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I thought this article would be delayed until next week, but it looks like I was able to get it out only two days late. Sorry about the delay!

Welcome to the final installment of my HeroClix Figure Spotlight series! It is with great sadness that I must inform you all that I will no longer be writing this series. It doesn’t appear that there are many (if any) HeroClix players are reading this series. Since WizKids has decided that I’m not longer worthy of spoilers, it seems that most of my HeroClix readers have deserted me. For this final article, I chose one of my favorite pieces to play with, Horta (035) from Star Trek Away Team: The Original Series!


What I Don’t Like

Well, there’s only two things I don’t like about this figure, and one has nothing to do with the figure itself. I wish Poison could get around damage reducers but that’s an actual game mechanic, and has nothing to do with the figure. The only other thing I don’t like, may have been an oversight of some kind. The Horta doesn’t have improved movement through Hindering terrain. I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t have it, but it doesn’t.

What I Like

I love this figure so much, I acquired three of them so I could run a 300 point team of Horta. I love that it can move through blocking terrain and destroy it too. That’s part of it’s special movement ability which also lets the Horta make a close attack if it moves less than five squares and is adjacent to blocking terrain. That special movement also gives it Sidestep, but for it to get the attack, it has to be given a move action. Sidestep is still incredibly useful in getting the Horta closer to their target and still being able to move five squares. Horta has its special movement on all six clicks too!

The Horta has a damage reducer on all six clicks. It starts with Impervious, then decreases to Invulnerability, and finally to Toughness on it’s final click. That last click is also a stop click, which has saved my Horta on more than one occasion.

Horta also have Poison on all six clicks, and Exploit Weakness on all six clicks. That Exploit Weakness comes with four damage on the top two clicks and then three damage on the rest. That’s a nice hit if it lands, which it’s likely with an attack of 10 and 9.

This figure has to be my favorite to use, even more than Rat King!

Favorite Build and Strategy

300 Point Team Build

(100) Mr. Spock (ST:TOS 036)
(100) Horta
(100) Horta

I love using Spock’s Agony Booth to trap a character, then use the Horta to move up and smack their other dudes. That’s the whole concept behind this team – trap a dude, move up and smack something, then poison them next turn.

For a 400 point build, I like to add another Horta or three Orion Females (ST:TOS 024) for their Mind Control.

What do you think of this figure?
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Greetings Fellow Clix Fans!


Welcome to the next installment of my HeroClix Figure Spotlight series! For this month’s article, I chose one of the Bombshells, Batgirl (037) from Harley Quinn and the Gotham Girls!

Batgirl 037

Figure Information

Point Value: 75 points
Dial Depth: 6 Clicks
Keywords: Bombshells, Suicide Squad, Monster

Team Ability

Standard Powers/Abilities
They will be listed as Power: Click Number(s). This list does not include traited powers and abilities.

Charge: 1-2
Hypersonic Speed: 3-6

Blades/Claws/Fangs: 1-2
Precision Strike: 3-6

Impervious: 1-2
Super Senses: 4-6 (part of a special ability)

Exploit Weakness: 1-2
Perplex: 5-6

Improved Abilities, Traits, and Special Powers
Batgirl has two Traits.

When Batgirl makes an attack targeting an opposing character, give her a Bombshell token. FREE: If she has two action tokens, remove two Bombshell tokens, then make a close attack.

Bloody Belle of the Bog
Steal Energy, Stealth. Batgirl starts the game on click #3. When Batgirl uses Steal Energy, she may heal past her starting line.

Special Defense Power:
WWI Flying Ace: 3-6
Super Senses. When attacked by a character with [FLIGHT], modify Batgirl’s defense +3.

Opinion and Strategy

Batgirl is a fun and powerful Bombshell character. She’s always the first character I choose when putting together a 300 or 400 point Bombshell team. Zatanna is usually my second choice, and then I fill out the rest of the team around those two. Batgirl is not Indomitable, but I think she’d be a little too powerful if she was. You have to play her with caution until you get her past her starting line, because as great as Super Senses is, it doesn’t always roll! Once she reaches her second click after healing, she can charge in, and use Exploit Weakness to hit them for a whopping four damage! She also has Blades/Claws/Fangs, but with a printed damage of four, I don’t usually go with BCF unless they’ve used Outwit to get rid of her Exploit Weakness. When they try to hit her, they have to get around her Impervious on her top two clicks. She can be a very formidable opponent once she’s healed into click one or two.

I also like using her with a generic Monster team. One of my all time favorite builds for 400 points is:

(75) Batgirl
(100) Rat King #24 Rare TMNT2
(80) Death #16 Rare Undead
(125) Monsterex #22 Rare TMNT1
(5) Professor X ID for Professor X #37a Xavier’s School (75 point call in)
Total: 385

I know I’m playing 15 points under, but I like the team and it plays well for me in a casual setting. I also can’t find a 15 point Monster that I like. Rat King helps me beat on their own team while Batgirl is trying to heal up into her top two clicks. Monsterex makes for a terrific, versatile distraction. Death has helped me KO characters in the past with his Trait: Harbinger of Death. It’s handy when you’re one damage shy of KO’ing a dude. He’s also got traited Blades/Claws/Fangs with Giant Reach of 2.

When I play a 300 point Monster team, I like using this build:

(75) Batgirl
(100) Horta #35 Rare ST:TOS
(125) Monsterex #22 Rare TMNT1
Total: 300

I’m a sucker for a full point Horta and I love Monsterex’s versatility. This team really depends on map choice and if I win, I typically choose the Horta’s home turf – Underground Cavern (ST:TOS). This map gives my Horta an advantage and also helps Batgirl and Monsterex position themselves safely. With cavern walls as cover, this team can be lethal if you’re not paying attention and Batgirl is the deadliest!

What do you think of this figure?
Do you have a figure you would use in place of this one?
Is there a figure you would like me to Spotlight?
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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


I have a ‘mighty’ cool treat for you today, courtesy of WizKids! In celebration of the release of The Mighty Thor set, they’ve sent me a few ‘worthy’ card scans to share! And before you start wondering when you can get your hands on this set, it’s available right now! You can find foil booster packs and draft packs at your friendly local game store.

Preview #1 – Beta Ray Bill: A Worthy Opponent

First up, we’ve got a Guardians of the Galaxy affiliated character, Beta Ray Bill: A Worthy Opponent.

MDM9 Cards Reg95

This is a whopper of a character! He’s got some huge defense stats and his attack is sure to pack a punch! As an added bonus to his glorious stats, when Beta Ray Bill attacks, he can KO a Bolt character die that’s the same level or lower as his die. If you have multiple Beta Ray Bill dice to attack with, each one gets to KO a Bolt character that’s equal or lower level than their level. I know his purchase cost is high, but there are plenty of ways to lower that purchase cost a little. One way is to use Big Entrance: Basic Action Card. Using that action die will reduce his cost by one and also put him in your bag when you buy him. You could get lucky and find a Big Entrance card in one of The Mighty Thor draft packs!

Preview #2 – Enchantress: Fatal Attraction

Next up, we have an addition to the Mystics affiliation, Enchantress: Fatal Attraction.

MDM9 Cards Reg102

If simple brute force isn’t what you want, Enchantress is a card you might want to look at. She’s got a high purchase cost, but just like Beta Ray Bill, you can reduce it with cards like Big Entrance. Her ability is a really good one if she’s on your side! She’s got the ability to tax your opponents when they try to use a Global Ability or an action die. Her ability doesn’t say basic action die, which means she forces them to pay that one extra energy for ANY action die they try to use! She also taxes the Global Abilities they try to use too, which could give you an advantage if your opponent is relying heavily on Globals or action dice. If your opponent isn’t using a lot of Globals or action dice, Enchantress can still deal a decent amount of damage to them with her high attack stats. She’s got the wit and the muscle!

Preview #3 – Hela: Even in Death…

Next up is a very menacing looking Villain, Hela: Even in Death….

MDM9 Cards Reg105

Hela is a super tough character with her huge stats, so it makes perfect sense for her to have a While Active ability. She’s a really useful character if your opponent is using Immortal characters.

Immortal: Except when purchased, when this die would go to the Used Pile, instead add it your bag.”

When an opposing character with the Immortal keyword is KO’d, you get to Prep a die from your bag. It’s usually beneficial to roll more than four dice at the start of your turn, because this gives you more opportunities to purchase crucial elements of your win condition or it can provide the energy you need for a super important Global Ability, like Hela’s. Hela’s Global is a double edged sword though. You need a loophole to prevent your dice from being chosen by your opponent. One way is be sure all of the dice you don’t want back on their cards are in your bag or Reserve Pool before using her Global. Another is with the Global on True Believer: Basic Action Card from the Amazing Spider-Man Starter. This will only help one of your character dice in the Field Zone, but that may be all you need!

W True Believer, BAC

Preview #4 – Pepper Potts: Behind Every Great Man

With this next card, we see the return of the Stark Industries affiliation. I’m super excited about this because it’s the first set we’re seeing it in, outside of the Iron Man and War Machine Starter! Thank you, Pepper Potts: Behind Every Great Man, you are my hero today!

MDM9 Cards Reg118

Rescue: Resilient and Rescue: Catching a Jet needed a new Pepper Potts and I’m so glad we’re getting her! This Pepper Potts is particularly handy while you have Iron Man active. Her stats get a nice boost as long as Iron Man is also in the Field Zone. She’ll become a 4A/4D on level one, 4A/6D on level two, and 5A/5D on level three – all with a zero fielding cost! You just need to be sure to bring an Iron Man – in case your opponent didn’t bring Iron Man to the battle. I like Iron Man: Secretary of Defense because his Enlistment ability puts your opponent in a tough spot!

W Iron Man, Secretary of Defense


While I’m not a fan of the more expensive characters, I totally have my eye on that Enchantress and Hela for her Global! I’m a control player and they’re both my type of cards. My favorite of all four of these cards is most definitely Pepper Potts! I can’t wait to get my hands on one and build a team with her, Iron Man, and Rescue. Now, we need a new Iron Man! I’m super excited to see what I get from my draft pack display that I’ll be picking up from FLGS later today. I’ll be posting an article with my pulls and an unboxing video soon! Keep an eye on my YouTube channel for it.

Huge thanks go to WizKids for allowing me to bring you these previews and I hope that you’re just as excited as I am for what The Mighty Thor set will bring to the game!

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Greetings Fellow Clix Fans!


We just had our Star Trek Away Team release event on Sunday and it was a blast! We were only able to get three folks to come up for the event, but this didn’t dampen our spirits at all! I don’t think it’s a great idea for WizKids to release so much product in such a short time like they’ve been doing for both Dice Masters and HeroClix. It makes it hard enough on players in only one of those communities, but for those of us that play both – it’s practically impossible to keep up with both like this.

But regardless, I’m still super happy that we now have Star Trek pieces that are legal for Modern Age play! I recorded all the matches of the day, which you can find on my YouTube channel, here.

Our event was a 300 point sealed event, and we only used the maps from the OP kit. We were given a D10 and rolled to see which two boosters we got. This is the team I put together from my two boosters:


I also had this guy on my Sideline for Charvanek’s Plot ability.


I also pulled a Bele and Lokai, but chose to not use them because I felt like Chekov and Charvanek were better with their regular Probability Control abilities.

Round One – Bye!


Time to throw popcorn from the spectator seat! Just ‘horsing’ around. No popcorn was thrown and I was well behaved.

You can watch all the shenanigans of Chris and Travis who played on the featured table in round one.

Record: 1-0-0

Round Two vs Travis F.

Travis and I had a good match, though he tends to get a little frustrated with his dice rolls. But then again, who doesn’t? He had several bad rolls that could have changed the course of the game and I had several good rolls that helped me get the edge. I also had two pieces with Probability Control that helped me out, where he wasn’t so lucky. You can watch us play on the featured match for round two.

Record: 2-0-0

Round Three vs Chris E.

Chris is a formidable opponent every time I play against him. He has good strategic and tactical sense and it sometimes diverts me from what I was planning. We had a really great match and had lots of fun playing with our teams. He was very difficult to defeat, and had he been able to keep one piece (other than the Tribbles) alive, he may have found a way to victory. You can watch us play on the featured match for round three.

Record: 3-0-0
Final Standing: 1st


First place and fellowship both got the Evil Kirk figure. I won one and Chris won the fellowship one. Travis forfeited his fellowship roll because he’s my husband and I was already going to get one – I don’t think it’s nice for someone to try and monopolize prizing.


We all made off with a copy of the map as well! The Amok Time is an Outdoor map and the Underground Cavern is an Indoor map. Amok Time is from the episode (also titled Amok Time) where Kirk and Spock fought ‘to the death’. It’s a classic episode and I’m tickled it’s a map! The Underground Cavern is from the episode, The Devil in the Dark, which is the feature episode for the Horta. That’s one of my favorite episodes, so when I saw this map, I squealed like a fan girl! You should be able to click the images below to get a better look at the maps.



I’ve already had the privilege of playing constructed teams with some of these pieces and now I have a sealed event to add to that. I really love this set! It may be because I know all the characters and I love the Star Trek Universe as a whole, but I’ve never had so much fun with the whole of a HeroClix set. I love the Ninja Turtle sets and there are great pieces in those sets, but there is something – different – about this set that draws me in.

All of the pieces are thematic to their small screen counterparts and the factions work together the way they should. A great example of this is how the Romulans are backstabbing aliens, so one of the key pieces has Mastermind throughout most of her dial. The Starfleet pieces enhance each other and the Klingons do not want to hide in the hindering terrain. The different aliens are all special and thematic to how they’re portrayed in the show. There are so many great examples like how the M-113 Creature steals life; the Mugato adds action tokens or deals damage if it can’t add a token; the Orions seduce and Mind Control; and the Horta is not bothered by indoor blocking terrain. I think there are many great pieces that could find a way into a more broad spotlight. Trelane and the rare Uhura are both really nice pieces that could find places on various teams.

I thoroughly enjoyed this sealed event, and not because I won. Anyone that knows me will tell you that as long as I can put up a decent fight, I’ll have fun and enjoy the game. I just got lucky with my pulls in this event. Charvanek, Uhura, and Chekov are all amazing sealed pieces. The Orion Female is another crazy good piece – as you’ll see if you watch my match against Chris (Bones, I’m so sorry!). I can’t wait to mix and match these with some of my TMNT pieces – or my Bombshells!

Thank you, WizKids! You have made this Trekkie very happy and I hope to see more Star Trek sets from other shows and even more from TOS – there are more dudes that would be great pieces!

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The Inhumans have become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to shows like Agents of Shield and now Inhumans. Regardless of whether or not you like those shows, they have spurred the interest of folks to check out the source material. I admittedly was never versed on the Inhumans, but thanks to Agents of Shield, began delving into the lore and history of this group of awesome characters.

The Inhumans vs X-Men comic event is one of my favorite Marvel events in recent comic history. It was the event that brought the Inhumans back into the forefront of Marvel’s comic world for many of myself and local fellow comic fans. Because of IvX, I sought out the Uncanny Inhumans comics and wasn’t disappointed with them.

You can probably imagine my excitement when I saw some Inhumans in the Deadpool set. I built an Inhumans affiliated team with the three affiliated characters as the core of the team. It’s definitely not competitive, but it’s lots of fun to play and that’s what matters! But now, with the cards in this OP Kit, I have new options to play around with for that team!

Participation Prize – Black Bolt: …

Participation cards are usually given to all players that participate in the event. I usually give out the participation prizes to all players, even if they received one from the previous OP event. This may be different at each venue based on how many players and kits the store has available.

W Black Bolt, ...

This is a direct reprint of the common card from the Deadpool set. While this card is fun to toy around with, I actually prefer the rare version from the same set, Black Bolt: King of the Inhumans. One of the great things about this card is that he can target himself and boost his attack by three, making him a six attack on level one and two and an eight attack on level three. That’s definitely helpful if you have a way to make him unblockable or your opponent just doesn’t have any blockers in the Field.

This card would be fun to pair with the Madame Web: The Great Web Unravels and Adam Warlock: Standing Watch Over Infinity combo from the Guardians of the Galaxy set. With those two cards, you can potentially clear their entire Field of characters while Black Bolt runs over and smacks your opponent for six or eight damage each turn he’s fielded. This is a build I’ve been thinking about working on for local casual play.

He’s a fun card, and you get a copy just for showing up to the event! I absolutely love this artwork for Black Bolt too. The newest Black Bolt titled comic has some very pretty and unique artwork as well that I’d love to see on a card.

Fellowship Prize – Lockjaw: LJ

The Fellowship Prize is an additional prize for a player, usually one that hasn’t won another prize yet. We used to take votes, but that took way too long. Now, we have each player (except the first place player) roll a D20 in the order of their standings and the player that rolls the highest number, gets the Fellowship card. We also require that players be present to be able to roll for the Fellowship Prize. Some stores give the Fellowship Prize to the player in last place and I’ve even seen stores draw names from a bucket. How you determine the Fellowship player is different for each venue so check with your FLGS to see how they choose their Fellowship player. 

W Lockjaw, LJ

Lockjaw: LJ is a new card that uses the same die as the Lockjaw cards from the Deadpool set. This art is the cutest! The ability is really cool too, but my hangup is with his purchase cost. Lockjaw’s purchase costs from the Deadpool set are three and four. The version I prefer is the rare, Lockjaw: King’s Best Friend and his purchase cost is three. Since all of Black Bolt and Medusa’s purchase costs are four and five, I can’t see myself playing this version of Lockjaw in Modern Age. His ability is definitely worth the cost, but still too expensive for the current selection of Inhumans.

In Golden Age events, there are ways to discount dice and I could see him being much more fun to play in casual Golden Age events. There are a wider selection of utility cards too that would make a team like that more fun to play with.

First Place Prize – Medusa: Devoted Wife

The first place cards are given to the player that wins the event. These cards are typically new cards and not alternate art or reprint cards.

W Medusa, Devoted Wife

Medusa: Devoted Wife is a new card that uses the same die as the Medusa cards from the Deadpool set. Her art is absolutely gorgeous! I was floored when I saw how stunning this card was in person. As for her ability, I love the Deadly keyword on my Medusa cards because it’s very thematic. My favorite Medusa from the Deadpool set is Medusa: Tangled Up. That card ability is by far, the most thematic of all the Medusa card abilities. She has Deadly and the ability to block one or two attacking character dice. This OP Medusa card is also thematic in that she gives Black Bolt the Iron Will keyword.

I do have a major issue, but not with this card. My issue is that all the Black Bolt abilities are When Fielded abilities. Typically when you have a character with a When Fielded ability, you want to either KO them or cycle them quickly through your bag so you can utilize their ability as much as possible. Medusa’s ability is perfect for a character that needs to stay active, but not for one that you want to cycle. I hope WizKids prints a Black Bolt with an ability that will benefit from this Medusa because she’s not a bad card at all.

Note – This Medusa will not grant King Black Bolt: Ruler of Attilan the Iron Will keyword. The card title must be Black Bolt and his title is King Black Bolt. You can find the ruling for this on WORF (WizKids Official Rules Forum).

If you’re not familiar with Deadly or Iron Will, you can find definitions on the WizKids Keywords page.


I love the cards in this OP Kit. Lockjaw may not be my favorite of all the Lockjaw cards, but his art is so cute! Black Bolt and Medusa have art that’s both beautiful and powerful. I would have liked for Black Bolt to have a different ability that would have worked with Medusa, instead of a reprint from Deadpool. They’ve made all new cards in an OP Kit before and I honestly don’t mind reprinted cards with alternate art. I just really want a Black Bolt that I feel is more synergistic with this amazing new Medusa.

For a collector, these are “must have” cards. If you’re looking for the newest and hottest meta cards, this is not the OP Kit you’re looking for. These cards could have some trade value for collectors, so I wouldn’t pass up a chance to play in one or more of these OP events if there are some near you. These cards could be great for casual play too depending on your play style. I think they’re definitely worth the time and effort to obtain.

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For this week’s confusing card of the week article, we’re going to take a look at Scarlet Witch: Careful What You Wish For from the Marvel X-Men First Class set.

W Scarlet Witch, Careful What You Wish For

Ruling – Ability

“While Scarlet Witch is active, during your opponent’s Roll and Reroll Step, your opponent must reroll any Action dice that land on an Action face and cannot reroll any Action dice on energy faces.”

Scarlet Witch’s ability is a While Active ability. A While Active ability is one that works regardless of how many of the character’s dice are in the Field Zone. While Active abilities are like a light – it’s either on, or it’s off.


While Scarlet Witch is active, only during your opponent’s Roll and Reroll Step, if they roll any action dice and those dice land on an action face, they must choose to reroll them. They are not able to choose to reroll any action dice that show an energy face.

Scarlet Witch’s ability applies to all action dice: basic action dice, non-basic action dice, equipment, etc. Anything that is considered to be an action die will be affected by her effect.

If you have Scarlet Witch active, any action dice that show an action face after your opponent rolls their dice during the Roll and Reroll Step, must be chosen by the opponent to be rerolled. They can choose any other dice, except action dice showing an energy face, to reroll with the chosen action dice.

If the rerolled action dice land on an action face after they are rerolled, your opponent does not have to reroll them again. Scarlet Witch’s ability only forces them to choose to reroll them once during the Roll and Reroll Step.

Miscellaneous Card Information

~ Scarlet Witch is a Bolt type character card.
~ She has the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and Villain affiliation.
~ She has a max dice of four.
~ This card is an Common and is #31 of 124.

Official Sources

WizKids Official Rules Forum (WORF)
You can find a ruling for Scarlet Witch, here.

You can find the cross IP compatibility wording, here.
You can find more info about specific Keywords on the WizKids Keywords page.

Turn Order Summary Reference


Strategy and Opinion

This Scarlet Witch could be powerful in almost any format where action dice are highly utilized. She’s a great soft counter for action dice teams or even a team that only uses one really powerful action die, like Lantern Ring: Limited Only By Imagination. With Scarlet Witch active, your opponent would essentially need to roll their action dice on an action face twice to keep them. Any action dice that are rolled on an energy face are stuck that way. Cards like Parallax will come in handy against Scarlet Witch, so if you’re using Scarlet Witch, don’t bring Parallax too!

I’m highly considering a spot for her on my Modern Age constructed team, mainly because there are so many good action dice out there that could be a problem. I plan to do some test playing with her very soon. It’s so difficult to test play right now because there are still so many sets scheduled for release and there could be something new or something better that would just take her place or make her obsolete.

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Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


For this week’s confusing card of the week article, we’re going to take a look at Wonder Woman: Reflections from the DC Superman Wonder Woman set.

W 24 Wonder Woman, Reflections


Ruling – Ability

“While Wonder Woman is active, “When fielded” and “When attacks” abilities are ignored.”

Wonder Woman’s ability is a While Active ability. A While Active ability is one that works regardless of how many of the character’s dice are in the Field Zone. While Active abilities are like a light – it’s either on, or it’s off.


While there is at least one Wonder Woman die in the Field Zone, all When Fielded and When Attacks abilities will be ignored. This ability will apply to both your opponent’s characters and your own characters and this ability is not optional.

Wonder Woman’s ability will not affect keyword abilities that have a When Fielded or When Attacks effect. For example, Wonder Woman’s ability will not affect Intimidate or Call Out.

Wonder Woman’s ability does not blank the text from the card. Her ability ignores the effects of the ability without blanking the text.

Miscellaneous Card Information

~ Wonder Woman is a Mask type character card.
~ She has the Justice League affiliation.
~ She has a max dice of four.
~ This card is an Common and is #24 of 34.

Official Sources

WizKids Official Rules Forum (WORF)
You can find a ruling for this card, here and here.

You can find the cross IP compatibility wording, here.
You can find more info about specific Keywords on the WizKids Keywords page.

Turn Order Summary Reference


Strategy and Opinion

I fell in love with this card the moment I saw it. I knew she was the answer to many of the more troublesome cards, like Half-Elf Bard: Master Lords’ Alliance and Green Goblin: “Gobby”. She’s an absolute treasure in Golden Age events and very likely in future Modern Age events as well. with the release of Norman Osborn: Don’t Call Me “Gobby”! from the Guardians of the Galaxy set, she’s already a card that should be considered for your teams. She’s not too difficult to purchase even for a five cost and her stats are very good for a character that needs to stay in the Field Zone. Most folks worry about Shriek hitting her card before they can buy and field her, but a well placed Captain Cold’s Cold Gun (uncommon or rare) will dispose of Shriek dice and then she won’t be able to blank Wonder Woman again without help. I think she’s worth heavy consideration for any team, and she could be a very valuable asset.

Opinions on this card? Leave a comment!
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Is there a combo that seems too good to be true?
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For this week’s confusing card of the week article, we’re going to take a look at Angela: Art of the Hunt from the Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy set.

W Angela, Art of the Hunt

Ruling – Infiltrate Ability

“When a character die with Infiltrate attacks and is not blocked, you may choose to remove that character die from combat and not deal combat damage to your opponent. If you do, that character die deals 1 damage to your opponent and the die remains in your Field Zone instead of going to your Used Pile.”

Infiltrate is an ability that allows you to choose between dealing combat damage as normal, or keeping your character active in the field and only dealing one ability damage to your opponent instead.

Infiltrate damage is dealt after blockers are assigned during the Attack Step. After blockers are assigned, you can choose to activate the Infiltrate ability on each character die that has Infiltrate. When you activate the Infiltrate ability, the dice are immediately removed from the Attack Zone and placed in the Field Zone. The Attack Zone is still part of the Field Zone, but only attacking and blocking dice are placed here to show they are in combat.

Infiltrate damage is considered ability damage and not combat damage. If another ability would affect damage being dealt to a player, this damage can be affected. If the ability specifies combat damage, Infiltrate damage cannot be affected by that ability.

If a character die is blocked, they cannot use their Infiltrate ability, even if the blocker is removed prior to combat damage being resolve. Once a character is blocked, they are considered to be blocked for that entire combat.

If a character die is not blocked, that die can use it’s Infiltrate ability to deal one damage directly to the opponent. If they do, that die does not deal any combat damage.

Attack Step – Assign Attackers
~ This is where attacking dice are assigned.
Attack Step – Assign Blockers
~ This is where blocking dice are assigned.
~ Any dice with Infiltrate can be activated in this step after all blockers have been assigned and those dice with Infiltrate are not blocked.
~ Once activated, the dice will be removed from the Attack Zone, remaining in the Field Zone, and your opponent will take one damage from each dice with Infiltrate. Those dice are no longer considered to be attacking.

Ruling – Ability

Angela has an additional ability on her card that affects her Infiltrate ability. Her additional ability allows her to deal an additional damage with her Infiltrate ability when she uses it.

If Angela is not blocked, she can use Infiltrate. When she uses Infiltrate, she can deal two damage instead of one and she remains in the Field Zone.

Attack Step – Assign Attackers
~ A level three Angela die is assigned to attack.
Attack Step – Assign Blockers
~ There are no blockers assigned.
~ Angela uses her Infiltrate ability and is removed from the Attack Zone. She will deal two damage instead of one to the opposing player.

Miscellaneous Card Information

~ Angela is a Bolt type character card.
~ She has the Guardians of the Galaxy affiliation.
~ She has a max dice of four.
~ This card is an Uncommon and is #43 of 124.

Official Sources

WizKids Official Rules Forum (WORF)
There isn’t a ruling for this specific card.

You can find more info about specific Keywords on the WizKids Keywords page.

Turn Order Summary Reference


Opinion and Strategy

I’m really digging this new Infiltrate ability and I like the characters that enhance the ability a lot. I like the super rare version, Angela: Hunter of Demons. She makes your characters with Infiltrate unblockable, and she also has Infiltrate. The downside is that she also makes it so your characters with Infiltrate can’t deal combat damage.

The version of Angela in this article is a great draft pick. I also like her because I still have the choice of dealing combat damage or using the Infiltrate ability. She also does an additional point of damage if she uses Infiltrate, making her damage two instead of one. If you get several of her dice in the field, she could possibly be doing a decent amount of damage when she’s not blocked.

I like the offensive nature of Infiltrate characters, but they are great control pieces too. Your opponent has to think a little harder about how they block or don’t block when these guys are running around. Characters that use Infiltrate when not blocked will remain in the field as potential blockers. Infiltrate is definitely better than I initially thought and this particular Angela is a great character to play around with.

Opinions on this card? Leave a comment!
Is there a card your confused on?

Is there a combo that seems too good to be true?
Leave me a comment here or message me on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

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Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!



A new set has just released and it’s loaded with characters that are here to either save the galaxy or destroy it! Guardians of the Galaxy is now available in the US!

You can find the checklist for Guardians of the Galaxy, here.


Promo Card and Pack Insert

W Star-Lord, Let's Dance

This time around, we don’t get a blank sketch variant. We have an alternate art version of the uncommon Star-Lord: Let’s Dance from the set. I’m a huge fan of the blank sketch cards and I was surprised to see the alt art instead. It’s still cool and neat looking and it’s nice of WizKids to give us these alt art cards as a thank you for buying full gravity feeds.

Rules Insert

You can find the Rules Insert online, here. Make sure to check the WizKids Keywords page to see the current and updated wording on Keyword Abilities.

Gravity Feed

We pulled 112 common cards; 9 of our commons were foil. We didn’t get any duplicate foil commons. I highlighted the ones we pulled foils of with red text, and the total includes the foil version.

x4     #01     Adam Warlock
x2     #02     Agent Venom
x3     #03     Angela
x3     #04     Beta Ray Bill
x3     #05     Black Widow
x3     #06     Captain America
x3     #07     Captain Marvel
x3     #08     Cosmic Cube
x3     #09     Cosmo, Space Dog
x2     #10     Daisy Johnson
x3     #11     Drax
x2     #12     Dum Dum Dugan
x3     #13     Gamora
x4     #14     Ghost Rider
x2     #15     Groot
x2     #16     Hulk
x2     #17     Ironheart
x3     #18     Knowhere
x2     #19     Madame Masque
x2     #20     Madame Web
x3     #21     Mantis
x3     #22     Moondragon
x3     #23     Nebula
x2     #24     Norman Osborn
x3     #25     Nova Corps Uniform
x3     #26     Nova Prime
x3     #27     Quasar
x3     #28     Ricochet
x3     #29     Rocket Raccoon
x2     #30     Ronan the Accuser
x4     #31     S.W.O.R.D. Agent
x2     #32     Squirrel Girl
x4     #33     Star-Lord
x2     #34     Stick
x3     #35     Thanos
x3     #36     The Collector
x3     #37     The Kyln
x3     #38     The Spot
x3     #39     Yellow Jacket
x3     #40     Yondu


We pulled 50 uncommon cards; 9 of our uncommons were foil. We pulled all but one of the uncommons and none of our foils were duplicates.

x1     #41     Adam Warlock
x1     #42     Agent Venom
x1     #43     Angela
x1     #44     Beta Ray Bill
x1     #45     Black Widow
x1     #46     Captain America
x1     #47     Captain Marvel
x2     #48     Cosmic Cube
x1     #49     Cosmo, Space Dog
x2     #50     Daisy Johnson
x1     #51     Drax
x1     #52     Dum Dum Dugan
x1     #53     Gamora
x2     #54     Ghost Rider
x1     #55     Groot
x1     #56     Hulk
x2     #57     Ironheart
x2     #58     Knowhere
x1     #59     Madame Masque
x1     #60     Madame Web
x1     #61     Mantis
x1     #62     Moondragon
x2     #63     Nebula
x2     #64     Norman Osborn
x1     #65     Nova Corps Uniform
x1     #66     Nova Prime
x2     #67     Quasar
x1     #68     Ricochet
x2     #69     Rocket Raccoon
x1     #70     Ronan the Accuser
x1     #71     S.W.O.R.D. Agent
x0     #72     Squirrel Girl
x1     #73     Star-Lord
x1     #74     Stick
x1     #75     Thanos
x1     #76     The Collector
x1     #77     The Kyln
x3     #78     The Spot
x1     #79     Yellow Jacket
x1     #80     Yondu

Rares and Super Rares

You won’t get all the rares in one feed, but you get a good amount of them. We pulled 16 rares and none of them were duplicates; 4 of our rares were foil. We also pulled two Super Rares, which are foil.

#82     Agent Venom
#84     Black Widow
#85     Captain Marvel
#87     Cosmo, Space Dog
#92     Ghost Rider
#93     Groot
#94     Hulk
#101     Nebula
#102     Nova Corps Uniform
#105     Ricochet
#106     Rocket Raccoon
#107     Ronan the Accuser
#108     S.W.O.R.D. Agent
#112     The Collector
#113     The Kyln
#114     The Spot

#122     Groot Thor (Super Rare)
#124     Punisher Sorcerer Supreme
(Super Rare)

New Ability Keywords

Call Out – When a character die with Call Out attacks, you target an opposing character die. The targeted die can only legally block the attacking die that used Call Out on it, and no other die can legally blocked the die that used Call Out. If the die that used Call Out cannot legally be blocked for any reason (an effect made it unblockable, two different dice chose the same target for their Call Out, the die targeted with Call Out was KO’d, etc.) then the effect of Call Out is cancelled.

I like that WizKids is putting a great bit of thought into the details of keywords now. Most of the questions I have are answered just by reading the keyword description on their site. Call Out seems like an interesting control ability that I will definitely need to play around with. Using Call Out is a great way to get around particular blockers to allow your other characters to deal their damage or use an ability that requires the character to be unblocked.

Infiltrate – When a character die with Infiltrate attacks and is not blocked, you may choose to remove them from combat and not deal combat damage to your opponent. If you do, they deal 1 damage to your opponent, and return to your Field Zone.

I’m loving Infiltrate and some of the cards that enhance Infiltrate or help characters with this keyword, like a character with Call Out. Characters that use Infiltrate are dealing ability damage to your opponent – not combat damage. That is very important to remember because ability damage is not the same as combat damage. I really like that I can attack with a character that has Infiltrate, use the ability to deal one damage to my opponent, and still have that character to use as a blocker. This ability was made for players like me that love control pieces and play control teams, but still have that bit of aggro in our blood. I hope this ability works as well as I think it will, and I can’t wait to test it out!

Returning Keywords

Remember to always check WizKids Keywords page for the most recent and updated definitions.





There are several returning affiliations and no new affiliations. Inhumans and Mystics only on one character each. King Black Bolt is an Inhuman and Villain. Punisher Sorcerer Supreme is Marvel Knights and Mystics.

Guardians of the Galaxy
Marvel Knights


Here are several of my favorite cards from my Gravity Feed. Be sure to check out my Gravity Feed Unboxing video to see all of our pulls!


Blog Faves 1

Mantis: Celestial Madonna (left) – I loved using Zatanna: Zatanna Zatara from the Justice League set and I miss her, but her replacement has finally arrived! I know Jade from War of Light has a similar ability, but she’s a Bolt character and I wanted a Mask character. I like having a blocker that I don’t mind KO’ing, and sometimes, that stops my opponent from attacking frivolously. She cost three to purchase and has a TFC of one, which is great for her ability.

Nebula: The Family Business (center) – This Nebula has a superb defense across all levels for the fielding cost. Her purchase cost is on point for her ability and stats, making her a great choice for a variety of teams. She’s a nice control piece that will likely yield decent results and possibly be enough of a threat for an opponent to waste a Shriek or DWiz on.

Quasar: Protector of the Universe (right) – A character that cost four to purchase, has a TFC of three with decent attack, and can also go to your Prep instead of Used Pile after smacking your opponent – Yes, please! I love this card! And one of the most awesome things about her? She’s got the Guardians of the Galaxy affiliation! I want to rebuild my GotG team and this is likely going to be one of the first cards I select – unless I see a better version.

Blog Faves 2

The Spot: Dr. Jonathan Ohnn (left) – The Spot is one of my favorite Spider-Man villains, second only to Hobgoblin. I know that many folks out there don’t like him, but I always thought his powers and abilities were interesting. I was super excited to see him in this set and even more excited to see how thematic his abilities are on all versions. But sometimes, it’s the simple things that are most appealing, and The Spot with Infiltrate is my favorite version. It fits him so well! He cost two to purchase and has a TFC of two. His stats aren’t very high, but with Infiltrate, you don’t need high stats.

Adam Warlock: Standing Watch Over Infinity (center) – This card is like Imprisoned, but pumped up and with legs. All you need to do is force several opposing characters to block him and make sure he’ll get KO’d, swipe those dudes and never field Adam Warlock again! Those dudes are forever trapped! This is a ridiculously good control card that’s easily paired with Wasp: Fashionista from the Civil War starter. Being a heavy control player, I’m star-struck by Adam Warlock!

Angela: Art of the Hunt (right) – I’m digging the Infiltrate keyword and here’s a character that gets to do two damage instead of one when she uses Infiltrate. I like her stats and purchase cost and she’s a GotG affiliated character. I can’t wait to get this GotG team put together!

Blog Faves 3

Captain America: Chemistry Project (left) – I’m a control player at heart, but I like these type of cards that allow me to do direct damage to my opponent. Captain America allows me to deal damage and keep my dude too. This helps put my mind at ease about attacking because this is another card I could easily pair with Wasp: Fashionista from the Civil War starter. There are also plenty of ways to prevent lethal damage to character dice, making this card very appealing to me! His dice stats are really good for his ability and his TFC of five shouldn’t be an issue since you don’t want him to leave the field. I also love the new red/white swirl with the blue accents.

Cosmic Cube: Beyond Imagination (center) – Wow! This Cosmic Cube is begging to be added to Satchel teams! You could easily purchase several different action dice in one turn thanks to this card. It only cost two to purchase and would also be an asset to Front Line teams that need to purchase their Front Line dice. You would want to purchase a cheaper action die first, then you can get the three energy discount on the Front Line, making it cost two. Seems like a good idea to me!

Groot: The Monster from Planet X (right) – This Groot has awesome defense stats on level two and three for his ability. He cost four to purchase, but that’s not bad at all for what he does. I am not a fan of his Global because most of my teams are control teams that slowly deal damage and this Global would give my opponent an opportunity to come back. If I were going to use this Groot, I would put him on a team that doesn’t deal much damage until it’s ready for the killing blow. If not for that Global, he would likely have been my favorite card in the entire set! But it is nice to see a Global that helps you gain life without a silly restriction on it, like the one Pizza has. I don’t mind the Once Per Turn limitation, though. I think it’s actually a necessary limitation for any life gain Global.

Blog Faves 4

Quasar: Might of the Quantum Bands (left) – Here’s another great Quasar card! Now I don’t know which one I want to use. This one is more control than the other, but I like the other too. They both have the same purchase cost, so I guess I’ll have to see how my GotG team starts to come together before choosing a Quasar card. I really like this ability though, because it could potentially stifle my opponent’s ability to purchase something that they need. Quasar’s stats are good for a character that needs to stay active.

Thanos: Throwing Down the Gauntlet (center) – I read this card and laughed out loud. This is the perfect anti-Swarm and anti-Rush card! Thanos is such a beast and I love him! The only thing I don’t like is his purchase cost. It’s a justifiable purchase cost, but it’s very hard to play cards that cost six or more and utilize them effectively. I should know – I play Grodd and I played Colossus: Piotr Rasputin at the Owensboro WKO this last time. Colossus got me into top eight, but it was a struggle. I will most likely try to find a way to play with this card. It has DDK written all over it. I love taking near-impossible-to-play cards and finding a way to make them work, at least a casual format.

Black Widow: Spider’s Bite (right) – So, this Black Widow just made me love Infiltrate even more! My Angela can now do three damage when using Infiltrate. And Black Widow is a While Active ability, so I don’t have to attack with her if I think she could be blocked or KO’d when she attacks. WizKids, you really do love your Black Widows, don’t you? I have yet to come across a set with a Black Widow that I didn’t like.

Blog Faves 5

Groot: Growing Pains (left) – I like this Groot because he makes your opponent think long and hard about KO’ing your characters. There is a possibility that this Groot could change the way your opponent would have blocked, which could give you an advantage and a lead in life total. If you load up your Prep Area with character dice, they surely won’t want to Canister that Shriek or DWiz and then KO Groot because then they could be looking at a hoard of level two dudes! Groot is difficult to KO, unless he’s on level one, or you have a way to force a blocker on him and pump that blocker’s attack up. You could even damage your Groot enough with your own Globals/Abilities so when they do block, it KO’s him and you get his ability. He’s definitely an interesting card.

Nova Corps Uniform: A Symbol of Order (center) – I like that this can be equipped to any of your character dice, including that one Sidekick that always wants to be a Sidekick and never rolls energy. Nova Corps Uniform is a great way to clear those pesky Sidekick walls out of the way too. It cost three to purchase, but it’s a decent action die all around. It can be used on any character die, has an useful ability for any character die it’s equipped to, or can be used as energy if you don’t roll the action face.

The Collector: Taneleer Tivan (right) – This card makes my head hurt. You can steal your opponent’s win condition or control piece and use it against them, which seems cool, but it’s not so cool if you’re staring at a Collector on the other side of the board. It’s also a little confusing. What is considered an ‘unpurchased character die’? Is it any target die that’s still on the card or is it a character whose dice have not been purchased at all yet? I’m fairly certain it’s not the latter. I could see where this card could be super useful and it’s a very nice ability to use against someone, but I feel sorry for all the newer players out there that read this card and instantly develop a headache from trying to understand it. I also feel like this card is a little overpowered for his purchase cost.

Blog Faves 6

Groot Thor: I Am Thor! (left) – What I love the most about Groot Thor’s ability is the forethought that WizKids put into the wording. “Prevent all effects that would copy Groot Thor’s abilities, even if he is not in the Field Zone.” Thank you WizKids, thank you so much for this. I think that ability needs it’s own Keyword. That ability makes me love Groot Thor, but his other ability to copy When Fielded effects from active dice is not a favorite of mine – especially not for his cost and purchase conditions. His die is super cute though.

Punisher Sorcerer Supreme: Calm. Dust. (right) – Oh my goodness. I really like this card. Even with the purchase conditions, this card is a wrecking ball! You may not get to pick the character when he’s fielded, but you do when he attacks, so long as it’s got the lowest attack. This still targets your characters, but if you’re running a team that thrives off of KO’ing it’s own characters, this guy could be a option. You can always Blink-Transmutation him back from the Attack Zone to utilize him on a later turn, or use Wasp: Fashionista’s Global to force a dude to block this tank. I love his die too!

Final Thoughts

So far, the internal synergy of this set is looking good for drafts! I’m excited to see how well this set works outside of drafting and I’m totally excited to be able to rebuild a GotG team! I’ve missed playing my old team, but it’s mostly Golden Age now, except for the Drax from Amazing Spider-Man. I like the Drax cards in this set much more. I’m really excited to try Infiltrate and Call Out. They might seem like totally aggressive abilities at first, but they can fit well on a control team. Call Out is especially good for a control team that has problems with opposing characters being in the Field.

I’m not sure what my overall favorite card is yet, but I think The Spot is my favorite thematic card. My favorite dice from the set are pictured below: Angela for her colors,  Captain America for his colors, Daisy Johnson for her die image and colors, and Ironheart for her colors.

Fave Dice

I think there are few meta cards that could potential shake things up, like The Collector and his silliness. I think Infiltrate and Call Out might be something if they work as well as I think they do. Cosmic Cube and The Kyln have some crazy cards too that might see some competitive play on various teams.

This set has something for everyone. There are cards that appeal to all different types of players in both casual and competitive play. I can’t wait to see some of these cards in action!

What are some of your favorite cards in the set?
How do you think the meta will shift, if at all?
What cards are you excited to try in a casual setting?
Leave me a comment here or message me on Facebook at
Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Roll on, Dice Masters!

Greetings Fellow Dice Fans!


I’m still excited over reaching the triple digits in my Confusing Card of the Week articles! I decided to continue the #100 trend this week and cover one of the cards that I used on my team this past weekend.

For this week’s confusing card of the week article, we’re going to take a look at Killer Croc: Out of the Depths from the DC Batman set.

W Killer Croc, Out of the Depths

Ruling – Ability

Killer Croc’s ability is a When Fielded ability. A When Fielded ability can only be used when the character’s die is placed into the field from the Reserve Pool by paying it’s fielding cost, or by an ability that specifically states that the die is ‘fielded’ and not moved, swapped, placed, etc.

When Killer Croc is fielded, any level one and/or level two character die with an attack lower than his, will be KO’d. This will include your character dice as well as your opponent’s because his ability does not specify ‘opposing’ character dice.

Dice Levels

In the picture above, you can see the sides of the dice as shown on the bottom of Captain America’s card. All character dice levels are displayed in the same place on character cards. The first three images are of the energy faces and do not have levels. The first character face is Level 1, the second character face is Level 2, and the third character face is Level 3. This is the same for all character dice, except for basic Sidekick dice. Basic Sidekick dice don’t have a character card and while they are in the Field Zone, they’re only Level 1.

Character dice may be spun up or have their attack increased prior to fielding Killer Croc in order to keep them from being KO’d by Killer Croc’s ability. The opposing player will not have an opportunity to use Globals unless the active player passes them priority before they field Killer Croc.

If a level one or two character die has an attack equal to Killer Croc’s, they will not be KO’d by his ability. The attack must be lower than Killer Croc’s.

Killer Croc’s ability does not target. Abilities that protect characters from being targeted will not have any effect against Killer Croc’s ability.

Miscellaneous Card Information

~ Killer Croc is a Fist type character card.
~ He has the Villain affiliation.
~ He has a max dice of four.
~ This card is a Rare and is #100 of 124.


These examples are for information purposes only, to show what would happen in certain scenarios. I am not suggesting that these examples are the best outcomes for each scenario and each example only features relevant parts of the turn, not the entire turn.

Example One:
Using a Global to spin a character die up, then fielding Killer Croc.

Game State
~ I have a level two Killer Croc and three fist energy in my Reserve Pool. I have a level two Red Hood (3A/3D) in my Field Zone. I have Giganta: Standing Tall on my team. Her Global says: “Pay [FIST]. Spin target character die up 1 level.”
~ My opponent has a Sidekick and a level two character with 4A in the Field Zone.
~ It’s during my main step.
(Main Step)
~ I spend a fist energy (placing it Out of Play) to use the Global on Giganta and target my Red Hood die. Red Hood spins up to level three (5A/5D).
~ I spend two fist energy (placing it Out of Play) to pay for Killer Croc’s fielding cost.
~ Killer Croc is then moved into the Field Zone from my Reserve Pool and his ability triggers as he’s fielded. My Red Hood is level three and is not affected. My opponent’s Sidekick and level two character are both KO’d because they level one and level two, and their attack values are lower than Killer Croc’s.
~ The rest of the turn proceeds as normal.

Official Sources

WizKids Official Rules Forum (WORF)
WORF doesn’t have an official ruling on this card yet.

Basic Information

You can find more info about specific Keywords on the WizKids Keywords page.

Turn Order Summary Reference


Opinion and Strategy

I used Killer Croc and Small Step for Man: Basic Action Card on my team this past Saturday. I love the combo idea, but I’m running into problems with purchasing Killer Croc. I play Grodd a lot and don’t have this issue, so I’m not sure what the problem is. The game I won, I won with Red Hood and didn’t even purchase Killer Croc. For a Johnny like me, that’s no fun at all. But the Spike in me couldn’t pass up the chance at victory. While I won a match, I wasn’t happy with how I won it. I really wanted my combo to go off. I got it to work – once. But it didn’t lead me to victory because I bought Killer Croc too early and couldn’t get a decent bag flow established. I still like this card and I plan to adjust the team by taking off Batcave and adding Rip Hunter: Navigate the Sands of Time.

I definitely don’t see this card being a meta card for competitive play, but for casual level events or store level events, he could be fun – if you like the silly combos like I do!

Opinions on this card? Leave a comment!
Is there a card your confused on?

Is there a combo that seems too good to be true?
Leave me a comment here or message me on Facebook at Dice Dice Kitty and thanks for reading!

Need to look up a card? Be sure to check out DM RetroBox! It’s the best searchable card database I’ve found for when I’m at the computer.

Roll on, Dice Masters!