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For this week’s confusing card of the week article, we’re going to take a look at Tyrannosaurus Zombie: Lesser Undead  from the Dungeons and Dragons: Tomb of Annihilation set.

W Tyrannosaurus Zombie, Lesser Undead

Ruling – Ability

When fielded, field all Zombie character dice in your Used Pile at level 2.

A When Fielded ability will trigger when the character’s die is fielded by either paying the fielding cost and moving it from your Reserve Pool to the Field Zone, or by using an ability that instructs you to ‘field’ the character die. Abilities that move, swap, or place dice will not trigger a When Fielded ability.

When you field a Tyrannosaurus Zombie die, you will take all the Zombie character dice from your Used Pile and field them on their level two face. The Zombie dice can only have “Zombie” as their title, and nothing else. You would not be able to field a “Tyrannosaurus Zombie” at level two with this card’s ability, because the title contains an additional word. This card will only check the title of the card that the dice came from, and not the subtitle, affiliation, or any other part of the card.

When you field the Zombie dice from your Used Pile with the Tyrannosaurus Zombie’s ability, each of those Zombie dice will trigger any abilities that check for a character or character die being ‘Fielded’.

Miscellaneous Card Information

~ Tyrannosaurus Zombie is a Fist type character card.
~ It has the Monster affiliation and Neutral alignment.
~ It has a Max Dice of four.
~ This card is a Common and is #47 of 136.

Official Sources

WizKids Official Rules Forum (WORF)

You can find a ruling for this card, here.

You can find more info about specific Keywords on the WizKids Keywords page.

Turn Order Summary Reference



I chose this card because I’ve actually had someone ask about it recently. And also, it’s Halloween! I had to pick a monster, zombie, vampire, or some kind of Halloween themed card.

Okay, so lots of folks (including myself), really wanted this card to function like the Half-Dragon in this ruling, here. But honestly, I knew deep down that it wasn’t going to be like that – regardless of how much I wanted it. They did capitalize the name ‘Zombie’ on the card, so that was what tipped me off that it wasn’t like Half-Dragon.

As much fun as it would be to flood the field with a bunch of level two Zombies, I don’t think this card is worth its cost of six – at least not in a competitive type format. Now, for fun monster theme games, or Halloween theme games, this card is awesome! Luckily, you don’t need to buy all four of the Tyrannosaurus Zombie dice for it to be fun and useful in a casual game. I’d use Tyrannosaurus Zombie with the Zombie: Lesser Undead from the TOA set. He says, “When Zombie KOs an NPC character die, choose one: (1) Field a Zombie character die in your Used Pile at level 2. (2) Spin all of your active Zombie character Dice up 1 level.” You can use a force block ability, or a force attack ability, on a Sidekick and use your level two Zombie to KO it. Then you can choose to spin your Zombies up a level, since they’re probably all in the Field Zone already. I encourage folks to have a Halloween or Monster Mash event and try out some of these cards!

Happy Halloween and Happy Nightmare Night!


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