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In my Comic Box Recap article series, I want to talk about each of the comics that I read from my subscriptions that week. I don’t always read all the comics I order, because I’m only collecting some of them. Others are ones I may have started reading, but lost interest in but I still order them. You never know when you may want to go back and revisit a series at a later date.

Wonder Woman #53 and The Life of Captain Marvel #2 are not covered this week because I’m not currently reading those titles. I’m behind on Wonder Woman and The Life of Captain Marvel is a series I want to read later. This week’s recap is going to be very sort!

Do not read any further if you are trying to avoid SPOILERS!
Marvel Comics
Avengers #6

Oh my goodness. So, humanity is a virus, a disease, according to Loki and the Celestials and that’s how super powered folks came to be. I don’t know hardly anything about Uni-Mind or Celestials or anything cosmic-related in the Marvel comic universe. Honestly, this issue was a little weird for me. My lack of cosmic knowledge could be to blame for that.

Doctor Strange references losing the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme to Loki, which I knew about all of that – I read all those issues. I’m still trying to figure out how Loki used the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme to his advantage in this ‘war’ of his. I like that the series kicked off with this potentially world ending threat, but I hope every story arc won’t be world ending. It’s hard to top Loki bringing in the Final Host and zombie Celestials to destroy the Earth…

I was happy to see She-Hulk smashing things, but I’m still slightly confused about her appearance. At the end of Hulk, she had regained her sense of self and looked like the She-Hulk we all know and love – so why is she so… Brucey-Hulk? And why does she look like a female version of Blanka from Street Fighter?

Blanka vs Hulk

I’m not digging this new version of She-Hulk… I wish she would either go back to her feminine version or revert into her grey version.

Captain Marvel is pretty cool and witty in this issue and even tells Stark to go to hell at one point. I’m not a fan of Tony Stark at all, but the banter and bickering between these two makes for some great comic relief.

Captain America has some typical inspirational lines and Black Panther feels like he’s just kinda there. Thor has some fun comments and does a lot of beating on Celestials – which I expect no less from Odinson.

Ghost Rider is awesome. He pilots a dead Celestial and is the embodiment of the Avengers’ Uni-Mind. That’s pretty amazing actually. I used to read the series with Robbie Reyes before they cancelled it a while ago, and he’s a really cool Ghost Rider with an even cooler car.

I’m glad they brought down the Horde, for now, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it was Loki’s intention to reunite the Avengers by causing a catastrophic event like this. That’s such a Loki thing to do and that’s what it sounds like he did with the comments made in that last panel. I look forward to the next issue, and I hope it’s not another world ending catastrophe. I’ll take average bad guys that get defeated after some creative detective work and some well fought battles with a little internal Avengers conflict thrown in.


Even though there were things I didn’t like in the Avengers book, it was still an entertaining story, and really, that’s all I’m after. I plan to continue my Avengers subscription until it reaches the point that it’s no longer entertaining – as with any of my subscriptions. I really do hope to see Jennifer Walters as She-Hulk, and not Brucey-Blanka-Jen-Hulk, sometime in the near future.

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A good book is the best vacation!

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The newest five figure booster set for HeroClix is going to be the DC Batman The Animated Series set, due out July 18, 2018. You can pre-order this set at your FLGS and I definitely recommend you check it out! This set will also include a Starter with a new type of map, and a Dice and Token Pack! Make sure you check those out as well.

I try to cover the awesome Traits and special powers in this article and not focus so much on the standard abilities printed on the dial. If you need to see what a particular power does, you should totally check out the Power and Ability card on WizKids site (if you don’t have one already). You can find it, here.

Preview #1 – Zatanna (Super Rare)

Zatanna is lacigam and citsyM!

061 Zatana

I can’t wait to see this sculpt in person! She’s going to look amazing! The first thing I noticed was her point values and how many clicks she has. I thought it was a little expensive, until I read her powers and then it all made sense. Her trait is great for Justice League theme teams, and there seem to be more players trying out theme teams lately. Her trait says: At the beginning of your turn, roll a d6. [SIX]: Remove an action token from another friendly character with the Justice League keyword that’s 100 points or less. Seems good to me! The character doesn’t need to be adjacent to Zatanna for her to be able to remove a token from them. She can’t remove the token from herself, because her trait specifies ‘another friendly character’ and not just ‘a friendly character’. It doesn’t cost you an action either to use this trait.

She has a special attack power that says: Penetrating/Psychic Blast, Telekinesis. FREE: Generate a Bat bystander [MAX 2]. Now, Penetrating/ Psychic Blast and Telekinesis are great powers and she has them both at the same time. If that wasn’t good enough, she can also generate Bats that have Sidestep, Enhancement, and Shape Change. You can only have two of them at one time, but that’s still awesome! They’re also Tiny, so Zatanna could pick one up and carry it with her when she moved. Enhancement makes Zatanna’s damage go up and makes her more offensive. But she has more!

Her special damage power gives her access to both Perplex and Probability Control. Having both of those at the same time is so convenient, and makes her worth playing at 75 points.

But if you could only fit her at 50 points, she’s still great. She won’t get her Bat bystanders at 50 points, but she does have her Perplex and Probability Control. Zatanna is a piece I will definitely be trying to track down!

Preview #2 – Inque (Super Rare)

Inque is full of surprises!

062 Inque

Inque is a cool looking piece and she’s from the Batman Beyond series. She cost 75 points and has six clicks on her dial. She also has a trait that says: FREE: Choose one: Stealth, Shape Change, [TINY], -or- Giant Reach: 2. Inque can use the chosen power or ability until your next turn. I think this trait is really awesome! It’s not like a special power that could potentially be lost, and she has options that can’t be Outwitted. Every turn, you have the option of one of the several cool powers/abilities and you can change them on your turn based on the game state. You could hide her in hindering terrain and choose Stealth. If you knew she could be the target of an attack on your opponent’s turn, you could pick Shape Change. You can choose [TINY] so other regular sized characters can carry her around. And Giant Reach: 2 makes it very easy for her to make close combat attacks and not have to worry so much about getting hit back.

Inque also has a special movement power on her first four clicks that says: Hypersonic Speed, Sidestep. If Inque occupies water terrain, she modifies her combat values -1 and she can’t use Hypersonic Speed or Sidestep. She’s able to use Sidestep and Hypersonic Speed on the same clicks, which is so awesome! You only need to keep her out of water.

Her special defense power allows her access to Super Senses and Energy Shield/Deflection on her first three clicks. Inque also has Improved Movement for elevated terrain.

I like this character a lot for her trait and I think she’s going to be a lot of fun to play with!

Preview #3 – Wonder Woman (Chase)

Wonder Woman! Don’t think I need to say anything else, because it’s Wonder Woman!

067 Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has a really awesome looking sculpt and I can’t wait to see this piece! She has six clicks for 70 points and three clicks for 30 points. She also has two traits, but one of them only applies if you put her on your Sideline. Her first trait says: SIDELINE ACTIVE – Friendly characters have “FREE: If this character critical missed this turn or made the third attack this turn to miss all opposing targets, place a character from your Sideline that can use a Troubalert trait adjacent on its blue starting line.” // At the beginning of your turn, if Wonder Woman started the game due to the Troubalert trait, roll a d6. [FOUR] – [SIX]: Deal Wonder Woman 1 unavoidable damage. This trait is a great way to get an extra character on the map without having to use an ID card. There is a drawback, of course. There is a 50% chance of Wonder Woman being dealt one unavoidable damage at the beginning of each of your turns, but for a free character, that’s worth the risk of giving your opponent 30 points.

Her other trait is a conditional one, depending on what pieces your opponent has on the map. Her second trait says: Characters that can use Telekinesis modify attack +2 when attacking only Wonder Woman. Characters that can use Telekinesis modify defense +2 when Wonder Woman attacks them. There are a few really good Telekinesis pieces out there and as long as you avoid attacking them and don’t get in range of their attacks. This trait is most likely there for balance, but you can still work around it so it’s not a huge drawback.

Wonder Woman has a special movement power, but you have to play her at 70 points to access it because it’s only on her first click. Her special movement power says: Hypersonic Speed, [FLIGHT], [PASSENGER]: 2. Wonder Woman may carry one same size with [SWIM] in addition to any other carried characters. This power’s name made me snicker when I read it. “Giving the Super Friends a ride in the Invisible Jet… even Aquaman.” This power essentially lets her carry three characters, so long as the third one has the Swim icon on their movement.

Wonder Woman has one more special power and it’s on her attack. She has the special attack power on click 1, 2, and 4. Her special attack power says: FREE: Choose an opposing character within 5 squares and line of fire that has a character adjacent to it. Roll a d6 for that character and each character adjacent to it. [FOUR] – [SIX]: Give the character you rolled for an action token. This is like a free, and buffed up Incapacitate! I like Incapacitate, but only if it’s included in another power. Incapacitate printed on the dial is not the way I like using it. Wonder Woman’s power is actually really great to use with a character that can use Telekinesis. The TK piece can move the opposing pices into position and Wonder Woman can use her free power to try and put an action token on them. And because that power is FREE, she can still be given an action token to attack or move!

Wonder Woman has some fun possibilities and I look forward to seeing how folks decide to utilize her.

Preview #4 – Hawkgirl (Chase)

Swooping in to save the day, with Average Birds at her side!

073 Hawkgirl

Hawkgirl looks really pretty and she’s a little cheaper than Wonder Woman on her first dial. Her points are 50 points for six clicks and 30 points for three clicks. She also has two traits. Her first trait says: SIDELINE ACTIVE – Friendly characters have “FREE: If this character critical missed this turn or made the third attack this turn to miss all opposing targets, place a character from your Sideline that can use a Troubalert trait adjacent on its blue starting line.” // At the beginning of your turn, if Hawkgirl started the game due to the Troubalert trait, roll a d6. [FOUR] – [SIX]: Deal Hawkgirl 1 unavoidable damage. This trait is just like the Troubalert trait on Wonder Woman. If you have multiple Troubalert characters and the FREE ability is triggered, you can choose any of those characters to pull in. Wonder Woman and Hawgirl are both close combat characters, so you’d want to pull them in close enough that they could charge in and attack. She also has the condition that Wonder Woman does where you have to roll a the beginning of turn to see if she takes one unavoidable damage.

Hawgirl’s second trait says: Unless Hawgirl’s attack is the first during your turn, characters modify defense +2 when she attacks them. Characters modify attack +2 when attacking Hawkgirl if it is the first attack of their turn. This is another conditional drawback that can be worked around. You have to make sure you attack with her first or you’re going to be giving an opposing character a defensive advantage against Hawgirl. If an opposing character wants to take advantage of the attack bonus, they will have to attack her before your opponent attacks anything else. If your opponent has a particular character that needs to attack first in order to buff their team, you can tempt them into not using that character by sending Hawkgirl after a different opposing character. Your opponent would then need to decide if the +2 to attack Hawkgirl is worth losing whatever bonus they may be getting from their other character.

Hawkgirl has one other special power and it’s on her attack on clicks 1, 2, and 4. Her special attack power says: POWER: Generate an Average Bird bystander. If no other friendly characters are within 4 squares, generate two instead. I like gimmicky powers and abilities, especially ones that let me generate extra characters, regardless of whether or not they’re super powerful. The Average Bird bystanders have an speed of nine and can use Flurry. They only have a nine on their attack, so they won’t be hitting much of anything. And since they’re tiny, you only need a to roll a three to break away from them, so they aren’t great for tying up characters. They can be a huge nuisance though if they roll critical hits against dudes without damage reducers or if they’re adjacent to an opposing character that’s having trouble rolling higher than a one or two for a break away roll.

Final Thoughts

The Batman The Animated Series is shaping up to be a pretty awesome set! I don’t think there’s any particular figure that I don’t like, so far. They all have their own play style that will appeal to players of all different types. Zatanna is definitely my favorite so far, but also like Wonder Woman too. I like the Troubalert ability because it doesn’t cost any points to add those characters to your Sideline and you might be able to get a free character on the map if you happen to be having a bad time with your dice. So far, these two are close combat type characters, but I bet there’s a range centered Troubalert character out there too. I’d be very surprised if there wasn’t.

I also noticed that none of these characters are Indomitable and only Inque has Willpower (and only on two clicks). It’s unlikely you’ll want to push any of these pieces because they will damage for it. Zatanna is the only piece with a Team Ability and it’s one of my favorites – Mystics: Each time this character takes damage from an opposing character’s attack, after resolutions deal the attacker 1 penetrating damage. Uncopyable. Mystics is a nuisance for any piece that doesn’t have Invincible, because Invincible is the only damage reducing power that can reduce penetrating damage.

I can’t wait to see what other pieces are in this set and I can’t wait to see what pieces I pull in our pre-release that’s coming up on July 14! Be sure to check with your local venue to see if they’re hosting a pre-release! And don’t forget – the set releases on July 18, 2018!

Which figure are you most looking forward to?
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Live long, and Prob it!

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For this week’s confusing card of the week article, we’re going to take a look at Wonder Woman: Reflections from the DC Superman Wonder Woman set.

W 24 Wonder Woman, Reflections


Ruling – Ability

“While Wonder Woman is active, “When fielded” and “When attacks” abilities are ignored.”

Wonder Woman’s ability is a While Active ability. A While Active ability is one that works regardless of how many of the character’s dice are in the Field Zone. While Active abilities are like a light – it’s either on, or it’s off.


While there is at least one Wonder Woman die in the Field Zone, all When Fielded and When Attacks abilities will be ignored. This ability will apply to both your opponent’s characters and your own characters and this ability is not optional.

Wonder Woman’s ability will not affect keyword abilities that have a When Fielded or When Attacks effect. For example, Wonder Woman’s ability will not affect Intimidate or Call Out.

Wonder Woman’s ability does not blank the text from the card. Her ability ignores the effects of the ability without blanking the text.

Miscellaneous Card Information

~ Wonder Woman is a Mask type character card.
~ She has the Justice League affiliation.
~ She has a max dice of four.
~ This card is an Common and is #24 of 34.

Official Sources

WizKids Official Rules Forum (WORF)
You can find a ruling for this card, here and here.

You can find the cross IP compatibility wording, here.
You can find more info about specific Keywords on the WizKids Keywords page.

Turn Order Summary Reference


Strategy and Opinion

I fell in love with this card the moment I saw it. I knew she was the answer to many of the more troublesome cards, like Half-Elf Bard: Master Lords’ Alliance and Green Goblin: “Gobby”. She’s an absolute treasure in Golden Age events and very likely in future Modern Age events as well. with the release of Norman Osborn: Don’t Call Me “Gobby”! from the Guardians of the Galaxy set, she’s already a card that should be considered for your teams. She’s not too difficult to purchase even for a five cost and her stats are very good for a character that needs to stay in the Field Zone. Most folks worry about Shriek hitting her card before they can buy and field her, but a well placed Captain Cold’s Cold Gun (uncommon or rare) will dispose of Shriek dice and then she won’t be able to blank Wonder Woman again without help. I think she’s worth heavy consideration for any team, and she could be a very valuable asset.

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Need to look up a card? Be sure to check out DM RetroBox! It’s the best searchable card database I’ve found for when I’m at the computer.

Roll on, Dice Masters!

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I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a Skyscraper Wonder Woman Colossal figure this past weekend, and even got to play with her!

In the comics, the giant robot Wonder Woman was a creation of the Sinister Seer of Saturn. He was determined to get revenge against Wonder Woman and to accomplish it, he wanted to embarrass Wonder Woman with this colossal doppelganger.


In HeroClix, she is definitely an enormous piece as you can see in the picture below. Fugitoid is your average sized HeroClix piece and she towers over him! Her dial fits into four squares instead of one square like Fugitoid, and most other figures.

Skyscraper Wonder Woman


This piece is really pretty and very well done. I love her sculpt and I think the lasso spin-effect is really cool looking. This is one of the few pieces that I’d love to have on a shelf and not just as a playing piece. The colors are bright and vibrant and the dial is easy to read as well. As far as being comic accurate, she is really close to her comic counterpart.

I don’t have much to say on the cosmetics because she looks so amazing! There isn’t much else to cover!

Game Play

As I mentioned earlier, I got to play with this piece this weekend. We were playing a 400 point Modern Age Highlander event. For our local venue, the Highlander rules state that you can have the same Title Name, but the Real Name must be different from other Title Names and Real Names. If there isn’t a Real Name listed, then you can use as many of those pieces as you can fit on your team. We were also limited to only one Super Rare, LE, Prime, etc. We were not allowed to use Resources or Relics.

I used her on her 350 point line and added Fugitoid to the team for 50 points, just to have two figures and the maximum amount of points. This also gave me a theme team for Robot.

Skyscraper Wonder Woman

As you can see on her dial above, she’s huge with her 19 clicks! Her last click is a stop click too, meaning she won’t get KO’d when she first turns to that click from damage. She also gets a wide variety of abilities throughout her dial. Some of my favorites are Running Shot, Hypersonic Speed, Impervious, and Combat Reflexes. Her special abilities are cool, but my favorite is The Trial of Ice. I like being able to give someone an action token or instead, slide them around the map to a more advantageous spot for my attacks or defense.

The biggest problem I had in my matches is the same one I always have when running a team with very few pieces – they get swarmed. Fugitoid was a great distraction for a brief moment, but then the focus was on Skyscraper. If they’re using Outwit or have a way to get around her defenses, she goes down a little faster than what you would think. That’s because she gets all the attacks directed at her and she doesn’t have any backup. I think she’s better on one of her lower point lines with some support pieces as opposed to the big 350 line without support. I plan to try her again in the future on her 225 or 100 point starting line with a few other dudes.

Final Thoughts

Is she worth buying?

~ For a casual player like myself, yes. She has multiple starting lines with various point values that can fit into many different teams. She’s fun to play with and while intimidating to see on the map, isn’t that scary when you’re up against her.

~ For a collector like myself, definitely! She’s a gorgeous figure and I would think any fan of Wonder Woman would love to have her on a display shelf.

~ For a competitive player, not sure. I’m not up to speed on the big meta teams and I’m not experienced enough to make that kind of judgement. I’ve heard the more experienced local players talk about how broken she is on her 15 point starting line, but again – I’m not on the same level of experience, so I don’t know if she’s broken or not.

Overall, I think she’s a piece worth having in most collections. The only major downside to playing with this piece is how to transport her. She definitely won’t fit in my box so I have to carry her in the box she came in to keep her safe. This leaves me with more stuff to keep up with and move around the store while swapping tables.

What do you think of the Skyscraper Wonder Woman?
Have you used her and what build did you use?

Thanks so much for reading! I would love to do more HeroClix articles, so if you have suggestions, drop me a line here or on my Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty!

May your crits never be misses and your Probs never wasted!

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WizKids is about to release its annual DC Starter, Superman Wonder Woman, and I’m super excited about the characters that it brings back as well as the new characters it introduces! Be sure to check with your friendly local game store and reserve your copy today. The Monthly Solicits page currently shows a release date of July 12, 2017.

You can find my review video with Mr. DDK on YouTube, here.

Starter Box


Box Contents

~ Superman Wonder Woman Rulebook
~ 2 Dice Bags
~ 12 Basic Action Dice
~ 16 Sidekick Dice
~ 16 Character Dice
~ 24 Character Cards
~ 10 Basic Action Cards
~ 4 Action Reminder Cards
~ 1 Rules Insert Card


This is the first time we’re getting the first turn rule change detailed in a rulebook. It was announced on November 7, 2016 and you can find it on page 2 and 8.

RulebookRules Change Noted 1

Rules Insert Card

Rules Insert

The rules reminder card is a great quick reference tool for all the affiliations and keywords in the set. This particular rules insert details the first turn rule change.

Rules Insert Back

The back of the rules insert card has a bump for tournaments, which is a great promo piece.


You will not find any bold text keywords in this starter. There are plenty of character abilities and a few Globals between the Basic Actions and Characters.

WizKids has a comprehensive list of Keywords on their site. You can also find expanded descriptions for all the keywords on The Reserve Pool‘s site.


We don’t have any new affiliations in this starter, but there are some returning ones.

Justice League
Team Superman



I’m thrilled to see an Amazon, even if she’s from a different tribe than Diana, she’s still an Amazon. I hope WizKids will eventually add an Amazon affiliation along with many of the other notable Amazon characters. I think all of the versions of Artemis are interesting. Her two When Fielded abilities are very manageable with her TFC (Total Fielding Cost) of two. She’s got really good stats as well, and a purchase cost of five isn’t totally out of reach. I think my favorite version is Renouncing Olympus. I don’t build teams that are centered on keeping Sidekicks in the Field, and this is a great way to keep my opponent from building up a wall. Did I mention that I love having another recognizable Amazon character in the game?

Cheetah is one of my favorite Wonder Woman villains. I love all of her abilities and they all fit the character. She’s not an expensive character to purchase and her TFC is three with a fielding cost of one on all levels. She only has one When Fielded ability, but I don’t think her fielding costs are an issue at all, especially when you factor in her stats as well. I think I want to try using Goddess of the Hunt on a new Villain team I’m brewing. She seems like she would fit best with that build. But each version can easily find a place on a team somewhere!


I’m super thrilled to see another Wonder Woman villain in the starter! Even though she isn’t my favorite Wonder Woman villain, I do like her in the comics. I didn’t like her versions from the Green Arrow and The Flash set, so I was glad to see her back again. Her abilities are very thematic for her character and I like them all, but Standing Tall is definitely my favorite! It just so happens that Standing Tall is the only character card with a Global in the starter. Her Global fits with her ability perfectly! You can give her Overcrush with Upgrade – Proton Cannon from the Iron Man and War Machine starter to help her punch through your opponent’s defenses. Her dice stats are the same as her previous set. She’s got really good stats and her fielding costs are great too! My villain team is going to end up having a bunch of Wonder Woman villains on it!

Jimmy Olsen

This is Jimmy Olsen’s debut! Signal Watch and Superman’s Pal are both good for any team that uses Superman or Supergirl. It just depends on your team build and play style. Seeing Is Believing is definitely interesting… but I’m not believing in him. It stops him from being targeted by opponent’s Globals, and stops damage from non-targeting Globals which is cool, but it only prevents Jimmy from taking the damage. And it only works while Superman or Supergirl is active. I just feel like the ability is over complicated and probably not worth using. At least I can build a decent Team Superman team now that we have Conner Kent in the Batman set and Jimmy Olsen! I have too many teams to build and not enough time to build them.

Steve Trevor
Steve Trevor, ally and love interest of Wonder Woman, is making his debut! I like all three cards. Bachelor in a Bind doesn’t have ability text, but did you see those attack stats and fielding cost?! He only cost two to purchase making him a fantastic card for lots of teams that need those cheaper dudes. The Man from A.R.G.U.S. is actually really cool. Steve Trevor has a defense of one on all sides, but he has a 2/3/4 attack line. If you have Wonder Woman active and way to give Steve Trevor Overcrush, he becomes an instant threat. Themysciran Liason is fantastic! You can purchase Wonder Woman for three less when he’s KO’d. With that defense line of 1/1/1, it’s not hard to KO him. His ability will allow you to purchase Wonder Woman outside of your Main Step, and then you get to Prep her too! Perfect!

Finally! A Supergirl I can get behind! Her dice at the exact same model as her World’s Finest dice, but a reversed color scheme. I definitely prefer these dice and this card art to the WF versions. All in the Family feels like it should have been a Flip card. I like her ability, but I wouldn’t want to put her on a team and then not face off against a Villain team. I like Guarding National City, but I hate having a TFC 5 or higher on characters that have a When Fielded ability. Aside from that, she cost seven… I Have All Your Powers! has to be my favorite Supergirl card and ability. I like to give dice Overcrush or make them unblockable. She’s the perfect card for me!

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, it’s Superman! Superman’s die is the same model as his World’s Finest die, but not the same color style. I prefer the other color style, but I like his stats which are the exact same as Supergirl. Superman has abilities similar to Supergirl’s on some of his cards. Phone Booth also feels like it needed a Flip side and Symbol of Hope does not have an ability that appeals to me for the cost of the character. Living in a World of Cardboard seems kinda cool, but he needs Overcrush or to be unblockable. Sounds like a job for me! Oh, and he’s Justice League – not Team Superman. Guess I need to start looking at Justice League characters now too.

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman is the epitome of awesome and now we have some Dice Masters cards to reflect that. With Child of Clay, you can use Unstable Canister on your team and no longer fear it being used against your characters. She’s easy to purchase, but you don’t want her leaving the Field if you can help it. She has a TFC of three which is isn’t horrible, but most of the time I end up rolling the highest level face when I don’t want it. Her fielding costs fit for the stats she has on each level. Ambassador of Peace is another Global stifling ability that stops both players from using Globals on their character cards. This would be better if it just stopped your opponent and not you too. It doesn’t stop either player from using the Globals on Rip Hunter’s Chalkboard or S.T.A.R. Labs, but it stops a player from using Parallax’s Global if it’s on their team. Reflections is probably the most powerful of all three cards. She stops one of the biggest meta cards – Lantern Ring: Limited Only By Imagination. She does cost five, but if I see Ring across the table, I’m going for Wonder Woman first.

Character Thoughts

There are plenty of great beginner character cards in this starter. There are cards that work very well with other cards in the starter, and then you have other cards that make for great additions to existing teams or good starting points for new players to begin building a team with.

There are at least two character cards that I see potentially making it into the Modern Age meta. One of those is Wonder Woman: Reflections for her amazing Lantern Ring stopping ability, and the other is Steve Trevor: Themysciran Liason for his ability to help you get Wonder Woman easier. I’m not totally sure about Steve Trevor, but he is definitely handy. There is a third character that very possibly could find a foothold in Modern Age meta, and that’s Giganta: Standing Tall. With the upcoming X-Men First Class set, she could come in handy.

Team Superman definitely got a needed boost in this starter. For all those folks out there that are struggling to make a Team Superman team function, you’re definitely going to want Jimmy Olsen. I believe that with the addition of Conner Kent from Batman and Jimmy Olsen from this starter, those casual Team Superman builds are going to be running a lot smoother.

Basic Action Cards

Now it’s time to take a look at all ten of the Basic Actions cards that you’ll find in the Superman Wonder Woman starter. Five of these cards are revamped cards, and five are completely new cards, though some of them have similarities to previously released Basic Actions.

W Dimension Door, BAC

This is a revamp of Dimension Door from the Dungeons and Dragons: Battle for Faerûn set. I mentioned this in the video and I’ll say it again; this card should have been called “Boom Tube” to fit with the theme. I know they make references to ‘dimensional doors’ in various media, but I really want this card to be Boom Tube. The art is Booster Gold and Blue Beetle (I think) jumping through a Boom Tube, so at least there’s that.

But as for the card ability – I love it. I don’t like the purchase cost, but if it was any less, it’d be too good. I want to pair this card with that awesome Giganta and just make her totally unblockable. This card also pairs well with the Supergirl: I Have All Your Powers! in the starter.

W Misdirection, BAC

Misdirection is a new Basic Action as far as I can tell, but it has similarities to Teleport. I definitely prefer Misdirection over Teleport for tons of reasons. With a purchase cost of two, this a great card to add to your team if you don’t like Mutation. The additional Prep ability on the burst and double burst is absolutely great! We have definitely been missing those additional dice in the Prep Area. I could totally see using this with some Back For More cards because of that prepping ability. I really like this card and it very possibly could see some Modern Age meta play.

W Plot Twist, BAC

Plot Twist is a new Basic Action, with a really unusual ability. So, WORF, I’m totally going to be asking you about this card. Do I draw from my opponent’s bag, or do they? Can I look in my opponent’s bag before drawing or does that still go against the general rule that you can’t? Do they roll the character dice or do I?

My assumption is that you draw the dice from their bag and roll the characters. I don’t think you would be allowed to look in the bag before you draw because it’s not your bag.

Personally, I don’t like the idea of someone taking my dice bag from me and drawing from it. It just doesn’t feel right… I don’t feel comfortable drawing from my opponent’s bag either. It’s like a safe zone that you know you’re opponent can never violate… until now! This is not a card that I will ever play. I would totally be okay with my opponent drawing the dice, letting me roll the characters, and then fielding any characters I roll for free. Since the card doesn’t specify, I believe that any energy you roll would go to your Reserve Pool, which you could use at your discretion until end of turn.

This is a very powerful card and I’m glad it cost five to purchase. Potentially denying your opponent the chance to draw those two character dice on their next turn could be devastating.

W Resurrection, BAC

This is a revamp of Resurrection from the Dungeons and Dragons: Battle for Faerûn set. You have no idea how happy I am to see this card back. The next one I want back is Nasty Plot, which was a highly underrated card. But for now, I’ll be content with Resurrection. While most use it for its Global, the action ability is not without its benefits. It does cost four to purchase, so it’s a die I don’t buy unless I’m in desperate need of a boost.

W Save Civilians, BAC

This is a revamp of Save Civilians from the DC Justice League set. I have never liked this card. It cost too much for what it does. You have to field a Sidekick to get the ability to trigger – after you use the action die. It works for each Sidekick and that you field, and an Ally will trigger this ability. That’s the only saving grace for this card. Sure, it gets you dice in your Prep Area, but you have to roll this die and roll Sidekicks (or Allies) on the same turn. I feel like it’s too much work for not enough pay off.

W Small Step For Man, BAC

Small Step For Man is a new Basic Action that can be punishing for both players, unless you’re planning ahead for the X-Men First Class set… and using Giganta. I didn’t make the connection with how good this card can potentially be in the future until after we filmed the review video. I’m now looking forward to using this card later! This ability is not a targeting type ability either. There are very few abilities in the current Modern Age meta that don’t target. This is a great way to get those troublesome characters onto a lower, more manageable level.

W Take Cover, BAC

This is a revamp of Take Cover from the Marvel Avengers vs X-Men set. This card is all about the defense. If you’re worried about your characters getting KO’d, then you better be looking at Take Cover. If the die is rolled on a burst or double burst, you can give a character a total of +5D. If that’s not enough, just pay as much Shield energy as you have and they get even more defense! This card pairs well with those other cards that swap the attack and defense of a character.

W Team Up, BAC

Read carefully! This is not a revamp of Teamwork. Team Up is a new Basic Action. There are a few abilities and Globals that give affiliations to characters that could potentially make this a huge nuisance to play against. Team Up only cost four to purchase and if you’re already using three of four different affiliations, you could beef up each of your characters for some massive damage. Now imagine this card paired up with a card like Gorilla Grodd: Force of Mind where all those attacking characters have Overcrush and an additional +1A. I think I just found a new Basic Action for my Grodd team!

W The Outsider, BAC

This is a revamp of The Outsider OP card, with updated wording. In the video, we were discussing the Prep part of the ability. If you draw a die that isn’t a Villain, it goes to your Used Pile. If that die was a Sidekick, the Sidekick goes to you Used Pile and The Outsider action die goes to your Prep Area. That’s such a confusing and complex ability that I don’t want to buy the die and use it, just to save me from having to explain how it works… But I’ll be happy to use that Global! It goes really well with my Two-Face: Double Deal, or a Hit-MonkeyHe’s A Hitman. Who’s a Monkey. turned Villain!

W Truce, BAC

Truce is a new Basic Action that could become very useful against those characters that can’t be targeted, like Raven: Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos! You would want to use characters with a When KO’d ability like Alfred Pennyworth: MI-5 or even Steve Trevor: Themysciran Liason from this starter. This ability does not target your opponent’s characters, so it gets around that Raven ability. Truce is only a purchase cost of three, which is very affordable. And you don’t necessarily need characters with abilities, because your plain Sidekicks will work for either end of this ability.

BAC Overview

Half of the Basic Actions in this starter are revamped cards with updated wording. Most  of those revamped cards are ones that needed to be brought back into Modern Age for various reasons. The only BAC that I don’t like seeing revamped is Save Civilians, but maybe there’s something coming down the pipeline that I don’t know about that makes this card more fun. With only two Starters each year, there need to be mostly good BACs and none of those silly ones.

I really like most of the new BACs as well. I cringe at Plot Twist every time I read it. It makes my soul ache. The idea of some strange hand reaching into my dice bag is just too much for me to take! That may sound silly to many of you, but for someone like me that suffers from varying degrees of social anxiety, it’s a big deal. I surely don’t want to stick my hand in a strange bag either. That card is very unsettling to me.

But overall – the Basic Actions are really good and well worth investing in the Modern Age copies of the revamps.

Action Reminder Cards

Action Reminder Cards

There’s nothing super special about the reminder cards. They’re Blue, Purple, Orange, and Red.

Dice Bags


I most definitely like the artwork bags more than the plain colored bags. I like to collect these bags too.

Starter Dice
Sidekick and Action Dice

Sidekicks and BA Dice
You get a standard assortment of Sidekick Dice and Action Dice.

Character Dice

You only get two of each character die in the starter. If you’re wanting to put three or four dice on a particular character, you will need to buy a second starter (or trade, exchange, etc.). It’s never a bad thing to have duplicates of the character cards and BACs.

Character Dice

Giganta’s dice are not easy to see because of her icon color. I love Jimmy Olsen’s camera as his dice icon, but I wish his die wasn’t such a flat green. Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor have the best looking dice out of all of them.

Final Thoughts

We haven’t had a starter that was this awesome since World’s Finest. It works within itself, but can also be easily integrated with current teams. Many of these cards can be the corner stone for a completely new team! The characters are all thematic in choice and abilities. The card art is beautiful on all the cards and the dice are pretty, overall.

I also think there are several must haves for the Modern Age meta, one of them being Wonder Woman: Reflections for her Lantern Ring stifling ability. That ability is just too good and I plan to use three or four of her dice for a particular build I’m thinking about. Steve Trevor and Jimmy Olsen are also great characters and purchasing two of these starters for max dice is probably not a bad idea. I also think Misdirection and Truce have their own places in Modern Age. If you’re not interested in the characters, the Basic Actions alone are worth the purchase.

This is definitely the starter to buy if you’re new to the game, and totally a worthwhile purchase for veteran players as well. WizKids has done a great job with this starter and I can’t wait to get my hands on another one!

What are your favorite cards?
What cards do you think will make it into the various metas?
Leave me a comment here or message me on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Special thanks to WizKids and The Reserve Pool for the use of their sites. And a very special thanks to WizKids for sending me this starter to review and discuss with all of you!

Roll on, Dice Masters!


Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


We had a constructed event with a twist for tonight’s OP Event. Everyone was required to play a ‘Cold’ themed character or Non-BAC on their team. I chose to add Killer Frost: Coldsnap to my Gandhi team for this event.

My Team


You can find my team here, on DM Retrobox.

I love my Gandhi team because if it works the way it should, the characters on this team never attack. I’ve had this team for a long time now, just tweaking a few things here and there. Rip, PXG, and Blue-Eyes are all utility cards. Colossus is my win condition and Wonder Woman helps the win condition along. Elf Thief is a cheap Mask character that has an awesome ability, makes for great BEWD food, and can also feed Wonder Woman’s ability. I added Killer Frost for tonight and never had a chance to use her. I had hoped that she would come in handy to force a troublesome character into my opponent’s bag. I originally was going to use either Beast: Genetic Expert or Bane for his taunt, but when I thought about it, Multiple Man seemed like a better idea. His purchase cost, Swarm, and Max Dice were all major bonuses. Blink is on the team for the Global, to push back those heavy hitting characters and since this team isn’t concerned with attacking, it’s really only me that benefits from the Global. Big Entrance was just a default choice for me and could possibly help me get my Colossus a little cheaper. It would also help me get my Multiple Man dice for one Mask energy and add them to my bag.

Round One


Round one I had to face off against a Guy Rush team. I was fairly certain I wouldn’t win this match, but it wasn’t as much of a train wreck as I thought it would be for me. The Multiple Man dice that I kept on energy faces helped me Blink his Guy’s back and keep them in check while I tried to build up to my Colossus. I was able to defend myself really well with blockers and Blink and it came down to a single turn. I was at two life and my opponent was at twelve. I rolled all but one of the characters I needed for Colossus’s ability. My opponent was at two life now along with me. It came down to my opponent’s last turn. He needed to roll several characters to get past my blockers and Blink energy. He rolled plenty of characters and then purchased a Morphing Jar and fielded a Miri to add that extra punch. It was such a close game and without Blink, I would have been annihilated early on. I didn’t think my team would do well against an aggro team since it’s much slower. I was very pleased with the performance of my team.

Record after Round One: 0-1-0

Round Two


I knew just by looking at this team that I was probably in for a world of pain. I felt like I possibly had a chance defending myself with Blink. Blink is the bane of any Overcrush team, and it was definitely my savior here. My opponent had several rough turns where his Wolverine dice refused to roll character faces for him, but he played around it really well by KO’ing his Lady Bullseye and using Beholder’s Global to keep his Hulk Out stashed. The pressure he was putting on me kept me from being able to purchase extra characters, like Killer Frost. Every time I wanted to buy one, I couldn’t because I knew I’d need the Masks I had for Blink. It came down to the wire with this game too, but in the end I rolled up the characters I needed for Colossus’s ability to gain me a victory. This game was all about blocking vs not blocking and what characters to Blink. There were a few times I considered keeping a Bolt to KO the character that Lady Bullseye targeted, or even KO a character that was forced to block so that I wouldn’t get hit with a trillion bazillion damage.

Record after Round Two: 1-1-0

Round Three


Once again, I found myself sitting across from Mr. DDK. We always seem to end up playing against each other, and this game was possibly going to decide first place. He was the only player that was undefeated and I was 1-1 with decent tie-breakers. But I knew I had an uphill battle against his Bat-Bomb team. He had built it as a Prime team, but forgot one of his BACs. I know how good Bat-Bomb can be so I knew what I needed to do – buy all the Multiple Man dice and Blink his Dick Grayson back. Oracle was such a pain! It took me forever to get my purchases set up, but I had all six Multiple Man dice cycling through my bag or fielded. Even with Oracle, I was able to Blink Dick Grayson while blocking other characters, and still PXG once or twice. That was definitely thanks to Multiple Man who was my MVP for this event (excluding Colossus – since he is the reason I won twice). Mr. DDK would KO Alfred with my BEWD and use Bruce Wayne’s ability to take out my Multiple Man dice so that I couldn’t benefit from Swarm all the time. That was definitely a good move for him, but I did eventually end up winning with five Multiple Man dice at level two or higher with a level two Colossus in the Field Zone.

Record after Round Three: 2-1-0
Final Standing: 1st

Final Thoughts

My tie-breakers boosted me to first place tonight, but every game was down to the wire and every game demanded a strategic plan just to stay alive. One mistake and that would be it – game over. I made a few mistakes in my first match and it cost me dearly. Killer Frost would have been a huge benefit in that particular game and I never purchased her. I love my Gandhi team and I wish I could make it work in a more serious competitive like a WKO, but it won’t work because of how slow it is to set up. I don’t know when I’ll play this team again, but it’ll likely go through another minor change or two between now and then. I’m thinking about keeping Multiple Man on the team and putting Oracle: Master Investigator in the place of Killer Frost. I hate playing the Lottery, so I definitely don’t want to put Parallax on this team. I already rely too much on Globals to make this team work, so I don’t want to add another. I just love playing a team that never attacks and never uses Actions to damage my opponent. Colossus is a unique character and I’m just happy I can make him work in a casual setting.

What are some changes you’d make without changing the spirit of the team?
Have a build you like better?
Leave me a comment here or on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Roll on, Dice Masters!