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Greetings Fellow Clix Fans!


Welcome to the next installment of my HeroClix Figure Spotlight series! For this month’s article, I chose a piece that’s sure to get you into the Halloween spirit, Monsterex (022) from the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set!

Monsterex 1

Monsterex Dial

What I Don’t Like

It’s really difficult to find something that I dislike about this piece. If I had to pick one thing I didn’t like, it would be his point value. I think 125 points is 25 points too much, even for this guy with his nine clicks. If he were 100 points, he would probably see more action on 300 point teams. For 125 points, he could have started with one click of Invincible instead of Invulnerability.

What I Like

I like just about everything that this piece has to offer. He has decent enough stats, good generic keywords, a deep dial, and great abilities. Which Monster Dominates? and Which Legend Controls? are probably my favorite special abilities in the entire game. They make him a versatile piece that can adapt to almost any situation you’re in. He has both of those abilities at the same time and they’re on his first four clicks (almost half his dial). Those abilities make him a threatening piece and also make him difficult to deal with.

Werewolf and Vampire are my preferred choices on those two abilities. If he’s got an action token and I want to do something that pushes him, I usually won’t pick Vampire if I don’t need the Flight. I’ll typically go with Frankenstein’s Monster so he gets Indomitable, and won’t take push damage. Frankie is also great if you’re using objects because he gets Super Strength and can pick up heavy objects. Gill Creature comes in handy mostly for Sidestep and Stealth. We were playing on the Wakanda map recently, and I gave him Gill Creature and Vampire to move him deep into the hindering terrain. That made it almost impossible for my opponent to get to him quickly. My opponent had one piece that could reach him, and it was left without support because of the hindering terrain. Monsterex made a meal of it!

He’s got Invulnerability and Toughness for most of his dial, then he gets Regeneration. Damage reducers are always nice to have and if he gets too far down his dial, you can retreat and try to heal him.

He also has Shape Change and four damage on his top two clicks. If he makes his Shape Change roll and he’s hidden deep in the Wakanda jungle, that attacker won’t have anyone else to go after! Four damage is nothing to sneeze at either. Monsterex can easily break off from the pack and take on an opposing piece on his own.

Favorite Build and Strategy

I absolutely love playing this piece on 300 and 400 point Monster theme teams. I don’t usually win map rolls because I only have three and four pieces, respectively, but I love my two Monster Teams.

Team Build
75 points – Batgirl (HQ 037 – Bombshell)
125 points – Monsterex
100 points – Horta (ST:TOS 035)
100 points – Rat King (TMNT2 024)

Batgirl and Monsterex are always the base of my Monster teams. For my 300 point build, the Horta and Rat King are easily interchangeable. The one I use is dependent on the type of event and the experience level of the players at the event. I usually put Rat King back in the box if there are newer players. He can be a bit of a pain to deal with and not very much fun for inexperienced players to play against. Horta is a great piece, but not overpowered or near as much of a nuisance as Rat King.

For 400 points, I use all four pieces. Each piece can usually handle themselves and that’s why I love my Monster team so much. Rat King has Perplex and Probability Control, so I try to keep him in range of everyone – or a majority of the team. But the team can survive just fine if they need to, without his Perplex and Prob.

What do you think of this figure?
Do you have a figure you would use in place of this one?
Is there a figure you would like me to Spotlight?
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Greetings Fellow Clix Fans!


I recently played in my first HeroClix WKO. I had the pleasure of playing in Owensboro, Kentucky at my home away from home, Big Bang Toys – Comics – Games. I always enjoy visiting this venue because the employees are always nice and as helpful as they can be, the play space is more than adequate for multiple events, and the venue is always clean and well stocked on toiletry supplies. You’d be surprised how many places I’ve visited for large events, and the venue has run out of toilet paper…

I’ve made many friends at this venue and they are the most important reason that a three and half hour drive is more than worth it.

I prefer to play casual events, because I’m able to play the pieces I want to play without worrying about the new competitive hotness. So, I’m not a competitive player by any stretch of the imagination. I prefer to spend my time as a judge, but I promised a dear friend of mine that I would play in the WKO.

I had no intention of playing a competitive team build, and I didn’t. I played a team that was built around an idea given to me by my friend, Sam Powell, the same dear friend that I made the promise to.

At Origins, she told me about a strategy using Pip the Troll and chase Kirk, where you use Pip to carry Kirk up to opposing pieces and then he makes his free Close Combat Expert attack that same turn. Sounded like some fun shenanigans to me! It was an idea that used a Star Trek piece and I knew I could build a fun team around it. Chase Sulu immediately popped into my head because he has a free attack like Kirk, but it’s Blades/Claws/Fangs. My team was born. All I needed to do was fill out the rest of the 160 points. I wanted to use the Mighty Thor starter Hulk, on his 100 point line, because that piece has become a favorite of mine. I love his Quake at no cost after he moves. After setting those four pieces out on the table, I noticed they all had one really important thing in common… they were all shirtless. I new what I had to do next – find 60 points in shirtless dudes! One of my favorite Donatello pieces is 60 points, so I put him on the team and was super proud of my Shirtless Squad! When Sam and Daniel convinced me to play in the Owensboro WKO, I realized that my Donatello was Golden Age… so I needed a 60 point Modern Age replacement. They were going to let me use Mangog and Surtur, but I really didn’t want to play competitive pieces – because I’m a casual player. So I went on the hunt for a replacement. I stumbled across a 60 point, shirtless, Pizza Face and knew I found my piece.

The Friday before the WKO, I went to Jo-Ann’s and found pizza buttons, drew angry faces on them, and then glued them to poker chips to use as my Living Pizza bystanders. I filled out my team sheet and packed my stuff up, ready to trek to Ownesboro the next morning. I did not go into this WKO with any delusions of winning. I went into this event with two goals: earn points in at least one game (that weren’t ID cards), and have fun!

My Team
WKTP17-002 Pizza Face

AI008 Pip The Troll


TREKOS049 Captain Kirk


TREKOS050 Lt. Sulu


TMT106 Hulk

Total = 300
WKO team
Maps and Objects

~ Harley’s Apartment
~ Wakanda
~ Underground Cavern (I call it the Horta Caves because that’s what it is in the show.)

~ One Heavy Object
~ Two Light Objects

Round One – Sam Powell

I got to play my first competitive event match with Sam – and this was the first time we have ever played against each other. Talk about excited!!! I couldn’t wait to play and show her my team. She was playing her SamCap/Overdrive/Starfox team, which is pretty cool to see in action. I got six Living Pizza bystanders because she had six figures in her starting area. She seemed concerned about the threat of the flying angry pizzas, and I didn’t fully understand it until it was too late. I totally underestimated my angry pizzas.

I won map roll and we went to the Horta Caves. I started by taking Kirk and Sulu and hiding them behind some blocking with Pip – about half way across the map. I did some Sidestepping with Pizza Face and he carried a tiny pizza dude with him. Hulk moved and carried a pizza with him. I moved a living pizza and ended my turn. Sam popped Overdrive, perplexed several defenses, and positioned for the next turn.

She had pumped up Mangog’s defense and that made me change my strategy because I was going to go after him, but with a super high defense and no Perplex or Prob on my team, I wasn’t going hit him. I decided to push Pip and carry Kirk and Sulu into her starting area to go after Starfox. Starfox rolled out of both Kirk and Sulu’s free attacks with his Super Senses. I knew I was done for at that point. My heavy hitters were in the worst spot they could possibly be in – right next to Starfox and Mangog. Pip was pushed so he wasn’t doing anything next turn. Kirk and Sulu got a series of attacks on their next turn, but none landed due to Super Senses.

Kirk was taken out easily and it seemed like it all went downhill for me after that. I tried my best to recover, but I had realized my mistake from my first turn and knew there was no coming back from it. I should have carried Pizza dudes – not Kirk and Sulu. Her team had little to no damage reducers on most of the pieces and with Plasticity and Poison, I could have done some damage. But it was far too late now. Hulk tried to take out Mangog with an 11 attack against his 19 defense, and missed his attack by one point. Mangog retaliated and Hulk (who was previously damaged in the game) was gone.

At this point in the game, all I wanted to do was score non-ID points. I moved a pizza adjacent to Starfox and moved Pip near Moira so I could drop Sulu next to her and *hopefully* Blades her to death. Sulu free attacked – and rolled a six on Blades! I know… taking out a Moira is nothing to write home about, but it was more than enough for me because I accomplished a goal of mine! I scored non-ID points!

There was a moment that one of my little pizza dudes was able to let his pepperoni fly! Starfox attacked the one I had just moved up next to him. Starfox needed to roll anything but a critical miss to smack the poor little pizza dude into oblivion. Starfox rolled a critical miss… Pepperoni Barrel Roll!!!

It didn’t take Sam long to clean up what was left of my team and it earned her a victory for round one – but I achieved what I believed was going to be my hardest goal of the day – I scored points! Sam and I had a lot of fun playing, and I’d love to play more games with her in the future. We had a lot of fun in Battle Royales at the end of the night too.

Record: 0-1-0
(36 points)

Round Two – Chris Milligan

If you’ve ever listened to Sam and the other ladies on the Clixed Off podcast, then you know Sam does not like Goblin King. Since I had never really played competitive events, I didn’t understand just how frustrating and non-fun this piece is to play against. Chris was playing Goblin King with Loki’s Staff. This entire match was a load of misses by my dudes, and a bunch of picking powers that would drag out the match by my opponent. He eventually started picking powers to speed up the game. There isn’t anything else to report.

Warning – Incoming Griping

I don’t complain often about matches, but this can’t be helped. This was literally the only time I didn’t have fun – all day.

With that said, I’m going to really offend and piss some folks off with this, but let me make this clear – I don’t care. If you’re gonna play this type of team, you have no right to get offended or butt-hurt when someone gets frustrated or upset over having to play against you and your team.

I don’t give up – ever. I will still fight and try to do something, even if it’s just one click of damage. Giving up is ridiculous. I guess that’s the Klingon in me. Choose your enemies and your battles wisely. If the choice is not yours, and victory can not be achieved, don’t just lie down and die – fight to the end until you see the gates of Stovokor. That’s the honorable way to do battle. There is nothing honorable about Goblin King. If you want cheap and shallow victories, he’s for you. And this is why I’m not a competitive player. If I don’t earn my victory – it means nothing.

As for my opponent, I don’t blast folks openly in my blog and this time is no different. But I will admit that the DDK most of you know, was not the same DDK during this match. I was mean, harsh, and nasty. I won’t apologize for it either. Just know that when I tell you I’m a casual player with a casual team – I’m not joking. Don’t come at me with competitive trash talk and a competitive attitude. I’m there to have fun, so be cool and have fun with me.

Record: 0-2-0
(36 points)

Round Three – Jacob Carlisle

So, my next round opponent had been sitting next to me in the previous round and saw the train wreck that was my round two match. I don’t think he was scared of my attitude or anything, but he was definitely not as open to conversation as most folks would be when they’re sitting down and about to play. That’s my fault though, because I let my attitude get out of hand in round two. Jacob was playing Unimind with a Wolverine ID card. I think he had the Symbiote on his team too, but I don’t remember. I won map roll and we went to Harley’s Apartment.

This game was much more fun that round two. I don’t mind single figure teams, and I don’t mind pick-a-power dudes – so long as it’s not Goblin King. Unimind is a figure that I’ve played against before and it wasn’t just a slogfest of misses. If I remember correctly, I think I actually hit Unimind and did at least one click of damage. That’s all I was trying to do against Unimind. There were bad rolls on both sides, but we still had fun playing. My team tried its best, but for these types of opponents, I only get one Living Pizza and those don’t do much against dudes with the shiny damage reducers. Kirk and Sulu tried their hardest and so did Hulk. It didn’t take my opponent long to realize that he could drop Power Cosmic for his super Perplex and not worry about being blasted really hard. I didn’t have an Outwit on my team, and Unimind loves teams without Outwit.

Jacob was a fairly newer player and was an overall friendly person once he realized I wasn’t the big mean nasty he had previously observed. I hope to see him at future events and maybe get to play against him again.

Record: 0-3-0
(36 points)

Round Four – Jeremy Stallings

This match almost didn’t happen. He was going to concede to me and let me have the win, but I talked him into playing the game out. He was playing two SamCaps, Overdrive, Shifting Focus Doctor Strange, Power Woman, and some IDs. I think he had Moira too, but I can’t remember. Admittedly, I didn’t even notice Power Woman until near the end of the match because she was on her special click that gave him an additional action.

I was excited to play this round with Jeremy because he had what looked like a fun team to play against. I love Shifting Focus Doctor Strange and I knew I could get in trouble if I wasn’t careful around him. I won map roll and we went to the Horta Caves. I started with six Living Pizza bystanders and Pip carried two of them half way across the map. Hulk and Pizza Face carried one each. His Boxing Ring was in the center of the map and he rushed up with Overdrive and Doctor Strange carrying the SamCaps. I knew they were coming for me! He dropped several ID characters on me: Wolverine, Chamber, and Brood X are the ones I remember. Wolverine tore up my guys because they were all on my side of the map.

I didn’t waste any time and played true to my aggressive play style. I started maneuvering my pizzas, much to Jeremy’s dismay. He knew they had Plasticity and Poison, but he didn’t realize they flew until they flew across the Boxing Ring. I based several of his characters and went straight for his taxis with my other dudes. He failed his breakaway rolls and that left his SamCaps vulnerable to Poison pizza.

He tried to get away from the pizzas, even taking a few out, but in the end, they were swarming him. I wanted to go after his last SamCap, but then I noticed Power Woman. He told me she gave him an additional action, but I didn’t realize she was actually on the map. That was my fault for not asking more questions. I learned that she would come in once he other pieces were gone. I didn’t know how many clicks she would have and I didn’t know what her powers would be – I’d never seen her dial. I took a chance and took out the last SamCap.

Power Woman was activated. I had Pip the Troll and three or four pizzas left. I was certain defeat was on the way. Power Woman came out with a vengeance and headed for the Boxing Ring and squishing a pizza along the way. I decided to fight to the bitter end, because I don’t give up! I ran my angry pizza bystanders into the Boxing Ring and based Power Woman, knowing I had to critically hit to deal any damage because she wasn’t going to take damage from Poison. Pip was sneaking up behind her, but before he had a chance to get there, one of my Living Pizzas critically hit Power Woman! Jeremy revealed that she only had the one click, meaning I took out his team! I was in disbelief!

We had such a fun game. We were trying to out-maneuver each other and it truly felt like we were playing the game the way it was meant to be played – the fun way! It was anyone’s game. All he needed to do was take out Pip and he’d have won. My Living Pizzas are zero point bystanders so if my other dudes are all gone… the flying pizzas become flightless piles of goo and I lose. This was an epic match and we were both happy that we played it out!

Record: 1-2-0
(36 + 260 = 296 points total for the day)


Overall, I had a great experience for my first HeroClix competitive event. I achieved both goals I had set for myself, and achieved a bonus goal by actually winning a match. I went into this event with a team like my Shirtless Squad, to prove to all the players out there that you can play casual teams in competitive events and still have fun – win or not. It’s all about your mindset. I didn’t have delusions about my team’s ability to perform in a competitive atmosphere. I understood the consequences of going into an event like this without Perplex, Prob, or Outwit on my team. Most of my opponents liked my unique and fun approach and I received lots of compliments on my angry pizza dudes. They were fun to make and even more fun to see moving across the map in an angry horde.

It was special day for me because I got to play against two friends that I had never played against – even in Battle Royales. Sam and I played several BRs once Top 8 started. We had loads of fun in that too and even got to pick at each other a bit too. Sorry, Sam! It was just too tempting to send my Joker and Ivy after you! It was all in good fun though, and fun was had by all in the BRs. I even got to play a game of Junk Orbit while I was there.

Big Bang is also a treasure trove of toys, comics, and games. I can’t go to Big Bang without finding something that I’ve been looking for. Thank you to Big Bang for hosting! Thank you to Daniel for judging – it’s a thankless job most of the time but judges deserve some love too! Thanks to everyone that chatted with me and I hope to see everyone again soon!

Have you played in a competitive event like a WKO?
Would you play a crazy team like the Shirtless Squad in a WKO?
Leave me a comment here or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty!

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Greetings Fellow Clix Fans!


I finally ordered my first ever, sealed case of HeroClix. I couldn’t be happier with the set I chose! I also got the Fast Forces and the Dice & Token Pack for the set as well. Here is a brief review of the Fast Forces and Dice & Token Pack, as well as a breakdown of the case (two Gravity Feeds) for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Unplugged!

You can find my unboxing videos on my YouTube channel, Dice Dice Kitty. My Fast Forces and Dice & Token Pack are in one video, here. My case unboxing is in another video, here.

Dice & Token Pack

The Dice & Token Pack is just like the others that WizKids has made as far as quality. The token images are thematic to the set theme and the dice are not the same color as the ones from the first TMNT dice, but the image is similar. It’s not as large or defined as the image from the first TMNT dice and I would have liked a different image, but the turtle face is okay. I do love that the dice are purple and green, because Donnie is my favorite turtle!

I love the pixel images on the tokens and I also like that they included Bebop and Rocksteady in this D&T Pack instead of Splinter and Shredder again. Each token with a turtle has the turtle’s face and weapon of choice featured on it as well as their signature color as the background color of the token.

Dice and Token

I love this Dice & Token Pack, and since my other TMNT dice and my Star Trek dice don’t roll well for me, I’ll be using this set for a while.

Fast Forces

Fast Forces are a great way to help casual players obtain extra thematic pieces. I don’t ever expect a piece from a Fast Forces to become a meta or competitive piece and this Fast Forces seems to fall in line. Fast Forces typically don’t come with a rulebook, PAC, or maps. You only get the figures and their cards, usually.

This Fast Forces only comes with five figures, which I thought was a little unusual. I’m used to Fast Forces having six figures and the corresponding cards. This Fast Forces has a punch card of six bystander tokens, but for me, that doesn’t make up the difference of a whole character. I would have preferred token bystanders to cardboard ones in place of a sixth character. With the cardboard bystanders, they still could have put a sixth figure in the Fast Forces.


Cardboard Bystanders:


Here are the cards for the pieces in the Fast Forces:

Shredder seems kinda fun and so do the turtles, but really only for casual play. I’d be surprised if any of these show up in competitive play. If you’re starting out in HeroClix and you’re looking for some fun pieces to use at your local events, this is a great Fast Forces for that. You can easily build a TMNT Ally theme team with the four turtles and some extra pieces from some boosters. The turtles are 50 points each, so you’d need another 100 points for a 300 point game. That’s easy to do with a handful of boosters or pieces from a previous set. You could forego the theme team probs and build a 300 point Martial Artist theme team straight from the Fast Forces by adding Shredder at his 100 point starting line to the four turtles.

I really feel like this Fast Forces needed one more dude in it. Another villain would have been great to put with Shredder and then you’d be able to play TMNT vs TMNT Villain! Why not Krang?! Missed opportunity.

And before someone says – “But there are bystanders in it that you can add to the team.”

Yes, there are bystanders. But they don’t have keywords and there are only 70 points total between the six bystanders. I guess you could put the turtles against Shredder and the bystanders… Not sure how much fun that will be since bystanders can typically only take one hit.

Mr. DDK brought up a good point about the Laser Drone bystander and its weird trait. He thinks they gave it [PASSENGER]: 0 so it can’t carry anything at all. It has flight, but giving it the [PASSENGER: 0] prevents it from picking up other tiny dudes and carrying them.

Case – Two Gravity Feeds of Boosters
Feed One

I pulled one of each common, except for 001 and 006, which I pulled two of.

I pulled all of the uncommons except for 017.

Rares and Super Rares
I pulled one of each of the following rares: 019, 024, 027. I pulled one of each of the following super rares: 032 and 033.

Feed Two

I pulled one of each common, except for 002 and 009, which I pulled two of.

I pulled all of the uncommons except for 014, 016, and 018. I did pull a 017 in this feed, which completed my uncommon set.

Rares, Super Rare, and Chase
I pulled one of each of the following rares: 020, 021, 026, 028. I pulled one super rare: 034 and one chase: 038.

Here are the cards for all the different pieces I pulled in my two feeds:


Final Thoughts

I actually cancelled my Batman TAS pre-order so I could get a case of this set. I’m super happy with my case and have no regrets about swapping. I couldn’t be happier with Donatello as my chase piece and I can’t wait to buy more of this set! I love the pixel pieces and I think they’re unique and interesting compared to the rest of the HeroClix pieces out there. Pixels won’t work for every set of TMNT, or even every IP, but it works for this set of TMNT and I think it works very well.

I don’t mind the sculpt reuse at all, especially since there are so many new sculpts in this set. I don’t mind that the reused sculpts are on super rares either. It helps keep costs down a little so the price of our booster packs doesn’t increase. I’d rather keep prices the same and play with pieces that have the same sculpt, instead of having prices go up just to have a different sculpt. I don’t think they should reuse sculpts on OP prizing, unless the sculpt is really awesome, like that War Machine from one of the last WKO’s. His sculpt was a reused one, but it was pretty awesome.

My only real issue is that they Fast Forces has five characters instead of six and in place of the sixth character, there are cardboard bystander tokens. I still feel they should have put actual plastic tokens in the Fast Forces since they left out that sixth character.

Overall, I love the set and I like the Fast Forces and the Dice & Token Pack. This is a great time for me to be a HeroClix player!

What do you think of the new pixel style?
What is your favorite piece?
Did you pull any awesome pieces from your packs?
Leave me a comment here or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and let me know! Thanks for reading and please remember to like, follow, and subscribe!

Live long, and Prob it!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


For this week’s confusing card of the week article, we’re going to take a look at Casey Jones: Lunatic Vigilante from the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles box set.

W 12 Casey Jones, Lunatic Vigilante

Ruling – Ability

Casey Jones has an ability that says he cannot be blocked by Sidekicks or Villain character dice. This ability works only when Casey Jones is attacking and it applies to each of his attacking character dice.

A die can be given the Villain affiliation through a card effect, and that would make that die unable to block. This will only work if the die is given the Villain affiliation during the Main Step, before Casey Jones attacks. If a character die is given the Villain affiliation after they are assigned as a blocker, it will have no effect on that die being able to block.

Character dice with the Ally Keyword cannot block Casey Jones because they are considered to be Sidekicks while in the Field Zone.

Villain Affiliation

The Villain affiliation has two different affiliation icons. One is a red Hydra logo, commonly found in Marvel sets. The other is a stylized V, commonly found in DC sets and the TMNT sets. There have been Marvel sets that featured the V on their Villain cards.

Marvel Villain Affiliation     DC Villain Affiliation

Both of these symbols have the exact same meaning and are interchangeable. If a card has the V in the text box, like Casey Jones, it applies to characters with the Hydra logo as well.

Miscellaneous Card Information

~ Casey Jones is a Fist type character card.
~ He does not have an affiliation.
~ He has a max dice of three.
~ This card is a Common and is #12 of 58.

Official Sources

WizKids Official Rules Forum (WORF)
There isn’t a ruling for this specific card, but you can find the cross-IP terminology, here.

Basic Information

You can find more info about specific Keywords on the WizKids Keywords page.

Turn Order Summary Reference


Opinion and Strategy

I like characters that can’t be blocked because it puts pressure on your opponent to find a way to stay alive long enough to get their team to go off. I like Casey Jones because he’s a cheaper character with a good ability, and his stats aren’t terrible. I like using him and characters like him as a back up, in case my original plan goes wrong or doesn’t work. He tends to scare some folks when they’re using mostly Villains and Sidekicks/Allies. There are also Globals that can make a character die into a Villain so they can’t block. He’s best paired with a Global like the one on Lantern Power Ring: Energy Projection in Golden Age. For Modern Age, you have to use the Monument to Evil: Basic Action Card, because it’s the only card with a Global that grants the Villain affiliation. It works, but not as well because it requires a Mask and Fist energy where all the other Villain making Globals require one energy.

He seems fun to pair with Batwoman: Code of Honor. You make him a Villain and both of them are practically unblockable while attacking together. It’s a combo I’ve been thinking about and I hope to put it into action soon to see if it works well enough in a casual setting.

Opinions on this card? Leave a comment!
Is there a card your confused on?

Is there a combo that seems too good to be true?
Leave me a comment here or message me on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Need to look up a card? Be sure to check out DM RetroBox! It’s the best searchable card database I’ve found for when I’m at the computer.

Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


For this week’s confusing card of the week article, we’re going to take a look at Nefarious Broadcast: Basic Action Card  from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Heroes in a Half Shell Box set.


Ruling Ability

Nefarious Broadcast is a Basic Action. If a card ability would affect an Action Die, Nefarious Broadcast could be chosen for the effect. One such example is Constantine: Antihero.

When you use a Nefarious Broadcast action die, it will cancel any Global effect that is currently still in effect and prevent the use of any Global ability after its use. Global abilities that have a lingering active effect are the only ones that will be affected by Nefarious Broadcast. Examples include the Globals on Transfer Power and Bane.

Certain Globals that are used before Nefarious Broadcast will not be reversed by its use. This is because the effect is not an ongoing or active effect. Examples include the Globals on Professor X and Unstable Canister.

As soon as a player uses Nefarious Broadcast, neither player will be able to use any Global abilities until the next turn.

Nefarious Broadcast can be used in the Main Step or during the Actions and Globals portion of the Attack Step.

Miscellaneous Card Information

~ Nefarious Braodcast is a Basic Action Card with no energy type.
~ It does not have any affiliations.
~ It has a max dice of three.
~ This card is a Common and is #54 of 58.

If you purchase either of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Box Sets, you will have one copy of each card in the entire set, as well as the maximum number of dice for each card.


These examples are for information purposes only, to show what would happen in certain scenarios. I am not suggesting that these examples are the best outcomes for each scenario and each example only features relevant parts of the turn, not the entire turn.

Example One:
Using Nefarious Broadcast during your Main Step.

~ I have a Nefarious Broadcast die in my Reserve Pool and a Sidekick in my Field Zone. My opponent has one Fist energy in their Reserve Pool.
~ (Main Step) After completing all the game actions I want to do at this time in the Main Step, I pass priority to my opponent so that they can use Global Abilities. They spend their Fist energy to use the Global on Bane. They target my Sidekick with the Global, which will make my Sidekick attack this turn.
~ (Main Step) My opponent passes priority back to me and I use my Nefarious Broadcast die. This will remove the active effect from Bane’s Global that would force my Sidekick to attack. My Sidekick no longer has to attack. Neither player can play Globals until the next turn.

Example Two:
Using Nefarious Broadcast during your Attack Step.

~ I have a Nefarious Broadcast die and two Fist energy in my Reserve Pool. I also have a Sidekick in my Field Zone. My opponent has one Fist energy in their Reserve Pool.
~ (Main Step) After completing all the game actions I want to do at this time in the Main Step, I pass priority to my opponent so that they can use Global Abilities. They spend their Fist energy to use the Global on Bane. They target my Sidekick with the Global, which will make my Sidekick attack this turn. My opponent passes priority back to me, and I decline to do any further game actions in the Main Step.
~ (Attack Step – Assign Attackers) I must assign my Sidekick as an attacker. I move my Sidekick die into the Attack Zone.
~ (Attack Step – Assign Blockers) My opponent doesn’t have any characters to assign as blockers.
~ (Attack Step – Actions and Globals) I am able to use Action Dice and Globals at this time. I decide to use my Nefarious Broadcast die (sending it Out of Play). This removes all active effects of Globals, but there currently aren’t any. Neither player can use Globals until the next turn. I was saving my two Fist energy for the Global on Anger Issues, but now I can’t use it.
~ (Attack Step – Assign and Resolve Damage) My Sidekick will deal one damage to my opponent. My Sidekick is moved Out of Play.
~ (Clean Up) All dice Out of Play are moved to the Used Pile. All effects end unless otherwise stated.

Official Sources

WizKids Official Rules Forum (WORF) does not have a ruling for this specific card.

Turn Order Summary Reference



You can find a guide to my ratings, here.
These are personal opinion of the card being showcased and not an official reflection of current major meta.

Golden Age Rating

Nefarious Broadcast is definitely not a plug-and-play type of card. It needs a team built specifically around not using Globals, or using a minimal amount of Globals. You also need to time the use of this die just right or you could make some serious misplays. I think I might be a little generous with the rogue rating in Golden Age, but I bet there are enough talented pilots out there that they may be able to find a way to make this card useful in format dominated by Globals.

Nefarious Broadcast: Basic Action Card gets a rating of three out of five stars.
3 Stars

Modern Age Rating

Modern Age isn’t as Global heavy as Golden Age, but it has its fair share of decent Globals. Nefarious Broadcast still needs to have a team built around it to be most effective. I think Nefarious Broadcast will see more use in Modern Age than Golden Age, but because of its need for a particular team build, it’s still just a rogue card.

Nefarious Broadcast: Basic Action Card gets a rating of three out of five stars.
3 Stars

Prime Rating

Prime’s lack of dominating Globals leaves Nefarious Broadcast in the collector box for me. There are definitely good Globals, but none that would warrant putting Nefarious Broadcast on your team instead of another critical BAC. I’ve stopped using Oracle: Master Investigator in Prime, because she’s not that useful in this format. I don’t think Global-hate is very useful at this particular time in Prime.

Nefarious Broadcast: Basic Action Card gets a rating of one out of five stars.
1 Star

Casual Play Rating

I think this card is a little more confusing than it needs to be. I’m not sure if it’s because folks are overthinking how it works or if WizKids needs to clarify the wording a little more. Trying to explain Globals to a new player can be challenging in itself, and then when you throw in the active effects and instant effects, it could leave their head spinning. But once a player has a better understanding of the game, I don’t think this card would be a big issue. I wouldn’t recommend a beginner use this card, but players at the advanced skill level and higher shouldn’t have too much trouble with understanding this card. This card is a great teaching tool to teach players about active effects and instant effects.

Nefarious Broadcast: Basic Action Card gets a rating of three out of five stars.
3 Stars

Opinions on this card? Leave a comment!
Is there a card your confused on?

Is there a combo that seems too good to be true?
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Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

For this week’s confusing card of the week article, we’re going to take a look at Donatello: Intellectually Inclined  from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Heroes in a Half Shell box set.

I’ve now included an updated Rating System that covers all the competitive formats – Golden Age, Modern Age, and Prime. While Golden Age is not going to be a highly supported format in the official WizKids scenes, I imagine many areas will continue using it as their competitive format. Casual will remain different because casual players usually look at cards differently and I rate them on their ease of use more than playability.


Ruling – Ability

Donatello has a When Attacks ability. These type of abilities trigger for each of those character’s dice that attack. Donatello’s ability has a cost associated with it. You must pay this cost at the time his dice are assigned to attack. You must also pay for each die that attacks that you want to use the ability on. You may only pay for each attacking die’s ability one time.

When Donatello attacks, you may pay a Bolt energy to deal two damage directly to your opponent or a target character die. This ability targets and can be redirected, reduced, or negated with other abilities or effects that affect damage.

Using this ability is optional. If you do not pay for the ability when the die is assigned to attack, you cannot go back to pay for it later. For example, if you attack and don’t pay the Bolt energy to use his ability and you move into the Assign Blockers portion of the Attack Step, you cannot pay the Bolt energy for his ability.

If Donatello is KO’d or removed from the Field Zone during the Action and Global portion of the Attack Step, it will not affect the damage that was done with his ability because it’s already resolved.

Miscellaneous Card Information

~ Donatello is a Bolt Character.
~ He has the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle affiliation.
~ He has a max dice of three.
~ This card is a Common and is #7 of 58.

If you purchase either of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Box Sets, you will have one copy of each card in the entire set, as well as the maximum number of dice for each card.


These examples are for information purposes only, to show what would happen in certain scenarios. I am not suggesting that these examples are the best outcomes for each scenario and each example only features relevant parts of the turn, not the entire turn.

Example One:
Attacking with one Donatello die.

~ I have one level one Donatello die and two Bolt energy in my Reserve Pool.
~ (Attack Step – Assign Attackers) I assign my Donatello die to attack by moving it into the Attack Zone. I choose to use his ability by paying a Bolt energy (placing it Out of Play). I choose to target my opponent because they do not have any characters in the Field Zone. My opponent takes two damage.
~ The rest of the Attack Step continues as normal.

Example Two:
Attacking with multiple Donatello dice.

~ I have three level one Donatello die and three Bolt energy in my Reserve Pool.
~ (Attack Step – Assign Attackers) I tell my opponent that I  am going to assign each of my Donatello dice to attack, but I do it one at a time so that I can resolve each of their abilities as they are assigned to attack.
– I assign the first die to attack, pay a Bolt energy (placing it Out of Play), and deal two damage to my opponent.
– I assign the second die to attack, pay a Bolt energy (placing it Out of Play), and deal two damage to my opponent.
– I assign the third die to attack, pay a Bolt energy (placing it Out of Play), and deal two damage to my opponent. The total amount of damage done to my opponent is six.
~ The rest of the Attack Step continues as normal.

Example Three:
Attacking with Donatello that gets KO’d after attacking.

~ I have one level three Donatello die and two Bolt energy in my Reserve Pool. My opponent has a Captain Cold’s Cold Gun: Frozen “Firearm” on a burst side in the Field Zone.
~ (Attack Step – Assign Attackers) I assign my Donatello die to attack by moving it into the Attack Zone. I choose to use his ability by paying a Bolt energy (placing it Out of Play). I choose to target my opponent because they do not have any characters in the Field Zone. My opponent takes two damage.
~  (Attack Step – Assign Blockers) My opponent doesn’t assign any blockers.
~ (Attack Step – Actions and Globals) I do not use any Actions or Globals and pass priority to my opponent. My opponent decides to activate their Cold Gun die. They target my Donatello die, dealing him three damage and it blanks the text from the die until the end of turn.
~ (Attack Step – Assign and Resolve Damage) I assign Donatello’s five damage to my opponent.
~ The rest of the turn continues as normal.

Official Sources

WizKids Official Rules Forum (WORF) does not have a ruling for this specific card.

Turn Order Summary Reference


Golden Age Rating

The only reason I think this card might have a use is because of Iceman: Too Cool for Words. You could use all three Donatello dice to attack with and with Iceman, almost always have the right energy for his abilities. But that’s only if someone didn’t want to use Cheetah: Cursed Archaeologist for some reason or another. I unfortunately don’t think Donnie is gonna see any kind of competitive Golden Age play.

Donatello: Intellectually Inclined gets a rating of one out of five stars.
1 Star

Modern Age Rating

Without Cheetah in the format, Donnie should be the dude, right? I don’t think so. It pains me to say it, but I think a five cost character with a When Attacks ability that you have to pay for is too much even for Modern. While Modern is a slower format, there are still brighter stars in the sky.

Donatello: Intellectually Inclined gets a rating of one out of five stars.1 Star

Prime Rating

I think Prime is the place that Donnie has the best chance to make an appearance, as far as competitive scenes go. I still don’t think anyone is going to try to do too much with him though. His cost is still high for his ability, but he’s not completely bad. There could be a rogue team that surfaces with him on it, but I don’t think it’s likely.

Donatello: Intellectually Inclined gets a rating of two out of five stars.
2 Stars

Casual Play Rating

The major issue with Donnie is that some players aren’t sure about how many times they can pay to activate his ability. Once it’s explained that you can only pay for it once for each of his dice, it’s a little more easy to understand and use. I really like this card for casual play because it is very easy to explain to new players and not difficult to use. Donnie’s ability isn’t too shabby either for a beginner or casual player. I could easily recommend this card for any player of any skill level.

Donatello: Intellectually Inclined gets a rating of four out of five stars.
4 Stars

Opinions on this card? Leave a comment!

Is there a card your confused on?
Is there a combo that seems too good to be true?
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Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans – And Fellow Clix Fans!!!


Ever since Star Wars Destiny released, I’ve been asked many times if I would be covering Destiny as well. Personally, I am not the biggest Star Wars fan. I am a much bigger Star Trek fan, but I do enjoy the Star Wars movies – yes, you can enjoy both, despite what the hardcore fans on both sides say. It’s not a competition – it’s called personal preference and neither one is better than the other. I think I just heard an audible *GASP!* from all over the universe right now. You can like both Star Wars and Star Trek while being a bigger fan of one more than the other – without the universe imploding in on you.

But that being said, I will not be buying into any Star Wars Destiny. I’ve watched the game played and discussed the game with some of our local Dice Masters who are playing both (yes, you can do that too), and Destiny is not the game for me. I don’t like how the game is designed as a whole. It could have been Star Trek themed and I wouldn’t play it. That doesn’t mean the game is better or worse than Dice Masters or any other game out there – it’s personal preference.

I encourage players of any collectible game to play at least two different collectible games, because the different game play or different game strategies could help you in other games. Thinking differently in one game could help you realize something you hadn’t yet thought of in the other game. I play the My Little Pony CCG on a casual level, mainly because it’s about as expensive as MtG to play competitively and I’m not excited about sinking that much money into a single deck of cards. I’ve also played HeroClix casually for a long time. I recently decided  to play in more of the store HeroClix events and even do a bit of branching out here on my blog with some HeroClix related articles.

I do not play competitive Clix (yet) – so if you’re looking for the next big thing in Clix, it’s not here. I’m reaching out to all those fellow players that like myself, that want to play the Clix they like and not the ones they feel they have to play. Saturday, I played in a tournament and I used a TMNT Ally team. I’m definitely not up on the rules for Clix and had to constantly ask our resident expert lots of questions. We may have even botched some of those, but I imagine someone out there will watch the videos and be kind enough to point out any game play errors so we don’t make them again.

I know if you’re an experienced Clix player reading this, you probably will find my team silly or you think I’m a noob for my lack of Clix experience. Everyone has to start somewhere and I definitely welcome advice and positive criticism. I would like comments to remain family friendly across all my outlets (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, here). Maybe one day I will find myself looking at meta pieces and playing in a larger event, but for now, I’m keeping it casual in my hometown.

The store’s rules for this event were:
~ 400 point Golden Age build.
~ Common, Uncommon, and Rare only. No LE, Super Rare, Prime, etc.
~ No Resources, Relics, etc.
~ Highlander Rule – No two characters with the same ‘Real Name’ could be on the same team. For example, you could have two Batman characters, but one would have to be Bruce Wayne and the other Dick Grayson. I’ve tried researching Highlander rules and I’ve seen lots of variations and can’t find anything official. I originally had two Raphael characters on my team but because the TMNT pieces don’t have ‘real names’, the FLGS said that the ‘Universe’ would act as the real name. This allowed me to have two different Raphael characters, one being the 1988 Comic series and the other being the 2012 animated series. The FLGS allows for multiples of the same character that don’t have a real name, like a Thug or Foot Soldier.

* Side Note! *
I am only the TO for Dice Masters and the MLP CCG at my FLGS. I have nothing to do with formatting the Clix events. If you have suggestions for different events, you are welcome to comment them here, message me, email me, etc, and I will absolutely pass them on to the store.

This was my team from Saturday:

395 points total



My record was 2-1-0 for the event. I lost to an X-Men team build that was really good, but because of technical issues with my camera, I was not able to record that match.

The idea I had was to use Fugitoid as a pack-mule and move my dudes around. I’m still learning all the tricks to doing that, like attacking with my dudes first, then carrying them off with Fugitoid to keep them out of combat to clear their tokens on the nest turn. So I was going to use Fugitoid to ferry in Leatherhead, Mikey, Raph, and Casey. Leatherhead buffs his attack and Mikey’s attack if they’re adjacent to each other. Casey does the same for himself and Raph. I later realized that I should have left Casey behind and carried Leo instead. Casey has Willpower and Leo has Leadership. Taking Leo would have definitely been better. I could ferry everyone except Casey up ten spaces, and just run Casey up to them. Leo could potential clear a token off Casey on turn three with Leadership, leaving him available to charge up to a dude with Raph by his side.

I keep forgetting about Mikey’s free Smoke Cloud. It’s actually a really good ability that helps block line of fire for some characters and also prevents certain characters from charging  up to my dudes, if I place the Smoke Clouds appropriately. I was using them in my last match to stop X-23 from charging me and blowing me up. I held out much longer in that match because of Mikey’s Smoke Clouds. I can use Fugitoid to Phase/Teleport Mikey and Leatherhead away from dudes and then use Mikey’s ability to place the Smoke Clouds to hide my getaway!

I like keeping Leo around Casey and Raph to boost their defenses up from seventeen to eighteen with his Defend. I can’t tell you how many times that one extra defense point has mattered in other games! Leo can use his Leadership to clear Raph or Casey when they need it and Leo is a nice attacker too.

I had an epic fail happen in round one that you can see in the video on my YouTube channel. I rolled a crit miss on an attack, used my Prob to avoid taking damage, and still rolled two ones on the reroll. That has never happened to me so it was fairly astounding to see, and luckily, I caught it on camera!

I really like my Turtle Clix and I’m very happy that they are playable against other current pieces. Being the Star Trek fan that I am, I jumped into the Star Trek Clix and began playing again after many years, just because of them. I quickly realized how under powered they were and got very discouraged. I didn’t want to play anything else, so I quit playing again until Guardians of the Galaxy released. I wanted to play with the comic book versions of the Guardians and in the pre-release, I pulled a super rare Groot. I still haven’t been able to get the super rare Rocket to go with him, but I loved my Guardians team, and it was playable in our local meta. Then I got my hands on Deadpool stuff. I fell in love with my Deadpool team and the speech bubbles. I quit playing again for a little while because I couldn’t use my teams in the ‘no super rare’ formats and that’s what the store was running the most of. So now, I have TMNT characters that I can play with in any format, potentially win a match or two, and still have fun! That matters a lot to me – I’m not gonna play a game if I’m not having fun.

And while I’m going to branch out and play some Clix, I will always be a Dice Master, so I don’t want my fellow Dice Masters to think I’m leaving that scene. It’s quite the opposite! Being part of both the Dice Masters and HeroClix communities will only help me to become a better competitive player in DM, and possibly, one day, a competitive Clix player.

What are some changes you’d make without changing the spirit of the team?
Have a build you like better?
Leave me a comment here or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

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May your crits never be misses and your Probs never wasted!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


We held a Prime format event this past weekend and I decided to play with a mostly TMNT team. Before I go any further, I have a little bit of bad news. I did not take pictures of my opponents’ teams, and an unfortunate technical issue has destroyed two of my three videos. I will post the video I have on my YouTube channel when I get done editing it. I did not take pictures of my opponents’ teams for this report because I was doing videos of all my matches this week. I apologize for the lack of content in this report.

My Team

You can find my team here, on DM Retrobox or in the Slideshow below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I put April, Michelangelo, and Leonardo on my team to decrease the cost of my TMNT characters. I like Donatello because he does ability damage directly to my opponent for each of my other active TMNT characters when each of his dice attack. Metalhead is a really beefy attacker when you have lots of TMNT dice active. Raphael protects my TMNT characters from Action Dice and Globals, which came in handy! I put Casey Jones on the team to help me clear Sidekicks/Allies out of Metalhead’s path. Rip was the only card on the team that wasn’t from a TMNT set. I wanted to have access to the Global if my opponent decided not to bring it. Reclaim was useful for moving over those recently purchased character dice. Mutation is just a great card for Mutating Sidekicks out and bringing in those TMNT characters as well as Mutating out characters on my opponent’s side, for less threatening characters.

I had lots of fun playing this team, and every game I played was somewhat close – except for my first match. I ended with a record of 0-3-0 for the event, but the fun I had was totally worth playing with my Turtles! I would like to take Casey Jones off the team and add a force block Global, like Wasp: Fashionista so that I can force my opponent to block my Donatello dice, hopefully putting them back into the Field Zone. I would also like to swap my Metalhead out for this one:


Using Dissociative Identity with the four Turtles would be a huge benefit. I can attack with all of my dice; Donatello dice will be doing their direct damage first; then Metalhead’s ability will make the four Turtles unblockable; then the four Turtles will all hit my opponent, hopefully for lethal. I can use one or multiple Donnie dice to soften my opponent up first, making the victory easier to accomplish.

I played against a Bat-Family team, an Action Burn team, and a Satchel team. The Action Burn team won the event on tie-breaker points, but all three of those team were 2-1-0 for the event. I plan to make the appropriate adjustments to my team and play it again in a future Prime event. I also have a Gorilla Grodd team that I enjoy playing and Hypervelocity team that I’m working on.

I apologize again for the lack of content in this report, but I wanted to put something out there for folks to read. Something is better than nothing! I hope I have the technical kinks worked out for next week.

What are some changes you’d make without changing the spirit of the team?
Have a build you like better?
Leave me a comment here or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

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Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


For this week’s confusing card of the week article, we’re going to take a look at the Renet Tilley: 79th Dimension of Null-Time from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Heroes in a Half Shell box set.


Ruling – Ability

Renet Tilley has a While Active ability. A While Active ability is one that works regardless of how many of the character’s dice are in the Field Zone. While Active abilities are like a light – it’s either on, or it’s off.


Renet Tilley’s ability lets you spin an action die that’s on an action face to any other side, but only right after you complete your Roll and Reroll Step and before you begin your Main Step. The action die must be on a non-energy face for you to be able to use her ability for that die. You can spin the die to any energy face or any action face.

Miscellaneous Card Information

~ Renet Tilley is a Bolt Character.
~ She does not have an affiliation.
~ She has a max dice of three.
~ This card is a Common and is #35 of 58.

If you purchase either of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Box Sets, you will have one copy of each card in the entire set, as well as the maximum number of dice for each card.


These examples are for information purposes only, to show what would happen in certain scenarios. I am not suggesting that these examples are the best outcomes for each scenario and each example only features relevant parts of the turn, not the entire turn.

Example One:
Using Renet Tilley for one Action Die.

~ I have one level one Renet Tilley in the Field Zone.
~ (Clear and Draw Step) I draw four dice from my bag. I draw two Captain Cold’s Cold Gun action dice and two Sidekick dice.
~ (Roll and Reroll Step) I roll my four dice and they land on two Wild energy, one Cold Gun on an action face with no bursts, and one Cold Gun showing its single generic energy side. I choose to reroll the Cold Gun on the energy face and it lands on the same single generic energy face.
~ (Roll and Reroll Step) If I want to use Renet Tilley, I must do so now before I begin my Main Step. I choose to spin my Cold Gun on the action face to an energy face with the Bolt and Fist energy. I could have used her ability to spin it to an action face with bursts or even the single energy face, but I want the Bolt/Fist energy this turn instead.
~ (Main Step) I now begin my main step.

Official Sources

WizKids Official Rules Forum (WORF) does not have a ruling for this specific card.

Turn Order Summary Reference


Unlimited Competitive Play Rating

I could see her being a useful rogue level card. There are not many action cards that benefit from a burst ability in the unlimited meta, but Cold Gun is definitely the biggest one. She can be useful in getting energy from a die that rolled an action face that you didn’t want an action for in that particular turn. In an unlimited setting, she is a good card, but I don’t think she’s that good to make a huge splash in the major meta. There are too many ways to get rid of her – easily. Her defense stats make her an easy target for the Magic Missile/Unstable Canister burn Global (or even the action ability). I think the most useful spot she can find is on a Bolt Ring team variant. She can spin those Kryptonite action faces over to bolt faces to help boost your damage. She does make for an easy DWiz distraction if your opponent is worried about you benefiting too much from her ability which could keep some of your other major pieces safe from the DWiz. But overall, I don’t think she’ll be as useful as some players have thought, and mainly because I think some folks have misread her ability. She doesn’t spin energy faces to action faces, which definitely would have made her over powered.

Renet Tilley: 79th Dimension of Null-Time gets a rating of three out of five stars.
3 Stars

Prime Play Rating

As far as Prime goes, the limited ramp and churn options make Renet Tilley a little more valuable. You don’t have to worry about a whiffed energy roll on an action die, or you could easily spin that Momentum to it’s double burst from its other action face. I think we’ll see her a lot more in Prime than unlimited. There are definitely less threats out there for direct removal in Prime too. A Cold Gun would KO her on any side because of her low defense, so she makes for a great no-burst Cold Gun target. I really like this card for Prime and I think we’ll see a lot of her in this format.

Renet Tilley: 79th Dimension of Null-Time gets a Prime rating of four out of five stars.
4 Stars

Casual Play Rating

I love how easy this card is to understand for a new player. The ability is worded well and there isn’t a lot of room for confusion. This is one of the many awesome cards in the newest TMNT box. That box is truly a comprehensive box of goodness and I will be recommending it to every new player! I’m really happy that the characters in this box are easy for beginners to understand and use, including this Renet Tilley. A new player will benefit from using this character because she’s not one that they would want to attack with, teaching newer players about the benefit of leaving your character active instead of attacking. I definitely recommend this card and the Heroes in a Half Shell box set for every player out there!

Renet Tilley: 79th Dimension of Null-Time gets a casual play rating of five out of five stars.
5 Stars

Opinions on this card? Leave a comment!
Is there a card your confused on?
Is there a combo that seems too good to be true?
Leave me a comment here or message me on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

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Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


WizKids has released another complete box set for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! This set is called, Heroes in a Half Shell. If you purchase this box set, you will get the entire set, max dice for each character, and a bunch of other goodies!

TMNT 2 Heroes in a Half Shell.png

This box can be played as a stand alone product, added with the previous TMNT Box Set, or mixed in with the vast library of Dice Masters cards to enhance any team for various formats. This box set is great for casual players and seasoned players alike. If you’d like to take a look at the previous TMNT Box Set, you can find my review here.

You can find my review video on YouTube, here.

Dice Building Game Box Set


Box Contents

~ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rulebook
~ 4 Color Coordinated Paper Playmats
~ 4 Color Coordinated Dice Bags
~ 12 Basic Action Dice
~ 32 Sidekick Dice
~ 48 Character Dice
~ 48 Character Cards
~ 10 Basic Action Cards
~ 4 Action Reminder Cards
~ Collection Tray with Clear Cover


Both this rulebook and the one from the first box have the doubles start up rules in the back. The rulebook feels durable and looks really nice. It’s one I’d like to keep on me as my reference rulebook.



There are several returning keywords in this set, but you won’t find any new ones.

Turtle Power

WizKids has a comprehensive list of Keywords on their site. You can also find expanded descriptions for all the keywords on The Reserve Pool‘s site.


We don’t see any new affiliations, but the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle affiliation returns in this box set. The other affiliation you’ll find is one that crosses over almost all other IPs, Villain.


If you haven’t seen any or most of the 2012 animated series, but plan to watch it later – you may want to skip reading some of this. I discuss lots of things from that series which could be seen as spoilers.


April makes her second appearance in Dice Masters. This time, she looks a little different. We now have the 80s animated version and the 2012 animated series version of April. She’s a Shield character and all of her versions have a cost of two. She has the Ally keyword on all three cards and each card does something directly related to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle affiliation. Please take note – she does not carry the TMNT affiliation herself! No Mere Damsel is absolutely my favorite of all three because she’s easy to purchase and helps reduce the cost of your other TMNT characters. A cheap character with Turtle Power seems really good for any team built around the TMNT affiliation. I don’t think any version of this April will make it into the unlimited scene, and it’s not likely she’ll see Prime play either unless someone finds a super awesome TMNT team build.

Casey Jones is back again as a Fist character with a purchase cost of two and three. Penalty Box is pretty handy for gaining life, but life gain is not all that prevalent in unlimited or Prime. I think he may be a nice tech piece for someone that can’t decide what their eighth character should be and it’s great that he has a Global already built in that helps his ability. I don’t like either of his other cards in this box. Penalty Box is not a bad choice for playing in casual or limited type event. Casey Jones would be an easy addition to any team that needs a cheap character. Although he’s not a Villain affiliated character, he could still be added to a Villain team and wouldn’t necessarily break theme because he was a vigilante that wasn’t always a friend of the Turtles.


Donatello is my dude! All of Donnie’s versions cost five energy, and we see the return of Turtle Power to the Turtle cards on Notice Me!. I don’t think Turtle Power is especially useful on characters that cost more than three or four. Something I like about all four Turtles is that they all have a version that does something similar to Intellectually Inclined. When they attack, they can each deal two damage to target character die or opponent if you pay an energy that corresponds to their energy type. Donatello is a Bolt character, so when he attacks, you can pay a Bolt energy to deal the two damage. I like that they all have a similar ability like that. Intellectually Inclined is my favorite of the three. Technologic would only be useful in a limited format where you’re only using the TMNT box sets. I don’t think that any version of Donnie will make it into unlimited play, but it’s possible that Intellectually Inclined might find a rogue home in Prime.

Foot Ninjas are back! They are Bolt characters that all have the Ally keyword and all cost three energy. Shinobijutsu has the Swarm keyword as well, but it has the same issue as the other Swarm Foot Ninja from the first box set – max of three dice. I find Swarm to be much more effective when you have four or more dice for the card. Shinobijutsu also works with Shredder, so if you’re playing this guy in a limited setting, he may be fun. But then I saw Stick to the Shadows and fell in love with this card. I’m the type of player that loves Overcrush or direct damage, like the type of ability damage on Stick to the Shadows. The only trouble you might have is getting two or three of them active at the same time to attack with. I can see this version possibly making a splash in the Prime format, but not likely in unlimited. I don’t much care for the ability on Glass Jawed.

First newcomer card – Hamato Yoshi. Hamato Yoshi suffers from an identity crisis over the various canons for TMNT. In one canon, he was the man that owned Splinter. Splinter watched and mimicked his movements while he was practicing martial arts. Splinter mastered the martial arts from his cage. Splinter went on to become the mutated rat we all know and love. In another canon, Hamato Yoshi was the adversary of Oroko Saki (Shredder) and was followed by Saki to the US. Yoshi was later exposed to mutagen causing him to mutate into a rat-man because he was mostly in contact with rats since he was living in the sewer with them.

Now, as for card abilities, I don’t like any of them. None of these type of cards fit how I play. All of the versions are expensive Shield type characters, and even the Global on Shidoshi isn’t good enough to justify adding him to a team. If you’re looking at him for limited or casual play, I’d probably go with Shidoshi. He would help your other attackers get through and with his huge defense, he might just survive!

Karai is another new character to Dice Masters. She’s no stranger to fans of the comic and the 2012 animated series. Her card art comes from the 2012 series. She’s a four cost Fist character without an affiliation, and all of her versions do something in relation to Sidekicks. I really like Dark Lineage, because she could help slow the damage coming from Front Line teams. You have to keep her in the Field Zone though, which is not easy to do since Front Line typically runs Imprisoned (in unlimited) and they would snatch up any Karai threat. I could see her being really useful in Prime, casual, and limited. I’m not excited about Torn Between Two Worlds, but she could potentially eliminate a threatening Ally. I like anything that’s cheap to purchase and buffs my Sidekicks, like Uneasy Alliance. My favorite is definitely Dark Lineage, even though I like Uneasy Alliance a lot.

Leatherhead – the Cajun Gator that’s typically a villain in the TMNT universe, but becomes an anti-hero of sorts in the 2012 series canon. All the fun, conversational characters seem to cost the most… He’s also a new character to Dice Masters. He’s a five and six cost Shield character that does something with TMNT characters on all his versions. Of all of them, I like I Guarantee! the best, but none of them seem good for unlimited or even for Prime. In a limited format where you’re only playing with the TMNT boxes, I Guarantee! would definitely be my pick for a Villain team. He’s got some really beefy stats too and his fielding cost isn’t bad.

Leonardo is our next Turtle in the box. All of his versions are five cost Fist characters. Fearless Leader has Turtle Power, which like I mentioned before, I don’t like on a five cost character – even in limited. Multifolded Steel is kind of interesting, if you somehow found a way to use the TMNT affiliation effectively. Plight of the Eldest is by far the best of the three. He has that cool ‘burn’ type ability that you can pay a Fist energy to use when he attacks. Just like with Donnie, I don’t think Leo is gonna see any unlimited play, and possibly only a rogue status in Prime. As for casual and limited, I could totally see someone finding a use for one the Leo cards.


Metalhead makes his debut in the Dice Masters world. This character has a majorly distorted backstory. And like his backstory, his abilities are all over the place. Rogue Robot, purchase cost of five, gets an attack and defense buff for each other non-Metalhead TMNT affiliated character die – not character, but character die. This could potentially make him a monster of an attacker or defender. I’d say he’s probably my favorite of the three, but he’s not going to see any unlimited play and most likely not any Prime play either. His place to shine is limited and casual. Dissociative Identity works with other non-Metalhead TMNT character dice, making that die unblockable when he attacks. I don’t see him making it into unlimited or Prime either. Upgrading the Arsenal is probably the best candidate for Prime, but I doubt he’ll even make it to a rogue status. When he’s fielded, you can deal damage to a Villain die equal to his attack. It’s good, but not great. I still prefer Rogue Robot for fun stuff.


Here’s the party dude, Michelangelo! His five cost Turtle Power version on Booyakasha! is at the bottom of my list. Insatiable Appetite is the direct damage ability version, and since Mikey is a Mask character, this makes him very useful. Chuck and Chuck II: The Sequel has a very situational ability. There are ways to manipulate blockers and attackers to help ensure that situation happens, but it takes a lot to set up and use. Insatiable Appetite is my favorite and it looks like all those similar burn ability Turtles are going to my preferred versions. I don’t think any of Mikey’s cards will see any unlimited play and maybe only a rogue status in Prime, just like his brothers. For casual and limited, Insatiable Appetite is the way to go!


Rude dude Raphael is a five cost Shield character with the awesome ‘burn’ ability on Nightwatcher. He also has Turtle Power on Controlling His Temper, which is not exciting. Second Son could be useful in limited because he keeps your TMNT affiliated characters safe from being targeted by opposing action dice and Globals. I like Second Son a little more than Nightwatcher because his ability could be somewhat useful in a Prime format, depending on what TMNT affiliated character you can effectively use. As far as unlimited goes, there isn’t much that can break into the current meta unless it’s cheap and fast. I would love to give Second Son a try in casual and limited.


Speaking of cheap, Renet Tilley is only a three cost Bolt character with decent abilities for all her cards. This is her first appearance in the universe of Dice Masters. Now, Renet has been around for a long time, but most folks don’t have a clue who she is. She has a lot to do with time traveling, which already scores her some negative marks in my book (as a character outside of Dice Masters). I don’t like needless time travel and she was a careless Time Master in the 2012 series. She is a friend of the Turtles, but she does not have the TMNT affiliation on her cards. As far as her card abilities go, 79th Dimension of Null-Time is definitely my favorite. Being able to spin that Cold Gun over to a burst face is HUGE! She’s likely going to see play in both unlimited and Prime. Impeccable Timing has an interesting ability that I need to play around with before saying I like it. Apprentice Timestress is a lesser version of Kang: The Conqueror or Scarlet Witch: Controls Probability. I can see all of her versions finding homes in limited and casual play, but 79th Dimension will most likely make it into unlimited and almost certainly into Prime. As a side note, the t on the end of her first name is not silent.


Shredder is a huge iconic Villain in the TMNT universe, so his cards deserve to be huge in purchase cost and have outrageous abilities that you’ll probably never get to go off. Surprisingly, Shredder has two versions that only cost six to buy. I know, it’s still a six cost character, but I expected him to be seven and eight costs. Scarred is interesting, but most likely not as useful as he could be since he costs six and then you need to Field him. His monstrous eight cost version, False Bushido, is not worth the effort it takes to get that ability to go off. Dining on Turtle Soup! is easily my favorite of the three. There are Globals that can force a character to attack, or better yet, force multiple characters to block and only attack with Shredder. That seems so silly and fun – I really want to build around that for our next event. Getting him into the Field could be difficult, but that’s when Polymorph Mutation comes in handy. He seems like a fun casual character, but I don’t see him making any team in unlimited or Prime.


Slash is another of those Villains turned anti-hero later in the 2012 series. I kinda wish we had a version that wasn’t a Villain for that reason since they used the 2012 series art for the card. Don’t misunderstand me – I’m super excited to have Slash in our Dice Masters world. He’s a Bolt character with a purchase cost of five on all cards and each version has an ability that has something to do with ‘burn’ type ability damage. Specimen 6 deals damage equal to his attack to target opposing character die that isn’t blocking him. I like it, but I don’t love it. He won’t see unlimited play and I doubt he’d make a rogue status in Prime. Portal from Dimension X deals damage equal to his level to an opponent when he’s KO’d. You can pair that with Blue-Eyes or a Fabricate keyword to get some direct damage in to your opponent. It’s a relatively expensive way of burning your opponent and I don’t see it being used in unlimited or even Prime. Never Liked the Name “Spike” has a when KO’d ability as well. He deals damage to your opponent equal to the total amount energy in their Reserve Pool. I could see this being used in unlimited, if he didn’t cost five to purchase. I’m not sure how much Prime play he’ll see since there aren’t many effective or useful ways to KO your characters to get the most out of his ability. I like this version the best though, because I can easily use him in a casual setting and have fun with him.


Tiger Claw is a new character to the TMNT universe, as far as I can tell. This is also his Dice Masters debut. There are several other tiger/cat mutant like characters, but I think this specific character didn’t come around until the 2012 series. Tiger Claw is another one of those expensive Villain characters, but one of the abilities and the stats almost make me want to attempt to play this card. I feel like Lost Humanity is too expensive for his ability, and Kraang Experiment just doesn’t seem good to me. I don’t like KO’ing my opponent’s character dice like that because it gives them more dice to roll on their next turn. I don’t see either of those two versions making it into unlimited or Prime. Seeking Vengeance is the version that I like the best and I’m a sucker for pricey characters that I can’t play in unlimited. I love Cheetah: Cursed Archaeologist, and Seeking Vengeance’s ability and attack stats are double that of Cheetah’s. Unfortunately, his cost is double too. I don’t think this card has a place in the current unlimited meta and I’m not sure he’ll make it in Prime either. As for the casual scene, this guy looks like loads of fun for a Villain team!


Triceratons are a race of alien creatures that look like a triceratops-man thing. In almost all the TMNT universe canon, they’re strictly villains, which makes them Villains in Dice Masters! I welcome Triceraton to the Dice Masters universe! Triceraton is a Fist character with purchase costs of four and five. Cretaceous Crusher is the only four cost and he has no ability text. There are definitely cheaper Villains with better abilities for unlimited, and probably Prime too. But if you really need a four cost Villain with no ability, here he is! For limited play, he’s a great addition to a Villain team since he’s one of the cheapest. Orders from Captain Zorax gets a bonus of three to his attack, but only when he attacks. That would make his level one attack a total of six, and his level three attack a total of eight. That’s not too shabby. Loyal to a Fault has one of my favorite words as his keyword – Overcrush. I’d like to be able to buff his attack stat if I were to use this version, and there are definitely ways to do that. I think I like this dude better than the other two versions. For unlimited and Prime, I can’t see any Triceratons making the cut. For casual and limited, I think these guys are a great addition to Villains.

Character Thoughts

Renet Tilley is by far the most useful of all the characters in the box. Foot Ninjas and Karai are also good. Is the box worth purchasing for just those three characters? Maybe, depending on how bad you want or need those abilities. If you’re not excited yet, wait until you see the Basic Action Cards.

Basic Action Cards

The biggest selling point for this box set is probably the vast assortment of Basic Action Cards. Sure the characters fun and some are possible meta dudes, but with revamps of some major meta BACs in this box, I can’t think of a better argument to buy a box or two – that’s right, I said two.


Hello Anger Issues! I can’t tell you how happy I am to see a revamp of Anger Issues that will be legal for Prime. I have an attack buff and Overcrush all in one Action with Haymaker. This card is really high on my list of favorites for the BACs in this box. It’s a great card for all different formats from unlimited and Prime to casual and limited.


I did a quick search on DM RetroBox for a card that did something similar to this and I couldn’t find one. This ability seems really familiar to me but I can’t find where I’ve seen it. Ingenious Tactics is an interesting card. Using this action die will prevent all combat damage to each of your attacking character dice. I really like this BAC, but I’m not sure how I’m going to use it yet. It’s handy for keeping your dudes in the Field when your opponent’s blockers will likely get KO’d. I’ll be playing around with this to see if I can find a use for it, but the one major deterrent is the cost. If I’m paying five for an action, it better be AMAZING.


Everyone is going crazy over this BAC. I don’t think folks are going to realize how much of a risk it is to use it until they try it on a team. Everyone went crazy over Pizza! until they realized how much is clunked up their bag and wasn’t as useful as they thought. I don’t think this die is gonna clunk up your bag or slow you down, but the risk you run by using this on your team is that your opponent can nab all of them before you even have a turn. I really love the ability on this BAC, but if my opponent brings this and I go first, I’m stealing all the Momentum.


Welcome to Prime, Polymorph. This revamp made me happier than Haymaker. I’m a big  Poly-Player so it’s safe to say that Poly is getting replaced with Mutation. I love Turtles, so if I can replace a card with a TMNT version, I’m so going to. I don’t think this card needs much of a review since it’s a major unlimited meta card. Now it gets a shot in Prime, which I imagine it will be on many teams out there.


Okay, several folks aren’t excited about this BAC, but I am. When a character is sacrificed, it doesn’t get KO’d, therefore it doesn’t gain the advantage of a When this character is KO’d ability. Mysterious Shredder Transport only costs three to purchase and has a great benefit. It’s a form of removal, which is not something we have a lot of in Prime. In an unlimited format, sacrificing characters could gum up someone’s bag or ruin someone’s plan. I really like this card and I’m totally gonna test it.


Nefarious Broadcast is another BAC that I think could be highly useful. It can clear buffs or other active effects that come from Global Abilities and stop Globals from being used for the rest of the turn. This hurts you too, but if you’re not relying on active Global effects or planning to use any Globals, then you have nothing to worry about. It only cost two to purchase, so it’s an easy turn one purchase on a bad roll. I imagine someone will find a way to work this onto a team in unlimited and I can see it being used in Prime – especially since there are buff Globals available in Prime. For casual and limited play, it could be useful but completely depends on the local meta.


Escape Incarceration, minus the Resistance, has found its way into Prime… wait – it’s already Prime-Legal. Reclaim does cost one less than Escape Incarceration, which could be what makes someone choose Reclaim over Escape Incarceration. Escape Incarceration didn’t take off in unlimited, and I don’t see Reclaim finding a foothold either. As far as the Prime format goes, it’s possible we could see Reclaim over Escape Incarceration. A really bad roll on turn one could leave you with only two energy instead of three – and the wrong energy type too. This wouldn’t be a bad backup option and may be more useful to you than Nefarious Broadcast. In a casual and limited atmosphere, this BAC is definitely one I’d recommend over Escape Incarceration. It’s simpler to use and cost one less to buy.


This is a revamp of Enrage from Uncanny X-Men. I can’t say that I’ve ever found a use for Enrage in an unlimited format where Invulnerability was available to me. There are plenty of taunt Globals out there, so the best thing about this BAC is the Global. This gives us a Bolt energy buff Global for Prime, which I don’t think we had. There are times where I’d rather have a Bolt buff than a Fist buff Global. It’s not a BAC that I’d toss to the side and forget about, but it’s not one that’s high on my list of BAC’s.


This BAC is a revamp of Transfer Power from Uncanny X-Men, and a combination of Monster Reborn‘s ability and the Global on Mystic Box from the Yu-Gi-Oh! set. Transfer Power is a very useful card in unlimited, and now we have a revamp of it for Prime. I imagine that Splinter’s Teachings will see lots of play in Prime. For casual and limited, this is an awesome card, and not just for it’s Global. Like its predecessor, it only cost three to purchase, making it a good buy on your first turn if you don’t get the right energy for your characters. I would definitely recommend this BAC for both the competitive formats as well as casual and limited play.


Here is my second favorite BAC in this box set, the Magic Missile revamp. I love Mutation, but Unstable Canister is a close second. The major difference between Unstable Canister and Magic Missile’s abilities are that Canister references a TMNT affiliated character and Magic Missile references an adventurer. This BAC will allow Batman Family Bat-Bomb to go off easier with a more reliable way to KO Alfred dice in the Prime format. It’s also great for Storm: Extra Lightning on a Prime team. For a casual or limited format, this is a great card. BACs that cost three or less are ones that I prefer.

BAC Overview

Wow! Talk about a loaded box! This box has all the major BAC abilities that anyoen could want! Oh, except for Big Entrance… I love that card almost as much as Polymorph. I would love to be able to use it in Prime. Here’s hoping it’ll see a revamp in the Superman/Wonder Woman starter. But really, you couldn’t ask for a better comprehensive assortment of BACs. Not only does this help new players that can’t afford all those different starters, but it helps other players that didn’t want to purchase D&D products. Good call, WizKids.

Action Reminder Cards

The four Action Reminder Cards are color coordinated with the four Turtles, which is a nice touch. It makes it easy for players to use their favorite color of the four, or play with their favorite Turtle’s color.

Paper Playmats


Just like the previous box set, the paper playmats’ artwork and color coordinate with the four Turtles. There are lots of reminders and tips on the playmats to help new players.

Dice Bags

The four dice bags are the normal paper bags that we’ve seen in the previous box set and other starters. The dice bags have artwork and colors that coordinate with the Turtles, just like the first box set. I love that they do that, making it easy for anyone to pick their favorite Turtle and represent them. #TeamDonnie Purple for me please!

Action Dice and Sidekick Dice

You’ll get enough Sidekick dice for four players as well as four different colors of Basic Action Dice. The Actions are color coordinated with the four Turtles, just like the bags and playmats.

As with the first box set, each of the Turtles have their very own dice designs. These are the dice for each of the four Turtles from the first box set.

01 Turtles Dice

These are the dice for the four Turtles from the new Heroes in a Half Shell box set.


I think I like the first set’s dice best, but images on the second set’s dice are cool too. They used silhouettes of the Turtles from the 2012 animated series.

Storage Box

The picture on the right shows the box with both sets of dice and cards, including both sets of Sidekicks and Basic Action Dice.

The first box set didn’t have the clear tray cover which caused lots of transporting issues. Dice would slide and bounce all over the box, and even jam themselves in such a way that the box lid would lift up and possibly spill the contents everywhere. I’m so happy that WizKids added the clear cover to this box. I can put all of my TMNT dice in this second box and not worry about the box lid coming off just because the box tilted or slid onto its side in the car.

Final Thoughts

There were major improvements from the first box set. I loved the first box, but I’m in love with this one. When a new player joins our group, this is going to be the very first product that I recommend for them to purchase – not just because I love TMNT so much, but because you can’t find a better assortment of vital and useful card abilities in any other Dice Masters starter or box set. If you’re new to Dice Masters or you’re trying to help a new player with recommendations, this is the product to look at. Many of these cards are great for casual and limited play, but also highly useful in the new PDC Prime format and even unlimited.

Aside from the obvious usefulness of many of the cards for unlimited and Prime, I love how the cards work so well together within the box too. A new player can combine both box sets for even more Turtle fun! These two boxes make for a great purchase for any Turtle fan that wants to play a game using their favorite TMNT characters but doesn’t want to jump all in to the larger world of Dice Masters.

WizKids has done some amazing things with the additions of the Box Sets, the yearly Starters, and the Team Packs. It makes the game more affordable for folks that also play other collectible games, therefore keeping those folks in the community. It also allows players like myself to expand into the other games that WizKids produces, like HeroClix, where I wasn’t able to before. I really feel like WizKids is on the right track, so long as they can better balance their release dates. That’s another growing pain that younger games experience and the balancing act will come with time. They’re just now introducing the yearly starters, so once they find the best form of product releases, the release date balancing should improve. I’m excited for what the future holds for Dice Masters. I hope that WizKids decides to branch out into other IPs and release them as all inclusive Box Sets.

What are your favorite cards?
What do you think of the Dice Building Game box?
Leave me a comment here or message me on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Special thanks to WizKids and The Reserve Pool for the use of their sites.

Roll on, Dice Masters!