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I hope that you found my site because of your love of gaming, Star Trek, and/or comics! I play a lot of board games, HeroClix, Star Trek: Attack Wing, and Dice Masters. I love Star Trek, most science fiction, and almost anything space related. I started this blog for Dice Masters related content and have since expanded into everything that I love. I write a variety of articles, so be sure to subscribe to keep up with the various articles so you don’t miss something you’re interested in.

The first thing you’ll find in this article is a list of links for my various social media pages and Facebook groups, as well as a section of links for folks that sell a variety of gaming accessories. Below the links, you’ll find the About Me and My Blog, Basic Rules, Contacting Me, and my Closing sections.

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Sellers of Nifty Accessories

What fun are games without a little customization? These are folks that I have ordered accessories from and have reviews up for their products. Most of these were accessories for Dice Masters, but many of these sellers have the ability to produce a variety of items for various games.

The 3D Geekery
They have a lots of 3D printed goodies for Dice Masters and Board Games too! They even do custom orders that are non-game related. Check them out! Their Dice Masters storage units are amazing! You can also type in and it will take you straight to their Facebook page.
Litko Game Accessories
Dice towers and tokens galore!
Turn One Gaming Supplies
Seller of awesome sleeves and if you want a Roll Master Mat, they have them.
PlaymatMasters on Etsy
Want an awesome custom playmat design? Check this dude out!
Inked Gaming
Have a playmat design but need it printed? This is who I use.

About Me and My Blog

The first time I ever did a public ‘article’ was on July 18, 2015 in our local Dice Masters group on Facebook about Captain Cold: Leonard Wynters. I wrote several articles in that group but it didn’t take long for me to realize that a Facebook group wasn’t the best place for publishing articles. I dug up an old WordPress site I’d started and hadn’t done anything with and began transferring my previous articles. My Dice Dice Kitty persona was born at that moment on November 8, 2015 and has spread to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

My blog used to be primarily about Dice Masters, but I’ve grown it to include HeroClix, Board Games, comics, Star Trek: Attack Wing, and other various superhero related material. I’m also a huge fan of My Little Pony and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so you’ll see I use lots of screen shots from those IPs for article pictures and other various things. I also attend conventions when I can and do coverage for those on my Facebook and Twitter.

I like to do a variety of reviews and unboxings and I hope folks find those helpful and informational. When it comes to my reviews, I do not play favorites with companies and I always give my honest opinion. My opinion is not fact, of course, but it is at least another perspective to take into consideration when it comes to products that folks want to spend their hard earned money on. I encourage everyone to seek out multiple reviews for a product so that they have as much information and perspective as possible!

I also try to do interviews with celebrity guests, vendors, and attendees at conventions. I do not discuss politics or political positions in those interviews and I try to avoid religious topics as well. I look at it this way – If I’m watching an interview about a celebrity or anyone else, I want to hear cool behind the scenes stuff or how they feel about the character they portrayed, not current world topics. There is plenty of coverage for that – elsewhere.

Here are some of the types of content you’ll find and when to expect them:
~ Comic Box Recap – Typically weekly, whenever I finish reading the comics in my subscription box.
~ HeroClix Figure Spotlight – Usually the second Wednesday of the month.
~ Dice Masters Confusing Card of the Week – Usually the last Wednesday of the month.
~ Board Game Review – Component and game play reviews that are published roughly every other week.

Here is the list of potential content in the works:
~ Monthly D&D Campaign Recap
~ Star Trek related content about episodes, actors, books, etc.

I have a lot of content across all my social media and YouTube as well as articles here.

Basic Rules

I keep my private life out of my blog, so you won’t see articles about politics or religion. This is not the place for it, so I do not allow any political or religious related content – regardless of any good intentions. These types of statements will be removed without warning.

I do not approve of anything obscene, vulgar, or offensive being posted in comments on any of the sites I host from. These type of statements will be removed without warning.

I don’t like folks being mean to each other. There is enough cruelty in the world and I don’t want it on any of my content. Please, express your negativity in a more constructive way and don’t direct it at anyone.

Bottom line – be nice and friendly. There is enough hate in the world and I want folks to feel like they can safely explore my sites without fear of being exposed to current world issues. I don’t believe in the absolute censoring of folks, but there are platforms available for that discussion and this is not that platform.

Contacting Me

While I have folks from the community on my private Facebook page, I do not share my private social media pages with everyone. I have a Facebook page (Kitty Masters) that I use to share my content on Facebook. If you message Kitty Masters, you will not get a response. You can contact me through email at or on my official blog Facebook page, here.


I hope that you find at least one thing you enjoy or that is of interest to you in my content. I’m so thankful that you visited my site and I appreciate all the likes, followers, and subscribers for taking that extra step and hitting those buttons. The bigger my sites get, the better variety of content I can provide!

If you’re looking for my previous sticky post with all the Dice Masters links, you can find it here.

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Boldly Go!


Greetings Fellow Comic Fans!


In my Comic Box Recap article series, I want to talk about each of the comics that I read from my subscriptions that week. I don’t always read all the comics I order, because I’m only collecting some of them. Others are ones I may have started reading, but lost interest in but I still order them. You never know when you may want to go back and revisit a series at a later date.

Do not read any further if you are trying to avoid SPOILERS!
Marvel Comics
Avengers #8

I was so happy to see that this issue was ‘current’ and not a flashback to some distant past event. Robbie Reyes is probably my favorite Ghost Rider – ever. He’s trying to do right by his younger brother while dealing with the Rider inside. And now, he’s an Avenger too. That’s a lot of pressure to put on a high school kid, but he’s not mopey and sappy, and he’s not depressed and dark all the time. I love the interaction between him and Captain America and their sparring. I’m also loving this side of Thor with his humor and sarcasm, and what’s up with him crushing on She-Hulk!?! I LOVE that! That totally needs to be a thing! I’m also glad they kind of explained She-Hulk’s wonky look and the weird things going on with her. I feel a lot better about it now, but I want her to look and talk like she used to, not look like Blanka from Street Fighter and talk like a bumbling fool. Hopefully they balance her out some.

I love that Black Panther is the new leader of the Avengers. I think a new leader is needed, just because no leader should stay in power for too long. Sorry Cap fans – term limits are needed. I hate that Doctor Strange has already stepped out, but it wasn’t a surprise. I started this title knowing one of my favorite Marvel characters was on the reserve list. And I was so happy when Carol put Tony in his place for making that ridiculous statement about sexual tension between them. That’s absolutely absurd to think someone as amazing as Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, would be into Tony Stark. He’s such an ego-maniac and I really don’t like him, but he’s a needed balance to all the goodie-goodie types on the team. I was happy that Tony and Carol were able to come to an agreement though, to help balance each other.

I really enjoyed this issue and I’m definitely looking forward to the next one!

Doctor Strange #5

O.M.G. Doctor Strange has become this super-amazing, giant scalpel wielding, reformed Sorcerer Supreme – at least, I think he has. I was following this story with the thought that he is the one and only Doctor Stephen Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. But at the end of this issue, Strange is telling the entire story I just read to Bats – but he’s talking about a second Strange. So there are two Stranges?! I didn’t see this coming at all. I don’t have any speculation about what’s going on because it could literally be anything from an alternate universe Strange, to some wonky magic thing gone wrong, or even divine intervention from a deranged deity seeking perverse retribution. I really want to know what’s happening though and I don’t want to wait a whole month to find out!

As for the rest of the story, prior to our discovery of Strange #2, I loved where it was going. I love the idea of him being a weapon-smith and imbuing his creations with magic. I loved the part where the dwarf said, “The Sword of Strange,” and Strange comes back with, “It’s not a sword. It’s a scalpel.” And then he slices an opening in the fabric of space and steps right into an enemy space ship. I would like more of this Strange, please! This is what this book needs – more of this! I’m definitely in love with this story. Thank you, Mark Waid, for improving on what Donny Cates started (And also for keeping Bats around. Please don’t get rid of him!).


This week had two really well written and highly entertaining Marvel comics. I had so much fun reading these two books and I hope that others that read them enjoyed them as much as I did. I look forward to the next issues and I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

What are you reading?
Is there a series I should be reading?
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A good book is the best vacation!

Greetings Fellow Comic Fans!


In my Comic Box Recap article series, I want to talk about each of the comics that I read from my subscriptions that week. I don’t always read all the comics I order, because I’m only collecting some of them. Others are ones I may have started reading, but lost interest in but I still order them. You never know when you may want to go back and revisit a series at a later date.

Do not read any further if you are trying to avoid SPOILERS!
Marvel Comics
Fantastic Four #2

I loved this issue. I was a little sad to see Franklin lose his universe creation powers, but he’s still super powerful. I thought Arboro and Valeria’s crush was a cute moment, especially when Reed got all ‘over-protective daddy’ about it. The Future Foundation seems like an interesting concept on its own and I wouldn’t mind seeing it with its own title. I like the Griever too – the villain that comes to stop the Future Foundation and tear all the new universes apart. She seems driven and motivated to restore the multiverse and it makes you wonder if she’s wrong or not. I start to lean toward the ‘she’s in the wrong’ side when she begins to monologue like a true villain. She claims that all things have purpose and they’ve overstepped, but she also says her purpose is to “bear witness as the last light fades from the edge of eternity.” Nothing in that says that she’s to put an end to anything. That’s where she’s in the wrong. It sounds like she’s supposed to be a ‘Watcher’ type entity, but might have gone a little power drunk. Regardless, the Fantastic Four is going to have a fight ahead of them, or so it seems. I love that Reed pulled every Fantastic Four member to them. Extended family is still family and I can’t wait to see what’s to come!

Infinity Wars #3

This story gets crazier with each issue. We’ve got half a universe again, but this time, everyone is mashed together instead of half of it being erased. It appears that Loki is our last hope and that doesn’t make me hopeful for the future of that reality. While Gamora seems to be losing her grip on reality, she’s still focused and she believes she’s doing what’s best. I can’t fault her for that, but I also want her to stop destroying the universe. And now she’s trying to dig up whatever is beneath the God Quarry. I’m definitely liking this series and I’m anxious to see where it leads.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Terra Incognita #3

It’s a good thing mirror Barclay is being more careful around the Enterprise crew. They think Barclay is finding his confidence and his place among the crew. I like when things don’t always work out the way folks planned, but they still find a way to work around complications. In this issue, that work around came in the form of a Vulcan Doctor, Selar. Ambassador Hendryk was dying from his wounds in a previous issue and there was no way to save him. He passed his Katra on to Doctor Selar, and Ambassador Thonn wanted her to use this opportunity to complete the peace talks with the Cardassians. I understand why Doctor Selar didn’t want to do it at first, because she thought of it as an obscenity and a perversion of her Vulcan culture. I understand and see where she was coming from, but like Picard said, it’s logical to save countless lives and offer peace. It’s not for political gain when you’re doing something like that for the greater good and not getting any benefit from it. This series is great for it’s thought provoking themes and for the action as well. I love having the potential threat of mirror Barclay exploding at any moment!


I didn’t read the Supergirl issue from this week and likely won’t continue to read it – just purchase it until it concludes. I haven’t been digging her story much and after seeing her dropping an obscene word last month, I’m kinda done with her book. I was reading her book for that more wholesome type character, so I’m disappointed. That’s why I’m done reading them, but I’ll continue to buy them in case I decide to revisit her series later.

Aside from Supergirl, I loved all the books in my box this week. I always love the Star Trek books and the craziness of Infinity Wars is a lot of fun to read. I’m definitely loving Fantastic Four and I’m excited to see where it goes from here.

What are you reading?
Is there a series I should be reading?
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A good book is the best vacation!

Greetings Fellow Comic Fans!


In my Comic Box Recap article series, I want to talk about each of the comics that I read from my subscriptions that week. I don’t always read all the comics I order, because I’m only collecting some of them. Others are ones I may have started reading, but lost interest in but I still order them. You never know when you may want to go back and revisit a series at a later date.

Do not read any further if you are trying to avoid SPOILERS!
Marvel Comics
Avengers #7

I don’t like flashback issues, but I especially don’t like ones like this. I’m trying to figure out why it’s relevant to the current Avengers. This issue was a flashback to the ‘first’ Ghost Rider. I don’t like when comics do this either because it’ll just change again at some point. That’s probably my least favorite aspect of comics – the lore changes too frequently.

But, even though I dislike issues like this, this issue was a little interesting. I would rather have seen it in a Ghost Rider series though. I like Ghost Rider a lot, and that could also be another reason I found this issue interesting. For a non-fan, it may have not have been as interesting. On a re-read of this Avengers series, this is an issue I’ll likely skip, unless it’s relevant later. For now, it just seems like a part of the ancient Avengers and that’s not why I wanted this series. I thought this was going to be about the current Avengers and not the ancient ones.

Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider #23

Well, I should have seen that coming. Mephisto is running rampant in Las Vegas and I should have suspected it all along – that the time traveling Abby was actually him. I didn’t think Ben would agree with the ‘future Abby’ either and not give her the blood injection. I’m actually really surprised at that. Now, is Ben going to survive? Yes. He will survive.

I did not like Kaine trying to justify what Ben had done previously, by resurrecting dead folks. That’s not how life works and anyone that tries to circumvent the flow of the universe in such a manner should be held accountable. Ben has not paid his dues for that and I hope this isn’t a way to just write it off and clear him of his prior wrong doing.

Death of the Inhumans #3

Wow! Black Bolt – Alive! I figured he wasn’t dead yet. Now, I’m wondering about what’s to come. This book has been beautifully written and continues to impress me with the devastation, compassion, resolve, and struggle against annihilation that the Inhumans face. I thought Karnak was dead for sure, but he survived and I guess I shouldn’t be surprised – he’s Karnak. Black Bolt has a rock solid resolve about killing the Kree, even if it kills him too. I found it interesting that these new Kree were able to break Ronan to the point that he apologizes to Black Bolt for all the pain he caused him. Ronan felt regret and that was something I didn’t expect to see. I also like that Medusa has taken a step into the dark side of morality by using the death of her family to coax help from Beta Ray Bill. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next issue of Death of the Inhumans!

Unnatural #3

I’m hooked on this book! It’s such an enthralling story and just when you think you have it figured out, some new mystery pops up. I thought Leslie was going to find a new friend, and possible mate with Nicholas, or Jones – if either are his real name, but boy was I wrong! I also thought maybe he was like her and didn’t want a ‘natural’ mate and they’d embark on some mission to tear down the establishment. Instead, he drugged her and they kidnapped her and did some weird ritual on her. I thought they were going to kill her, or maybe she’s in a dream induced by whatever this ritual is that they’re doing. I’m not sure, but I hope Trish isn’t actually dead. I hope her waking is just a dream of some kind. Trish was gaining ground on this mystery of Leslie’s dreams and even though it was a dangerous road to be traveling, I didn’t think she’d die! There is so much going on and it’s agony to wait for the next issue!!!


Well, I feel like Marvel struck out twice this week with my subscriptions. Anything Donny Cates writes is gold on paper, so Death of the Inhumans was the only Marvel book that I loved this week. I still like Scarlet Spider, but this issue was just kinda, ‘blah’ and not appealing in content. I was expecting unpredictable from Scarlet Spider and instead I got predictable to the point I wasn’t expecting it! And I hope Avengers will be back on track in the next issue and that we don’t end up with loads of Ghost Rider centered stories, or back story issues. And it goes without saying – I want more Death of the Inhumans and Unnatural! Those were my highlight books this week!

What are you reading?
Is there a series I should be reading?
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A good book is the best vacation!

Greetings Fellow Board Gamers!


Our featured game for the weeks of August 30 and September 6 is a party game from Devir Games, Dragons & Chickens.

Dragons & Chickens on Board Game Geek – here.

* Note – This is not a ‘How to Play’ or tutorial type article. This is a review of the game components and brief review of game play.

Dragons and Chickens.png

In this game by Josep Maria Allue and Dani Gomez, illustrated by Siscu Belliso, the winning player is the first to leave the dungeon with the most treasure. Keep a keen eye, because beyond collecting treasure, players must hide from a terrible dragon, catch chickens…and of course, steal from their companions.

This a fun party game for all kinds of players!


The rule book is a quick read and the learning curve is very small. The game can be easily explained in a matter of minutes.

Components and Game Play

You can find a review video on my YouTube channel that shows all of the components with a brief description and also a review of the game play.

You can follow this link directly to my video – HERE.


I’ve played plenty of party games and this one is definitely a hoot. It’s way more fun than I thought it would be, and it’s not as much about dexterity as other games that incorporate dexterity. The main focus of the game of recognition – you need to be able to recognize shapes and items easily and then be able to determine if there are more of those than the others. The only time dexterity comes into play is if the Dragon shows up and then you have to race for the shield. The good part about that is you don’t have to be first, just don’t be last! The other times it comes into play is if there are items tied for the most or if there is an unlit torch. But dexterity is only a real factor for those that notice the visual queues.

I like that this game plays quickly. I think the setup is what seems to be the slowest part because you have to divide the cards evenly among the players. I do like that you don’t have to be the fastest person to win this game. So long as you don’ get caught by the dragon, you won’t lose treasure. And if you happen to get caught, if you have a Chicken card, you can avoid the Dragon by giving it to him.

This is a game I’d definitely play with kids or at a family get together. It’s fun and easy to understand and doesn’t require long explanations. I’m not sure it would be a good gateway game, but it’s definitely one that you can play with folks that aren’t serious board gamers and everyone can have a good time.

What the Players Said

Brian – Always look for matches and don’t worry so much about the Dragon. It’s a really fun party game.

North – Don’t let the title fool you! This is a game worth playing. It’s a great family game with a super easy learning curve.

Wednesday – I love the fast paced panic and how very violent it can feel for being short game, but it’s very fun! It’s surprisingly fun, but I don’t like touching other people, so I don’t like that part.

Katie – I love the chickens! It’d be really great as a gateway family game. Super easy and would be great for kids. I love the treasure chest and shield components. I love the art and how the Dragon is hidden and not always easy to spot right away.

Buy or Bye?

This is a game I need to keep with me wherever I go. It’s a great game for various occasions.

Have strategies or tips for this game? Leave them in a comment!
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Board out and game on!

Greetings Fellow Clix Fans!


Welcome to the next installment of my HeroClix Figure Spotlight series! For this month’s article, I chose a piece from one of my favorite sets, Andorian (TREK:TOS 013) from the Star Trek Away Team: The Original Series set!

Find all the rules you need on this page, here. Here is direct link to the current (at time of writing) PAC, here.

What I Don’t Like

I like to start with the negative and finish with the positive!

There isn’t a lot that I don’t like about this piece, but there are a few things I would rather have seen on his card. He’s got four clicks for 35 points, which isn’t horrible, but as a filler piece, there are much better pieces for 35 points or less. I would rather his points been 30 points or maybe 40 points with a fifth click. He’s a tad squishy with only four clicks, even in casual settings. I think he should have had a trait with Toughness, Combat Reflexes on all clicks, and possibly a 10 attack on all four clicks. That might have made him worth the 35 points and four clicks. But then again, he is just a common piece.

What I Like

There are a lot of things I like about this guy. I love Charge – or any move plus attack power. He’s also got Close Combat Expert on all four clicks, which you can’t use with Charge, but it’s excellent for the turns following a Charge. He’s a versatile attacker because he starts off with Ranged Combat Expert and Close Combat Expert. If the opposing pieces have Combat Reflexes, I use his Ranged Combat Expert for attacking those pieces. If those pieces have Energy Shield Deflection then I move him in for Close Combat Expert attacks.

He’s got Toughness on his first two clicks and Combat Reflexes on his last two. I like both abilities and if you play this piece effectively, you can get good use of them. You have to be very careful with how you position this piece because he is still squishy, even with Toughness. But he can be a great piece for inflicting that little bit of extra damage you need to KO a dude or soften up a piece for an attack from your bigger pieces.

He has the Warrior keyword and that could help him find a spot on a Warrior theme team. Since it’s a generic keyword, you won’t get the benefit of Theme Team Probability Control, but you will get the bonus to initiative. This is a good filler piece for casual games of all varieties, but I don’t think he’s got what it takes to see competitive play. He’s a little too costly and too squishy for the competitive scene. I still love him on my Star Trek teams though!

What do you think of this figure?
Do you have a figure you would use in place of this one?
Is there a figure you would like me to Spotlight?
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     LLAPLive long, and Prob it!

Greetings Fellow Comic Fans!


In my Comic Box Recap article series, I want to talk about each of the comics that I read from my subscriptions that week. I don’t always read all the comics I order, because I’m only collecting some of them. Others are ones I may have started reading, but lost interest in but I still order them. You never know when you may want to go back and revisit a series at a later date.

Do not read any further if you are trying to avoid SPOILERS!
Batgirl Annual #2

This annual was super dark and I loved it! There were several surprises in it too, like I was not aware that Babs has a brother or that he’s a serial killer. My knowledge of DC characters’ backgrounds is very limited, so anything that’s not frequently mentioned is always a surprise. This annual is so well written and the art is very dark and gritty for a Batgirl comic. I do like seeing the darker side of Batgirl, so long as Babs only visits it and doesn’t make it permanent residence. Bruce is dark and Kate is my dark bat, so I appreciate the lighter side that Babs brings most of the time.

I love the twist revealed when Batgirl tracks down the serial killer and it’s a woman that was sought out by James (Babs’s brother), and not the other way around. I also like his comment about how Babs was smiling during the horror movie. It’s a twisted and skewed view from a warped mind. I love horror movies and I smile at various parts that most think I probably shouldn’t, but I’m smiling at the special effects or how a particular scene was shot – not because I’m a serial killer. Perspective is everything. I don’t think Babs has a side that dark, but she does have limits and when she’s finally pushed too far, she could do something that she’ll regret. That’s a natural human trait and we all have our limits.

I highly recommend folks pick up this annual, even if you don’t read Batgirl regularly. It’s very well written and very thought provoking. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Batgirl #26

This issue of Batgirl was almost everything I want in a Batgirl comic. There wasn’t as much detective work, but that’s likely because there was lots of action. This Grotesque villain seems really dark – almost too dark for what I imagine Batgirl villains to be. But it’s good to have really dark and scary villains for the lighter heroes on occasion. I thought Batgirl was down for the count when Grotesque hit her with that electric zappy pole thing. And I’m still not completely sure she was awake for most of the comic after that point. Part of me thinks this is all going to be a hallucination brought on by her chip malfunctioning or some kind of fear toxin induced daydream. She blacked out and can’t remember parts of her fight with Grotesque – she can’t remember the room she fought him in. Then, there is her collapsing at the end of the issue. This all smells fishy to me, or I’m just reading too much into it.

I definitely enjoyed this issue and look forward to the next.

Marvel Comics
New Mutants: Dead Souls #6

I have very little knowledge about the New Mutants and thought this mini series would be a good read for me. I was partly wrong and I was kinda lost. I had to go look up characters to see who they were and how they related to the current story. I guess I was looking for a more introductory type story for someone like me who has limited knowledge about those characters. I imagine that fans of the New Mutants may have enjoyed this series. The story itself was enough to keep me reading the book, even with my limited character knowledge. It was also enough to prompt me to look into who all the characters were, where normally, I’d have dropped the book and moved on. I like several of the characters from the series and I hope they haven’t all been assimilated permanently by that techno Warlock dude. If there were another New Mutants series, I’d most likely pick it up, even if I have to research characters to understand what’s going on.

Ponyville Mysteries #4

I love the Ponyville Mysteries series, and I’m not even the biggest Cutie Mark Crusader fan. The stories are cute and fun to read, and definitely for kids. The outcome of each mystery is very predictable, but I think that’s what I like about it. It’s easy enough to understand and I can read these comics to my toddler and she enjoys them as well. She’s only three, but she tries her best to help point things out. In this issue, she was able to put together that the pipe made Apple Bloom sad and all the ponies were angry with Apple Jack. She was even able to follow the story enough to understand that the pipe was put there by Flim and Flam. The artist does a great job of enhancing the story with the background and the background characters. I always look forward to any of the MLP series because they’re all great comics for kids, and for anyone that wants to read something light and fun.


Even though the New Mutants series had me confused and probably made me work more than anyone should at reading a comic, I still enjoyed the series enough to look more into the characters and possibly read future New Mutants titles. Batgirl was just awesome this week and I’m never disappointed with My Little Pony titles. I look forward to what’s in my box next and I hope you all have as much fun and enjoy your comics as much as I enjoy mine.

What are you reading?
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A good book is the best vacation!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!

For this week’s confusing card of the week article, we’re going to take a look at Ant-Man: Through the Cracks  from the Marvel Justice Like Lightning Team Pack.

W Ant-Man, Through the Cracks

Ruling – Amplify Keyword Ability

“Amplify: When you use an action die, spin this character up 1 level.”

Amplify will trigger when you use any kind of action die. Using a Continuous action die, a Trap, Gear, or any other action die that remains in the Field Zone or elsewhere in play (ex: Imprisoned) will also trigger Amplify, but only when those dice are moved from the Reserve Pool. Activating a Continuous action die’s ability in the Field Zone is not the same as using the die and it will not trigger the Amplify ability.

Anytime you use an action die, each character die with Amplify in the Field Zone will spin up one level (if able).

If the character die is already at its maximum level, then the character die will not be able to use Amplify and will not be able to spin up. Effects that trigger from a die spinning up will not be triggered if the die does not spin up.

If you use more than one action die in a turn, a character die with Amplify will spin up one level each time. Example: I use Thrown Brick and resolve it’s effect. My level one Ant-Man will spin up to level two. I then use Big Entrance and resolve its effect. My level two Ant-Man now spins to up to level three. Because Ant-Man is now level three, if I use any more action dice, he will not spin up any more.

Miscellaneous Card Information

~ Ant-Man is a Fist type character card.
~ He has the Thunderbolts and Avengers affiliations.
~ He has a Max Dice of four.
~ This card is a Common and is #2 of 24.

Official Sources

WizKids Official Rules Forum (WORF)

There is not a ruling for this specific card.

You can find more info about specific Keywords on the WizKids Keywords page.

Turn Order Summary Reference



I like the idea of using this Ant-Man with some actions that give him Overcrush or makes him unblockable. He looks like he’d be lots of fun in Golden Age, but not sure if he’s viable yet in Modern Age. Fielding him on level one or two and then spinning him to level three doesn’t seem like a stretch for a fun casual team and his stats aren’t terrible for an attacker. His defense is not good at all, but defense isn’t that important for an attacker, unless you want that attacker to survive being blocked. A character with high attack and low defense is great to give Overcrush to.

This Ant-Man uses the exact same die as the one from Uncanny X-Men, so if your local venue is okay with it, you could substitute the dice or add more without having to purchase another Team Pack. Check with your TO first!

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Greetings Fellow Comic Fans!


In my Comic Box Recap article series, I want to talk about each of the comics that I read from my subscriptions that week. I don’t always read all the comics I order, because I’m only collecting some of them. Others are ones I may have started reading, but lost interest in but I still order them. You never know when you may want to go back and revisit a series at a later date.

Wonder Woman #53 and The Life of Captain Marvel #2 are not covered this week because I’m not currently reading those titles. I’m behind on Wonder Woman and The Life of Captain Marvel is a series I want to read later. This week’s recap is going to be very sort!

Do not read any further if you are trying to avoid SPOILERS!
Marvel Comics
Avengers #6

Oh my goodness. So, humanity is a virus, a disease, according to Loki and the Celestials and that’s how super powered folks came to be. I don’t know hardly anything about Uni-Mind or Celestials or anything cosmic-related in the Marvel comic universe. Honestly, this issue was a little weird for me. My lack of cosmic knowledge could be to blame for that.

Doctor Strange references losing the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme to Loki, which I knew about all of that – I read all those issues. I’m still trying to figure out how Loki used the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme to his advantage in this ‘war’ of his. I like that the series kicked off with this potentially world ending threat, but I hope every story arc won’t be world ending. It’s hard to top Loki bringing in the Final Host and zombie Celestials to destroy the Earth…

I was happy to see She-Hulk smashing things, but I’m still slightly confused about her appearance. At the end of Hulk, she had regained her sense of self and looked like the She-Hulk we all know and love – so why is she so… Brucey-Hulk? And why does she look like a female version of Blanka from Street Fighter?

Blanka vs Hulk

I’m not digging this new version of She-Hulk… I wish she would either go back to her feminine version or revert into her grey version.

Captain Marvel is pretty cool and witty in this issue and even tells Stark to go to hell at one point. I’m not a fan of Tony Stark at all, but the banter and bickering between these two makes for some great comic relief.

Captain America has some typical inspirational lines and Black Panther feels like he’s just kinda there. Thor has some fun comments and does a lot of beating on Celestials – which I expect no less from Odinson.

Ghost Rider is awesome. He pilots a dead Celestial and is the embodiment of the Avengers’ Uni-Mind. That’s pretty amazing actually. I used to read the series with Robbie Reyes before they cancelled it a while ago, and he’s a really cool Ghost Rider with an even cooler car.

I’m glad they brought down the Horde, for now, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it was Loki’s intention to reunite the Avengers by causing a catastrophic event like this. That’s such a Loki thing to do and that’s what it sounds like he did with the comments made in that last panel. I look forward to the next issue, and I hope it’s not another world ending catastrophe. I’ll take average bad guys that get defeated after some creative detective work and some well fought battles with a little internal Avengers conflict thrown in.


Even though there were things I didn’t like in the Avengers book, it was still an entertaining story, and really, that’s all I’m after. I plan to continue my Avengers subscription until it reaches the point that it’s no longer entertaining – as with any of my subscriptions. I really do hope to see Jennifer Walters as She-Hulk, and not Brucey-Blanka-Jen-Hulk, sometime in the near future.

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A good book is the best vacation!

Greetings Fellow Comic Fans!


In my Comic Box Recap article series, I want to talk about each of the comics that I read from my subscriptions that week. I don’t always read all the comics I order, because I’m only collecting some of them. Others are ones I may have started reading, but lost interest in but I still order them. You never know when you may want to go back and revisit a series at a later date.

Do not read any further if you are trying to avoid SPOILERS!
Batgirl #25

This issue of Batgirl is an oversized issue with several stories in it. The Reason is the first story and it’s very sad. I think I teared up a bit when Duane’s mother was talking to Batgirl and she was telling Batgirl that saving her son was worth it. He died ten months after Batgirl saved his life and the panel shows Joker holding a gun to Duane’s head with a reference note to Batman #48. I don’t read Batman, so I’m not sure who Duane is or why Joker killed him, but the story is touching.

The Reason sets Batgirl up for the next story called Hopeless Romantic. So… I can’t keep up with Dick Grayson. Is he with Starfire or is he trying to be with Babs? This entire story is about her unwinding with Dick in the Gotham Gaslight Hotel. Apparently, it was the honeymoon suite that was reserved for Bruce and Selena. The story doesn’t lead me to believe that anything other than cuddling happened, and I’m always hoping those two end up together. Everyone needs time to decompress and Babs is no different. It’s good to see her getting some much needed time with a close friend to help her evaluate things. I just don’t want this type of story too often, and so far, they’ve all been timed right.

Value happens one week after Hopeless Romantic. Batgirl is tracking down a crazy villain (are there any other kinds?) that’s killing rich people. She enters a house that she thinks the villain may have targeted and begins taking in her surroundings. She makes several references to the couple that lives in the house probably loving each other deeply, which seems to be the theme of the stories so far. She finds the couple slaughtered and has a brief sparring match with Grotesque (a villain I’ve never seen before), and some of the hits he landed made me cringe! I’m surprised she only got a bloody nose from all that! He was wearing a motorcycle helmet and gave her a forceful headbutt straight to the nose! She throws a tracker on him and he rides off with a ‘To Be Continued in Batgirl #26!’ at the bottom of the page. I enjoyed this story and also appreciate that Batgirl struggles with some things. It appears that Batgirl is going back to Gotham, but I like her being in Burnside so I hope it’s only temporary.

March Madness is the last story in this issue and at first, I thought this was going to be a classic goofy Hatter-related story. I was a little wrong. It’s more sappy and sad with March Harriett (another villain I’ve never seen before) going on about her deceased girlfriend. I didn’t much care for this story because I was done with sad and sappy by this point. There was a little action at the beginning, but half of the story was Harriet’s backstory about her girlfriend that was murdered by William Warren. The cops show up and arrest Harriet, but she predictably escapes. I kinda wish this story had been the first in the book, and not the last. I’d rather have ended the book with Value and Batgirl saying she’s headed to Gotham.

Overall, I liked the issue. I like seeing the relatable sides of heroes and I also like seeing them get the bad guy or at least have a plan to get the bad guy. I always look forward to reading Batgirl because her books are usually everything I want in a hero comic.

Batwoman #18

This issue of Batwoman was wonderful. It had action, love, a pun or two, and moments of wisdom. What more can you ask for? I love how dark and gritty Batwoman can be – opposed to the lighter image of Batgirl. I love both books for those differences. I don’t mind the language in Batwoman because she is much darker than Batgirl or Supergirl. I hope Kate Kane and Renee Montoya find a way to make their relationship work. Kate deserves some happiness and she’s on the road to finding it! She’s saved her sister (kind of) and she’s finally found her path in life.

I do not want this to be the end of my Batwoman comic. I really want to see her come back, since she might have a TV series and all, it only makes sense. I like the way they chose to close this series/arc out and I look forward to what ever the future holds for one of my favorite characters!

Marvel Comics
Doctor Strange #4

Doctor Strange has a temper as of late. I relate to that. He’s a broken man, which I can somewhat relate to – except that I’m not a man, but I have been broken. I’ve been at rock bottom, lost everything and everyone. I did not stay on the rocks – I pulled myself up and reclaimed what I wanted and found new friends and found my lost family. It’s rewarding to see someone come back from nothing. Mr. Cates wrote an amazing story that put Strange in the position he needed to be in. Now, Mark Waid has picked up that mantle and is continuing to explore that long road that Strange has to walk. These two writers have done a phenomenal job with a character that I absolutely adore.

Strange has an ego problem, where he doesn’t want to listen to the advice of those he thinks of as less skilled than himself (but he’s always had a bit of an ego). It seems like Eoffren might actually be able to help him so I hope he puts his ego in a box and actually listens to him. He needs to save Kanna and should have just left with them instead of seeking vengeance – shame on him. Strange is being humbled by those around him and being shown that his anger and arrogance will get him nowhere in a hurry.  He’s kind of learning that, but it’s not an easy lesson to learn. I know Strange will bounce back and become the Sorcerer Supreme that the Earth needs and he’ll be better for it. Trials and tribulations are what make us who we are and they only make us better, if we learn the lesson being taught.

Infinity Wars #2

I know in comics that when someone is dead, they’re not actually dead. I knew someone would do something to stop Gamora from killing Peter, or do something to bring him back, and I was right. Doctor Strange and the Time Stone rewound time to save Peter, but he did mention that in another reality, Peter is dead. I like the whole ‘Thanos dialogue’ that Gamora is dealing with and the early panels with her as a young girl talking to Thanos are almost heartbreaking. One of my favorite parts of this book is when Bullseye is ranting about something and Black Widow whacks him in the back of the head, and then Captain Marvel “superhero lands” on his back. Black Widow and Captain Marvel have a brief complimenting exchange and then it’s back to business. I found that bit of humor timely and needed. But this is shaping up to be a very dark series. I lost count, but I think Gamora has killed a few folks. Thanos and his humor over Captain America being trapped in time again almost made me spit out my drink I’d just taken a sip of. It was an unexpected bit of humor and it was actually funny. I like Thanos more and more as a villain, but I think I prefer the movie version to the Infinity Gauntlet Thanos. The Thanos in Infinity Wars is closer to the movie version and I love that. I’m a little lost over who that was that Gamora pulled from the Soul Stone, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. And of course, at the end, there’s Loki who is likely up to no good. This is a roller coaster story and I’m loving every bit of it!

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Terra Incognita #2

Oh boy! Mirror Barclay is such a tool! He was keeping his cover just fine until he made that statement about the ‘filthy Cardassians’. I wouldn’t be surprised if he blew his cover somewhat with that comment. If he didn’t, when the other crew members figure it out, I’m sure Picard and Troi will have light bulbs go off and remember this moment. I’m actually a little surprised that Troi hasn’t picked up that there’s something off with Barclay. There’s ways of handling that so it doesn’t ruin the story, but I’m a little bothered that she hasn’t noticed something is off, especially now.

I’m not sure how I feel about Troi being sent to the planet with two Cardassians, two Vulcans, and one other female Starfleet officer. It shows the strength and capability of the women of Starfleet, but it feels a little forced. Picard even scolds Riker at the end for saying, ‘That’s a relief.’ – in regards to the situation working out. He’d have said it anyway if it were two men instead of two women. Why did Picard make the statement, “Doubting Counselor Troi’s abilities, Number One? For shame.” I mean… that whole speech bubble is out of context. I was relieved that Troi kept the situation under control – doesn’t mean I doubted her abilities. There are a few other situations where women are defended in an odd manner. That’s not something I’m used to seeing in Star Trek. I’m used to women being treated as equals in Starfleet, not singled out like that. It feels a little uncomfortable to me, and I’m a woman.

But aside from that oddness in this book, I like the overall story of the peace talks and I like the alien attack and that it was handled as a team effort between a Starfleet officer and a Cardassian. If I didn’t know how everything was going to go between the Federation and the Dominion later on, I’d have thought the Cardassians and Federation were going to be off to a good start! So, overall, it’s a good story, but it’s not a great story in this issue.


For all the odd moments in the Star Trek issue this week, I still enjoyed it. I think it’s just because it’s Star Trek though. If it had been a different title, I may have cut it from my list. I don’t like when a comic book tries to remind folks that a woman can do the job just as well as a man. Men and women are equal in our world today, and that’s definitely more widely accepted on Earth in the world of Star Trek, so why would that need to be brought up so much in a single issue?

Batwoman may be over for now, Batgirl’s probably headed to Gotham for a while, Gamora has unleashed all the hells into the Marvel universe, and Doctor Strange isn’t having much fun right now. I enjoyed my comic box for the most part this week, and I look forward to what I get next week!

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A good book is the best vacation!