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The first thing you’ll find in this article is a list of links for my various social media pages and Facebook groups, as well as a section of links for folks that sell a variety of gaming accessories. Below the links, you’ll find the About Me and My Blog, Basic Rules, Contacting Me, and my Closing sections.

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Sellers of Nifty Accessories

What fun are games without a little customization? These are folks that I have ordered accessories from and have reviews up for their products. Most of these were accessories for Dice Masters, but many of these sellers have the ability to produce a variety of items for various games.

The 3D Geekery
They have a lots of 3D printed goodies for Board Games and Dice Masters! They even do custom orders that are non-game related. Check them out! Their Dice Masters storage units are amazing! You can also type in and it will take you straight to their Facebook page.
Litko Game Accessories
Dice towers and tokens galore!
Turn One Gaming Supplies
Seller of awesome sleeves and if you want a Roll Master Mat, they have them.
PlaymatMasters on Etsy
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Inked Gaming
Have a playmat design but need it printed? This is who I use.

About Me and My Blog

The first time I ever did a public ‘article’ was on July 18, 2015 in our local Dice Masters group on Facebook about Captain Cold: Leonard Wynters. I wrote several articles in that group but it didn’t take long for me to realize that a Facebook group wasn’t the best place for publishing articles. I dug up an old WordPress site I’d started and hadn’t done anything with and began transferring my previous articles. My Dice Dice Kitty persona was born at that moment on November 8, 2015 and has spread to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

My blog used to be primarily about Dice Masters, but I’ve grown it to include Board Games, comics, Star Trek: Attack Wing, and even occasional recaps of our roleplaying sessions. I’m also a huge fan of My Little Pony and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so you’ll see I use lots of screen shots from those IPs for article pictures and other various things. I also attend conventions when I can and do coverage for those on my Facebook and Twitter.

I like to do a variety of reviews and unboxings and I hope folks find those helpful and informational. When it comes to my reviews, I do not play favorites with companies and I always give my honest opinion. My opinion is not fact, of course, but it is at least another perspective to take into consideration when it comes to products that folks want to spend their hard earned money on. I encourage everyone to seek out multiple reviews for a product so that they have as much information and perspective as possible!

I also try to do interviews with celebrity guests, vendors, and attendees at conventions. I do not discuss politics or political positions in those interviews and I try to avoid religious topics as well. I look at it this way – If I’m watching an interview about a celebrity or anyone else, I want to hear cool behind the scenes stuff or how they feel about the character they portrayed, not current world topics. There is plenty of coverage for that – elsewhere.

Here are some of the types of content you’ll find and when to expect them:
~ Comic Box Recap – Typically weekly, whenever I finish reading the comics in my subscription box.
~ Board Game Review – Component and game play reviews – no set publish date.
~ Star Trek Adventures Session Recap – Kage Hoshi Division recaps are published after our sessions, and we try to play at least once a month.

Here is the list of potential content in the works:
~ Monthly D&D Campaign Recap (Whenever I start my game back up)
~ Star Trek related content about episodes, actors, books, etc.

Cancelled Article Series
~ HeroClix Figure Spotlight – Cancelled due to low views.
~ Dice Masters Confusing Card of the Week – The fate of this series is currently being decided.

I have a lot of content across all my social media and YouTube as well as articles here.

Basic Rules

I keep my private life out of my blog, so you won’t see articles about politics or religion. This is not the place for it, so I do not allow any political or religious related content – regardless of any good intentions. These types of statements will be removed without warning.

I do not approve of anything obscene, vulgar, or offensive being posted in comments on any of the sites I host from. These type of statements will be removed without warning.

I don’t like folks being mean to each other. There is enough cruelty in the world and I don’t want it on any of my content. Please, express your negativity in a more constructive way and don’t direct it at anyone.

Bottom line – be nice and friendly. There is enough hate in the world and I want folks to feel like they can safely explore my sites without fear of being exposed to current world issues. I don’t believe in the absolute censoring of folks, but there are platforms available for that discussion and this is not that platform.

Contacting Me

While I have folks from the community on my private Facebook page, I do not share my private social media pages with everyone. I have a Facebook page (Kitty Masters) that I use to share my content on Facebook. If you message Kitty Masters, you will not get a response. You can contact me through email at or on my official blog Facebook page, here.


I hope that you find at least one thing you enjoy or that is of interest to you in my content. I’m so thankful that you visited my site and I appreciate all the likes, followers, and subscribers for taking that extra step and hitting those buttons. The bigger my sites get, the better variety of content I can provide!

If you’re looking for my previous sticky post with all the Dice Masters links, you can find it here.

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Greetings Fellow Comic Fans!

In my Comic Box Recap article series, I want to talk about each of the comics that I read from my subscriptions that week. I don’t always read all the comics I order, because I’m only collecting some of them. Others are ones I may have started reading, but lost interest in but I still order them. You never know when you may want to go back and revisit a series at a later date.

Do not read any further if you are trying to avoid SPOILERS!
Captain Marvel #6

This issue ties in with the current Marvel event, War of the Realms. I’m not a huge fan of tie-ins because I’m usually lost if I’m not reading the event series, but this story wasn’t hard to follow. There is a brief recap at the beginning of the issue, just like the other issues, but this recap covers what’s going on in War of the Realms. It has enough information to get you started for this tie-in issue. I’m not reading War of the Realms – so if I followed this issue, anyone else not reading the event series should also be able to follow along.

Black Widow has a vision of Enchantress’ defeat. She goes to find Strange and Captain Marvel because Strange is who stops Enchantress and Captain Marvel is there with him and Black Widow. After Black Widow gets the group together, Enchantress tries to put a stop to their efforts by tracking them down before they reach the location of their victory. Enchantress swaps Strange and Carol’s minds so that they can’t use their powers and they’re in unfamiliar bodies. Strange is trying to show Carol how to use the magic in his body and she’s having serious trouble grasping it. A small horde of undead show up and the only person with any real punch at the moment is Black Widow. And that’s where it leaves us, with a ‘to be continued’.

I find it absolutely hilarious that two of my four favorite Marvel characters have had their minds swapped with each other! I love both Strange and Carol and this is great – watching them work through this odd situation they’ve gotten themselves into. I found this issue to be very entertaining and I was so glad I was able to follow what was happening. I hate having to read an event mini series just so I can read my regular series. But this was well done and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next!


Well, it was a light week for my reading list! I was afraid I wouldn’t have an article this week because of Captain Marvel being a tie-in, and the only book in my box this week. I was pleasantly surprised.

This is also my 400th article! I can’t believe I’ve written 400 articles! Next week, I’ll be at Origins Game Fair, so be sure to watch my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for updates! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get my Comic Box Recap for June 12, 2019 out until after we come home, but I’ll try my best!

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A good book is the best vacation!

Greetings Fellow Board Gamers!


The featured game for this article and video review is a game from Brotherwise Games, Call to Adventure.

Call to Adventure on Board Game Geek – here.

* Note – This is not a ‘How to Play’ or tutorial type article. This is a review of the game components and brief review of game play.

Call to Adventure

Make your fate! Inspired by character-driven fantasy storytelling, Call to Adventure challenges 2-4 players to create the hero with the greatest destiny by acquiring traits, facing challenges, and overcoming adversaries.

Call to Adventure features a unique “rune rolling” system for resolving challenges, a point-based system that encourages storytelling, and over 150 unique cards. Players begin each game with an origin card that provides their backstory as well as two “starter” abilities. Each round they may either acquire trait cards from the board or face a challenge. Challenges each have two possible paths a player can choose from. For example, players who encounter the Thieves’ Guild may choose to train as a spy, or train as a killer. Each challenge has a difficulty that must be overcome by rolling successes on carved runes. The more a player has of the abilities required to overcome the challenge, the more runes they will be able to cast.

Failed challenges lead players to acquire experience points that may be spent to “push” through tougher challenges. But beware, while some negative experiences will help your hero grow, too many tragedies set them on a dark path.

As players’ heroes grow in ability and experience, they move on to harder challenges, eventually facing deadly adversaries and acquiring more and more destiny points. The player whose hero has the highest destiny score wins the game.

If you like storytelling or just like acquiring as many points as possible, you might want to check this game out!


I noticed that Brotherwise has taken note of particular things and is planning to update the rule books for future printings. That’s something I love about gaming companies – when they take note and listen to their players! My rule book is a first edition, so it’s already out of date. My judgement on the rule book is not over the updates – only the first edition version.

The rule book is simple to follow and also appears to cover everything, until you start playing. Then you’re left trying to figure out what particular things mean or how certain cards work. We had to turn to BGG forums for several things, but we eventually figured it out. Once the errata is added to the new printings, I think the books will be fine.

Components and Game Play

You can find a review video on my YouTube channel that shows all of the components with a brief description and also a review of the game play.

You can follow this link directly to my video – HERE.


This game appeals to my players that like storytelling games, but also to the ones that don’t. That’s because they can play for points and not feel pressured to tell a story at the end. We have played several times where only one or two players would tell their hero’s story, and other times where we all told stories. Playing for points over story doesn’t always guarantee you will win either. I’ve played for story many times and won or came close to winning.

Call to Adventure is loads of fun, even if you have trouble succeeding at challenges. It’s like your character is struggling to advance in their life, but at some point, the tides could turn and they make a comeback. I actually had that happen to me recently. I was still in Act I, with only one card, when the other players were in Act II already. I found my footing and completed the story with three cards under each phase of my hero’s life. I’ve also seen heroes end with only one card in the second phase of their story.

I love that the game randomness is achieved through casting runes versus rolling dice. I love rolling dice, but there times that I crave something different and unique. Not only is this game unique in its choice of random generators, but also in its game play.

Buy or Bye?

This is a game that always finds its way to the table during game nights. Our group loves making stories and seeing where destiny takes their hero or villain!

Have strategies or tips for this game? Leave them in a comment!
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Board out and game on!

Greetings Fellow Comic Fans!


In my Comic Box Recap article series, I want to talk about each of the comics that I read from my subscriptions that week. I don’t always read all the comics I order, because I’m only collecting some of them. Others are ones I may have started reading, but lost interest in but I still order them. You never know when you may want to go back and revisit a series at a later date.

Do not read any further if you are trying to avoid SPOILERS!
Fantastic Four #10

I appreciate the wholesomeness of this series. There are situations that younger readers can relate to and lessons that they can learn from. I think that’s important for young readers, but also important to draw in younger readers. Franklin is having emotional growing pains and has seemingly worked through them. But we’ll see if that’s the case. He also has to face the consequences of his actions from a previous issue where he acted very disrespectful toward Alicia. It’s important that young readers see heroes have consequences for their actions, and this expresses that in a way young readers can relate to.

Val has met a friendly rival that may be smarter than her, so she’ll have to figure out how to deal with that. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur are characters I’m not very familiar with, but seeing them in this issue makes me want to know more. Lunella is adorable and brilliant, and Devil Dinosaur is too cute!

Both Val and Franklin are dealing with their personal issues in their own way. Val has been sending texts to the Future Foundation, even though she knows they might not be receiving them. Sometimes, you just need to see your troubles to help you work through them. Franklin isolated himself and turned inward instead of reaching out. He tried to burn his sketchbook, which is probably the only record of those worlds and people he created. It takes an invasion of other-realm creatures for him to finally realize that he’s not alone.

I feel like there is a message in this issue too. The message I got is that family isn’t always directly related to you. The folks of Yancy Street are a family, even if they don’t always get along. What a wonderful issue this week! I’m looking forward to the next installment.

Star Trek: Year Five #2

Well, I got mental whiplash from Kirk in this issue. Being the captain of a starship is not easy but flip-flopping on decisions is not how a captain should be. There are always tough choices to make and Kirk is definitely stuck between a rock and hard place in this issue. Did he make the right choice in the first place to save that Tholian (last issue)? Maybe, but I would not have plucked the Tholian child from the planet without a better understanding of their physical makeup and how to care for it. He also has no real way to communicate with it. I’m not sure I’m okay with him kidnapping that Tholian. It just doesn’t sit right with me. And he’s now facing the consequences of his kidnapping adventure.

While Kirk is having his moment trying to connect with the Tholian child, he mentions an old captain by the name of Mayweather. Is that the very same, Travis Mayweather from the Enterprise TV series? I mean… It could be. It could easily be a relative too, or someone completely unrelated. Enterprise was roughly 100 years before Kirk’s time on the Constitution class Enterprise. Humans were living over a hundred years, so it ‘could’ be Travis Mayweather. Kirk mentions that Mayweather lived his whole life in space and Travis Mayweather was space boomer who lived his whole life in space, either on a freighter or a starship. I really think it’s him! Even if it isn’t, what a pleasant little Easter Egg that was. I would also like to mention that the writer nailed the bits about Tarsus IV. I love it when the writers do their homework and don’t just wing it when writing about things that are canon.


If you want a wholesome, family oriented super hero book, pick up Fantastic Four. I recommend it to families all the time and I’ve only heard good things back from them. Star Trek had a fun Easter Egg with a side of mental whiplash, but it was still a decent read. I look forward to next week’s books!

What are you reading?
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A good book is the best vacation!

Greetings Fellow Comic Fans!


In my Comic Box Recap article series, I want to talk about each of the comics that I read from my subscriptions that week. I don’t always read all the comics I order, because I’m only collecting some of them. Others are ones I may have started reading, but lost interest in but I still order them. You never know when you may want to go back and revisit a series at a later date.

Do not read any further if you are trying to avoid SPOILERS!
Doctor Strange #14

I am so happy! Bats was in this issue! I don’t know if it was Barry Kitson or Mark Waid’s doing – or both, but I’m very happy to see Bats. Zelma makes a brief appearance with Bats as well. So, Strange had found a suitable planet for Galactus and with Clea’s help, led him to it. There was something wrong with the energy of the planet and it caused him great pain which could be felt across the world barriers. That’s how we get our glimpse of Bats and Zelma – they’re discussing the imminent danger and wondering about the fate of Strange. We also see the Watchers on the same page, making mention of how this could be the last event they ever watch.

We find out fairly quick that Dormammu is the culprit behind the corrupted magic of the planet. He’s made himself the new ‘Herald of Galactus’ with the help of Mephisto. Galactus is imbued with the power of the Faltine; Clea and Umar are trapped by Mephisto; and Strange is being held by Dormammu. Things are looking pretty grim!

I don’t see Dormammu holding onto Galactus for long, even with Mephisto’s help. Galactus is a force of the universe and Dormammu is just an all-powerful being. Clea, Strange, and Umar are all trapped at the moment. I doubt Umar’s unsteady alliances are strong enough to persuade them to help Umar and Clea escape Mephisto. Umar and Clea together might be able to escape Mephisto and rescue Strange, but I don’t see Strange being able to escape Dormammu without help. He was zapped by Galactus and I’m shocked he wasn’t totally blown up by that. I’m anxious to see how all this gets sorted!

Dark Horse
Invisible Kingdom #2

We were shorted my copy of Invisible Kingdom #2 on release day and it has just now come in.

There is so much going on in this issue. We get a brief glance into Vess’s past, just before she leaves her home to journey to the monastery. We also see a little of her routine at the monastery. She’s definitely young and impressionable. She actually believes Mother Proxima’s lies, which doesn’t surprise me. At least, I’m pretty sure Mother Proxima is lying.

Grix is in hot water and it appears that Eline might be trying to genuinely help and isn’t the spy Grix thinks she is. Grix and Eline tried their best, but Oris Prime definitely didn’t fall for their explaination. I have a feeling that the collision course with the freighter was Lux’s doing. And now I’m suspicious of Rath – because he sent out a distress signal after they had their scrape with the freighter. But who was he sending it to? Is he really Grix’s little brother or a spy? I just don’t know who to trust at this point.

Invisible Kingdom #3

Well, I’m really happy that Rath was only trying to help and isn’t a spy. Unless he’s secretly a doppelganger and a spy… I mean… it’s possible. But Grix decides to follow the mysterious response that their distress signal got them. She decides to meet up with the sender in hopes they’re telling the truth about the data they have against Lux and the Renunctiation. I found the initial meeting between Grix and Vess to be very honest and believable. I like the interaction between the two and how genuine it feels. But I can’t believe how ridiculous Vess is being! She meets up with Grix and gives her the data, but then thinks she’ll be able to go back. Well, that idea is quickly dismissed when the two are confronted by the giant flying ship thing with what I assume is Mother Proxima’s scolding voice booming from it.

This issue leaves us on a cliffhanger with Grix and Vess leaping from a cliff to escape the Renunctiation. I’m fairly certain that Grix called her pod to meet up with them, so jumping from the cliff is just a way to hopefully trick or elude the Renunctiation for a time. It’s safe to say that the worlds that these two came from will never be the same. There is a truth to be told and lies to be exposed. The lives of Grix and Vess are now intertwined because of their individual discoveries of the Lux and Renunciation conspiracy. I can’t wait to see what’s coming in the next issue!

Star Trek: Q Conflict #4

This was an explosive issue! Guinan gives Picard some insight into Q’s state of mind, revealing that she believes there are allies yet to fully reveal themselves. Q then gives all the crews a new challenge. He wants them to get the attention of the Prophets in the wormhole near DS9. This obviously doesn’t sit well with any of the captains or their crew, especially Sisko and Kira. They all play along, and all try their own methods of contacting the Prophets. It comes down to Kirk, with advice from Dax, who finally gets their attention. They’re not happy about Q’s shenanigans and the universe is about to implode on itself as a result. On the last page, in the final panel, we see Q2 and Amanda Rogers watching everything unfold. Q2 says to Amanda Rogers, that they’ll have to do something about the events they’re watching. I’m still trying to figure out if the Q are behind all of this or if it’s Q himself being… well, Q.

There was something bothering me and I didn’t want to mention it until the very end of the series – if it hadn’t been brought up. But it was in this issue. O’Brien asks Worf why he’s so distracted during a meeting and he mentions that it’s difficult being around Jadzia Dax, but doesn’t give any details. I’m very happy it was addressed because Worf was plucked from the timeline after he had left DS9, and Dax was plucked from the timeline before Worf ever came to DS9. He has all his memories of Dax and their time spent together, even after her death when the Dax symbiont was given to Ezri. It has to be very jarring to be sitting at the table with someone who has yet to meet and marry you, and then die – almost literally in your arms. I’m happy with the situational awareness, even if this is the only mention it gets.


If you’re looking for an unusual conspiracy story based in a sci-fi setting, Invisible Kingdom is going to come highly recommended from me. If you like Star Trek characters and don’t mind the shenanigans of Q and timeline flux, then Q Conflict is hands down a must read.

So much chaos in one week’s worth of books! Dormammu is the new Herald of Galactus, the Lux/Renunciation Conspiracy is on the way to exposure, and Q has angered the Prophets to the point that the galaxy may implode. Well… what from my box next week could possibly top all this?! Can’t wait to find out!

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A good book is the best vacation!

Greetings Fellow Comic Fans!


In my Comic Box Recap article series, I want to talk about each of the comics that I read from my subscriptions that week. I don’t always read all the comics I order, because I’m only collecting some of them. Others are ones I may have started reading, but lost interest in but I still order them. You never know when you may want to go back and revisit a series at a later date.

Do not read any further if you are trying to avoid SPOILERS!
Captain Marvel #5

I like the message that I’ve gotten from Carol and Rogue’s experiences in these last few issues. They’re telling us that we’re all stronger together and that despite our differences, we can work together. We don’t have to be friends, but we can be allies. Carol is also very kind to Som by showing him compassion and trying to help him. I knew Som would play some part in his father’s plan, but I wasn’t sure what it would be. I was surprised that he was the reason super powers were shut down, but wasn’t surprised when it was revealed he was a bomb. It definitely made sense to me, that he’d explode after absorbing all those super powers. If Rogue hadn’t been there to absorb his power, he may have blown up. Carol would have likely been forced to fly him way above the city so he didn’t hurt anyone else and he may have died from it. Carol made a good call by asking Rogue to step in and absorb the energy.

I was so happy and excited to see that Carol felt she didn’t need to hold back and restrain her herself against Nuclear Man at a particular point. But she was still part of a team and worked with her teammates. And of course, that jerk teleported out and took Som with him. I feel for Som, because he seemed like he genuinely didn’t want to be part of what his father was doing.

In the end, the heroes save the day. The girl ends up getting the guy too, which made me very happy to see. And once again, Captain Marvel is being misunderstood. There is also a shadowy figure shown at the end, and they’re probably stirring up some chaos. It was a nice teaser for the coming issue, and I hope it’s one that can be easily understood without having to read the main War of the Realms story.

Unnatural #9

Everything is going crazy right now. I don’t know how Leslie’s going to get control over herself again after letting the Albino in the way she did. There’s no way she’s dead after jumping off the waterfall. I refuse to believe Leslie died from that. I’m more concerned about Khal’s well being. I was so glad Khal called Saya out over her mistake – it truly was all her fault that they were in that situation. If she hadn’t betrayed them, things might have been going differently.

I really enjoyed the flashbacks into Maxime’s past. While it doesn’t justify her doing what’s she’s done as Glimpse, it’s nice to have some more of the backstory. I want to know what happened to Winston. I feel like he betrayed her in some way and that’s what set all of this craziness into motion. I also like the flashes to what’s currently going on elsewhere in the world. It’s a grounding in the story, and a reminder of where the characters came from and the journey they’ve taken. It’s so easy to get lost in the current events, that we forget how it all began. There are so many things to love about this story and it continues to be a highly anticipated book for me every month.


I am continuously impressed with the writing and the story of both Captain Marvel and Unnatural. Both stories have touched on things that are relatable to real world issues, without bringing those topics directly into the stories. I can’t express how much I love these writers for doing it this way.

A brief note on Captain Marvel #6 – If I read it and I find out that you really need to read War of the Realms to get what’s going on, I will be excluding it from my recap that week.

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A good book is the best vacation!

Greetings Fellow Comic Fans!


In my Comic Box Recap article series, I want to talk about each of the comics that I read from my subscriptions that week. I don’t always read all the comics I order, because I’m only collecting some of them. Others are ones I may have started reading, but lost interest in but I still order them. You never know when you may want to go back and revisit a series at a later date.

Do not read any further if you are trying to avoid SPOILERS!
Albatross Funny Books
Grumble #6

Well, things are heating up! The super cool, crazy bounty hunter bird thing (Martha) has a sibling! And Takk is in town, looking for answers – and the fugitives Eddie and Tala. Cooler heads prevailed when Donna stopped Takk from making the same mistake as Martha. I love the crazy skeleton looking bird bounty hunters.

I knew Eddie wasn’t going to ‘rescue’ anybody. Tala knew too, but I think she just wanted Eddie to admit it. When he sees that the job is going to be a little more difficult than he thought, Eddie summons the Devil – THE Devil – who apparently owes him a favor. This Joe fella has something big planned and I think Eddie might be crashing it with help from the Devil. I think it’s hilarious that the FBI is watching Joe. I mean, Jimmy could just open his giant mouth and swallow those guys and their van. But there is going to be chaos coming… I can feel it.

This was another excellent issue of Grumble! There are cans of worms being opened all over the place by everyone, including Tala, or so it seems. Can’t wait to see what happens next!


I’m glad Grumble was moved back a week because I wouldn’t have had anything to read this week otherwise! I also saw the little hidden gem on the cover. Mike Norton’s signature is in the by-line of the book in front of Eddie. “So, You’ve Summoned A Demon” by Mike Norton. I’d read that – in a heartbeat. Excellent.

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A good book is the best vacation!

Greetings Fellow Comic Fans!


In my Comic Box Recap article series, I want to talk about each of the comics that I read from my subscriptions that week. I don’t always read all the comics I order, because I’m only collecting some of them. Others are ones I may have started reading, but lost interest in but I still order them. You never know when you may want to go back and revisit a series at a later date.

Do not read any further if you are trying to avoid SPOILERS!
Doctor Strange #13

Strange is biting off more than he can chew, again. Trying to contain Galactus is just a silly notion. Strange definitely tries and succeeds briefly, but ends up needing help. I was tickled to see Clea was the one that gave the assist on his binding spell. I really like Clea and it’s great to see her back in the pages of Doctor Strange. It’s nice to see that she’s become a force to be reckoned with and that other mighty beings see her as an equal. I think Strange’s fears about Clea’s new allies are only slightly valid. While war and turmoil may be inevitable, having a time of peace among enemies is not a bad thing. I believe Strange’s agreement with Galactus is asinine. He hasn’t garnered peace with Galactus, only temporarily halted the world eater’s advancement. And he’s about to hurt someone because of this ‘deal’ he made and there’s not going to be anyway to avoid it. I just hope he can deal with the consequences of his actions. I guess we’ll find out next time!

Fantastic Four #9

Fantastic Four has been a fun read. In the previous issue, I was a little disappointed that Sue made Doom’s clothes and armor invisible, exposing his nether regions to the world. But that wasn’t exactly what happened. She made the top portion of his clothes and armor invisible, not the bottom part. My faith in Sue has been restored! I should have known that a book with such a family oriented tone wouldn’t have been that obscene. Shame on me for thinking as much.

It’s inspiring to see how each of the Fantastic Four have evolved above an beyond their basic abilities because of the influences of their other family members. Doom really doesn’t see himself as a villain, but the things he does are definitely evil. You don’t enslave any sentient being, let alone a cosmic one like Galactus. You also don’t kidnap folks and then attempt to kill them just to keep them out of your way. I would have liked to see Galactus free himself, but I guess the Fantastic Four needed to help him to keep everything in balance.

I still didn’t know who Wendy was when I read this issue. I decided to go look her up on a Wiki and discovered that the little demons are called the Friends. She has a particularly powerful level of influence over them and can order them to do her bidding. It doesn’t look like they were ever a major antagonist of the Fantastic Four, just a regional antagonist with their own purpose. I wonder if Wendy and her Friends were written into this story  because they’re going to play a bigger part later, or if they were there just because. It would be interesting to see what comes of their presence.

Star Trek: Year Five #1

You always hear about the Tholians, but rarely see them. I understand that using such a species in movies and TV would be very taxing on the special effects budget. But even in written media, there isn’t a lot about the Tholians. It’s great to finally see a story that looks like the focus is going to be on them (at least for the moment). Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly have done an amazing job with the story so far. You can tell that they either grew up on Star Trek or they did a very thorough job in their research. Artist Stephen Thompson and colorist Charlie Kirchoff have done such an awesome job with the art as well. I was totally lost in the story and the art is so alive that it felt more like I was watching episode on TV than reading a comic.

Kirk’s emotional struggle in this comic is the beginning of what you see in Star Trek the Motion Picture. Instead of loving every moment of being captain of the Enterprise, he let the worry of things to come ruin what time he had left. The writers really did nail the personalities of all the crew. Color me – impressed! I can’t wait for the next issue to see where all of this is headed!

Star Trek: Waypoint (Special 2019)

This book has four different stories in it; Hearts & Bones, Unfathom, The Swift Spoke, and The First Year.

Hearts & Bones

This story was definitely fun to read and it felt like it could easily have been the sub-story to a larger story in an episode of TOS. We very rarely saw the romantic side of Doctor McCoy, so it was nice to see that. But – he definitely chose the wrong person to pursue! The heart loves who it loves, I suppose. I would have been in total disbelief if she had entertained any of McCoy’s advances. And a true friend will always give you the truth, even if it hurts. Spock may be part Vulcan, but he definitely cares about his friends. He didn’t offer his opinion until McCoy sarcastically asked for it, and when he did, Spock told him the honest truth. I really enjoyed this story and I love the art. The art style is complimentary to TOS. I want more Star Trek: TOS from Stephen Mooney!


Well, I was a little more than disappointed in this particular story. It wasn’t very entertaining and I really didn’t care for the art. Something else that bothered me quite a bit, was how similar this story was to “Remember Me”. Granted, there are lots of differences, but I’m not happy about the similarities in the core of the story. Crusher was the key character in both stories and both stories involve folks vanishing and being forgotten. The main difference that really stands out for me, is that the Orpheus’ computer still had records of those that had vanished in this story; but in Remember Me, the personnel files on the Enterprise were gone when someone vanished. And the cause and solution are different, but in the end, they’re too similar for my liking.

The Swift Spoke

This was a story about past event in Janeway’s life when she was the second officer of the Billings. Tuvok had been assigned there as well, only briefly. They are both on an away mission to make first contact with the Adegeda, but things go completely awry. It’s not the fault of the Adegeda, it’s the planet that causes the trouble and the crew is forced to temporarily abandon their mission. The story is a great cautionary tale about how things are not always what they may seem to be, so don’t be quick to judge! It was fairly entertaining and the art is fine, but I felt like it was missing something. I would read this story again if I were reading this issue, but I wouldn’t pull this book out just to read this story.

The First Year

This story is definitely my favorite of all of them. Not just because it’s about Klingons and Worf in particular, but because it clears up that time gap a little bit between the end of DS9 and when we see him again aboard the Enterprise-E. It was a well written and well illustrated. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and this is a story I would want to read several more times. It’s not just a story about some lost time, it also deals with loss and the emotional scarring that can be left behind when someone is taken too soon. As much as I loved Jadzia, Ezri was her own person – not a replacement for Jadzia. She was just a new host for the Dax symbiont. She was not given he opportunity to evolve as a character on DS9, but I’m happy to see the character’s evolution happening in other media. Ezri is an intelligent character with what I call ‘cute charisma’. She’s got a look that you can see on her face that tells you she genuinely cares, and I feel like it was shown very well in this story. Thom Zahler did an excellent job at writing this story. Artist Andy Price and colorist Mark Roberts did a wonderful job at bringing the images to life.


Well, I liked everything this week! There may have been bits I didn’t like within each book, but overall it was a rewarding week of reads. No surprise that my favorite book was Star Trek: Year Five, but I really did liked everything.

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A good book is the best vacation!

Greetings Fellow Comic Fans!

In my Comic Box Recap article series, I want to talk about each of the comics that I read from my subscriptions that week. I don’t always read all the comics I order, because I’m only collecting some of them. Others are ones I may have started reading, but lost interest in but I still order them. You never know when you may want to go back and revisit a series at a later date.

Do not read any further if you are trying to avoid SPOILERS!
Star Trek: The Q Conflict #3

There is only one thing that bothers me about this issue and that’s how Chekov references the planet killer as though he were present during those events. He’s actually not in the episode, The Doomsday Machine. Uhura is also absent in that episode, but she doesn’t talk about the planet killer like she was there. It’s very likely that they were off duty and in their quarters while the chaos was happening. That’s the easiest explanation for their absence, but they were not involved in the incidents that involved the planet killer. It’s also easy to explain that they read a report about the incident and so that’s how they both know about the monstrosity. I really don’t like continuity errors and I know that the studio only considers the movies/shows to be canon, but I prefer consistency even in non-canon material.

Other than the minor continuity error, which can be easily made or explained away, the book itself was very entertaining. You get to see some of the discourse that the game has caused for the other all mighty beings during the coaching session. Metron and Ayelborne obviously don’t want to participate and wouldn’t if it they had a way to avoid the war all together. Trelane and Q seem to enjoy these types of charades. Trelane also shows his lack of experience as all powerful being, and his immaturity, when he gets bored with the starship ‘capture the flag’ game and summons the planet killer. He alters the challenge by using a loophole in the non-interference agreement that Q made. Naturally, the crews all do what they do best – work as a team. The planet killer is destroyed by a torpedo fired from the Enterprise-E, securing the ‘victory’ for Picard and Q.

I’m not sure how this is all going to end, but I imagine it’ll conclude with all the crews being returned to their respective timelines with no memory of what happened. That’s typically how these type of things go when time travel or an all mighty being is involved. I hope there is a lesson learned or some greater knowledge is gained from the outcome of the events in this story. I’m still curious as to why Q2’s face was in the clouds in a previous issue. I didn’t see any evidence of ‘hidden’ faces in this issue. Q2 definitely has something to do with all this, but I still have no clue what his involvement is. I wonder if Q is Q2’s puppet in all of this or if Q2 is just keeping an eye on Q’s shenanigans? We’ll find out – I hope!


I typically do not enjoy time travel or stories about all mighty beings that can’t be defeated, but Star Trek has a particular way of handling these that makes it entertaining and enjoyable. Even if all the crew have their memories wiped when they’re returned to their respective timelines, as long as something is learned or retained by the all mighty beings, it was worth it. I can’t wait to read more of The Q Conflict!

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A good book is the best vacation!

Greetings Fellow Comic Fans!


In my Comic Box Recap article series, I want to talk about each of the comics that I read from my subscriptions that week. I don’t always read all the comics I order, because I’m only collecting some of them. Others are ones I may have started reading, but lost interest in but I still order them. You never know when you may want to go back and revisit a series at a later date.

Do not read any further if you are trying to avoid SPOILERS!
Captain Marvel #4

I can’t wait until my daughter is able to read. This Captain Marvel series is going to be one of the first things I want her to read (and hope she wants to read it). This series is so amazing! There’s moments of despair and hopelessness, but it’s followed by a triumph. There is solidarity against a common enemy; forgiveness and understanding; strategic and tactical thinking to overcome a foe (not just brute strength or magic); and the fate of the world isn’t dangling by a thread. This is exactly everything that I want in a super hero comic story. Epic tales of world ending monstrosities are fine every so often, but not in every story arc. Nuclear Man isn’t threatening the world, yet. He’s got a small bubble around an area where he’s enslaved the men and subjugated the women. The women are rising up, banding together in sisterhood, and attempting to take him down.

Carol is a prize of sorts for Nuclear Man because he wants her for his own personal breeding stock. She’s being tested in a death match against Rogue, who is being controlled by Nuclear Man. Carol is not a damsel in distress, and she’s not waiting on someone to save her. She’s standing her ground and facing her fears, trying to overcome the challenge in front of her. The amount of bravery and trust that Carol and Rogue exhibit in this issue is amazing. They aren’t friends because of past events, but they can cooperate if they need to. I don’t think Carol letting Rogue absorb most of her essence and then Rogue letting Carol take over her body is an ideal situation for either of them. It’s asking them to go above and beyond cooperation. But it’s something they felt they needed to do to overcome an enemy, so they put their differences aside and showed a level of maturity that folks today just don’t exhibit.

Take notes, folks. This isn’t just how a super hero book should be done, it’s a book on how to be a decent person too.

Outer Darkness #6

I was so right about that Cambion Arch-Fiend being left behind by Rigg and his crew. I figured that’s what happened and then he was kind enough to confirm it. It’s painful to see the imagery of the little girl who is obviously dead because of his actions; and then to read the words in that panel, “Not our problem, Agwe.” The philosophy that I follow in life teaches us to be kind and always do what is right, even if what’s right isn’t easy. Leaving that creature behind like that, knowing what would eventually happen, is not right. Rigg is now my least favorite character – ever. But even though I dislike Rigg, it’s not because of poor writing or design, it’s because he’s written in such a way that I love to hate him.

And Satalis… oh boy. I knew he was up to something, but I didn’t realize it was this level of nasty. I still like Satalis more than Rigg right now, but I hope he’s not an actual bad guy. I don’t know if he’ll actually be able to get rid of Rigg, but I wouldn’t be upset if he did – unless he’s a bad guy.

And sometimes I wonder if Prakash is naive or an idiot – or both. If I were Prakash, I would not believe anything Rigg told me. This is such a great story and I really hope someone adapts it to a series or movie. I think a mini-series would be perfect!


I had two astounding comics in my box this week and it gave me a great balance of content. Captain Marvel is currently the perfect super hero book, and Outer Darkness is a awesome non-super hero book! The characters in Outer Darkness are constantly developing and it’s such a well written and well illustrated book. I don’t see near enough hype around this title and I truly believes it deserves it.

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A good book is the best vacation!

Greetings Fellow Star Trek and Roleplaying Game Fans!


This is the latest session from our adventures in the Star Trek Adventures RPG (by Modiphius). Whenever you see text in this reddish brown color, that was what was read to the players. I’ve also included Game Mechanic elements so that others can incorporate it into their games if they want to. Any GM notes are in this bright blue color.

Previous Episodes and Sessions:
Previously on Star Trek Adventures (Kage Hoshi Division):

The crew helped the Ocampa recover their stolen generator parts and rescue their people that had been captured. The Ocampa repaid them with plenty of plants for their journey home. The crew was able to convince the Kazon-Ogla to move on to another planet and leave the Ocampa in peace. Will they uphold their end of the deal or give the crew more trouble? The crew must mine for materials on the asteroids around Ocampa, but can they do it safely?

And now, the conclusion…

Episode Two: Find Your Bearings (Part 3 – Conclusion)
ACT THREE: Scene One – On the Rocks

Back on the ship, the crew is arranging one of the empty cargo areas into a temporary aeroponics bay in order to acclimate the new plants to their new environment. The crew’s next assignment is to pilot a shuttle around the asteroids and mine Dilithium and Duranium for the ship’s supplies. It’s not possible for the transporters to beam the material out of the surrounding rock and all attempts have ended in failure. A manned shuttle must be sent into the asteroid field with a crew to mine the material. The mining crew must work quickly to get as much as possible from each asteroid. The asteroids are rotating while in orbit around Ocampa and it’s not safe to mine from the surface while the asteroid is facing this system’s Sun.

Aboard the Mulgrew, the crew is working on arranging one of the empty cargo bays into a temporary aeroponics bay for the plants that the Ocampa gave them. Dirnick is overseeing the team and working on a more permanent solution.

K’orvo is in the situation room discussing the mining operation with M’Kora, Cross, Zynes, and Zylas.

“I still don’t see why I need to be there. If any of that debris smashes into us, we’re dead. There’s no amount of Latinum that can fix being dead.” Doctor Zylas shrugs. He’s wearing a stark white uniform instead of the traditionally flamboyant Ferengi clothing he usually wears.

“Because, Doctor Zylas, when you signed up to be part of this crew, you agreed to follow my rules and do as I ask. I told you that you would also be expected to assist in any away mission I think your expertise would be a valuable asset. I believe that medical personnel will be an asset in this situation. It’s not just about the flying debris. There is a potential radiation threat too. I think you should be there just in case someone is exposed to too much radiation.” M’Kora says as she studies his coat. “What’s with the vintage uniform?”

“Like it? I found the pattern in the replicator. I think it’s from the late 2250’s. I thought it was time for a change of wardrobe.” Zylas smiles a wide smile, revealing his abnormally flat teeth.

“Stop using the replicators for unnecessary things. We need to preserve energy.” M’Kora sighs and turns to K’orvo. “I would like you to stay here and oversee the building of the refinery. Here’s a list of personnel that I’d like you to use for this project. There are some tension issues that I’d like you to keep an eye on. They’re noted next to the names.”

“Aye, Captain. I will round up the selected personnel and begin the work immediately.” K’orvo acknowledges the assignment and leaves the room.

“Now, Lieutenant Zynes, you are in charge of this away team. I want my best pilot chauffeuring our mining crew around.” M’Kora nods at Zynes and his antenna straighten at the compliment.

“Aye, Captain. I won’t keep them out after curfew.” Zynes acknowledges.

“Wait. You said mining crew? I’m a doctor, not a manual laborer!” Zylas exclaims as he jumps up from his chair. “Surely, you meant ‘mining crew and Doctor Zylas’?”

“You are there to assist in the scientific portion. Ensign Cross will do most, if not all, of the plasma cutting.” M’Kora cuts a sharp look toward Zylas, who in turn, squeaks and sits back down. “I have confidence in your scientific abilities. Lieutenant Commander Dirnick and most of the science team is occupied with another project that can’t be put on hold. You are the next most qualified to operate the science equipment.”

“Yes, captain. I understand.” Zylas looks down and says to himself, “Doesn’t mean I like it though.”

“Captain, I would like to attempt to chart the asteroids movements, if it’s possible. That will help us pick the best target to mine and time the rotation as well.” Zynes says, looking at an orbital chart of Ocampa’s moons.

“Good idea, Lieutenant. Take the doctor with you. Ensign Cross, you should get started loading the shuttle.” M’Kora looks around briefly for any objections and when she doesn’t see any, she dismisses the team. “You’re all dismissed. Good luck out there.”

Game Mechanics
~ Task: Chart Hazard (Optional)
~ Difficulty: 3
~ Reason + Conn
~ Ship Assist: Sensors + Conn

Success: Reduce the difficulty to pilot around the asteroids in this zone by two. Navigator can spend two Momentum to extend the navigation to another adjacent zone.

As you chart the area of asteroids, you are able to determine their rotations and trajectories, making it much easier for the pilot to navigate around them.

The space around the asteroids is littered with rocky debris, some pieces large enough that they could do serious damage to the shuttle or crush a humanoid body into goo. Navigating them will take some time, skill, and a little ingenuity.

“Lieutenant, are you sure you can fly us through this mess?” Zylas asks as he stares, shivering, at the shuttle’s small view screen.

“I don’t call him Ace for no reason, Doc.” Cross chimes in from the engineering station behind Zynes. “I suspect he’s the best pilot in all of Starfleet.”

“I’m not the best, but I’m close to it. Don’t worry Doctor Zylas. This is similar to the entry level simulations at the academy. I aced those while blindfolded, on a dare.”

“Well, keep your blindfold packed away for the time being.” Zylas sighs nervously.

Game Mechanics
~ Task: Piloting and Landing
~ Difficulty: 3
~ Daring + Conn, Control + Conn
~ Ship Assist: Engines + Conn

Success: The shuttle lands with a jolt, as the light from this system’s sun is fading over the horizon of the asteroid. The crew that’s mining must get to work immediately and not waste a moment to gather as much material as they can. The Dilithium crystals are fragile and need careful handling while the Duranium has unusually harmful radiation emanating from it. Once the materials are brought up to the surface, they must be put into hazardous material containers and secured on the shuttle. Once the materials are back on the Mulgrew, they can be properly decontaminated and stored.

As the shuttle comes to a landing, there is a sharp jolt, almost knocking Zylas from his seat. “What in the name of the Grand Nagus was that?! Are we blowing up?! Shouldn’t there be a red alert?!”

“Keep your lobes in place. It was just a little turbulence on landing caused by the asteroid’s rotation. Nothing to panic about.” Zynes rolls his eyes at Zylas.

Zylas struggles to put the EV suit helmet on over his ears and Cross snickers a little to himself. Once he’s suited up, he gathers his supplies and pulls out a tricoder. He gives Cross an irritated look and sighs, “Ready, Ensign?”

Cross gives Zylas a very concerned look through his own EV suit’s helmet, “Not really, Doc. But it has to get done and we’re the men for the job!”

“Gross. You’re optimism is sickening. Rule of Acquisition, number… ummm.. something: Don’t be too optimistic. Optimism makes Latinum larger than it appears.” Zylas shakes his head at Cross and watches as Cross struggles and wrestles with the plasma cutter. Zylas winces at Cross and asks him, “Are you sure you can manage?”

“Sure can, Doc. You just operate that whats-it and tell me where to point and shoot.” Cross says as he continues to struggle with the bulky, rifle looking piece of equipment. “And I’ve never heard that Rule of Acquisition before. Are you sure it’s…”

“Don’t question me on the Rules of Acquisition! I’m a Ferengi! Now, let’s go!” Zylas waddles up behind Cross into a decompression area.

Zylas and Cross approach the rear of the shuttle and a force field buzzes to life behind them. The two look at the timer displays on the inside of their helmets one last time before decompressing the rear section and opening the rear hatch. Zylas and Cross step out onto the rocky surface of the asteroid. The light from the crews’ SIMs beacons cut through the darkness, revealing the treacherous surface before them.

“Be careful out there. I’ll leave the hatch open. Your timers should be synced to the shuttle’s timer, so keep a close eye on your time.” Zynes says as the two make their way across the asteroid’s surface.

Game Mechanics
~ Extended Timed Task: Mining
~ Time Intervals: 10
~ Time per Task:

~ Work Track: 8
~ Magnitude: 3
~ Resistance: 2
~ Base Difficulty: 2
~ Daring + Engineering, Fitness + Engineering
~ Player Assist: Any Applicable Pairing with Explanation

Success/Fail: An alert sounds on the crews’ suits and in the shuttle, letting them know that they need to secure the gathered materials before the sun’s harmful rays peak over the asteroid’s edge.

Succeeding on this task means that the crew gathers a large amount of material. Failure means they gather a minimal amount and they need to try a different asteroid. The crew needs one successful attempt to acquire enough materials for the ship’s stores.

Game Mechanics
~ Task: Securing the Spoils
~ Difficulty: 2
~ Control + Science, Daring + Engineering
~ Player Assist: Any Applicable Pairing with Explanation

“Here’s a deposit that’s close to the surface, Ensign.” Zylas points to a spot on the ground where a small, shiny crystal form is peaking through the surface. “Looks like a much larger deposit of Dilithium than the last one. I’ll try to find more Duranium and then we should have enough for this trip.”

“Aye, Doc. Now all I need to do is adjust this nobby thing here so it doesn’t damage the crystals and…” Cross continues to talk to himself as Zylas moves off towards what appears to be a large Duranium deposit.

“I can’t believe there isn’t a single thing worth even a slip of Latinum on this blasted asteroid, besides Dilithium and Duranium. But I can’t make off with any of that. Someone will definitely find out.” Zylas grumbles to himself as he continues to scan the surface for other valuable materials. Zylas engages the two-way comm with Cross and asks, “Have you finished mining that Dilithium yet? I found a Duranium deposit.”

“Sure have, Doc! I’m on my way to you.” Cross answers back. “We should probably start securing the materials we’ve extracted. Our timer is running low and we want to be sure we get this load back on time, wouldn’t you agree, Doc?”

“I’ll start on that while you finish mining this deposit.” Zylas says as he bounces away from Cross.

A short time later, an alert sounds on both of the crew’s suits and Zynes calls to the two over their comms, “You two okay out there? I can put on a suit and help if you need me.”

“We’re just fine, Lieutenant. We’ve almost finished gathering all the mined materials. We should be back at the shuttle in plenty of time.” Zylas responds. And just as Zylas predicted, the two are back aboard the shuttle with a large haul of materials.

“We make a pretty good team. I think we should come back out after we drop off this load and get more.” Zynes says, with a twinkle and a look of pride in his eyes.

“Speak for yourself, Lieutenant. This was way more manual labor than I’m used to.” Zylas complains as he takes his seat on the shuttle.

“Ignore his grumbling, Ace. Doc’s just sour because he didn’t find any trinkets to swipe and sell later.” Zylas cuts Cross an angry look and snorts. “See there? He didn’t deny it! I knew that’s why you kept sneaking off.”

The two snicker at Zylas as the shuttle returns to the Mulgrew to dock and unload.

As soon as the shuttle docks, the ship is rocked with phaser fire and a Red Alert has been issued.

Upon arrival to the bridge, the senior staff relieves the temporary staff. The captain hails the attacking Kazon ship and a grizzled looking Kazon answers the hail. “Captain, I am Captain Zendurk of the Kazon-Nistrim, and we are here to destroy you for your part in the murder of Maje Culluh.”

The crew can attempt to use Culluh as a bargaining chip.

“Culluh is not dead. He is in our brig.” K’orvo steps up to the viewscreen and addresses Zendurk. “His ship was exploding and we transported around 50 of his crew over to our ship, to safety. They acted out in hostility so we detained them. If you want Culluh and his crew, we can make arrangements.”

“Federation tricks! The Maje’s ship is destroyed and bodies were detected. You will pay for the murder of Maje Culluh!” Zendurk yells.

“I do not perpetrate deception! I am an honorable warrior and I do not participate in such dishonorable acts! Your Maje is safe aboard our ship.” K’orvo fires back at Zendurk.

“You are weak, hiding behind your Federation technology. You would not be able to achieve victory in face-to-face combat against a Kazon. That’s why you blew up Maje Culluh’s ship! You took advantage of his lack of technologically advanced weapons, like a coward!” Zendurk yells at the view screen with drops of spit flying from his mouth as he hurls insults at K’orvo.

“Meet me face-to-face and you will see just how much of a coward I am, you dishonorable…” K’orvo begins to defend himself but M’Kora cuts him off.

“Commander, stand down. We need to handle this in a diplomatic fashion.” M’Kora looks at K’orvo and sees the frustration in his face.

“Fine! You deal with this petaQ then! I am going to my quarters.” K’orvo storms off the bridge, punching the wall near the turbo lift as his exits.

Game Mechanics
~ Task: Talking the Kazon Down
~ Difficulty: 2
~ Presence + Command, Reason + Command
~ Opposed Task: Insight + Command (15)
~ Maximum Attempts: 2

* GM Note* If the crew decides to send Culluh over to the Kazon ship, the fire fight will be instantly avoided.

Success: The Kazon have agreed to take Culluh and his crew off your hands. And because they were not mistreated, the Kazon have decided to take Cabrok and his subordinates off Ocampa and relocate them, whether they want to go or not.

“Computer, site to site transport – Maje Culluh from the brig to the bridge, immediately!” M’Kora calls the orders out to the computer and there is a twinkling and sparkling of energy to the left of her. Culluh materializes with a look of shock and surprise on his face. “Culluh, one of your ships is here, threatening to destroy us to avenge your death. Will you explain to them that you and most of your crew are very much alive?”

Culluh looks at the viewscreen and sees Captain Zendurk. Culluh smiles and says, “Zendurk, good to see the face of a subordinate I can trust. This ship rescued my crew from our ship before it exploded. And even though they’ve treated us all… well, I would very much like to get back to a Kazon ship.”

“How do I know you’re not some kind of Federation illusion?” Zendurk retorts.

“Zendurk, if you don’t get me and my crew safely off this ship, I will personally skin you alive and keep it as a trophy.” Culluh growls at Zendurk as he glares at him.

“Imagine if we had such a wonderful working relationship aboard the Mulgrew… I’m a bit jealous.” Dirnick says with a smirk, looking at Lorne. Lorne just sighs and continues to monitor the security reports coming in to his station.

“Culluh, we can transport you and your crew to Zendurk’s ship immediately. Lieutenant Lorne, prep our guests for transport. Ensign Cross, please go straight to the transporter room and prep the transporters for mass transport, at least ten at a time.” M’Kora orders and the officers acknowledge and immediately make their way to their assignments.

“Maje Culluh, we will greet you when you arrive. Apologies for the suspicions.” Zendurk bows and the viewscreen returns to a view of the Kazon ship floating in orbit around Ocampa.

M’Kora turns to Culluh and with a friendly tone, says, “Culluh, before you leave, there is a favor I would ask of you.”

“Well, since you kept your word and didn’t kill us all, I might try to do this favor for you. What’s the favor?” Culluh looks suspiciously at M’Kora.

“I would like for you to remove the Kazon-Ogla from Ocampa. I’m certain that is within your power.” M’Kora eyes Culluh.

Culluh lets out a long sigh and says, “I can do this. The Ogla and Nistrim are not allies. They will resist, but they’re much weaker than the Nistrim. I will tell them that the Federation asked us to collect them and take them to one of their ships.”

“Thank you. We will have ships entering this space very soon. It would be best if you collect them and leave quickly. The Federation sees the Kazon as a hostile entity and will likely meet you with aggressive caution.” M’Kora says, waiting to see if Culluh questions the validity of her claims.

“We want no war with the Federation. But we will find stronger technology and return to do battle with your Federation.” Culluh says as a team of security officers arrives and instructs Culluh to come with them.

ACT THREE: Scene Two – Single File, You Will Comply

There are Kazon being escorted to the transporter room in groups of ten by the ship’s security officers. The Kazon are very disgruntled and aren’t afraid to let everyone know. Even as they’re being transported to their sister ship, they show no appreciation or gratitude to the crew. Several of the Kazon attempt to start a fight with the security officers, but they are quickly subdued and carried to the transporter room.

Game Mechanics
~ Task: Transport the 50 Kazon
~ Difficulty: 2
~ Control + Engineering
~ Ship Assist: Sensors + Engineering
~ Must be done five times, 10 Kazon each transport.

“Step right up, folks!” Cross calls out to the Kazon as they enter the transporter room. Lorne is escorting groups with several of his security team.

While the Kazon are being transported off the ship, some of the other crew members are beginning work on the refinery for the Duranium. The crew is manually transporting the stored goods from one cargo bay to another and replicating materials for the refining machines when the senior staff arrives to assist in the construction of the equipment.

K’orvo has made his way back to his quarters and is resting his eyes for a moment. Zylas has returned to Sick Bay to check on some of the crew that were injured when the Mulgrew was thrown into the Delta Quadrant. Zynes is manning the helm and Dirnick has made his way to the cargo bay, in K’orvo’s place, where the refinery equipment is being put together and calibrated.

Dirnick looks over the equipment carefully and then calls to Cross over the comm. “Dirnick to Ensign Cross, I require your assistance in cargo bay three.”

“On my way, Lieutenant Commander.” Cross calls back and then looks to Lorne. “Could you take over for me here, Lieutenant?”

“It would be my pleasure.” Lorne looks sternly at the group being escorted into the transporter room. It doesn’t take Lorne much longer to transport the remaining Kazon off the ship and the Kazon ship warps away without any sign of appreciation or hostility.

A few moments after Cross leaves the transporter room, the doors to cargo bay three slide open and Cross comes hopping in. “I’m here, sir.”

“Excellent timing, Ensign. We need your expertise in engineering to help us finish constructing this refining equipment.” Dirnick points to a pile of primitive looking machinery.

“No problem! I’ll get right to it!” Cross immediately gets to work, pulling up large pieces of machinery with cogs and wires hanging from it, and then assembling them with ease.

Game Mechanics
~ Extended Task: Build Duranium Refinery
~ Work Track: 8
~ Magnitude: 2
~ Base Difficulty: 2
~ Reason + Engineering
~ Player Assist: Any Applicable Pairing with Explanation

“All done, sir!” Cross stands over the refinery equipment, looking at it with a sense of pride.

“Well done, Ensign. Now let’s begin cleaning up this Duranium.” Dirnick nods approvingly at Cross and then begins selecting his refining team.

The crew is about to begin scrubbing the abnormal radiation from the Duranium when a proximity alert sounds and a red alert is issued. There are hundreds of voices, speaking in unison, coming across the ship’s communications system. It says, “We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ship. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.”

K’orvo sits straight up in his bed, sweat pouring down his face, and he begins to shake at the sound of the Borg hail. Zylas is screaming and running around sickbay looking for valuables to grab.

The rest of the senior staff drops everything and rushes to the bridge. A red alert and call to battle stations goes out. Lorne and Zynes are already on the bridge when Dirnick and Cross enter through the turbo lift.

“Status report, Lieutenant Lorne.” M’Kora calls across the bridge.

The Kazon ship has already warped away and there is a Borg Sphere pulling the ship with a powerful tractor beam. The viewscreen has a sickly green glow from the light of the tractor beam and there is another alert sounding across the ship. The computer’s voice comes over the ship’s comm, “Intruder alert on decks 19, 20, and 24.” The ship has been pulled into the Borg sphere and is being boarded.

“The Kazon are long gone, and there is a Borg Sphere dropping out of warp directly ahead.” Lorne looks at his captain with a sense of dread on his face.

“Computer, open a ship-wide channel. Alright folks, this is it. We are alone and the Borg are here to assimilate us. We will most likely not make it out of this, but do not go down without a fight! That’s an order! Defend the ship and the crew to the last individual!” M’Kora reaches for her phaser and D’k tahg to ready herself for battle. The other bridge members put their phasers within reach and continue their attempts at fortifying the ship’s defenses.

“Intruder alert on decks 19, 20, and 24.” There is a pit in the stomach of every crew member aboard the Mulgrew when the computer alerts the crew of the intruders.

K’orvo is sitting in his darkened quarters on his bed with his disruptor trained on the door. He’s shaking and his breathing is erratic. Memories of assimilation and the reversal are flooding back to him as he waits for the door to his quarters to open.

Zylas bolts for the entrance to sickbay and then turns down the corridor towards the escape pods, screaming the entire time. His arms are so full of equipment, medicine, and other items that some items are falling to the ground as he runs. He doesn’t seem to notice the loss of any item until he drops a bar of Latinum. Only then does he grow silent and pause to retrieve it. Once he tucks it safely back into his pocket, he resumes screaming and continues his sprint towards the escape pods.

There is a sickening green glow as almost a dozen Borg drones beam onto the bridge. The crew immediately engage the drones with phasers set to rotating pulses. The Mulgrew jerks suddenly and Zynes looks to his console for answers.

“Captain, they’ve got a tractor beam on us! We’re being pulled into their ship!” Zynes calls to M’Kora.

“Someone try to break that beam! Try a feedback pulse!” M’Kora calls out as she blocks an attempted grapple from one of the drones.

Cross is approached by a drone who tries to inject him with assimilation tubules. Cross screams in a really high pitched tone and flails his hands at the drone. The unnatural response startles the drone for a brief moment but the drone decides to attempt to incapacitate Cross instead. The drone punches Cross, who squeaks at the pain, but Cross holds his ground at the console.

“Boss, I can’t stop the beam, but I can do this!” Cross activates a command on his console and every Borg on the bridge begins to twinkle and disappear in a flash of transporter light.

“Where are they, Ensign!?” M’Kora turns to Cross in anger, suspecting he beamed them somewhere else on the ship.

Cross points to the viewscreen and says, “There, boss.”

The viewscreen activates and there are almost a dozen frozen Borg drones floating in space, just outside the ship’s hull. There is a look of shock and surprise on the faces of the other bridge crew, but M’Kora steps up to Cross and places an approving hand on his shoulder.

“Good work, Ensign. Now, let’s take back our ship!” M’Kora says and the rest of the bridge crew rally to her call.

Borg Drone (Minor NPC) – Core Book, pg 322

The crew does everything they can to repel the boarders, fighting them off the best they can. The fight does not end without casualties on both sides. The ship has been pulled into the Borg Sphere by the Sphere’s tractor beam. The fight isn’t over before the ship is rocked by explosions coming from inside the sphere, all around the ship. Lights and panels begin to flicker and dim. Emergency lighting is on but the ship’s internal atmosphere feels off. The air feels lighter and each step takes less effort. Sweat beads off your forehead but doesn’t drop to the floor; it instead floats away from you towards the wall. Everything is starting to feel like it’s moving in slow motion, when the ship is jostled once more and gravity returns to normal.

On the bridge, there is a hail coming in, but it’s audio only. You can hear the voice of a woman calling the ship, but there’s a lot of distortion. You can barely make out what she’s saying and all you can hear is, “This is *static* Janeway. Can you hear me? *static* Please respond.”

Roll Credits!
  • Travis – Lieutenant Zynes/Lieutenant Commander Dirnick
  • Wednesday – Doctor Zylas/Commander K’orvo
  • North – Ensign Cross/Lieutenant Lorne
  • Kat (Dice Dice Kitty) – Captain M’Kora

“These are the voyages of the starship Mulgrew. We go where other Federation starships cannot. We blaze a path in the stars for fellow explorers. We don’t just boldly go, we go boldly and silently into the black.”     ~ M’Kora


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