic Box Recap!

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A good book is the best vacation!

Greetings Fellow Comic Fans!


In my Comic Box Recap article series, I want to talk about each of the comics that I read from my subscriptions that week. I don’t always read all the comics I order, because I’m only collecting some of them. Others are ones I may have started reading, but lost interest in but I still order them. You never know when you may want to go back and revisit a series at a later date.

Do not read any further if you are trying to avoid SPOILERS!
Marvel Comics
Death of the Inhumans #4

Mr. Cates never ceases to amaze me. I thought Vox was vaporizing folks with a power similar to Black Bolt’s. Surprise! Those folks aren’t dead, yet. They’re all in tubes and it looks like the Kree are likely experimenting on them. And another surprise! There are dozens, maybe hundreds of the Voxes… Voxi… Vox? Well, there are a bunch of this dude, chilling, waiting to be activated. I thought this book was anxiety (the good kind) for me before, but seeing all the Vox bodies hanging like they’re bicycles in storage – that’s nightmare fuel. Presumably one or two Vox caused so much chaos… I can’t imagine the damage a dozen, or hundreds of this dude could do.

I am a little confused though – how did Maximus get into Vox’s armor? Did he start there? Did they turn Maximus into a ‘Vox’? All of the Vox bodies are the same in height and body build, so you can’t put all those Inhumans into a Vox body, unless they’re somehow altering the Inhuman bodies. I think they might be cutting their heads off or something else that’s just as horrific.

I have to say that I’m very happy the Inhumans aren’t all destroyed yet. With the Fantastic Four back in action, I hope to see the two groups interacting. That is, if the Inhumans survive the onslaught of Vox…

I’m always on the edge of seat at the end of these issues, and I’m always anxious to read the next one, but it’s not out yet!

Doctor Strange #6

I don’t think I’m ever truly disappointed with a Doctor Strange story. I like some more than others, but it’s rare for me to say – ‘I didn’t like this story at all’. This issue was no exception.

I knew something was off about that other ‘Stephen Strange’. I didn’t think the imposter was going to be the one we had been following across the galaxy. Though, that would have been an interesting twist. And the story arc that was referenced in this book is one I haven’t read – surprisingly. But, I wasn’t confused or lost because Mark Waid did an excellent job of recapping it without bogging the story down.

I love Kanna’s humor and sarcasm. She pairs well with Bats and the two compliment Doctor Strange. I really hope those two stick around for a while. I miss Zelma, and definitely miss Wong, but times change and stories evolve. I look forward to seeing Bats and Kanna’s adventures with Doctor Strange. So far, this story is shaping up to be an entertaining one with demons, disembodied essences, and demons presumably killed by said disembodied folks. Since I’m not familiar with Casey (other than what was in the recap), I’m excited to see more of her character and what’s happened to her. She’s got to be powerful if she destroyed that demon, Baroshtok. I’ve also asked my local comic shop to order the Strange: The Doctor is Out trade so I can read that particular story.

I’m wondering if this Casey-Strange has been the Strange with the Avengers or if this story is even in the same continuity as the Avengers book. If it is, I hope it’s addressed at some point in the Avengers.

Another thing I absolutely love and have since the start of this arc, is how Kanna looks. I love aliens and space related things. I don’t really have the time or money to cosplay, but she would totally be high on my list of characters to cosplay.


I only had two books this week, but it’s all about quality versus quantity. I’d rather have two amazing books than ten books that weren’t as fun to read. I also got My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #71 this week, but I’m not reading those in singles – just the omnibus. I’ve also got a growing stack of manga to read and once I’m caught up, I might start including those in my recaps. Hopefully next week will be just as amazing as this week was!

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A good book is the best vacation!

Greetings Fellow Comic Fans!


In my Comic Box Recap article series, I want to talk about each of the comics that I read from my subscriptions that week. I don’t always read all the comics I order, because I’m only collecting some of them. Others are ones I may have started reading, but lost interest in but I still order them. You never know when you may want to go back and revisit a series at a later date.

Do not read any further if you are trying to avoid SPOILERS!
Marvel Comics
Avengers #7

I don’t like flashback issues, but I especially don’t like ones like this. I’m trying to figure out why it’s relevant to the current Avengers. This issue was a flashback to the ‘first’ Ghost Rider. I don’t like when comics do this either because it’ll just change again at some point. That’s probably my least favorite aspect of comics – the lore changes too frequently.

But, even though I dislike issues like this, this issue was a little interesting. I would rather have seen it in a Ghost Rider series though. I like Ghost Rider a lot, and that could also be another reason I found this issue interesting. For a non-fan, it may have not have been as interesting. On a re-read of this Avengers series, this is an issue I’ll likely skip, unless it’s relevant later. For now, it just seems like a part of the ancient Avengers and that’s not why I wanted this series. I thought this was going to be about the current Avengers and not the ancient ones.

Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider #23

Well, I should have seen that coming. Mephisto is running rampant in Las Vegas and I should have suspected it all along – that the time traveling Abby was actually him. I didn’t think Ben would agree with the ‘future Abby’ either and not give her the blood injection. I’m actually really surprised at that. Now, is Ben going to survive? Yes. He will survive.

I did not like Kaine trying to justify what Ben had done previously, by resurrecting dead folks. That’s not how life works and anyone that tries to circumvent the flow of the universe in such a manner should be held accountable. Ben has not paid his dues for that and I hope this isn’t a way to just write it off and clear him of his prior wrong doing.

Death of the Inhumans #3

Wow! Black Bolt – Alive! I figured he wasn’t dead yet. Now, I’m wondering about what’s to come. This book has been beautifully written and continues to impress me with the devastation, compassion, resolve, and struggle against annihilation that the Inhumans face. I thought Karnak was dead for sure, but he survived and I guess I shouldn’t be surprised – he’s Karnak. Black Bolt has a rock solid resolve about killing the Kree, even if it kills him too. I found it interesting that these new Kree were able to break Ronan to the point that he apologizes to Black Bolt for all the pain he caused him. Ronan felt regret and that was something I didn’t expect to see. I also like that Medusa has taken a step into the dark side of morality by using the death of her family to coax help from Beta Ray Bill. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next issue of Death of the Inhumans!

Unnatural #3

I’m hooked on this book! It’s such an enthralling story and just when you think you have it figured out, some new mystery pops up. I thought Leslie was going to find a new friend, and possible mate with Nicholas, or Jones – if either are his real name, but boy was I wrong! I also thought maybe he was like her and didn’t want a ‘natural’ mate and they’d embark on some mission to tear down the establishment. Instead, he drugged her and they kidnapped her and did some weird ritual on her. I thought they were going to kill her, or maybe she’s in a dream induced by whatever this ritual is that they’re doing. I’m not sure, but I hope Trish isn’t actually dead. I hope her waking is just a dream of some kind. Trish was gaining ground on this mystery of Leslie’s dreams and even though it was a dangerous road to be traveling, I didn’t think she’d die! There is so much going on and it’s agony to wait for the next issue!!!


Well, I feel like Marvel struck out twice this week with my subscriptions. Anything Donny Cates writes is gold on paper, so Death of the Inhumans was the only Marvel book that I loved this week. I still like Scarlet Spider, but this issue was just kinda, ‘blah’ and not appealing in content. I was expecting unpredictable from Scarlet Spider and instead I got predictable to the point I wasn’t expecting it! And I hope Avengers will be back on track in the next issue and that we don’t end up with loads of Ghost Rider centered stories, or back story issues. And it goes without saying – I want more Death of the Inhumans and Unnatural! Those were my highlight books this week!

What are you reading?
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A good book is the best vacation!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


The Inhumans have become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to shows like Agents of Shield and now Inhumans. Regardless of whether or not you like those shows, they have spurred the interest of folks to check out the source material. I admittedly was never versed on the Inhumans, but thanks to Agents of Shield, began delving into the lore and history of this group of awesome characters.

The Inhumans vs X-Men comic event is one of my favorite Marvel events in recent comic history. It was the event that brought the Inhumans back into the forefront of Marvel’s comic world for many of myself and local fellow comic fans. Because of IvX, I sought out the Uncanny Inhumans comics and wasn’t disappointed with them.

You can probably imagine my excitement when I saw some Inhumans in the Deadpool set. I built an Inhumans affiliated team with the three affiliated characters as the core of the team. It’s definitely not competitive, but it’s lots of fun to play and that’s what matters! But now, with the cards in this OP Kit, I have new options to play around with for that team!

Participation Prize – Black Bolt: …

Participation cards are usually given to all players that participate in the event. I usually give out the participation prizes to all players, even if they received one from the previous OP event. This may be different at each venue based on how many players and kits the store has available.

W Black Bolt, ...

This is a direct reprint of the common card from the Deadpool set. While this card is fun to toy around with, I actually prefer the rare version from the same set, Black Bolt: King of the Inhumans. One of the great things about this card is that he can target himself and boost his attack by three, making him a six attack on level one and two and an eight attack on level three. That’s definitely helpful if you have a way to make him unblockable or your opponent just doesn’t have any blockers in the Field.

This card would be fun to pair with the Madame Web: The Great Web Unravels and Adam Warlock: Standing Watch Over Infinity combo from the Guardians of the Galaxy set. With those two cards, you can potentially clear their entire Field of characters while Black Bolt runs over and smacks your opponent for six or eight damage each turn he’s fielded. This is a build I’ve been thinking about working on for local casual play.

He’s a fun card, and you get a copy just for showing up to the event! I absolutely love this artwork for Black Bolt too. The newest Black Bolt titled comic has some very pretty and unique artwork as well that I’d love to see on a card.

Fellowship Prize – Lockjaw: LJ

The Fellowship Prize is an additional prize for a player, usually one that hasn’t won another prize yet. We used to take votes, but that took way too long. Now, we have each player (except the first place player) roll a D20 in the order of their standings and the player that rolls the highest number, gets the Fellowship card. We also require that players be present to be able to roll for the Fellowship Prize. Some stores give the Fellowship Prize to the player in last place and I’ve even seen stores draw names from a bucket. How you determine the Fellowship player is different for each venue so check with your FLGS to see how they choose their Fellowship player. 

W Lockjaw, LJ

Lockjaw: LJ is a new card that uses the same die as the Lockjaw cards from the Deadpool set. This art is the cutest! The ability is really cool too, but my hangup is with his purchase cost. Lockjaw’s purchase costs from the Deadpool set are three and four. The version I prefer is the rare, Lockjaw: King’s Best Friend and his purchase cost is three. Since all of Black Bolt and Medusa’s purchase costs are four and five, I can’t see myself playing this version of Lockjaw in Modern Age. His ability is definitely worth the cost, but still too expensive for the current selection of Inhumans.

In Golden Age events, there are ways to discount dice and I could see him being much more fun to play in casual Golden Age events. There are a wider selection of utility cards too that would make a team like that more fun to play with.

First Place Prize – Medusa: Devoted Wife

The first place cards are given to the player that wins the event. These cards are typically new cards and not alternate art or reprint cards.

W Medusa, Devoted Wife

Medusa: Devoted Wife is a new card that uses the same die as the Medusa cards from the Deadpool set. Her art is absolutely gorgeous! I was floored when I saw how stunning this card was in person. As for her ability, I love the Deadly keyword on my Medusa cards because it’s very thematic. My favorite Medusa from the Deadpool set is Medusa: Tangled Up. That card ability is by far, the most thematic of all the Medusa card abilities. She has Deadly and the ability to block one or two attacking character dice. This OP Medusa card is also thematic in that she gives Black Bolt the Iron Will keyword.

I do have a major issue, but not with this card. My issue is that all the Black Bolt abilities are When Fielded abilities. Typically when you have a character with a When Fielded ability, you want to either KO them or cycle them quickly through your bag so you can utilize their ability as much as possible. Medusa’s ability is perfect for a character that needs to stay active, but not for one that you want to cycle. I hope WizKids prints a Black Bolt with an ability that will benefit from this Medusa because she’s not a bad card at all.

Note – This Medusa will not grant King Black Bolt: Ruler of Attilan the Iron Will keyword. The card title must be Black Bolt and his title is King Black Bolt. You can find the ruling for this on WORF (WizKids Official Rules Forum).

If you’re not familiar with Deadly or Iron Will, you can find definitions on the WizKids Keywords page.


I love the cards in this OP Kit. Lockjaw may not be my favorite of all the Lockjaw cards, but his art is so cute! Black Bolt and Medusa have art that’s both beautiful and powerful. I would have liked for Black Bolt to have a different ability that would have worked with Medusa, instead of a reprint from Deadpool. They’ve made all new cards in an OP Kit before and I honestly don’t mind reprinted cards with alternate art. I just really want a Black Bolt that I feel is more synergistic with this amazing new Medusa.

For a collector, these are “must have” cards. If you’re looking for the newest and hottest meta cards, this is not the OP Kit you’re looking for. These cards could have some trade value for collectors, so I wouldn’t pass up a chance to play in one or more of these OP events if there are some near you. These cards could be great for casual play too depending on your play style. I think they’re definitely worth the time and effort to obtain.

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Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

We held a special event on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It was original scheduled for the Saturday before, but since Deadpool released earlier that week, we had our draft that day. Players were limited to what characters they could use by the primary color of their dice. These were the colors that were available to use:

Red (including Cranberry color, like Lady Bullseye/Katana)

For the dice that are split colored, like Batgirl from Green Arrow and The Flash, as long as one of the colors was on the list, the character was available to use.

My Team


You can find my team here, on DM Retrobox.

My utility cards for this team were Red Dragon for my Actions and a little extra damage when buying them, PXG, Bane for taunting troublesome characters, and Rip Global. My main goal is to Rip any Lady Bullseye dice or Hulk Out dice when I know I’m drawing the other. Black Bolt is on the team for a little added attack value or to pump up Lockjaw as my backup attacker if I need him. Lockjaw, other than backup, is there to help wipe the little dudes from the Field or get additional damage on the Field. Satchel was there for me to use on Hulk Out dice if I didn’t have anymore to buy and needed that one extra Overcrush ability. This team is built to be aggressive and put pressure on my opponent.

Round One


I was fortunate enough to face off against Mr. DDK in round one. He blew me up really quick with Ultraman and Kryptonite. It didn’t long for me to meet my demise with him having an Ultraman, Elf Thief, and Dwarf Wizard in the Field. He used his Kryptonite to blank one of my characters, then used my Magic Missile Global directly to me, Imprisoned my Field, Hulk Out didn’t help him but he put it on Ultraman, then used Front Line and that was all she wrote! I was only able to get one Lady Bullseye in for four damage before I was toast.

Record after Round One: 0-1-0

Round Two

Round Two 11-26-16.jpg

My second round opponent and I had fun going back and forth for a few turns. He was trying to use Outlaw, but she didn’t want to cooperate with him at all. It took him an attack or two to realize that he shouldn’t be blocking my Lady Bullseye with the character that she targeted for her double damage ability, especially when she had Overcrush applied to her. It took several turns, but Lady Bullseye finally took down my opponent. Rip Global came in handy this game. I was able to Rip a Hulk Out once and then Rip a Lady Bullseye another time.

Record after Round Two: 1-1-0

Round Three

Round Three 11-26-16.png

Apologies for the lack of an actual picture here. I completely forgot to snap a picture of my opponent’s team before we packed up. This game was another back and forth battle for the entire game. He used Dwarf Wizard on my Lockjaw, which didn’t bother me too much. I didn’t let Lockjaw leave the Field so that Dwarf Wizard would keep his target unless my opponent bought another. I didn’t want my Lady Bullseye becoming Dwarf Wizard’s new target. Magic Missile Global helped me keep Shannon Carter out of my way after she was hit with Lady Bullseye’s double damage ability. A couple of well placed attacks with pumped up Sidekicks took my life down fairly quickly, but several Lady Bullseye dice with Overcrush were more than enough to secure the game for me.

Record after Round Three: 2-1-0
Final Standing: 3rd

Final Thoughts

Something that two of my opponents didn’t do, or forgot to do, was use my Magic Missile Global against my Lady Bullseye. She only has one defense which I didn’t take into consideration when adding Magic Missile to my team. If I were to build a team around her and keep Magic Missile, I would need to increase her defense or just use Elf Thief to steal their energy. Magic Missile came in handy on more than a few occasions. I really like the Lady Bullseye with Overcrush combo and if you add a little control or defensive elements, there could be some potential for a lower tier competitive team. I really want to try and build a team utilizing her with Overcrush.

What are some changes you’d make without changing the spirit of the team?
Have a build you like better?
Leave me a comment here or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


Today, we’re going to take a look at  Lockjaw: Fiercely Loyal  from the Marvel Deadpool set.


Ruling – Ability

Lockjaw’s ability is a While Active ability. It doesn’t matter how many Lockjaw dice you have in the Field Zone, only that you have at least one for his ability to work. While Active abilities are like a light – they’re either on, or off.

Before your opponent’s Clear and Draw Step, you name a non-Sidekick die. If your opponent draws that die, each of their character dice in the Field Zone will take two damage and all of your Lockjaw dice will get +2A. The only stipulation for this ability is that the named die be a non-Sidekick die. You can name any Character or Action die, including a Non-Basic Action die.

Lockjaw’s ability only checks that the named die was drawn, and does not trigger for each of the named dice drawn.

If your opponent has any dice that are KO’d by this ability, those dice are not eligible to be rolled during the Roll and Reroll Step on that same turn.

This Paragraph is Out of Date – See Update Below!
There is still some debate over when this ability can trigger during the turn. Some players believe it triggers only during the Clear and Draw Step, while others believe that it would trigger at anytime during the turn. I have inquired about this on WORF. Until I have an official response to clear this confusion up, I have ruled that the ability only works during the opponent’s Clear and Draw Step. Through my interpretation of the wording on the card, it sounds as though the ability only checks for the die during the Clear and Draw Step. I would think that if it was intended to check for the die during the entire turn, the wording would be a little more specific like: “If your opponent draws that die this turn…”. Hopefully WizKids will respond soon to my follow up on the current WORF topic. I will update this article when there is an official ruling.

*** UPDATE! ***

WizKids has made an official ruling on when Lockjaw’s ability triggers. They have ruled that Lockjaw will trigger outside of the Clear and Draw Step. My ruling is not in line with WizKids, so I am adjusting my ruling to correspond with theirs. You can find the update on the original Lockjaw ruling, here.

Miscellaneous Card Info

Lockjaw: Fiercely Loyal is a Shield Character and has the Inhumans affiliation. This card also has a Max Dice of four.


These examples are for information purposes only, to show what would happen in certain scenarios. I am not suggesting that these examples are the best outcomes for each scenario.

Example One:
One active Lockjaw.

~ I have one Lockjaw die active. Before my opponent’s Clear and Draw Step, I name Multiple Man.
~ (Clear and Draw) My opponent clears their Reserve Pool into their Used Pile and draws four dice from their bag.
~ (Clear and Draw) They draw three Sidekick dice and one Multiple Man die.
~ (Clear and Draw) All of their active characters will take two damage, and my Lockjaw will gain +2A.

Example Two:
Multiple active Lockjaw.

~ I have three Lockjaw dice active. Before my opponent’s Clear and Draw Step, I name Multiple Man.
~ (Clear and Draw) My opponent clears their Reserve Pool into their Used Pile and draws four dice from their bag.
~ (Clear and Draw) They draw three Sidekick dice and one Multiple Man die.
~ (Clear and Draw) All of their active characters will take two damage, and my all three of my Lockjaw dice will gain +2A.

Example Three:
Drawing multiples of the named die.

~ I have one Lockjaw die active. Before my opponent’s Clear and Draw Step, I name Power Bolt.
~ (Clear and Draw) My opponent clears their Reserve Pool into their Used Pile and draws four dice from their bag.
~ (Clear and Draw) They draw three Power Bolt dice and one Sidekick die.
~ (Clear and Draw) All of their active characters will take two damage, and my Lockjaw will gain +2A.

Example Four:
Dice KO’d by Lockjaw’s ability.

~ I have one Lockjaw die active. My opponent has three Sidekick dice active and one Wolverine die in the Prep Area. Before my opponent’s Clear and Draw Step, I name Multiple Man.
~ (Clear and Draw) My opponent clears their Reserve Pool into their Used Pile and draws four dice from their bag.
~ (Clear and Draw) They draw three Sidekick dice and one Multiple Man die.
~ (Clear and Draw) All of their active characters will take two damage, and my Lockjaw will gain +2A.
~ (Clear and Draw) The three Sidekicks will be KO’d and sent to the Prep Area.
~ (Roll and Reroll) My opponent rolls the four dice they drew plus the Wolverine die that was already in their Prep Area. The Sidekicks that were KO’d on this turn will remain in the Prep Area until their next turn.

NEW! Example Five:
Named dice drawn outside of the Clear and Draw Step.

~ I have one Lockjaw die active and my opponent has two Sidekick dice active in the Field Zone. I name Multiple Man.
~ (Clear and Draw) My opponent clears their Reserve Pool into their Used Pile and draws four dice from their bag.
~ (Clear and Draw) They draw four Sidekick dice.
~ (Roll and Reroll) My opponent rolls and then rerolls the four Sidekick dice and the result is a Shield energy, two Mask energy, and a Sidekick.
~ (Main Step) My opponent spends the Shield energy (placing it Out of Play) to use the Global on Resurrection. The die that’s drawn is Multiple Man. My opponent’s two fielded Sidekicks take two damage and my Lockjaw die gets +2A.
~ (Main Step) My opponent fields the Sidekick in their Reserve Pool. It doesn’t take damage because it wasn’t active in the Field Zone when Lockjaw’s ability was triggered.

Official Sources

You can find the official ruling on WizKids Official Rules Forum (WORF), here.

Competitive Play Rating

Lockjaw’s ability is definitely interesting and potentially useful, but I feel like he’s only going to be really good in certain local metas. He’s probably not good against a Vicious Struggle team or even a Front Line team. I can’t just toss this card aside and claim he’s not viable in certain metas though. He only cost four to purchase and has a TFC of one – which is pretty awesome. His stats aren’t horrible for a defensive character, and his ability could give him some bite with that bark and possibly change your opponent’s mind about attacking. I can give him a rogue team rating, but he’s not a card that I see turning up on every team.

Lockjaw: Fiercely Loyal gets a competitive play rating of three out of five stars.
3 Stars

Casual Play Rating

If not for the confusing text on this card, he’d easily have earned three, maybe four stars from me for casual play. He’s a great card once a player understands exactly how he works. He’s got a great purchase cost, good stats, and an awesome TFC. I just wish his ability was a little easier to understand for a beginner. Players with a better understanding of the rules could probably find ways to use this card in casual play and I encourage those players to use Lockjaw. He’s not a terrible card, he just needs a bit of explanation to help players better understand how he works.

Lockjaw: Fiercely Loyal gets a casual play rating of two out of five stars.
2 Stars

Opinions on this card? Leave a comment!
Is there a card your confused on?
Is there a combo that seems too good to be true?
Leave me a comment here or message me on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Special thanks to The Reserve Pool for the use of their site.

Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


This new set does not have a starter or collector’s box. It only has a gravity feed. There are new affiliations and new abilities that I will cover in this article. Here’s my review and pull list from the new Marvel Deadpool set!


I like having a checklist for all of my sets and unfortunately, there hasn’t been a checklist released online yet. You can find a complete card list on The Reserve Pool, here.

UPDATE! The official Checklist has been released! You can find it here.

Promo Card and Pack Insert


WizKids has offered a blank sketch card with their Gravity Feeds. The promo for this set is Deadpool: My Set. My Rules. I really like that they’re offering an incentive for sealed product purchases.


I’m really happy that WizKids decided to put this rules insert in the packs again instead of the WIN promotional card. The only major issue I have with the rules insert is that not all of the wording is consistent with the current wording on the WizKids Official Keywords page. You can find the insert online, here. Make sure to check the Official Keywords page to see the current and updated wording on Keyword Abilities.

Gravity Feed

We pulled 111 common cards; 9 of our commons were foil. We didn’t get any duplicate foil commons. I highlighted the ones we pulled foils of with red text, and the total includes the foil version.

x3     #01     Agent Carter
x3     #02     Agent X
x2     #03     Angel Dust
x3     #04     Angela
x3     #05     Black Bolt
x3     #06     Black Tom Cassidy
x2     #07     Blind Al
x3     #08     Bob, Agent of Hydra
x2     #09     Colossus
x3     #10     Deadpool
x2     #11     Dogpool
x4     #12     Domino
x2     #13     Elektra
x2     #14     Evil Deadpool
x2     #15     Fantomex
x3     #16     Flying Car
x4     #17     Free Chimichangas
x2     #18     Hit-Monkey
x3     #19     Kidpool
x3     #20     Lady Bullseye
x3     #21     Lady Deadpool
x3     #22     Lockjaw
x2     #23     M.O.D.O.K.
x5     #24     Madame Hydra
x2     #25     Medusa
x3     #26     Miguel O’Hara
x3     #27     Mister Sinister
x3     #28     Motorcycle
x3     #29     Multiple Man
x3     #30     Negasonic Teenage Warhead
x3     #31     Outlaw
x2     #32     Sandi Brandenberg
x3     #33     Satchel of Unlimited Weaponry
x3     #34     Scarlet Witch
x2     #35     Shiklah
x4     #36     Stepford Cuckoos
x1     #37     Storm
x3     #38     Taskmaster
x3     #39     Wolverine
x3     #40     X-23


We pulled 51 uncommon cards; 10 of our uncommons were foil. We pulled all but two of the uncommons and none of our foils were duplicate.

x0     #41     Agent Carter
x1     #42     Agent X
x2     #43     Angel Dust
x2     #44     Angela
x2     #45     Black Bolt
x1     #46     Black Tom Cassidy
x1     #47     Blind Al
x1     #48     Bob, Agent of Hydra
x2     #49     Colossus
x2     #50    Deadpool
x1     #51     Dogpool
x2     #52     Domino
x1     #53     Elektra
x1     #54     Evil Deadpool
x3     #55     Fantomex
x2     #56     Flying Car
x2     #57     Free Chimichangas
x1     #58     Hit-Monkey
x1     #59     Kidpool
x1     #60     Lady Bullseye
x2     #61     Lady Deadpool
x1     #62     Lockjaw
x0     #63     M.O.D.O.K.
x1     #64    Madame Hydra
x1     #65     Medusa
x1     #66     Miguel O’Hara
x1     #67     Mister Sinister
x1     #68     Motorcycle
x1     #69     Multiple Man
x1     #70     Negasonic Teenage Warhead
x1     #71     Outlaw
x1     #72     Sandi Brandenberg
x1     #73     Satchel of Unlimited Weaponry
x1     #74     Scarlet Witch
x1     #75     Shiklah
x3     #76     Stepford Cuckoos
x1     #77     Storm
x1     #78     Taskmaster
x1     #79     Wolverine
x1     #80     X-23

Rares and Super Rares

You won’t get all the rares in one feed, but you get a good amount of them. We pulled 17 rares and none of them were duplicates; 5 of our rares were foil. We also pulled one Super Rare, which was foil.

#81     Agent Carter
#83     Angel Dust
#86     Black Tom Cassidy
#87     Blind Al
#88     Bob, Agent of Hydra
#90     Dogpool
#92     Elektra
#93     Evil Deadpool
#97     Hit-Monkey
#102     Madame Hydra
#103     Medusa
#104     Miguel O’Hara
#105     Minster Sinister
#106     Motorcycle
#110     Satchel of Unlimited Weaponry
#111     Scarlet Witch
#112     Shiklah

#123     Phoenix Force Magneto (Super Rare)

New Ability Keywords

Back for More – When a die with Back for More begins the turn in your Prep Area, and is rolled during the Roll and Reroll Step, use its Back for More effect (this isn’t optional).

This wording is straight from the WizKids Official Keyword page. The text on the rules insert left out ‘begins the turn in your Prep Area‘ and had caused a great amount of confusion. Most of the players believed it was intended to work the way described on the Keywords page, and we’re all thankful that WizKids corrected this wording issue quickly!

Back for More triggers when you roll the die and not when you roll and reroll the die. If you compare the Back for More ability’s wording to the wording of a card like Static: Virgil Hawkins, it appears that Back for more would only trigger a single time for each die and not each time the die is rolled in a single Roll and Reroll Step. Parallax‘s Global does not have any effect on this ability since it only triggers during the Roll and Reroll Step.


I seem to be slightly outnumbered on the interpretation of how many times you can trigger Back for More during the Roll and Reroll Step. At any time you roll a Back for More die during the Roll and Reroll step, you must trigger the Back for More ability.



~ I have a Deadpool Affiliated character active, and three Dogpool dice in my Prep Area. I draw my four dice for the turn (four Sidekicks).
~ (Roll and Reroll) I roll the four Sidekicks I drew, plus the three Dogpool dice. Each Dogpool’s Back for More ability triggers when I roll them.
~ (Roll and Reroll) My Deadpool affiliated character gets +1A and +1D for each of the Dogpool dice I rolled, for a total of +3A and +3D.

Here is where the disagreement comes in.

What I think happens:
~ (Roll and Reroll) I decide to reroll my three Dogpool dice. Back for More does not trigger again, because they have each triggered that ability for the turn.

What the slight majority thinks happens:
~ (Roll and Reroll) I decide to reroll my three Dogpool dice. Back for More triggers on each die a second time, giving my Deadpool affiliated character an additional +1A and +1D each, for a total of +6A and +6D (counting the bonus from the first roll).

My Reasoning

If you treat Back for More like a When Fielded or When Attacks ability, which it has similar wording to, then you only get to activate it once per die. You do not have a second Roll and Reroll Step in order to trigger it an additional time.

The Majority’s Reasoning

These players that believe you are able to trigger it multiple times have been using the Manticore’s ruling as a basis for their belief in how many times this ability triggers for each die with the ability in a single Roll and Reroll Step.

There has already been much debate about this ability in my local scene and I’ve gone over every bit of information and looked at the wording. Personally, and for my local events, I will not be going along with the majority. I do see both sides to this discussion, but since there is an actual debate and a divide over how this ability functions, I will invoke the Judge Guidance on this and go with the weaker interpretation until WizKids responds either on WORF or by some other means.


Deadly – Character dice that are engaged with a character die that has Deadly are KO’d at the end of the turn (even if the character with Deadly has been KO’d or leaves the Field Zone).

I love this ability! All you need to do with a Deadly character is declare it as a blocker or have it blocked and it becomes ‘engaged’ with the defending character. It’s as simple as that. Just imagine, forcing a nasty character to block with a Global like Wasp: Fashionista, attacking with a Deadly character, then Blink/Distraction Global your attacker back. The blocker would be KO’d because it had been engaged with the Deadly character, but your character would remain unharmed. Such a great ability! This is exactly what we needed to combat against Hulk: Green Goliath or other characters that can be a nuisance when dealt damage. Deadly doesn’t need to do damage the character, they just need to have been engaged.

Returning Keywords



New Affiliations

There are several returning affiliations, like Villains and X-Men, but these are brand new affiliations!




Here are several of my favorite cards from my Gravity Feed. I wish I could show all the cards I got, but until I get a scanner, I can only do a few favorites.

02-favorites-1Domino: Neena Thurman (left) – Anytime I can get some rerolls for free, I’m happy! I like her ability, but I also like her fielding costs (TFC 2) and her attack stats. Her purchase cost is only three and she would make a great aggressive character by making her unblockable or giving her Overcrush. I really do like this character and even though her defense isn’t great, I think she’ll make a great character for a casual Overcrush team.

Lady Bullseye: Attack on Two Fronts (center) – Lady Bullseye has the potential be a very lethal character. Her ability does not say that she must be the source of damage nor does it specify that it must be a specific kind of damage. You could field her and then Magic Missile a character for two damage instead of one – for a single Bolt energy. You can force a character to block and then attack with her to do a minimum of six damage to the blocker. With such a low defense, you can almost guarantee that a blocker will KO her so you could possibly get to use her ability all over again on your next turn. Her purchase cost of three and a TFC of two is amazing in itself, and when you consider that with her ability, I think she could possibly find her way onto a competitive team somewhere.

Lockjaw: Fiercely Loyal (right) – This card can be extremely powerful. His text says: “While Lockjaw is active, before your opponent’s Clear and Draw Step, name a non-Sidekick die. If your opponent draws that die, deal 2 damage to all of that opponent’s character dice and each of your Lockjaw dice get +2A.” If I name Deadpool, and my opponent draws at least one Deadpool die during their Clear and Draw Step, Lockjaw deals two damage to all their character dice and all of my Lockjaw dice get +2A. That’s how I interpret his ability to work which is pretty powerful. He’s got a near perfect TFC of one and his defense stats aren’t bad. I could see him being played quite a bit in casual play, and maybe squeaking onto a rogue competitive team.

02-favorites-2Madame Hydra: Viper (left) – There aren’t many card abilities in the game that move dice out of an opponent’s Prep Area. I like this ability because it can mess up your opponent’s bag flow a little bit which could be all you need to help you make a comeback or pull ahead in a game. Her purchase cost, fielding costs, and attack stats are decent. But for her ability to be effective, she needs to damage an opponent. That would most likely require the use of another card, like Silver Sable: Hero for Hire or Stealth Ops to help her get damage in to your opponent. You could give her Overcrush, but with an attack of 2/3/4, you’d need her on level two or three or use an ability to boost her attack to make it worthwhile. I really like this ability, but I feel like she needs a team that’s partially built around her.

Medusa: Tangled Up (center) – Oh my, how I love this card! Not only is Medusa’s die pretty, but her art is gorgeous too. She’s got Deadly, which seems fitting, and she has an additional ability that allows her to block up to two character dice. If you know anything about the comic character, you’ll agree that this ability seems perfect for her. When you look at her for a team, she’s an awesome blocker. If your opponent doesn’t want their attackers KO’d, they are not going to attack while Medusa is in your Field. She only cost four energy to purchase and she’s a Mask character. She’s got a TFC of four, so once you get her active, you probably won’t want to have to field her again. He lowest defense is four which is really good for a defensive character. She doesn’t necessarily need a high attack stat, but her attack isn’t bad with it being a 2/3/4. She will most likely see casual play and possibly be a consideration for a few competitive teams, though I don’t think she’ll make the big lists.

Free Chimichangas: Aged to Perfection (right) – If something that only costs three energy could possibly give one of my characters Deadly and +2D, I’m totally down to try it on a team! Not only is the ability pretty good, but it’s chimichangas… that are free… and age to perfection. But seriously, adding this to a team with the common Domino, seems like a fun team. If you like to use PXG, this die is a win-win since it’s a Mask die. The defense boost could keep her alive if she’s blocked while attacking, and it gives her Deadly so anyone that’s engaged with her will get KO’d. I think that’s the part I like best. I’d totally pay three energy for a die that could give any of my characters the Deadly ability. The boost to defense is just cheese on the chimichanga.

02-favorites-3Medusa: Bad Hair Day (left) – Here she is again – Medusa with her Deadly ability. But this Medusa has a different ability from her common counterpart. When she KO’s a character die with combat damage, you can send it to the Used Pile instead of the Prep Area. It’s that extra little jab – not only did she knock out the character, but they don’t get to reroll it next turn. Her attack stats aren’t bad but if you needed a higher attack, you could easily use Ant-Man: Pym Particles Global to fix that. Just to make sure this is clear – Deadly does not work for her other ability. She would need to deal damage with her attack in order for you to gain the benefits of her second ability. I think she’ll possibly see lots of casual play, but again, she falls just short of competitive play. Part of the reason is her purchase cost of five. I still really like her ability and it looks like it could be fun to play around with.

Mister Sinister: Gene Splicer (center) – The one thing that I don’t like about this card is that he cost six to purchase. His TFC of five is kinda high, but once you field him, you will do what you can to keep him there. I just really like his ability to force your opponents into choosing to pay life for a reroll, or just to deal with the initial roll results. I don’t see this guy making competitive play, or even much in the way of casual play. I just wanted to feature him for his ability.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead: Bored in School (right) – This character is probably the only character with an Underdog ability that I actually like. I’ve played around with Underdog and I have had a hard time trying to get it to work for me. But Negasonic Teenage Warhead’s ability seems like it’s totally worth the work. If you have less characters in the Field when she attacks, she gets to spin up to level three and she gains Fast. That’s so good! She only cost three to purchase, her TFC is two, and her attack on level three is six! You pair her with Overcrush and she’s a force to be reckoned with! To help yourself achieve Underdog, you can use Blue-Eyes Global or Fabricate to reduce the number of your characters in the Field Zone. I can’t wait to give this character a go in our casual scene. Not sure she’ll see competitive play, but I bet she’ll be super fun to play around with in casual play.

02-favorites-4Agent Carter: Answered the Call (left) – This is a card that could see a decent amount of competitive play. She only cost two to purchase, has a TFC of one, and also has a decent defense. Her ability is pretty good for both competitive and casual play. Adding onto the fielding cost of Sidekicks could definitely throw a wrench into someone’s plans. She wouldn’t affect Ally dice though, since they wouldn’t be considered a Sidekick until after they enter the Field Zone, and by then you’ve already paid their fielding cost. I still think she’s an excellent card and I would not be surprised to see her on competitive and casual teams.

Medusa: Queen of Attilan (center) – It’s not often that all three versions of a card make it into my favorites, but Medusa did. Again, she has Deadly and another ability. Her second ability works only with combat damage, like her uncommon version. But if she KO’s an opposing character die with combat damage, you gain one life. Life gain is not a big deal right now, but every point of life counts! Her purchase cost could prevent her from seeing the competitive scene, but she could be the most desired version for casual play. If I had to choose one right now to try, I would definitely take the rare. You can always force characters to attack or block and then use her to counter that character. You can boost her attack or even swap it with her defense to help KO a character. She has great potential and I’d love to see her make it out of casual play and into the competitive arena.

Miguel O’Hara: Lyrate Lifeform Approximation (right) – I began collecting comics with Spider-Man. Later, I branched out into the other Spider-Comics like Spider-Man 2099, which is Miguel O’Hara. I’m not disappointed with this version of Miguel O’Hara. His Back for More ability is a nice paper cut, but his purchase cost of four and Fast ability is what I really like. I do not like expensive Fast characters, because they don’t seem ‘fast’ to me. I like his attack stats, but I’m not a fan of his level three fielding cost. I’d probably reroll a level three Miguel O’Hara if I wasn’t in dire need of a character for that turn. His level one and level two stats are just fine though. I’m thrilled that he has the Spider-Friends affiliation, because I feel like I can possibly build a decent casual Spider-Friends team now! I really love his die too. It’s one that you need to see in person – pictures would not do it justice.

Final Thoughts

Normally I have several dice that I like to showcase because they’re really pretty or really nice looking. I wasn’t overly impressed with the dice in this set. Miguel O’Hara and Medusa are cool, and Lady Deadpool is neat, but not ones I feel the need to show. I would actually put up a picture of Miguel O’Hara’s die, but none of the pictures I’ve tried do his die justice. There are dice of all kinds in this set from plain opaque ones to sparkly glittery and two toned colors.

Every card in this set has a foil version, just like the Green Arrow and The Flash set. It’s safe to assume that all the Super Rares are foil only, just like GATF. I would hate to have to chase regular and foil Super Rare cards. Like the previous set, the foils have a watermark in the shape of their die symbol in their text box.

From all the cards I pulled in my feed and from other reports I’ve heard, there is only one card with a Global Ability in the entire set. I’m totally okay with this! Lots of the previous sets are loaded with Globals and having a set that’s light in Globals in kind of refreshing. This should be a fantastic slugfest of a draft set! I can’t wait to draft on Saturday, and I have no clue what two Basic Actions to bring.

What are some of your favorite cards in the set?
How do you think the meta will shift, if at all?
What cards are you excited to try in a casual setting?
Leave me a comment here or message me on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


We’re roughly two weeks away from the release of the next set, Marvel Deadpool! I’ve got my gravity feed pre-ordered and I’m totally ready to get my review article done. I don’t have anything new to share in the way of spoilers, but I wanted to make it a point to direct players to the WizKids Deadpool official site.

You can find loads of pictures and various information on the official site, including the rules insert with affiliations and new keywords! You can find a direct link to that rules insert, here.

We see two new affiliations, Deadpool and Inhumans, and the return of Villains and X-Men.

We also see the return of the Impulse ability, which I’m super happy about! I really like Impulse and I can’t wait to see all the new ways to use Impulse. There are also two new abilities, Back for More and Deadly. I’ll go more into detail about these in my review article, but you can read what they do on the rules insert.

I did a review article on the eight super rare cards, found here. In my review article for my gravity feed, I’ll highlight my favorite pulls.

I think I’m most excited for the introduction of the Deadly keyword and I have to give kudos to WizKids for introducing keywords for already existing abilities and keeping other keywords alive, while letting others go.

Speaking of WizKids, they do contests from time to time on their Facebook page for a variety of their great games. They’ve done some really cool Dice Masters contests, but they recently did a Star Trek: Attack Wing contest. I was lucky enough to be selected as the random winner for that contest! I won an expansion ship for Attack Wing as well as a Star Trek Online (PS4) code for an add on, which is super cool too. I was super excited because of how much I love Star Trek and the Attack Wing game! If you like space fighter type games, this is one to check out. If you like Star Wars: X-Wing, but you like the Star Trek universe, how have you not heard of Attack Wing?! Don’t get me wrong… I like Star Wars too, but Star Trek is my favorite of the two universes. I do not like the X-Wing game though, because I feel way too limited in my fleet creation. Attack Wing brings so many different factions, options, and variables. Nothing is more fun to me than being able to have Worf captain a Romulan ship while in a fleet with Picard captaining a Borg ship.

Attack Wing is very specific to the Star Trek universe, unlike Dice Masters which spans several different universes. If you don’t like Star Trek at all, then you’ll have to pretend the characters and ships are something else.

I’ve played STAW since it released, even though I only play casually with our group of four players. Getting a scene up for STAW is very difficult, especially in such a small town, but I won’t ever give this game up (like Dice Masters).

We got to meet John de Lancie and I was able to get my Q Admiral card signed, which is super cool!


If you like space themed things, games that play like giant chess matches, and want to try another game from WizKids, I would recommend Star Trek: Attack Wing. There is also a Dungeons and Dragons: Attack Wing game that is themed around the Dungeons and Dragons universe. So if space isn’t your thing and fantasy is more appealing, check out the D&D Attack Wing. It has a few different mechanics than the Star Trek variant.

I want to give a shout out to WizKids and thank them for all the work they do on their games and all the extra stuff they do, like the contests, which they are not obligated to do in the first place. I also want to thank their Dice Masters Rules Team for all the work they do, and I know they’re working on rules when they can. I appreciate every bit of communication we get from them.

Thanks WizKids! Without your games, I’d be forced to play other games and I wouldn’t be anywhere near as happy!

Comments on this article are welcome, but please, be kind. I will not approve nasty or hateful comments.

Roll on, Dice Masters!