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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


I was finally able to get my hands on some of Turn One Gaming’s Kaboom! sleeves a few months ago. I haven’t written a review about them yet because I wanted to use them for a while to see how they held up. I have a brief review video on my YouTube channel, here. Please remember to subscribe! It’s much appreciated.

Turn One Gaming Supplies

Turn One Gaming Supplies has not disappointed me yet with any of their products. They have cool looking D6’s in various styles; good for Experience counters in Dice Masters or for various uses in other games. They’ve also got dry erase token cards for games like Magic: The Gathering. I’ve got a Turn One Roll Master Playmat that I did a review article on, which you can find here. But I have been itching to get my hands on these sleeves.


I love the Kaboom sleeves art because they match the Roll Master Playmat art. It’s bright, vibrant, and sharp. It’s got a classic comic book feel to it, which is perfect for a game that is primarily focused on comic related content.



The sleeves have a matte finish on both the front and the back, meaning the picture has a matte finish. This is not a commonly used technique among other gaming sleeve producers. I wasn’t sure how I would like having the matte on both sides, but it’s actually very pleasant. The sleeves feel like velvet, and even though you don’t typically shuffle your cards in Dice Masters, I did shuffle test them several times. They shuffle so smooth and easy, like silk through your fingers. They don’t feel slippery like other new sleeves and they don’t fly out of your hands while trying to shuffle either.

The picture below shows a sleeved Dice Masters card and a one without a sleeve. The matte finish actually dulls the glare from the overhead lights. I purposely took the picture with the matte sleeve catching the worst possible glare, and the unsleeved card catching the least possible glare.


Durability and Quality

So far, my sleeves have held up quite well over the past couple of months. I’ve taken my teams and shoved them in my dice bag and thrown the bag in the car; the bag has had tackle boxes and binders fall on it; the sleeves have been bent and twisted – which does result in damage to the sleeve; and I’ve shuffled the sleeves many times over. The only thing that seems to do noticeable damage to the sleeves are things you’d expect, like twisting the sleeve or purposely trying to scratch the sleeve. But when used appropriately, the sleeves feel like they hold up better than others. I haven’t noticed the usual bits of grime that sleeves pick up from being handled and I haven’t seen any blemishes on the picture or the front. I also haven’t had a sleeve tear or rip while sleeving cards. I’ve had plenty of other brands rip while I was putting cards in them.

Overall, I feel like the Turn One Gaming Sleeves have a slight edge on durability.

The only complaint that I have about the sleeves are that the cards slide up in the sleeve and look like they’re trying to slide out. It’s almost as if the sleeve bottoms are too tight and push the card upward. The cards have never slid out of the sleeve enough that the card was fully exposed, but the edge has exposed itself over time. It’s a minor inconvenience, but I’d rather have to pack my cards down on occasion then have too much excess on the sleeves. Sleeve excess makes for difficult shuffling and also leads to an easier to damage sleeve.

Ordering, Pricing, and Packaging

You will likely need to order any T1 supplies from one of the retailers listed on their site, or have your FLGS check with their distributor on the availability of T1 products. There is a store here in my town, so I do not order anything from online retailers unless the FLGS tells me that they are not able to get the items. I’m a huge advocate for supporting your local brick and mortar stores.

The T1 Kaboom sleeves and Benjaminge sleeves come in packages of 100. That’s a huge amount of sleeves for anyone that only wants to buy a handful for a Dice Masters team. And since they hold up so well, you likely won’t be needing that many extras. If you’re like me and have a double deck box full of different teams, then you very well may need the entire package of 100. But it wouldn’t be a bad thing to team up with anyone else wanting the sleeves and make the purchase together and divide the loot between you. You can usually find the T1 sleeves for anywhere between $9.99 and $11.99, depending on the location.

Sleeve Comparisons

These sleeves are not any more expensive than a package of 80 count KMC sleeves, and you’re getting 20 more with T1. KMC 80 count and T1 100 count packages are typically between $9.99 and $11.99, depending on where you shop. I got my package of Kaboom sleeves for $9.99 at my FLGS.

There are cheaper options, such as UltraPro. I am not a huge fan of UltraPro products, but I will default to them if there isn’t something else I like better. They are probably one of the biggest suppliers for all kinds of gaming products. I’m hoping T1 moves up in the gaming world and takes that spot. Most folks will default to UltraPro, just because they’re slightly cheaper. They offer 50 count packs of sleeves for $3.99 and 100 count packs for $7.99. They have a wide variety of colors, but I do not like their picture sleeves at all. I have issues with the picture peeling or getting scratched because of it’s glossy finish. UltraPro has an even cheaper option than these. We call them penny sleeves, because they are 100 count packs of super thin, very cheaply made sleeves. They are not meant to be shuffled and they damage super easy. They usually retail for around $0.99 for a package of 100, which is another reason folks call them penny sleeves – they cost roughly a penny each.

There is another popular brand of sleeve that I do not use mainly because I think they are overpriced. The sleeves are called Dragon Shields and there are lots of competitive TCG players that swear by those sleeves. I wouldn’t normally consider that brand when shopping for sleeves. I’ve had plenty of their sleeves in the past and I did not like them at all. I often found miscut and uneven sleeves in the very same package. When you pay between $11.99 and $13.99 for a box of 100 sleeves, you expect them all to match up. I have also found color distortions in the same box that made the entire box unusable in the particular game we were playing at the time. I also dislike the feel of their sleeves and how they shuffle. Needless to say, they never got much of money to begin with.

Between KMC, UltraPro, and T1, I’m going to choose T1 every time. I feel like I’m getting a high quality product for a reasonable price.

Final Thoughts

I’ve asked several of my friends that play Magic on a regular basis, how they liked the Benjamins sleeves they purchased. All of them really like them – almost all of them want to purchase more. The only complaint that I’ve heard so far is the same issue I have with the sleeves being a little too short. They all said that it wasn’t a huge issue, but one that they’d like to see fixed. They all loved the sharp, clear images on the sleeves, but they all want to see more picture options too. All of them love the feel of the sleeves as they shuffle their decks. It’s safe to say that the Turn One sleeves are a hit at our local venue.

I’m not sure when I’ll need another pack of sleeves, but I would totally purchase different picture styles and sleeve my various teams differently. I also play the My Little Pony CCG, and I’m waiting on some more girly type picture sleeves to put on my favorite decks.

Additional Turn One Gaming News

T1 has announced that they’re going to have Space Invaders themed products including playmats, sleeves, dice, and even a deck box! I was super excited for the sleeves, because both of the picture styles look so cool, but then I read that they were only going to have a glossy back and crystal clear front. I’m not excited about that, but I would like to check out the quality of the glossy finish on their sleeves and compare it to their matte finish. I do like that they are offering them in a 50 count package for $4.99, which means they’ll probably average in price from $4.99 to $5.99 depending on your location.

I give them major kudos for the Space Invaders products, and I hope to see the sleeves released in a matte finish as well. I hope that they eventually offer the Benjamins and Kaboom! sleeves in a 50 count package as well.

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Roll on, Dice Masters!


Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

I was recently browsing the Dice Masters Reddit when I came across an interesting post. It was someone asking folks what they wanted on a playmat, if they could have anything. I jumped on the opportunity to share my idea of the perfect Dice Masters playmat. The kind soul on the other side of the screen offered to create the design for my playmat – which made me super excited! When he was done, I couldn’t have been happier.



Mr. Glen put the images together on the playmat. He did everything he could to find the perfect images and edit things to make them exactly how I wanted them. He went out of his way to adjust his regular layout to match what I wanted, such as moving the life tracker, removing certain custom zones, and shuffling things around to how I wanted them. He has several designs available on his Etsy page (PlaymatMasters) for folks to order. Please be sure to check out his work, because he has this uncanny ability in choosing the most perfect images as well as a great editing sense – making him a unique and amazing talent.

If you want him to make a specific design with a certain character(s), you can message him with your request. He’ll be able to tell you if he’s taking on new design projects, pricing, and how long it’ll take to design if you’re wanting something that’s not currently offered in his Etsy store.

The communication between Mr. Glen and I was great. He was always polite, friendly, and open to discussion. I feel like I made a new friend in my dealings with Mr. Glen.

So if you like a design he currently has available or you want him to add a character design to his store, send him a message.

The pictures below have some closeups of the artwork that Mr. Glen put together. Click on any image to get a better look at it.

Inked Gaming

After Mr. Glen sent me the PDF file, I needed to send that file to a place that prints playmats. I had never used Inked Gaming before, but I have seen their playmats around my FLGS. I felt comfortable enough to send them the file and have them print my playmat.

Ordering and Pricing

There was a little confusion when I first tried to order my playmat. Inked’s website is mostly user friendly, but when you upload the PDF, you don’t get a preview of your playmat. That’s what had me confused, but I messaged Inked on Facebook and they promptly responded and assured me that I was using the site correctly. The pricing is $24.99 for a 14″ x 24″ custom playmat. The thickness is 1/16″ which is about the same as other playmats from companies like UltraPro.

Processing, Shipping, and Packaging

My order processed fairly quickly, I assume. I ordered my playmat on a Wednesday and it arrived that Saturday. I’m fairly certain that they processing didn’t take more than a day. I wasn’t given a notification in regards to when the order finished processing, which is fine with me. They did notify me when it shipped. Shipping for orders over $40 is free (in the US) through Inked. Since I only ordered the one playmat I had to pay shipping. Shipping was only $5.30, which isn’t bad for standard shipping on a package larger than an envelope. The playmat was shipped in a cardboard shipping tube with the ends taped thoroughly to prevent any potential damage or loss of item. I was very happy and impressed with the processing and shipping.

Playmat Quality

The quality of the playmat from Inked is about what you would expect. They’re very much like a playmat from UltrPro, which should hold up for a long time if treated well. I’m not disappointed in their quality for the price. Most playmats with artwork are priced around $19.99 – $29.99, or $6.99 – $9.99 for plain colored mats. For a custom mat, $24.99 seems more than reasonable. If you add in the shipping charge, I paid just over $30 for my playmat from Inked.

As a side note, many folks prefer a mat that can be washed. Inked sent me a response in regards to washing and drying their mats and mousepads.

Thanks to the dye sublimation process, our playmats and mouse pads are machine washable. Use the delicate cycle (or handwash) with a typical laundry soap. (DO NOT Bleach) Lay flat to dry.

Final Thoughts

I will be adding Mr. Glen’s Etsy store to my list of nifty sellers, as well as a link to Inked Gaming.

My Turn One Gaming playmat is officially retiring – or moving over to Mr. DDK’s side of the table. I loved that mat so much, but my new custom MLP mat is definitely the best mat. There are many reasons beyond the obvious that make this mat the best. Mr. Glen added the Pinkie and Rarity cupcakes in the Basic Action areas just to fancy it up. It was a happy accident that they are pink and purple, and that he put them on the same sides that I use my pink and purple Basic Action indicators on. I wanted Pinkie and Rarity’s cutie marks as my life tracker. I love the clouds as the card spaces because they give the illusion that my cards are floating on puffy cloud pillows. I wanted Luna’s cutie mark somewhere on the mat, and he found a great place to put it – right where the cards go! It’s like Luna is protecting each card. Mr. Glen added a cute detail that made me giggle by calling the Field Zone, Equestria. He wanted to fancy the background up, and what works better than confetti and stars!

I chose each pony to go in each area for specific reasons. I chose Sombra to represent the Attack Zone because no matter how hard he fights who he is, he can’t change it. He will always be the evil king that everypony sees, regardless of how he actually feels. His quote in the speech bubble says, “You want to fight monsters, little pony? I’ll give you monsters.” I chose Nightmare Moon for the Used Pile because she was used by the Nightmare Forces to do hateful and evil things. They amplified the resentment buried inside Princess Luna and made her into a monster. She was able to come back from that with the help of Twilight Sparkle and her friends, which is why I chose Luna for the Field Zone. She came back from the corruption and stands by her new friends and family to protect Equestria from any evil or hatred that would try to invade. Her speech bubble says, “Together we will defeat the Nightmare Energy and it will never hurt anypony ever again.” Of the mane six, my two favorites are Rarity and Pinkie Pie. I wanted Rarity in my Prep Area because of how hard she works to prepare gifts for her friends throughout the show. She’s also the representative of the Element of Generosity. I feel like rolling extra dice from my Prep Area is a generous gesture of the game mechanics. If you know anything about MLP, you know that Rarity can be a drama queen at times – which is why Mr. Glen added her drama chaise just above the Prep Area as a little ‘KO’ reminder. I love it so much – it’s so perfect! I saved Pinkie Pie for last. I wanted her in the Reserve Pool because she has an endless reserve of happiness, friendship, and joy. She is a very special pony to me.

Pinkie Pie – She’s the favorite pony of my dear friend, Colt. Colt passed away in August of 2016. He was a young, up and coming teacher, and a very good friend of Mr. DDK and myself. He was highly intelligent and was a quiet fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. And his name really was Colt. We even joked about his name being Colt and him being a fan of a cartoon about ponies. He asked me to keep it between the two of us that he was a fan, but he had eventually told others before he passed. I know he wouldn’t mind me telling folks about him now. If not for Colt, I would have never given MLP: FiM a chance. He convinced me to give the show a chance, and I did. I shared many of my memories with Mr. Glen as he was making my playmat and I don’t mind sharing a few.

I was down in the dumps one day, while watching over my FLGS, and Colt had stopped in for a visit. He told me, “One can not be sad while listening to Pinkie singing about smiles.” I hadn’t seen the newest episode yet, so he pulled it up on iTunes and I watched one of my soon to be favorite episodes, “A Friend in Deed”. That episode is basically me – I want to be friends with everyone and it makes me sad when folks don’t like me. One of my favorite MLP songs is also in that episode, Smile Song. That song makes me feel better when I’m having a bad day, so Colt’s logic has held true – even today. Colt and I both had tiny Pinkie Pie figures from the mystery bags and we carried them around in our pockets for the longest time. Whenever we saw each other, we would each pat our own pocket and smile at each other. Folks come and go in our lives. The memories are sometimes all we have left. Colt will be missed very much by all of his friends and family, but I will always have Pinkie to remind me of the best memories of my friend. His love of Pinkie lives on through me. Friendship truly is magic – don’t let anyone tell you different!

Thank you, Mr. Glen, for such a special playmat.

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You can find my review video on my YouTube channel, here. Please subscribe and thanks for reading and watching!

Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


We decided to try the experimental test rules that have been played in other locations. We did it a little different though. Instead of playing two games, we only played one game. Players that went first were required to place one of their dice in Transit (Out of Play) and only roll three dice instead of four. Here are the results for each of the three rounds:

Round One
Player A – 2nd / Loss
Player K – 1st / Win
Player BA – 2nd / Win
Player N – 1st / Loss
Player H – 2nd / Loss
Player BO – 1st / Win

Round Two
Player N – 2nd / Win
Player H – 1st / Loss
Player BA – 1st / Loss
Player A – 2nd / Win
Player K – 1st / Win
Player BO – 2nd / Loss

Round Three
Player K – 1st / Win
Player N – 2nd / Loss
Player BA 2nd / Loss
Player H – 1st / Win
Player A – 2nd / Win
Player BO – 1st / Loss

1st Turn Player Wins = 5
2nd Turn Player Wins = 4

My Team


You can find my team here, on DM Retrobox.

This team is centered around using Two-Face as the win condition. He does his damage to any blockers as well as the opponent – and he does his full attack value to both. Two-Face is such a beast! Beholder is extremely handy with all the Globals I use on this team, and his stats are pretty amazing too. Elf Thief is an essential part of the team as well as Dwarf Wizard because they help me control bits of the game to help me buy time to get my Two-Face rotation set up. PXG, Blue-Eyes, Anger Issues Global, and Polymorph are also key parts of the team to help me get to where I need to be. Parallax helps a bit as well with those difficult rolls. I added Red Dragon to help me get my Polymorph Action Dice a little cheaper, but I don’t feel like I needed that particular Global. I can definitely see myself replacing him for something else a bit more useful.

Round One


I went first in round one against a Flying Ninja team. Flying Sidekick/Ninja teams always scare me a little because they can go off really fast with the right rolls. My opponent fielded a Foot Ninja very early in the game and I drew into a Dwarf Wizard right after. I was able to blank his Foot Ninja and remove that particular threat. My opponent tried to work around it and come back, but Two-Face ended up overwhelming him. This game made me realize I needed a Global to force blockers, like Giant Spider: Greater Beast. I could have forced his Foot Ninja to block and then I wouldn’t have had to cycle my Two-Face back through my bag.

Record after Round One: 1-0-0

Round Two


I went first against this Phoenix Force Wolverine team in round two. You have to race this particular team, because if this team goes off before you KO your opponent, you’re pretty much done for. Constantine is a better counter to this team than Dwarf Wizard because Constantine stops Wolverine from attacking and can potentially ruin a use of Infiltrate. I got lucky on several turns where my opponent’s Wolverine didn’t roll on a character face with the Infiltrate Action Die. Parallax was crucial in this game too because without the ability to reroll some of my dice more than once, I wouldn’t have won this game. This game made me feel like I needed Distraction or Blink, but a Global like that could backfire on me in a big way. It would require me to work harder with my Elf Thief dice to ensure my opponent can’t Distract or Blink my Two-Face back. Every time I saw a Wolverine, my heart would skip a beat. I was fortunate enough pull out the win with some lucky rolls with my Two-Face dice.

Record after Round Two: 2-0-0

Round Three


I went first against a somewhat familiar Flying Sidekick team. My opponent got a Lantern Ring in the Field early and then went for Gobby and Foot Ninjas. I couldn’t use my Dwarf Wizard against the Gobby dice because he would KO them using my Blue-Eyes or attack with them to keep them out of the Field Zone. I had my Dwarf Wizard ready for his Foot Ninjas if he ever left them in the Field. Gobby and several Sidekicks hit me very hard, but not enough to take me out. In a few separate attacks, my Two-Face dice with the help of Anger Issues Global were able to secure my victory! This game was definitely the closest game of the night for me. Gobby’s ability plus the Lantern Ring ability are very painful. This was another game that made me feel like I needed a force blocker Global, but it also made me miss the Rip Global too.

Record after Round Three: 3-0-0
Final Standing: 1st

Final Thoughts

I love this team so much. I think I have this team close to how I like it. The only thing I might change is Red Dragon for Rip Hunter’s Chalk Board Global. I had two opponents that brought it and that gave me an opportunity to test it out. I used Red Dragon’s Global once tonight, and I didn’t need to use it because I could have used Blue-Eyes instead. I would much rather have run Rip and been able to Rip a Two-Face or Beholder. I’ve thought about adding a Giant Spider: Greater Beast for his Global to force a blocker and possibly keep my Two-Face in the Field Zone. I would definitely take Red Dragon off to add Giant Spider.

I have plenty of things to try with this team. Going first meant only rolling three dice and having one start in Transit. This didn’t seem to hurt me too much and I chose to go first in two out of three games. I could have possibly benefited more by going second and getting to purchase different dice in a different order, but going first meant an Elf Thief, Dwarf Wizard, or Polymorph was my first purchase.

I have tons of fun playing with Two-Face and this type of team is exactly my play style. I can’t wait to try it again with some of my previously mentioned modifications.

What are some changes you’d make without changing the spirit of the team?
Have a build you like better?
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Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


I finally had an opportunity to purchase a T1 Roll Master Playmat. We recently made a trip to Comic Cellar in Memphis and while browsing the store, we came across a box of playmats. As I glanced over them, my eyes fell upon the familiar designs of the Roll Master mat. It was as if the clouds of heaven had parted and a band of pony angels descended, singing the most glorious of tunes. My search was over and I was no longer upset about passing on one of these mats at Origins.

But angelic ponies aside, if you’re not familiar with Turn One Gaming Supplies, you should check out their site. They have goodies for lots of different gamers out there, as well as a variety of accessories for different games.


Art and Color Scheme

The art on the playmat is very fun and appropriately designed for a mostly comic book themed, dice game. I especially like that there aren’t pictures on the card spaces. This sometimes bothers me about custom playmats because when you place your cards on the mat, they cover the art.

The bomb and Kaboom! on the Used Pile fits perfect with the theme of the game and function of the Used Pile, just like the hand in the Transit Zone that appears to be sinking into the Used Pile. The tumbling dice in the Reserve Poll are fun, and I like that they don’t have numbers or pips on them. I prefer the blank dice with the giant Roll! in the Reserve Pool. The character falling from the window in KO area and the hero swinging into action in Prep Area are perfect fits in those areas as well. I especially like the Batman nod with the hero and the T1 spotlight. The Field Zone looks as if a huge character just landed in that area and the Pow! in the Attack Zone is just glorious! I love the color scheme for the life tracker and how the bursts change shape size just ever so slightly as the numbers decrease.

What I Would Change

I don’t see much of anything that needs to be changed with the art or color schemes. They’re all amazing, bright, and lots of fun! The only suggestion I have is maybe the addition of a small design or watermark type detail on the white area. It doesn’t need to be super fancy, maybe just comic dots, swirls, or lines of some sort. I would love to see the addition of a girly color scheme mat at some point in the future but that’s not a change to the current mat – it’s an addition to the line of awesome mats T1 offers.

Design and Layout

One of the biggest issues that I have with the WizKids playmats is that the life tracker is at the bottom of the mat. This really bugs me – a lot. I feel like it’s wasted at the bottom of the mat and moving it to the top makes it easier for both players to see, and eliminates most of those accidental bumps. This is a great change that T1 did with their mat.

Another issue I have with WizKids mats – which is definitely a problem now – the absence of the Out of Play or Transit Zone. The Transit Zone (Out of Play) has been a functional part of the game since the second set and T1 fixed that problem with this mat. At first, I was not excited about it being above the Used Pile but that’s only because I got used to using the Dice Bag section on the WizKids mat as a Transit Zone. But after test playing on my new mat, I found it to be very useful above the Used Pile and not below it or the Reserve Pool.

I love these two major changes that T1 made on their mats. I like the other minor changes they made too. The dice placement is above the character card instead of beside it which allows for more play area space. This also means that the card space is slightly larger than the cards, but it’s not a big deal when you realize how much additional space you have in play area. In the picture below, you can see just how much larger the play area is on the T1 playmat. T1 really fixed all the major design and layout flaws of the standard Dice Masters playmat and I absolutely love playing on this mat.


Speaking of extra size, the T1 mat is just a little bigger than my WizKids TMNT mat. I like my new extra space! The picture below shows the extra space when the TMNT mat is placed flush with the top of the T1 mat.


The one thing missing from the Roll Master playmat that’s on every WizKids mat is the Turn Order text. While this text comes in handy during demos and teaching, it’s not something I desperately have to have on my playmat and I don’t mind that it was left off of the Roll Master playmat.


What I Would Change

They’ve done such an amazing job on these mats and I hate to sound like I’m looking for something to complain about, but the separate KO area throws me off a little while playing. I feel like they could have left the K.O. text at the top of the Prep Area box, as one box and not two, and it would be perfect. Sorry to sound so nit-picky with such an amazing design. But other than that, the Basic Actions only need three dice squares and that would allow them to make those spots more snug with the card size. Everything else is perfect though and like I mentioned, those are only minor issues and not serious functional issues.


I have a lot of playmats. I’m serious. I played the WoW TCG and I have all the playmats from the Epic Collections (similar to the Collector’s Boxes), which is quite a few just with those. I’ve also got five official WizKids Dice Masters playmats. Other than WoW and Dice Masters playmats, I have loads of MtG and Pokemon playmats as well as tons of other miscellaneous fantasy art playmats. So when I make this next statement, I want you to understand, I have lots of different comparable material. This playmat is the thickest and most durable of all the playmats I own. I’m fairly certain that it wouldn’t be smart to try to wash most of the mats I own, but the T1 mat is machine washable. This is very handy since accidents happen! I’ve got several mats that someone has either spilled a drink on, marked on (accidentally), or gotten dirty and I’m way too afraid to put them in the washer. Knowing that I can wash this mat, makes me feel more secure in my playmat investment.

The picture below is the best picture I could get of the thickness comparison but I tried, and it does not do justice to the T1 playmat. I promise you, it’s thicker than it looks. It also feels more firm than other playmats.


I love the way my dice roll on this playmat too. I’m not sure if they’re statistically rolling better or if it’s my imagination, but the dice don’t seem to fly all over the place either. I think the firmness and thickness has something to do with that.

Price vs Quality

The price vs quality of this mat is amazing. T1 shows an MSRP of $19.95 for all their standard sized playmats. That’s about the same price as the WizKids playmats as well as most other gaming mats. I usually don’t like spending $20 on a mass produced playmat, but the Roll Master playmat from T1 is well worth the money. You would expect a playmat of this quality to cost more than $20.

What I Would Change

I can’t think of anything I would change with the quality of this playmat. It’s the highest quality mat I own and it costs roughly the same as all of the standard playmats out there (prices do vary at some locations).

Final Thoughts

I just can’t say enough about this playmat to adequately show just how great this playmat is. I don’t have much to say in my final thoughts because I feel like I covered everything as thoroughly as I could in the article. If you have any questions about the playmat, feel free to message me or comment here. I am very pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend the Roll Master playmat for every Dice Master out there!

The Reserve Pool also did a review of the Roll Master playmat and you can find it here.

Turn One Gaming Supplies Links

Ordering Info

Be sure to drop by their website and check out all their accessories. I would love to check out the Kaboom! sleeves for my Dice Masters teams. If I can find them locally, I will most definitely purchase a pack and review them.

Comic Cellar Info

Comic Cellar FB
Comic Cellar Website

Address and Phone
3620 Austin Peay Hwy Ste 2
Memphis, TN 38128
(901) 382-8623

If you live in or around the Memphis area, this store is more than willing and happy to host Dice Masters events. There are a few locals there that I’m sure would be thrilled to have more folks on a regular basis. This venue has plenty of space for folks to play, it’s comfortable and clean, easy to get to, and it’s close to food (always a plus when food is near). Stop by Comic Cellar and let them know you’re a Dice Master! I also want to say that the locals that were there playing other games were very courteous as well. I want to send thanks to Comic Cellar for having us and being very accommodating.

Do you have a favorite playmat?
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Special thanks to The Reserve Pool for the use of their site!

Roll on, Dice Masters!