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Greetings Fellow Star Trek and STAW Fans!


Congratulations to the champion, Matthew Dobson!

You can find the corresponding video for this article, HERE.

Years ago, there were WKO’s with STAW events. I remember looking them up and then disappointment setting in when I realized they were all about ten or more hours away from me. There was no way I could justify taking a trip like that for a single event. I traveled to Memphis a few times for some organized play events, and I hosted and played in our local events. But as much as I wanted, I never got to play in a major event.

I learned that Nationals, which was held at Origins Game Fair, did not require a qualification from a WKO to play. All you had to do was bring a fleet and pay the entry fee. Well, I was going to Origins anyway – which is becoming a regular thing, so I decided to play in the Nationals event. After looking over my fleet, I changed my mind and decided not to play when I realized it just wasn’t going to cut it. I changed my mind once again and decided to play after a few changes to my fleet. I was that determined to play, regardless of the match outcomes, just for the experience of it.

With a poor community experience during a Transformers event on Friday at Origins, my attendance in the Attack Wing Nationals event was once again in jeopardy. I was terrified that I’d be treated differently if I was the only girl, just like in the other gaming event the day before. I don’t like being treated differently, good or bad, I just want to be treated like a fellow player. Dice Masters had a great community for that, even though there were several cliques – folks were still welcoming to new players. Because of that fear of being treated differently, I was once again leaning towards not playing. At the very last minute, before leaving the hotel Saturday morning, I decided I was going to play – no matter what. I wandered around the game rooms for about an hour after breakfast and then made my way to the WizKids gaming area.

I saw a few folks chilling at the STAW tables, so I approached the area and sat at a vacant table. It wasn’t long, maybe five minutes, and I was approached by a friendly young man named James (Jeff Sonas’ son). He asked if I was playing STAW and we struck up a conversation. Not long after that, more folks were arriving and introducing themselves and chatting with everyone. It was such a great experience and I felt welcomed and like I was part of the community. I wasn’t looked at differently (in a good or bad way) for being a girl or a new face around the competitive scene. James even helped me with some rules I was not aware of for tournament play and was giving me advice and tips. The experience was vastly different that the one I had playing Transformers the day before. It’s all in how you approach someone and how you speak to them.

When it was time for round one to start, I wasn’t anxious or nervous about playing. A stark difference from any other competitive game I’ve played. The STAW community eased my worries and I was able to enjoy myself in a competitive event – for the first time in a very long time.

My Fleet

Utopia Link

Thanks to Jeff Sonas for putting the work into all the Utopia builds! It saved me a ton of time because I didn’t have to scan cards!

Chang’s Bird-of-Prey [22]
– Kargan 6 (Captain) [4]
– Kemocite [3]
– Photon Torpedoes [2]
– Stand By Torpedoes [3]
– N’Garen [4]
Ship Total: 38 SP

Chang's Bird of Prey

I.K.S. Vorn [24]
– Gowron 6 (Captain) [4]
– Advanced Weapon System [5]
– Photon Torpedoes [4]
– Toral [2]
– Seven of Nine [5]
Ship Total: 44 SP


K’mpec’s Attack Cruiser [25]
– Martok 8 (Captain) [5]
– Advanced Weapon System [5]
– Phaser Array Retrofit [5]
– Worf [5]
– Leskit [3]
Ship Total: 48 SP

K'mpec's Attack Cruiser

Fleet Total: 130 SP

Generated by Utopia

For the recaps below, I won’t bore you with details on fleets. I want to focus on my experience with the person I played in each round. There is a thread in the Star Trek Attack Wing Community Facebook group that details many things about the event – here. Another thank you to Jeff for putting the fleet builds together and for the coverage of Nationals!

Just click the link in the text and it’ll take you to each of my opponent’s fleet builds in Utopia. Thanks to Chris for all the work on Utopia and that amazing trophy for this year!

Round One vs Matt Brown

Matt’s Fleet

Matt and I were set up and ready to go fairly quickly. I was familiar with most of the cards on Matt’s fleet, but hadn’t seen them used in a build like his. I kept my distance to start with, moving up ‘1’ straight for the first two turns. When I had an idea of where he was going, I went full attack mode. My attacks whiffed, like usual, and my defense rolls didn’t fair any better. They just weren’t good enough to stop the onslaught of Matt’s rolls, which were not just hot – they were on fire. I felt like I was literally being struck by phaser blasts! He took out Martok and Kargan very quickly, but Gowron survived by sheer luck.

Close to the end of the match, Matt had struck Gowron and I thought he was defeated, but Matt pointed out that he survived! I had no delusions about what would be the outcome of our match, but one thing I hate doing is giving up. I will not stop until the final blow has been dealt. I did the best I could to maneuver Gowron around but Matt’s ships were in a much more advantageous position. Gowron somehow survived a few more attacks – only by the will of Kahless. But in the end, Gowron died an honorable death as the Vorn exploded in the black vacuum of space.

Even if I had been better prepared for Matt’s fleet, the outcome would have been close to the same. Part of my trouble was not settling on a single target for focus firing. The only difference might have been me scoring a few points or keeping a ship afloat, but Matt still would have taken the overall victory. It was a great way for me to start the event because the match was a lot of fun and I learned a lot from it.

Round Two vs Gene Zuratynsky

Gene’s Fleet

I think Matt passed the phaser dice to me after our match because I rolled like I was on fire in this match – and not just my attack dice, but my defense dice too! I felt really bad about it though, because I was just in Gene’s place in the previous round. His fleet was a Dominion fleet which is something I play against when Mr. DDK and I play. I had a pretty good idea of what to expect, so I went straight for the biggest, juiciest target. I know better than to allow a Battle Cruiser to stay on the map for too long against my fleet. I may roll a lot of defense dice while cloaked, but it’s too hard to negate all the potential hits from a Cruiser or Battleship.

With the way we placed the obstacles, I was left with one opening large enough to fly my three-ship formation through. Gene seemed to notice it and went straight for it as well, which would cut me off and limit my options drastically. But I’m used to Dominion fleets, so I took it slow and steady until I was able to soft bank around some obstacles. My next maneuvers were going to be full ahead and straight for my enemy. Gene assumed I would continue my slow progression. Playing someone that didn’t know my tactics proved to be advantageous for me. Mr. DDK would have known I would go for the throat on my next turn, and that’s exactly what I did. Gene seemed a little surprised that I went as far forward as I did and it worked perfect for me. I was set and ready for the assault on the Cruiser and I took it. After a few attacks and a turn or so later, the Cruiser was down and so was one of my ships. A worthy sacrifice for such a glorious battle!

The battle raged on as we flew around the map, firing phasers and torpedoes in an effort to defeat one another. Time was running out in the match and Martok was flying around with very little left on his hull. Gene needed to take another ship to secure his victory and so he took a risk with his generic Attack Ship. He flew straight into Martok and used Suicide Attack, hoping for a Direct Hit or something else that would destroy Martok’s ship. I got lucky and Gene was down a third ship.

I know how frustrating it can be when your dice turn cold as ice and refuse to roll anything you need or want. I also know how disappointing it is when you do everything you can, but you still can’t get ahead of your opponent. I felt really bad about defeating Gene, only because of how terrible his dice rolled for him. He likely would have won if he had landed a few of those hits that I evaded. He put up a fight and didn’t give up!

Round Three vs Dan Ward

Dan’s Fleet

This match went well on both sides as far as dice rolls and maneuvering. Dan was using Cloaked Mines, which is something I haven’t played with or against. I’ve seen them on the map, but never gave enough attention to them to understand what I needed to do. This was definitely a fleet I had never seen before with two Bioships and the Romulan mine generator.

I went in with my ships focused on one of the Bioships. I decided to focus fire one of the heavy hitters, like I do with Dominion and Borg builds. That was a mistake! I heavily damaged one Bioship but not enough that it was in danger of being destroyed anytime soon. It’s shields were gone and had a little damage on the hull, which was a serious chore for my fleet. Being able to eat through six shields and dealing a few points to the hull was an achievement in my eyes! I think I popped a few shields off the other Bioship, but both were still flying when my last ship was destroyed.

My mistake was not going after that Romulan! Or I should have flown away from the Romulan ship’s area. By the time I could have made an attack, the ship would have already deployed both Cloaked Mines anyway. It’s always tough to know what you should do when you’re playing against a fleet you’ve never seen before, being piloted by a player you’ve never played against. The Cloaked Mines really messed me up though, and I was left without enough firepower to take down any of his ships.

Dan was a great person to play against. We had a lot of moments that were exciting or shocking and our reactions to them made this game loads of fun; like hits that landed when we didn’t expect them to, or maneuvers that landed one of us in an unexpected precarious predicament. I had fun all day, but I had the most fun playing against Dan. When you have opponents like this, losing is not as disappointing.


I re-learned a valuable lesson at Origins this year, when it comes to competitive gaming. Play what you love. I shouldn’t have changed my fleet before Origins. I should have left it Klingon pure, even though Seven of Nine and Kemocite helped me at some point. I just really wish I’d left my build the way it was because I knew that build so much better. I enjoy the new cards I added, I just hadn’t played with them enough.

When I play a competitive game, I understand that’s there’s something on the line but I want to have fun too. I will usually continue my matches until I am undeniably defeated. This perspective is usually frowned upon in other competitive games, because folks accuse me of drawing out the inevitable. This was not the case with STAW. I felt at home with these people that I had just met.

And to think, I almost didn’t play because of the negativity in a totally different gaming community. Do not judge all competitive communities based off the actions of another.

I can’t wait to play again! I spent several hours with those folks and I started to miss them all the moment the tournament was over. I just wasn’t ready for those goodbyes. A huge thank you to the community for being awesome, and also to Ben for his excellent judging!

Attack Wing

But – we have Worlds to look forward to! I hope to see everyone again at Worlds and I’m excited to potentially meet more of the STAW community that didn’t make it to Origins. Until then, live long, and prosper!


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Greetings Fellow Clix Fans!


I thought this article would be delayed until next week, but it looks like I was able to get it out only two days late. Sorry about the delay!

Welcome to the final installment of my HeroClix Figure Spotlight series! It is with great sadness that I must inform you all that I will no longer be writing this series. It doesn’t appear that there are many (if any) HeroClix players are reading this series. Since WizKids has decided that I’m not longer worthy of spoilers, it seems that most of my HeroClix readers have deserted me. For this final article, I chose one of my favorite pieces to play with, Horta (035) from Star Trek Away Team: The Original Series!


What I Don’t Like

Well, there’s only two things I don’t like about this figure, and one has nothing to do with the figure itself. I wish Poison could get around damage reducers but that’s an actual game mechanic, and has nothing to do with the figure. The only other thing I don’t like, may have been an oversight of some kind. The Horta doesn’t have improved movement through Hindering terrain. I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t have it, but it doesn’t.

What I Like

I love this figure so much, I acquired three of them so I could run a 300 point team of Horta. I love that it can move through blocking terrain and destroy it too. That’s part of it’s special movement ability which also lets the Horta make a close attack if it moves less than five squares and is adjacent to blocking terrain. That special movement also gives it Sidestep, but for it to get the attack, it has to be given a move action. Sidestep is still incredibly useful in getting the Horta closer to their target and still being able to move five squares. Horta has its special movement on all six clicks too!

The Horta has a damage reducer on all six clicks. It starts with Impervious, then decreases to Invulnerability, and finally to Toughness on it’s final click. That last click is also a stop click, which has saved my Horta on more than one occasion.

Horta also have Poison on all six clicks, and Exploit Weakness on all six clicks. That Exploit Weakness comes with four damage on the top two clicks and then three damage on the rest. That’s a nice hit if it lands, which it’s likely with an attack of 10 and 9.

This figure has to be my favorite to use, even more than Rat King!

Favorite Build and Strategy

300 Point Team Build

(100) Mr. Spock (ST:TOS 036)
(100) Horta
(100) Horta

I love using Spock’s Agony Booth to trap a character, then use the Horta to move up and smack their other dudes. That’s the whole concept behind this team – trap a dude, move up and smack something, then poison them next turn.

For a 400 point build, I like to add another Horta or three Orion Females (ST:TOS 024) for their Mind Control.

What do you think of this figure?
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

For this week’s confusing card of the week article, we’re going to take a look at Tyrannosaurus Zombie: Lesser Undead  from the Dungeons and Dragons: Tomb of Annihilation set.

W Tyrannosaurus Zombie, Lesser Undead

Ruling – Ability

When fielded, field all Zombie character dice in your Used Pile at level 2.

A When Fielded ability will trigger when the character’s die is fielded by either paying the fielding cost and moving it from your Reserve Pool to the Field Zone, or by using an ability that instructs you to ‘field’ the character die. Abilities that move, swap, or place dice will not trigger a When Fielded ability.

When you field a Tyrannosaurus Zombie die, you will take all the Zombie character dice from your Used Pile and field them on their level two face. The Zombie dice can only have “Zombie” as their title, and nothing else. You would not be able to field a “Tyrannosaurus Zombie” at level two with this card’s ability, because the title contains an additional word. This card will only check the title of the card that the dice came from, and not the subtitle, affiliation, or any other part of the card.

When you field the Zombie dice from your Used Pile with the Tyrannosaurus Zombie’s ability, each of those Zombie dice will trigger any abilities that check for a character or character die being ‘Fielded’.

Miscellaneous Card Information

~ Tyrannosaurus Zombie is a Fist type character card.
~ It has the Monster affiliation and Neutral alignment.
~ It has a Max Dice of four.
~ This card is a Common and is #47 of 136.

Official Sources

WizKids Official Rules Forum (WORF)

You can find a ruling for this card, here.

You can find more info about specific Keywords on the WizKids Keywords page.

Turn Order Summary Reference



I chose this card because I’ve actually had someone ask about it recently. And also, it’s Halloween! I had to pick a monster, zombie, vampire, or some kind of Halloween themed card.

Okay, so lots of folks (including myself), really wanted this card to function like the Half-Dragon in this ruling, here. But honestly, I knew deep down that it wasn’t going to be like that – regardless of how much I wanted it. They did capitalize the name ‘Zombie’ on the card, so that was what tipped me off that it wasn’t like Half-Dragon.

As much fun as it would be to flood the field with a bunch of level two Zombies, I don’t think this card is worth its cost of six – at least not in a competitive type format. Now, for fun monster theme games, or Halloween theme games, this card is awesome! Luckily, you don’t need to buy all four of the Tyrannosaurus Zombie dice for it to be fun and useful in a casual game. I’d use Tyrannosaurus Zombie with the Zombie: Lesser Undead from the TOA set. He says, “When Zombie KOs an NPC character die, choose one: (1) Field a Zombie character die in your Used Pile at level 2. (2) Spin all of your active Zombie character Dice up 1 level.” You can use a force block ability, or a force attack ability, on a Sidekick and use your level two Zombie to KO it. Then you can choose to spin your Zombies up a level, since they’re probably all in the Field Zone already. I encourage folks to have a Halloween or Monster Mash event and try out some of these cards!

Happy Halloween and Happy Nightmare Night!


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Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Board Gamers!

Our featured game for the weeks of September 27 and October 4 is a game from WizKids, Tower of London.

Tower of London on Board Game Geek – here.

* Note – This is not a ‘How to Play’ or tutorial type article. This is a review of the game components and brief review of game play.


In Tower of London, players fight for control of the tower using their influence to occupy different buildings and gather ravens. Each turn players play two cards: the first card determines which building their Beefeater (guard) goes into, and the second card has a special power that triggers from the perspective of the Beefeater just placed.

At the end of a round, certain areas of the tower are scored based on who controls the majority of buildings, by having the most Beefeaters in each. The game ends at the end of three rounds or when a player collects 7 ravens, in which case the game ends immediately.

This game is about positioning your Beefeaters so you control more buildings than the other players in a particular color section, while trying to avoid having your Beefeaters taken out.


The rule book is a little confusing, but it’s a quick read. There are more than just a few typos in the rule book and while it doesn’t impact the game, it’s sad to see so many errors from a company that likes to boast so often about their board games.

Components and Game Play

You can find a review video on my YouTube channel that shows all of the components with a brief description and also a review of the game play.

You can follow this link directly to my video – HERE.


Oh boy. So, there are lots of things I don’t like and two things that I do like. I like the Raven tokens and I like the art for the Ravens on the cards. I don’t like the poor wording on the Event cards and player cards. I don’t like how the quadrants are off centered from the creases in the game board because it makes for an overly confusing time trying to visually interpret the quadrants. I don’t like that folks who are color blind could have a difficult time trying to play this game. There isn’t a clear way to tell the colored tokens apart, like different shapes or whatnot, and the player cards are not marked with a symbol or anything either. I don’t like that there aren’t any tokens or markers for ‘destroyed’ buildings. I don’t like the overall game play – it’s kind of boring actually. It’s also easy for someone to get ganged up on too and by the end of round two, they might as well not be playing anymore because they have zero chance of winning. I don’t like the convoluted turn order either. You’ve got Rounds, then Phases, then Steps within a Phase, then Turns – it’s all way to complicated for what we thought was going to be a light to medium game.

I also don’t like that game components were missing from the box and also that several of the Raven tokens have chips in them.

What the Players Said

Wednesday – I don’t like the poorly worded abilities on the cards. The most fun thing in the game was messing with opponents’ Beefeaters.

Olivia – The art is pretty and the flavor text on the Events is kinda humorous. I wish the quadrants lined up with the creases in the game board.

Sol – There is a major optical problem with the board creases and the quadrant lines. They don’t line up and they probably should. Don’t play if you’re color blind. The cards have awkward sizes too. It takes several times playing the game to get used to it, but it’s kind of fun if you can get past those things.

Buy or Bye?

There should not be that many typos in the rule book and the wording on the cards shouldn’t be so confusing. The game doesn’t look like it was playtested much but I’m not really surprised by this, #BecauseWizKids. This is not a game I’ll ever buy, even at a seriously discounted price.

Have strategies or tips for this game? Leave them in a comment!
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Board out and game on!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

For this week’s confusing card of the week article, we’re going to take a look at Power Girl: Kara Zor El  from the DC Harley Quinn Team Pack.

W Power Girl, Kara Zor El

Ruling – Ability

“While Power Girl is active, if you control at least one Villain character, at the end of your Main Step, roll an unpurchased Basic Action Die. If it rolls an energy face, Power Girl cannot attack. If it rolls an action face, Power Girl gets +2A and +2D (until end of turn). Return the unpurchased Basic Action Die to its card.”

Power Girl’s ability is a While Active ability. A While Active ability is one that works regardless of how many of the character’s dice are in the Field Zone. While Active abilities are like a light – it’s either on, or it’s off.


There is another condition to Power Girl’s ability, besides her die needing to be in the Field Zone, and it must be met in order to use her ability. You must also have at least one active Villain character die. The Villain can be from Marvel or DC because the Marvel Hydra Villain logo and the DC Stylized V Villain logo are interchangeable. Evil characters from the D&D sets are not Villains unless otherwise stated.

Once the two conditions are met, you must activate Power Girl’s ability. You must activate it at the end of you Main Step, before your Attack Step. (See the Turn Summary picture below.)

At the end of your Main Step, if you have Power Girl and an active Villain die in the Field Zone, you choose any Basic Action die that’s still on the card and roll it. If it rolls an energy face, that Power Girl die can’t attack. If you rolled and action face (the face with the Pow!), then that Power Girl die will get +2A and +2D until the end of the turn. The Basic Action die is then returned to the card.

This ability is not optional unless you don’t meet the requirements to activate the ability.

Miscellaneous Card Information

~ Power Girl is a Bolt type character card.
~ She has the Team Superman affiliation.
~ She has a Max Dice of four.
~ This card is a Common and is #18 of 24.

Official Sources

WizKids Official Rules Forum (WORF)

There is not a ruling for this specific card.

You can find more info about specific Keywords on the WizKids Keywords page.

Turn Order Summary Reference



I’m not a huge fan of Power Girl as a character and I’m definitely not a fan of the ability on this card. If I’m going to use a character that costs five energy to purchase, it’s going to have an ability that I can benefit from. The best you get out of her ability is a +2/+2 and there are much better ways to get that to happen. There’s a 50/50 chance that your Power Girl is going to get benched that turn too and I don’t like that at all. But, I had some folks ask me about this card so I thought I’d feature her this week. But take my word for it – there are better cards for Team Superman!

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Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Clix Fans!


Welcome to the next installment of my HeroClix Figure Spotlight series! For this month’s article, I chose a piece from one of my favorite sets, Andorian (TREK:TOS 013) from the Star Trek Away Team: The Original Series set!

Find all the rules you need on this page, here. Here is direct link to the current (at time of writing) PAC, here.

What I Don’t Like

I like to start with the negative and finish with the positive!

There isn’t a lot that I don’t like about this piece, but there are a few things I would rather have seen on his card. He’s got four clicks for 35 points, which isn’t horrible, but as a filler piece, there are much better pieces for 35 points or less. I would rather his points been 30 points or maybe 40 points with a fifth click. He’s a tad squishy with only four clicks, even in casual settings. I think he should have had a trait with Toughness, Combat Reflexes on all clicks, and possibly a 10 attack on all four clicks. That might have made him worth the 35 points and four clicks. But then again, he is just a common piece.

What I Like

There are a lot of things I like about this guy. I love Charge – or any move plus attack power. He’s also got Close Combat Expert on all four clicks, which you can’t use with Charge, but it’s excellent for the turns following a Charge. He’s a versatile attacker because he starts off with Ranged Combat Expert and Close Combat Expert. If the opposing pieces have Combat Reflexes, I use his Ranged Combat Expert for attacking those pieces. If those pieces have Energy Shield Deflection then I move him in for Close Combat Expert attacks.

He’s got Toughness on his first two clicks and Combat Reflexes on his last two. I like both abilities and if you play this piece effectively, you can get good use of them. You have to be very careful with how you position this piece because he is still squishy, even with Toughness. But he can be a great piece for inflicting that little bit of extra damage you need to KO a dude or soften up a piece for an attack from your bigger pieces.

He has the Warrior keyword and that could help him find a spot on a Warrior theme team. Since it’s a generic keyword, you won’t get the benefit of Theme Team Probability Control, but you will get the bonus to initiative. This is a good filler piece for casual games of all varieties, but I don’t think he’s got what it takes to see competitive play. He’s a little too costly and too squishy for the competitive scene. I still love him on my Star Trek teams though!

What do you think of this figure?
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     LLAPLive long, and Prob it!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

For this week’s confusing card of the week article, we’re going to take a look at Ant-Man: Through the Cracks  from the Marvel Justice Like Lightning Team Pack.

W Ant-Man, Through the Cracks

Ruling – Amplify Keyword Ability

“Amplify: When you use an action die, spin this character up 1 level.”

Amplify will trigger when you use any kind of action die. Using a Continuous action die, a Trap, Gear, or any other action die that remains in the Field Zone or elsewhere in play (ex: Imprisoned) will also trigger Amplify, but only when those dice are moved from the Reserve Pool. Activating a Continuous action die’s ability in the Field Zone is not the same as using the die and it will not trigger the Amplify ability.

Anytime you use an action die, each character die with Amplify in the Field Zone will spin up one level (if able).

If the character die is already at its maximum level, then the character die will not be able to use Amplify and will not be able to spin up. Effects that trigger from a die spinning up will not be triggered if the die does not spin up.

If you use more than one action die in a turn, a character die with Amplify will spin up one level each time. Example: I use Thrown Brick and resolve it’s effect. My level one Ant-Man will spin up to level two. I then use Big Entrance and resolve its effect. My level two Ant-Man now spins to up to level three. Because Ant-Man is now level three, if I use any more action dice, he will not spin up any more.

Miscellaneous Card Information

~ Ant-Man is a Fist type character card.
~ He has the Thunderbolts and Avengers affiliations.
~ He has a Max Dice of four.
~ This card is a Common and is #2 of 24.

Official Sources

WizKids Official Rules Forum (WORF)

There is not a ruling for this specific card.

You can find more info about specific Keywords on the WizKids Keywords page.

Turn Order Summary Reference



I like the idea of using this Ant-Man with some actions that give him Overcrush or makes him unblockable. He looks like he’d be lots of fun in Golden Age, but not sure if he’s viable yet in Modern Age. Fielding him on level one or two and then spinning him to level three doesn’t seem like a stretch for a fun casual team and his stats aren’t terrible for an attacker. His defense is not good at all, but defense isn’t that important for an attacker, unless you want that attacker to survive being blocked. A character with high attack and low defense is great to give Overcrush to.

This Ant-Man uses the exact same die as the one from Uncanny X-Men, so if your local venue is okay with it, you could substitute the dice or add more without having to purchase another Team Pack. Check with your TO first!

Opinions on this card? Leave a comment!
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Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Clix Fans!


Welcome to the next installment of my HeroClix Figure Spotlight series! For this month’s article, I chose a version of one of my newest favorite comic characters, Orion Female (024) from Star Trek Away Team: The Original Series!


What I Don’t Like

I like to start with the things I don’t like and finish with the things I do like. I don’t like the Orion’s movement speed. I don’t think it would have been too much trouble to bump her up to a seven or an eight on movement. Many times, that one or two extra squares makes a difference for me, especially since she only has a range of four for her second trait, Secret Dreams of a Bored Ship Captain.

I don’t like that she’s so squishy. She’s got Combat Reflexes, giving her an 18 defense in close combat – but at range, she gets blown up really easy. I feel like a “Super Senses against ranged combat attacks” type of ability wouldn’t have been too overpowered, and it would still have been thematic. Orion females are usually portrayed as dancers and dancers are very light on their feet. I’d imagine a dancer would have the ability to potentially avoid a ranged attack. She just needs a little something more on her defense to make her stand out.

She only has one generic keyword – Assassin. I haven’t looked into Golden Age stuff, but all the Assassin pieces I have don’t work well together. I don’t like how difficult it is to work her onto a theme team. I really wish they would have added other generic keywords for this set, since they plan to expand into other Star Trek sets, it would have made sense.

What I Like

I absolutely love the two traits the Orions have. It’s very thematic for an Orion to have to ‘seduce’ their target first before they can manipulate them. I kinda wish the Seduction tokens gave attackers a -1 against attacking an Orion, but the tokens are still very useful against teams with more than one opposing character. The Seduction tokens stack for each one on the target as well, so if you have three Orions and they all put a Seduction token on the target, the target has a -3 to their defense against the Orions’ Mind Control attacks. That could be absolutely devastating if you Mind Control one of their heavy hitters and use it to take out their support pieces. I love using Mind Control and I fell in love with this piece. I like how much easier it is for two or more of these pieces to gain control over a piece. A team using multiples is a lot of fun and it’s also thematic because you typically see multiple Orion females together.

Aside from the Mind Control, I like that they have Combat Reflexes on all four clicks. They kind of need it if they’re going to be within charging range of opposing pieces. But it also useful if you want to try and tie up other pieces so they have to breakaway. It’s not a huge boost, but an extra two points to their defense does more than you’d think!

I also like that they have Sidestep. It gives them two squares of movement for free and they have Sidestep on all four clicks. Sidestep is invaluable if you need to move a piece into position and attempt to Mind Control on the same turn.

I don’t have any complaints about their attack values. If you take into account the negatives that a target has from the Seduction tokens, it’s almost like the Orions have 11, 12, or 13 attack on their top click. That’s likely going to Mind Control any piece you play against in casual, and quite a few in a more competitive atmosphere too.

Favorite Build and Strategy

I’ve used the Orions on several different team builds and I can’t say that I have a favorite. One of my favorite pieces to use with one or more Orions is (XXS 007B) Moira MacTaggart. She allows friendly adjacent characters that use Mind Control to target three pieces. She also has Perplex, so she can increase one of the Orions’ defense. When I use Moira with two or more Orions, I spread out their Seduction tokens as much as possible and I keep Moira adjacent to as many Orions as possible. If I can’t spread the tokens, I focus on one character at a time. I typically go for the biggest character on my opponent’s team and have it take out their support or smaller attackers.

Other than Moira, I like to use heavy attacking pieces to go after the opposing heavy attackers and as clean up pieces. Even though I’m using my opponents pieces to go after their other pieces, I still do what I can to get damage on those pieces. Ignoring any attacker is a bad idea. Your opponent can turn that attacker on your Orions and demolish them!

If you find yourself facing a team of Orions, it’s best to send the smaller attackers after them, and preferably ranged attackers. Orions are weak to ranged attacks and don’t have any evade powers or damage reducers. Try to keep your more appealing targets out of their range. Keeping them at a distance and range attacking them is the best way to deal with those gorgeous green women!

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Welcome to the next installment of my HeroClix Figure Spotlight series! For this month’s article, I chose a WizKids Exclusive piece, Pizza Face (TP17-002)!

At the time of writing, WizKids hadn’t updated the new PAC or Rules to reflect the minor changes yet. Keep an eye on this page, here, for updates. Here is direct link to the current (at time of writing) PAC, here.

Pizza Face TP17-002
What I Don’t Like

I like to start with the negative and finish with the positive!

Pizza Face only has one (non-generic) keyword – TMNT Villain. That means, he’s not going to be on many theme teams. Sometimes, I feel like casual players focus more on theme teams being a necessity than competitive players do. I have a hard time trying to convince my locals that they can build a team without it being a theme team. I like multiple keywords on characters, even if they’re just generic. I’m not sure giving him the Monster keyword would have broken anything.

I also wish he had a way to carry several of his Living Pizza bystanders at once or they should have had a better speed at least. They’re really hard to position and their actions count towards your action total because they do not have Autonomous.

  “Autonomous: This character’s costed actions don’t count for your action total.”

This is a fairly new addition to the combat symbols and only replaces the text on the bystanders, cleaning up the bystander tokens a bit. You can find this rules change, here. I like Autonomous, just wish they had it!

Another thing I don’t like about Pizza Face is that his defense powers feel a little lacking. I would have willingly sacrificed his Willpower and Energy Shield Deflection for Invulnerability or a special power Toughness that added Willpower. Aside from his defense powers feeling a little weak, his defense itself is definitely lacking. He gets hit often and he gets hit hard.

I’m not a fan of the printed 2 damage throughout his entire dial. I don’t mind it on his Exploit Weakness clicks, but for click five and six, they could have bumped that damage to a 3…

What I Like

While there are things I dislike, there are lots of things I do like. Let’s start with the Living Pizza bystanders. I don’t mind them being limited to the number of my opponent’s non-bystander pieces. I love having an army of free bystanders to annoy my opponent with while I get the rest of my team in place. They take a little finessing to get them into place while maneuvering your other pieces too. I’ve used their Support on several occasions to great success, as well as their Plasticity and Poison. I also like that they fly, so they can get over all that hindering and elevated terrain to get to my opponent’s dudes. Overall, I like the Living Pizza bystanders, even if they get squashed from a single point of damage.

Pizza Face has lots of useful powers. I like his Mind Control power because it grants me a range of 8 when he uses it. You can increase his attack by +3 too, at the cost of the mind controlled piece getting to heal a click. Not a big deal when he’s going after pieces that haven’t taken damage yet. There is an exclusive Bebop and Rocksteady (TP17-003) piece that allows a friendly piece that shares a keyword with them to Mind Control them and it’s fun to use with Pizza Face. Pizza Face has Sidestep on his first and last click, but I wish he had it with his special Mind Control power too. It’s still a really useful power to have when the game starts and also when you’re trying to maneuver Pizza Face while he’s on that last click.

Pizza Face clicks into Steal Energy for his attack power on click three. I love when pieces have Steal Energy earlier as opposed to later in their dials. This is a favorable spot for a piece to have it, for me at least. And while he has Steal Energy on click three and four, he also has Exploit Weakness to help ensure his target takes damage if he hits them, which allows him to heal back up a little.

For his defenses, he has Willpower on his first two clicks, which is also useful in the early turns of the game. He can do something two turns in a row without taking push damage and before having to clear action tokens. This gives you an opportunity to position him for a potential Mind Control attack. You need to get him on click two for Mind Control, but you could choose to push him once instead of letting Willpower reduce the push damage. Once he can use Mind Control, you can use your opponent’s pieces to smack their own dudes.

Favorite Build

I’ve played with Pizza Face on several different teams. One of my favorite 400 point builds for TMNT Villain theme teams is only 390 points. It leaves room for ID cards or terrain.

(60) Pizza Face (WKTP17-002)
(125) Bebop and Rocksteady (WKTP17-003)
(80) Shredder (TMNT 021)
(125) Monsterex (TMNT 022)
(390 – Total)

If I’m building for a 300 point game, I take off Shredder and Bebop and Rocksteady to add Rat King and one of the new 15 point Foot Soldiers. The Foot Soldier choice varies based on my mood for that day.

(60) Pizza Face (WKTP17-002)
(125) Monsterex (TMNT 022)
Rat King (TMNT2 024)
Foot Soldier (TMNT4 – either 007, 008, 012, or 013)
(300 – Total)

Most of the time, I use him on a TMNT Villains theme team, but I’ve used him on various other builds as well. I’m actually playing him at the Owensboro WKO on July 28, 2018. For the WKO, I’m running a 300 point team without theme team.

(60) Pizza Face (WKTP17-002)
(40) Pip the Troll (AI 008)
Hulk (TMT 106 – Starter)
Captain Kirk (TREKOS 049)
Lt. Sulu (TREKOS 050)
(300 – Total)

This is my own personal theme team, called the Shirtless Squad! Pizza Face was not originally on the team, but my Donatello that I was using had rotated out of Modern Age in June, so I needed a replacement. The requirements were – no shirt and 60 points or less so the piece would fit. Pizza Face fit perfectly and in practicing this team, I found that I like him better than Donatello (TMNT 027). I’ll save Donnie for the Turtle Teams.

I hope to have a tournament report written up for the WKO, so be watching for it in the next few days! I even made my own Living Pizza bystanders, just in time for the WKO!

Livign Pizza Bystanders.png

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… will come to those that wait!
In the Board Game area of articles…

So, I’m a little behind on posting my Pandemic and Shark Island reviews for the board game review articles. I’m working on making some changes to my articles formats for those type of reviews. Please hang in there! I can’t wait to get this new style of review article going and I hope it’s more fun for the readers/viewers. I don’t want to give any of the details away, not yet. I just wanted everyone to know that they’re coming, just a little behind.

In the HeroClix area of articles…

Nothing much is changing here, just a few formatting things. I write a monthly article series called HeroClix Figure Spotlight and it showcases my favorite casual pieces. This series is most likely not going to appeal to the strictly competitive player, but I’m not a competitive player. I prefer to judge and play casually. That means this article series is fine the way it is, but because of the ridiculously busy July schedule for Clix, I’m a little behind on this month’s article. Don’t worry – it’s on the way!

In the Dice Masters area of articles…

This bit makes me a little sad. I have several issues with WizKids right now, and this isn’t the time or place to vent them, but I will tell you all this much – At Origins this year, the HeroClix folks had pleasant experiences with some of the folks higher in the WizKids food chain. I on the other hand, did not. I was treated as a nuisance and given the brush off. That experience left me a little sour towards the upper management of WizKids. The people I was told to speak with, were amazing though. Jimmy, Scott, Kenny, Gene, Chris, Jeremiah, Jay, and the guy running the booth in the gaming hall (sorry! I forgot your name! I feel awful!) – all super great folks. They answered any questions I had, that they could answer. Thank you guys, for being awesome!

But, back to the topic at hand. WizKids has delayed Dice Masters product for so long, I haven’t really had much to write about except my Confusing Card of the Week series… and even that’s getting to the point that it’s difficult to find card abilities that haven’t been covered already. I’m seriously displeased with WizKids’s mishandling of Dice Masters, and I’m afraid the situation won’t get any better. We’re about to have a flood of fixed product on August 1, 2018 (next Wednesday), and I’ll be writing my review articles and doing unboxing videos for those items.


With the decrease in product releases, and the product all being fixed now, I can’t keep writing weekly CCW articles. I’ll run out of cards to cover unless I do heavy repetition of abilities or abilities that are too similar. I am forced to change the release of my articles to monthly articles instead of weekly. You can all thank WizKids for this. I won’t be changing the name of my CCW articles and I will continue with the same numbering. I hope that WizKids gets their rear in gear, but I highly doubt it. If and when the end of life occurs for Dice Masters, I will inevitably discontinue my Dice Masters content. Until that day comes, I will still be here to answer your Dice Masters questions and continue my unboxings, reviews, and CCW articles for this most amazing game that I love dearly.

My CCW articles will be published on the last Wednesday of every month.

In the area of new articles…

I had already expanded into HeroClix and Board Games long before I thought I’d have to decrease the frequency of my CCW articles. But, I’ve had ideas for other articles that I haven’t had the time to work on. Now that I don’t have to focus so much on CCW articles, I can expand my content coverage into these other areas. We have homebrew Dungeons and Dragons campaigns that are currently running, and a Star Trek Adventures campaign in the works that I would like to write about. I’m also considering Star Trek: Attack Wing articles – even though WizKids treats that game as terribly as it does Dice Masters. I still love that game as well, but I never considered content for it because there were already so many sites out there. Now, many of those sites have either gone completely quiet or have been forced to decrease their content for one reason or another. But with my first love being Star Trek, it seems an obvious move in the right direction.

Of course, none of these articles are set in stone yet. I have to see how I want to handle the articles and when I can slate time for them. We’re also thinking about a potential podcast, possibly in the next year or so. The topics will be primarily gaming and Star Trek, with some other random topics thrown in.

I’ve got lots of plans and need time to restructure and fit things in. I will continue current content and add things in as I get them how I want them.

Current Regular Content

~ HeroClix Figure Spotlight – Monthly; Second Wednesday
~ Dice Masters Confusing Card of the Week – Monthly; Last Wednesday
~ Board Game Reviews – Every other week

Weekly Videos

Comic Unboxing – Every Tuesday

Possible Future Content

Remember, this is only possible future content. These topics are being considered and not definite yet.

~ Star Trek RPG related articles
~ Dungeons and Dragons RPG related articles
~ Star Trek Attack Wing content (articles and/or videos)
~ Varying content about Star Trek related topics
~ Comic Book related content (primarily about my current subscriptions)

Is there something you’d like to see more of?
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Board out, game on!